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Reciting your provinces and territories is easy for you and something you learned in school. While you inevitably learned your Canadian cities as well, it's safe to assume that the major ones are probably the ones that stuck with you most. Each province and territory has its own capital and well-known city that represents them. Think you can dive deeper and recall where the smaller cities are as well?

Ontario and Quebec are among some of the largest provinces in the country, and they each have a large number of cities. One easy way to guess which province these cities are part of is by their names. A city in Quebec may be more likely to have a French name, but this isn't always true. For example, Drummondville is in Quebec, even though one might easily mistake it for being in Ontario. Then there are the Maritime provinces which are smaller and typically have fewer cities. The territories are quite big and vast, but they too aren't as populated as the more central locations of the country.

Did you get an A in your Canadian geography class? Then now is your time to show how much you know about the country. Take the quiz to see if you can match the Canadian city to its province or territory!

Saskatoon is a smaller Canadian city, but that doesn't mean it isn't great! Do you know where to find this central gem?

Saskatoon is a great little city that is quite unique. One amazing fact is that the city has only experienced one historic earthquake in its entire history! That's the beauty of living in the middle of the country.


We're not talking animals here! Whitehorse is the capital of what territory?

It's a city nestled into the wilderness that sits along the Yukon River. Located in the North, there are certain times of the year when there is no daylight for long periods of time. It's something o keep in mind if you ever think of moving there!


If you want to visit Cape Breton, you'll have to visit an island. What province is it in?

Cape Breton is home to only 94,000 people, making it quite small, but a great place to check out. It was its own colony until it merged with Nova Scotia in 1820.


It's a real city, we promise! Where is Flin Flon?

Flin Flon is known for being the home town of many famous hockey players. Does the name Booby Clarke ring a bell? He's just one of the many famous NHL players who got their humble start in the city.


The capital of this territory, Yellowknife, is found where?

Yellowknife is the capital of this territory and has been since the 1960s. It's also the diamond capital of North America as there are several diamond mines near the city.


Known for the famous Stampede, where would you find Calgary?

If you're from Calgary, then you're probably familiar with the city's nickname, Cowtown! A beautiful Canadian city, it's easy to enjoy the close by Banff National Park, which is like no other in the world.


You might feel like you're in a greenhouse when in Victoria. Where is this city?

If you're a fan of whale watching, Victoria is the perfect city for you to visit. Island living in Canada is priceless when you get to do it in Victoria. A short distance from the main land, you won't find a much nicer location!


If you're part of the RCMP, then you've definitely been to this city. Regina is found where?

There are no true medieval castles in Canada⁠ — unless you visit Regina of course! There's more to the city than just this, it's also well-known for being the capital of Saskatchewan. It has a long history, as it became an official city in 1882.


Canadian history buffs will feel right at home in Quebec City, which is in what province?

Quebec City is home to the historic Chateau Frontenac, which is a hotel that was built in the 1800s. Located right beside the St. Lawrence River, it's hard to beat this beautiful view of the city.


The city of Kingston is found where in Canada?

One of the most famous places in Kingston is the Kingston Penitentiary, which was extremely high security. Now, there are tours throughout the famous jail. Aside from this, there are many other great things about Kingston, such as the fact that it was once Canada's capital city!


Home to the Mi'kmaq, Moncton is where in the country?

Tiny and quaint, Moncton is home to about only 80 thousand people within the main city. It's hard to believe that it is actually the largest city inside of the province, beating out even the capital of Fredericton.


Not far from a certain island, do you know where you'd find Kelowna?

A charming city on the coast of British Columbia, Kelowna is known for many things. To start, it's filled with wineries and has a very long history with them. The oldest winery in the are, Calona Wines still stands today.


Iqaluit is known for its cold conditions, but it's not always filled with snow. Where is it?

Despite being such a northern and remote place, Iqaluit has a population of more than 7,000 people. Most of this population is made up of the Inuit. Living up here can be quite expensive, as it is very remote. For example, Ketchup can cost you $16 in this city.


This is one colorful and bright city. You'll find St. John's in which province?

Walking down the streets of St. John's is an amazing sight. Many buildings are in different colors, such as red, blue or green. When you're not taking in the beauty of the city, you can look out to the ocean instead!


If you've heard of the Charlottetown Conference, then you're halfway there. Where would you find Charlottetown?

Charlottetown has a deep history in Canada, starting with the country's Confederation. It was the beginning of a formation that would change Canada in the coming years. We all know how it turned out now!


Winnipeg is a capital of a province, but which one is it?

Around the center of the country lies Winnipeg, a city you may know better as "Winterpeg!" Though winter makes its way all around Canada, this city can have some brutal and cold winters.


Everyone, even those outside of the country know of this city! Do you know where Toronto is located?

The famous city, known as "The Six," is one that many people think of when Canada comes to mind. It's known for many things, like the CN Tower and of course, Drake! It's also known for its many sports teams, including the Toronto Raptors.


Vancouver is technologically driven and a beautiful place by the ocean. Where would you find it?

Vancouver is arguably one of Canada's most well-known cities. A West Coast gem, it is known for its beauty and also for being the home of the 2010 Olympics. There's no better place on Earth than Vancouver for a Winter Olympics!


There's no question that this city is Canadian! Moose Jaw is found where?

Just as its name suggests, the moose acts as an ambassador for this city. Upon entering the city, you'll find a tall moose statue that has been there for over 30 years, which does, in fact, have a name. His name is Mac the moose!


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada as a whole, but it's found in a certain province. Do you know which one?

Ottawa is home to the Government of Canada and it is very oriented around politics. While it's a very important place in the country, it's not uncommon to find someone elsewhere in the world who instead believes that Toronto is the capital!


You know Whitehorse, but now it's time for Red Deer! Where is it?

Canada is known for having a few cities with odd names and this is no exception! The city loves their hockey as many in Canada do, as they opened the first outdoor ice rink. Now, it's hard to find a Canadian city without one.


The name might be a giveaway, but can you guess where you'd find Mont Laurier?

While its French name might have given away its location, it's a great city on the Rivere du Lievre. Though its population is small, there is a lot to discover in its large municipal area. That leaves plenty of room for the sporting that many residents love to take part in.


Though it says it in its name, it's not always summer here. Summerside is in which province?

Summerside is slightly smaller in population than Charlottetown, which also has a small-town feel. Summerside can get hit with some pretty cold winters, with some of the lowest temperatures being -30 degrees Celsius.


You would find Fredericton in which of the following?

The third-largest city in the province by population, Fredericton is along the Saint John River. There is a great opportunity for students in this city with two post-secondary options to choose from.


Home to the famous treat, where is Nanaimo?

Taking up a part of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is a great place to live. In fact, it's the third-largest city located on the island. Get ready to ride a ferry if you're interested in visiting the city unless you take the highway!


Colonel Sanders lived in Mississauga at one time! Where is the city?

Mississauga is close to Toronto and is even home to an airport known as the Toronto-Pearson Airport. It's a great place to live, as it has been voted as one of Canada's safest cities to live in.


A city that experienced rapid growth in the early 2000s, Grande Prairie is found in which of the following?

Grande Prairie is one of the largest cities in the province, but when compared to some other cities around the country it is quite small. Almost 70,000 people call Grande Prairie home and it is actually near a large prairie.


The home of one large coin, where in Canada would you find Sudbury?

A great Canadian song about this city is called "Sudbury Saturday Night" by Stompin' Tom. It detailed a fun night out for the miners who worked in the city at the time. Of course, there's still a great selection of nightlife to enjoy there today as well.


Right beside Montreal, where would you find the city of Laval?

An island in Quebec, it feels like anything but that. There's no limit of thing to do while in this city. For example, the downtown core of the city is filled with many opportunities for shopping and leisure so that there's never a dull moment.


A trip to Edmonton has to mean visiting its most famous mall! Do you know where to go to find the city?

The West Edmonton Mall was once the world's largest. A big tourist attraction in the city, there are many more great things about it. Did you know that there are no rats in Edmonton? You can walk through the city with no fear of seeing one!


In this large province you'll find Windsor. Where is it?

Wine or whiskey lovers will have fun in this city covered in wineries. It's also home to the largest distillery in the entire continent. This is one city to make a stop in if you're ever on a cross-Canada road trip!


The perfect place to live if you love gardening, where would you find Medicine Hat?

Medicine Hat is one of the best places to live for outdoors lovers. Not only is it great for hobbies like gardening, but there are also many parks and opportunities to do things such as camping and hiking.


A great place to catch a ferry, Halifax is located where?

If there's one interesting fact about Halifax, it has to do with Point Pleasant Park. A piece of land that is owned by the British, the city pays only 10 cents per year for the property. We'd say that it's a steal!


Coquitlam is part of a beautiful region in which province?

Today, we all think of the province of Quebec as being the home of many Francophones, but did you know that many lived in Coquitlam at one time as well? There are still many Francophones living in the city today.


Despite its name, it's a pretty sunny place. Where is Thunder Bay?

The birthplace of electronic music is in Canada's own Thunder Bay. With a booming entertainment industry, the city was once home to a movie studio which produced some homegrown flicks.


Across from the capital city of Canada is the city of Gatineau. What province is it in?

While they're right beside each other and easy to access, the two cities are often linked together to create the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Cross the MacDonald-Cartier Bridge and you'll be in either province or city in no time!


One of the largest cities in this province is Richmond, but can you name where it is?

If you live near Vancouver, chances are that you've visited the Vancouver International Airport. Despite being named for the capital city, you would have to visit Richmond to fly out, as that's where it is located!


An ecclectic city along the St. Lawrence River, Trois-Rivieres is found where?

Trois-Rivieres is the place to be if you love action and fun! What other cities can say that they host a car race through their city streets? It's known as the Grand-Prix de Trois-Rivieres.


You can pronounce Montreal many ways, but you can only find it in one place. Where is it?

One of the most well-known cities in Quebec is known for many things, such as its booming entertainment. Montreal was recognized as a city in 1832, even before the Confederation in 1867.


The smallest of the Tri-Cities is Waterloo. Can you name the province it's part of?

Though smaller than its sister cities, Waterloo is just as entertaining to visit. There are two notable universities within the city that are attended by people from all over the country and it's also known for its many festivals.


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