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The first motorized truck in the world dates all the way back to 1896, when Gottlieb Daimler, of Daimler-Chrysler, created his 4-horsepower truck. So, for over 120 years, we've been making and using the biggest, baddest vehicles on the road, and they keep getting better. Both Ford and Chevy had success early with their versions of trucks, but things really took off in the '40s, '50s and '60s. That's when Ford introduced the popular F-Series and the Ranchero, Dodge rolled out the Power Wagons, and a number of other marques tested the waters. From that point on, trucks evolved from simple utilitarian working machines to something more. They were on a par with cars for style and engineering. They were finally cool, some had impressive acceleration, and a lot of them looked amazing. That trend goes on to this very day, with vehicles like the Chevy Silverado, the GMC Sierrra, the Ford F-150 Raptor — and the not-yet-released Cybertruck from Tesla and all-electric pickup truck from Hummer. 

If you're a true truck fan, then you should be able to recognize a few of these models, but can you get all of them? There's only one way to find out! Take the quiz and see!

This is the best-selling truck in America. What is it?

The Ford F-Series trucks are far and away the most popular in North America. The F-Series vehicles are worth $41 billion each year to Ford, and they've been America's best selling trucks since 1977.


Fewer than 2,000 of which vehicle were made?

The Chevy Blazer was a pretty popular truck in its day, but the Chevy Blazer Chalet was a little more unusual when it showed up for one fun-filled year, from 1966 to 1967. With the camper in the back, you could sleep two or seat four.


Which truck is mechanically identical to the GMC Sierra?

The Silverado is Chevy's most popular pickup truck, introduced in 1998. Originally, "Silverado" was a name for a trim package on the older Chevy C/K line of trucks, dating back to 1975.


Do you know which of these trucks dates back to 1981?

Chevy has the Silverado, Ford has the F-Series, and Dodge has the Ram. Ram has been around since 1981, and in that time, Motor Trend magazine has named the Ram as Truck of the Year an incredible six times.


In 1978, which of these was the fastest vehicle on the road?

The Dodge Lil' Red Express was a total monster back in 1978. Car and Driver magazine tested it from 0 to 100 and rated it the fastest vehicle on the road at the time. That's not just the fastest truck on the road — it was the fastest vehicle, period.


In 2010, this was the last vehicle produced with its model name. What was it?

The Hummer H3 was rolled out between 2006 and 2010, and it was the last Hummer model produced. The H3, available as an SUV or a pickup, was the smallest of the Hummers, after the H1 and the H2. Although Hummers were renowned as gas guzzlers, the H3 was reworked as a plug-in hybrid prototype in 2009.


The U.S. military blew up one of these in 2004 to show off the effects of a car bomb. What is it?

The Lamborghini LM002 was the first truck Lamborghini ever sold, following prototypes called the Cheetah and the LM001. The LM002 was made from 1986 until 1993. In 2004, the U.S. military forces in Iraq blew up the one that had belonged to Saddam Hussein's son.


Which of these is part of a carmaker's B-Series?

The Mazda rotary-engined pickup, part of the Mazda B-Series, was sold between 1974 and 1977. Mazda's pretty famous for its rotary engines and has proven on and off the race track that their somewhat unusual approach to carmaking can really work.


This is the performance version of the Sonoma. What is it?

The GMC Syclone existed for one action-packed year, back in 1991, when 2,995 of them were produced. When it was introduced, the Syclone was the fastest stock pickup truck in the world. It could go from 0 to 60 in just 4.3 seconds.


Which of these was a trim package on the J10 pickup?

The Jeep Honcho was a trim package for the Jeep J10 pickup. The Honcho was differentiated by an excellent paint job and decals on the sides, as well as a Levi's interior for those drivers who really enjoyed the look and feel of denim.


This vehicle was only available for one year in the U.S. What is it?

The Lincoln Blackwood had a very short life that lasted for all of 2002 and, if you were in Mexico, 2003 as well. Lincoln was hoping to sell about 18,000 in the first year but only managed to sell 3,356 of them, with some of the trucks selling below invoice.


Only 14 of this truck were made between 1986 and 1987. Can you identify it?

The Rod Hall Signature Edition Dodge barely existed in 1986 and 1987, with only 14 produced and all of them recalled due to suspension issues. Carroll Shelby of Shelby Mustang fame helped redesign the Rod Hall Signature Edition Dodge in 1990, and 33 were produced.


Which truck first showed up in the 1999 model year?

People may focus on the F-150 when they think of Ford F-Series trucks, but the Super Duty trucks are the heavy duty models like the F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550. Incidentally, the numbering continues, with the Ford F-650 and F-750 classified as Medium Duty.


The name of which of these vehicles was first used in 1934?

The very first Chevy Suburban was actually a Chevy Carryall Suburban, a station wagon introduced in the mid-1930s. The 11th generation is currently available as of 2020, in production since 2015.


Which of these has been around since 1968?

Odds are you're not super familiar with the Toyota HiLux, as it wasn't marketed by that name in North America. Instead, the HiLux was simply called the Toyota Pickup in North America until it was replaced by the Tacoma. It's still sold as the HiLux elsewhere.


Do you know which of these was ranked in 2019 as the fifth longest-lasting vehicle in the U.S.?

Toyota has been making the 4Runner since 1983 for the North American market and several other countries. In Japan, however, it went by the name of Toyota HiLux Surf, until they stopped selling it in 2009. The 4Runner is still around, though.


Only 650 of this truck were ever sold. Which one is it?

The Ford Baja Bronco was a special edition of the much more popular Bronco. With both aesthetic and technological improvements over the standard Bronco, it was also a couple thousand dollars more expensive, which is why so few of them were sold.


This truck was available from 1972 until 1979. What is it?

Datsun, known to most folks in the Western world as Nissan, produced their 620 pickup truck for most of the 1970s. This was the first Japanese pickup truck in North American to offer a long bed and later on a King Cab as well.


Which of these was unveiled in 2019 by Elon Musk?

Tesla's first truck, the Cybertruck, has been hyped in anticipation of its release with a 2019 press conference that was a bit of a gong show. A demonstration was meant to show off the truck's unbreakable windows, one of which promptly broke (because it wasn't rolled up all the way). Oops!


Do you know which vehicle was made from 1957 until 1979?

Is the Ford Ranchero really a truck? It has a flatbed, and that's close enough. It was Ford's counterpart to the Chevy El Camino, and over 500,000 of them were manufactured during the vehicle's run, which is pretty impressive.


The first generation of which truck came out in 1993?

The Ford SVT Lightning is the performance version of the F-150, produced first from 1993 to 1995 and then again as a second generation from 1999 to 2004. The second generation truck could go from 0 to 60 in just over 5 seconds.


It was back in 1970 when which of these was first made?

Land Rover's Range Rover has been a pretty popular and recognizable vehicle for decades now. Aside from the Range Rover everyone knows, there are also some sub-brands, like the Range Rover Evoque, the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Velar.


This truck first existed in 1956. What is it?

The Jeep FC-150, or the Forward Control 150, was introduced in 1956 and has that very cool retro appeal. Word is this truck was so rugged it could handle climbing grades up to 60%, which is pretty hardcore for a '50s truck.


Initially, which of these trucks was only available in Onyx Black with a Garnet Red interior?

The Chevy 454 SS was a 1990 variant of Chevy's GMT400. It came with a 454-cubic-inch V8 engine and a whole slew of aesthetic touches to make it stand out, including red trim lines and 454 SS decals, fog lights and special rims. After the first two years, Summit White and Victory Red were added to Onyx Black as exterior color options.


Do you know which of these trucks dates back to 1953?

When Ford started making F-Series trucks in 1948, they introduced the F-1, F-2 and F-3 to start. Then for the second generation in 1953 they expanded the numbers to three digits, as in F-100, etc. 1953 was also the first year that the Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission was offered as an option for Ford trucks.


Motor Trend picked which of these as Truck of the Year in 2000?

The Toyota Tundra was the first full-size pickup in North America from a Japanese manufacturer, starting production back in 1999. In both 2000 and 2008, Motor Trend voted it as their Truck of the Year. Currently, it's the only full-size pickup made in Texas.


This truck had a half-ton capacity. What is it?

The Chevy 3100 was part of the Chevy Advanced Series of trucks back in the late '40s and '50s. Prior to getting the somewhat uncreative name of "3100," these trucks had names like "Thriftmaster" and "Loadmaster."


Which of these trucks was made by Navistar International?

The International CXT was made by Navistar International. The acronym in the name stands for "Commercial Extreme Truck," and, as you can see, these are really big, really intense commercial trucks. However, they were carefully designed to fall just below the gross vehicle weight that would require a commercial trucker's license to drive.


Which of these is also called a Land Cruiser?

Toyota's Land Cruiser was produced for 41 years, from 1960 to 2001. The J40 Series was available in different versions, with longer and shorter wheelbases. The 40/41/42 versions were the smallest, the 43/44/46 were medium, and the 45/47 versions had the longest wheelbase.


The Ninety and the One Ten were the original names for which of these?

The Land Rover Defender was first sold as the Land Rover Ninety and the Land Rover One Ten. Production began back in 1983 and lasted until 2016. That wasn't the end of the Defender, though, as Land Rover brought it back for a run in 2020 as well.


Nearly 3 million of which model have been sold since 1970?

Suzuki has been making the Samurai since 1970, although in Japan it's marketed under the name Jimny Sierra. It's also been sold under the name Suzuki Jimny in different regions. A pickup body style is available, as well as a wagon, van or convertible.


Which of these was called the D21 in markets outside of North America?

Originally the Datsun D21, then the Nissan D21 and finally, in North America at least, the Nissan Hardbody, this truck was available in the U.S. from 1985 to 1997. The truck had a double-wall bed, inspiring its name.


This truck has been sold since 1948, originally under a different marque. What is it?

Mercedes-Benz's Unimog dates back to 1948, but Daimler-Benz didn't start making them until 1951. The awkward name is short for "Universal-Motor-Gerat," where "Gerat" is a German term for a piece of equipment or a machine.


Which of these was only available in 1989?

The Shelby Dakota was a limited production model of the Dodge Dakota truck, which had been in production since 1986. The Shelby Dakota was, of course, designed by the legendary Carroll Shelby, most famous for his Shelby Cobra and Shelby Mustang.


Which vehicle was made from 1962 until 1988 and then resurrected for 2019?

The Jeep Gladiator was a full-sized pickup based on the Jeep Wagoneer. By 1971 they dropped the Gladiator name and just went with J-Series, calling them things like J2000 and J4000 and so on. The new Gladiator is the first truck Jeep has made since the 1990s.


You could buy which of these from 1953 until 1975?

The International Harvester Travelall was a precursor to modern SUVs. International Harvester was in business from 1902 until 1985. As the name suggests, they mostly made agricultural equipment, but they did dabble in passenger vehicles for a time.


The pickup version of this was the first affordable automobile. What is it?

The Ford Model T arguably started the modern vehicle revolution, thanks to Henry Ford's manufacturing process, which made it affordable to common people. Some Model T Runabouts were produced with a truck bed in the back, forecasting a future love of trucks in the U.S.


Which of these was unofficial competition for the Suburban?

The Ford Centurion was actually the Ford Bronco Centurion Classic, a variant of the Bronco with four doors. There were two versions of the Centurion — one based on the F-150 chassis and one based on the F-350 chassis.


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