Which “Parks and Rec” Gal Are You on Galentine’s Day?


By: Katie Ormsby

5 Min Quiz

Image: NBC

About This Quiz

It’s once again time to celebrate Leslie Knope’s favorite holiday — Galentine’s Day. 💝It may not be a national holiday just yet, but glorious female warriors deserve a day that’s all about ladies celebrating ladies. Plan a party to celebrate your girls and we’ll tell you which “Parks and Rec” lady you are. Who’s ready for the best day of the year?

Who’s making your Galentine’s party guest list?


Every party needs an anthem — what’s yours?


Why are you celebrating Galentine’s Day?


What would your personalized conversation heart say?


How do you cheer up a friend who shows up to the party upset about a breakup?


Which Pawnee hotspot is perfect for your bash?


What gift are you giving the gals this year?


How do you get the energy back up when the party starts to fade?


What’s the best weird compliment Leslie gives Ann?


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