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You won't find a more musical school than East High, where Sharpay, Ryan, Troy and Gabriella grace the stage in many amazing performances. Even though they may have their differences, they always "work it out" and deliver. They all follow the famous saying, "The show must go on!" There are many songs in each movie, but it can be difficult to tell which songs belong to which. Think you're up to the task?

If you know the "High School Musical" movies well enough, then you'll definitely "Stick to the Status Quo" on this quiz. You don't have to be "Fabulous" to ace it, but you'll probably find yourself saying, "I Want It All." There are three main movies plus one all about Sharpay in this series of films, so you'll have to "Get'cha Head In the Game" if you really want to get a good score. Even if you tell people "I Don't Dance," you might find yourself toe-tapping as you go through this one. You can almost "Bet on It"!

If you love the "High School Musical" movies so much that you want to "Scream," then you're "Gonna Shine." Don't "Walk Away," because it's "Now or Never" on this quiz!

"Bet On It" is a song all about being fed up and letting out frustration. You might hear it in which of the movies?

The second movie finds Troy in a tough place, with Sharpay keeping his friends away so she can have him to herself. He voices his frustration in this song, running out to the golf course to let it all out.


The HSM movie trilogy was the "Start of Something New." Do you know which movie that song was part of?

There's no better way to start off this trilogy of movies than with a song about starting something new. Regarding the plot, this song is about Troy and Gabriella's new relationship and, of course, the New Year.


The song "High School Musical" could potentially belong to any of the following, from its name alone. Do you know which installment it is actually from?

The third and final movie with the entire cast includes this song, which is one of the final tracks of the film. It is all about celebrating their graduation and the years they've spent together.


Can you name which movie "Just Getting Started" was in, during the credits?

Although the movie is over, "Just Getting Started" plays during the credit scenes of the third installment. It was sung by Stan Carrizosa, who won a competition to have his song played during the credits.


In relationships, sometimes you say "Gotta Go My Own Way." Troy and Gabriella say this in which of the HSM movies?

Troy and Gabriella sing this sad breakup song when they deal with the tough decision to move on from each other. The lyrics "We might find our place in this world someday" eventually come true for them, however.


"What I've Been Looking For" has been sung by two different pairs. Which movie will you hear the upbeat version in?

The first movie shows Troy and Gabriella meeting for the first time, later doing a duet of this song. However, Sharpay and Ryan want this song as their own, so they perform a more upbeat version.


There's nothing better than "Breaking Free" for Troy and Gabriella. They sing this touching song in which film?

If you're a huge HSM fan, you've probably got the words "We're soaring, flying" stuck in your head, just from hearing the name of the song! One of the most popular songs from the first film, it represents a turning point for Troy and Gabriella.


There's nobody more "Fabulous" than Sharpay in a film that goes by which name?

Everyone at East High knows that Sharpay is fabulous. If you can't tell by her pink locker, then you can probably tell by her fabulous pink beach robe, pink sunglasses and sparkly star necklace.


Finding out that you're "New York's Best Kept Secret" isn't so bad when you become a star! What movie is this song in?

All Sharpay wants is to be a Broadway star, and her performance of this song makes that dream come true. She lands a lead role in the musical with Boi by her side, and Countess as well, making for a successful show.


Just as the song "All for One" suggests, everyone is ready for the summer in what installment?

Summer is always a time for celebration, and this song is about celebrating the hard work that everyone did in school and having fun on their break. Little do they know what is in store for them this summer.


You should always "Stick to the Status Quo," especially if you're in which of the following?

High school can be hard in many ways, from worrying about grades to finding out what you're good at. "Stick to the Status Quo" is all about figuring out what that is, owning it and just perfecting your craft overall.


No one can "Bop to the Top" better than Sharpay in what film?

One of the first songs you hear from Sharpay near the beginning of the first film is "Bop to the Top." It shows so much about her character, doing whatever it takes to succeed as a performer.


"My Boi and Me" is all about Sharpay's pup. What movie is it performed in?

When she moves to New York City, Sharpay brings her pup named Boi with her. Although Sharpay believes that she is auditioning for a big role, the talent agent is most interested in recruiting Boi for his show!


A dance-off to the song "I Don't Dance" really happens! Which movie is it in?

Ryan and Chad get into a debate on the baseball diamond in "High School Musical 2" about whether or not Chad can dance. Being more of a sporty person, Chad still manages to tear up the diamond with his moves while singing about how he can't dance!


You have to know how to "Get'cha Head in the Game" when you're a Wildcat. You'd hear this upbeat tune in which of the following?

The Wildcats are serious when it comes to their basketball team, which is why Troy sings this song, to keep himself and his team as focused as they can be. The song is the second one that you hear in the movie.


"The Rest of My Life" is an important song for Sharpay. What movie does she perform it in?

When Sharpay performs this in front of her family, it is clear that she has the rest of her life ahead of her and that her future is looking bright. She manages to move to New York City alone and make a name for herself, getting what she had always dreamed of.


There are two versions of "You Are the Music in Me," with one being slow and the other being fast. Can you name the movie you'd hear the song in?

This song is sung by Troy and Gabriella as a slow and heartfelt duet at first. Sharpay, not one to miss out on a great song, performs her own version, which is more upbeat and catchy.


There is no doubt that Sharpay is "Gonna Shine" when she performs this song in which movie?

Sharpay had no idea that singing this song would be the start of a Broadway career for her, but at the same time, it almost wasn't! While this puts her in contact with an agent, he isn't interested in her performance.


Let's see if you can "Work This Out." What film would you have to watch to hear this classic?

Many don't picture their summers as being all work and no play, but when you work for Sharpay and Ryan's family, you might have to. Getting things done is at the top of the kids' priority list so that they can still have some fun throughout the summer.


"Everyday" is sung to bring two people back together. Which movie is the song a part of?

After a breakup, everyone at East High knows that Troy and Gabriella should be together. Like any good friends would, they figure out a plan to get the two back on good terms so that they can move on.


Kelsi's masterpiece is "What I've Been Looking For," including a reprise that is played in which of the following?

The first movie features both versions of the song, but this one with Troy and Gabriella is the way the song was meant to be. The school's composer Kelsi wrote it, but Sharpay and Ryan want to perform a more upbeat version.


Everyone in the cast finally gets along and sings "We're All in This Together" in what film?

Everyone puts aside their differences at the end of the first film, and this song signifies that everyone is on good terms. However, this doesn't last long, as the next movie deals with Sharpay becoming everyone's enemy once again.


Nothing is better than being "Right Here, Right Now," but can you name the film that you'd hear this song in?

This duet between Troy and Gabriella is about how happy they are to be with one another at this exact moment. It's the perfect love song for two people who know that they could be going separate ways, determined to enjoy their time together while they can.


A song that Sharpay hopes will wow the crowd at the talent show, "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a," is a fun part of which movie?

Sharpay puts on this performance alongside her brother Ryan to tell Troy that she wants him to sing it with her at the talent show that summer. Troy has other plans, however, that do not include performing the song with Sharpay.


The song "Senior Year Spring Musical" is a beautiful medley performed in which movie?

A medley of many songs that have come before, this is performed at the senior musical to end their high school careers. Most of the characters are included, with Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and Ryan performing large parts.


Gabriella sings "When There Was Me And You," when she is feeling her lowest, in which of the movies?

After hearing what she thought were Troy's true thoughts about their relationship, Gabriella is upset and hurt. This song comes from that pain, and she sings all about what she thought she and Troy had shared together.


In high school, it's important to many to make prom "A Night to Remember." Can you guess which film this song is in?

The kids at East High had many memorable moments throughout their high school careers, but prom might take the cake. This song is all about the nervousness and excitement that go along with prom, and how it is an event you'll want to remember.


Troy and Gabriella have a moment to "Walk Away" in which of the following?

Walking away from the person you love is hard, but Troy and Gabriella do it a few times. This time it happens in the third movie, when Gabriella belts out a heartfelt song that expresses her feelings for her longtime boyfriend.


"The Boys Are Back" in which film, singing this catchy tune?

Chad and Troy sing this song about friendship and fond memories, as they remember their childhood. The two have been best friends for a long time and always call each other out when necessary.


Summer can't come fast enough in "What Time Is It?" So, can you guess which of the following it's from?

For many high schoolers, summer is a time of fun and relaxation, and that's no different for the kids of East High. This song from "High School Musical 2" is the kickoff to the amazing summer that they expect to enjoy.


This film might make you want to "Scream" with excitement! Which of the following is it?

In the third movie, Troy is conflicted. While deciding on what to do next and struggling with the expectations of everyone around him, he feels stuck and frustrated, inspiring this catchy song.


With everyone going in different directions after graduation, there's no doubt that "Just Wanna Be With You" is a song close to their hearts. Do you know which movie you heard it in?

Practicing for the musical, Ryan, Kelsi, Troy and Gabriella sing part of this song in the music room, as Ryan and Kelsi grow closer. The song is also used in the senior musical for the year.


Asking "Can I Have This Dance?" is romantic for many, especially Troy and Gabriella. Where would you have heard it?

On a school rooftop, romance is in the air for Troy and Gabriella. The two dance happily as they enjoy each other's company before starting their long summer break with the rest of their friends.


"Now or Never" is the first song of which film?

This intense song is sung during the anticipation of the basketball game that the movie opens with, featuring Troy on the basketball court. He sings about how he's got one last shot, along with his team, to win it all.


"I Want It All" is a phrase that Sharpay just can't say often enough! In which movie does she sing this upbeat tune?

When you're Sharpay Evans, you don't stop until you have everything you desire! While most of the time she wants material items or a lead role in the school musical, sometimes it's about Troy too!


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