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From the shoes on our feet to the clothes on our bodies to the hair on our heads, we are in a constant state of self-expression. Even that messy 'do you roll out of bed with says something about the person you are!

Over the years (over the centuries!), people have cut and styled their hair both for fashion and function. To say the world has seen a lot of different hairstyles would be an understatement. This decade alone has seen a variety of unique looks. Perhaps you've rocked a few of them yourself.

In this quiz, we're testing your hairstyle IQ. From the slicked-back styles of the 1950s to the big hair of the 1980s and beyond, how much do you know about the 'dos of the decades?

But, we'll warn you up front: This quiz is challenging. Even a seasoned hairstylist might not be able to score genius status on our hairstyle IQ test. Some of these questions are so tough, you'll be pulling your hair out! However, if you know a bouffant from a beehive, you very well could have what it takes.

So, what are you waiting for?  Push your bangs out of your eyes and take our hairstyle IQ quiz!

John Travolta rocked this look in "Grease." Can you name this hairstyle?

All about that slicked-back style, John Travolta embraced all things greaser with this classic rockabilly cut. You can still see this style worn today. Rapper G-Eazy loves this retro look for himself.


Business in the front and party in the back. What's the name of this hairstyle?

Generally worn by men (although a few women have dared to rock this cut), the mullet is easily identifiable due to the hair cut short in front and left long in the back. Today, a modern mullet is short on the top and sides.


Marge Simpson really worked this 'do. Can you name this hairstyle?

For years, fans of "The Simpsons" have been buzzing about Marge's beehive hairstyle. Singer Amy Winehouse made this hairstyle all her own with her long locks and rounded out the look with dramatic eyeliner.


We're not sure if its gets more 1960s than this. What's the name of this vintage hairstyle?

More volume is never a bad idea. The bouffant hairstyle takes a good tease to the next level with the hair raised high on the head. Usually, some hair is left covering the ears or hanging down on the sides


Named for an American modeling legend, what is this hairstyle called?

Back in the 1950s, people were crazy for Bettie Page's pinup pictures. In particular, her short jet-black bangs became iconic. To this day, you can see women with this retro look rocking the "Bettie bangs."


One of the most famous women to ever wear this look was Jackie O. Can you name this hairstyle?

Of all the haircuts in history, the bob might have the most variations to its name. The classic bob is a short to medium-length cut in which, typically, the hair is cut straight around the head at jaw-level.


Yikes, this hairdo isn't for everyone. What's the name of this style?

We can't imagine actually asking for this cut, but some people do! A bowl cut is the same length all the way around. It's almost as if someone put a bowl on your head and spun it around while snipping away.


You'll channel Farrah Fawcett with this 'do. Can you name this hairstyle?

Going for those laid-back California girl vibes? The feathered hairstyle sounds like just what you need. This hairdo was popular in the 1970s and 1980s among both men and women. Fly away!


Set those waves like it's 1920! What's the name of this hairstyle?

In the 1920s and 1930s, actresses like Bette Davis and Anita Page popularized finger waves. You can wear this style either super structured or loose. In the 1990s, we saw a resurgence of the finger waves.


This one has a very functional feel to it. What's the name of this hairstyle?

When you look at it, the name totally makes sense. This short haircut is mostly worn by men. The hair on the top of the head stands upright, forming a flat deck of sorts. In some cases, it almost looks weight-bearing!


We can credit hip-hop for this style's popularity. Can you name this hairdo?

Oh yes, the golden age of hip-hop. We're talking about the 1980s and early 1990s. In a hi-top fade, the hair on the sides is shaved while the hair on the top is left long. This classic look screams cool.


Girls went crazy for this look on The Beatles. Can you name this hairstyle?

Some people simply know this look as the "Beatles' haircut." An entire generation of teenagers had the band (with their mop-top hair) plastered on their bedroom walls. Adults, on the other hand, thought it symbolized rebellion.


This look is slightly medieval. What's the name of this hairstyle?

Also known as doggone hair, the pageboy is similar to a bowl cut. Apparently, this "pudding-basin" style was popular among page boys during medieval times. It was also popular in the late 1950s and 1960s.


Some people actually think this is a good idea! What's the name of this hairstyle?

Worlds different than today's popular beachy waves, the permanent waves of the 1980s and 1990s were chemically set into the hair. A perm could last several months (hence the name).


This 'do has an interesting origin story. Can you name this hairstlye?

In the 1990s, American hairstylists had a good laugh naming this hairstyle after Madame de Pompadour. She was a mistress of King Louis XV of France. This hairstyle is generally very precise and requires some styling products.


The animal that inspired this look isn't exactly our favorite. Can you name this hairstyle?

One of the more interesting hairstyles we've seen in recent decades, you know the rattail when you see it. It's characterized by a long section of hair hanging down from the back of an otherwise shaved or close-cropped head. Sometimes, it's braided, dreaded or curled.


Audrey Hepburn made this look iconic. Can you name this hairstyle?

If you've ever seen "Breakfast At Tiffany's," then you probably recognized this look in an instant. Actress Audrey Hepburn made the classic up-do famous in this iconic film. Throw on a string of pearls, and you'll be the vision of Hollywood glam.


Haircuts don't get more low maintenance than this. What's the name of this style?

As long as you're prepared to keep what hair you do have clean and your scalp conditioned, there isn't an easier hairstyle than the buzz cut to manage. We especially loved it on Millie Bobby Brown in the first season of "Stranger Things."


We wish we were bold enough to give this look a try. Can you name this haircut?

Celebrities from Kristen Stewart to Natalie Portman have rocked the pixie crop. This hairstyle has been around for a while, but a feathery texture gives it a modern twist. Wow, did you see Kate Hudson's pixie crop?


The bigger the better. Can you name this iconic hairstyle?

Ah yes, this hairstyle is none other than the afro! Sometimes shortened to just 'fro, the afro has been worn by some very famous people. Did you know former President Barack Obama had an afro when he was in college?


You can still catch the show behind this famous look on Netflix. What's the name of this hairstyle?

Back in the 1990s, the Rachel haircut took the world by storm. Everyone was watching "Friends," and women started asking their hairstylists for Jennifer Aniston's bouncy, square-layered hairstyle.


You'll earn some bonus points if you get this one right. Can you name this hairstyle?

One of the most iconic hairdressers of all time, Vidal Sassoon gave us the five-point cut. He embraced geometry and used it to inspire his looks. Sassoon's simple styles liberated women from hours spent sitting under dryers to achieve hair he thought of as "superfluous."


Yum, we like the salad by the same name. What's this hairstyle?

This hairstyle was popular back in the 1970s, especially among women with with fine, straight hair. By adding some bulk, the wedge haircut allowed women with thinner hair to enjoy the short hair lifestyle.


We love this look on singer Alicia Keys. Can you name this hairstyle?

In the Caribbean, this hairstyle is known as canerows. But, everywhere else, it's simply known as cornrow braids. Cornrow braids are an ancient African style of hair braiding characterized by raised rows.


Vintage is as vintage does. What's the name of this iconic hairstyle?

If you're interested in channeling classic pinup girl glamour, you can't go wrong with Vargas-girl curls. This retro look is reminiscent of Bettie Page, and when you add her famous bangs to the mix, you'll be the total pinup package.


We're living for this effortless 1990s vibe. Can you name this hairstyle?

It doesn't get more rock 'n' roll than the shag haircut. For the perfect shag, choppy layers are a must. For all the texture you can handle, make sure your stylist starts the layers at your crown.


Wow, this is a classy look. What's the name of this hairstyle?

You probably recognize this iconic hairstyle from Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct." Embody power and class with a French twist. It's easy enough to do on your own and will undoubtedly complete your boardroom look.


Popular TV shows are always inspiring new styles. What's the name of this haircut?

Aww, how positively wholesome! As soon as we mention them, you'll probably have their theme song stuck in your head, but this hairstyle comes from the eldest "Brady Bunch" daughter. Long live the middle part!


Popular among both men and women, can you name this hairstyle?

To get these rope-like strands of hair for yourself, you'll need to either mat or braid them. Singer Bob Marley may have popularized them, but dreadlocks actually date back thousands of years.


A variation of a classic hairstyle, can you name this haircut?

A hybrid of "long bob," a lob is just that. For this style, the length is key. It should be either just at or just below your shoulders. The lob is a sassy, versatile style that looks great on a variety of face shapes.


This one makes us want to get up and dance. What's the name of this hairstyle?

The quest for the perfect ballerina bun is one many women know all too well. For this style, hairspray is definitely required. Even a single strand out of place can ruin this neat look.


Major Roman vibes, can you name this hairstyle?

You didn't know there would be a history portion of this quiz, did you? The Caesar cut gets its name from the Roman general, Julius Caesar. What sets this short haircut apart is its sharp edge.


Work with what you've got. What's the name of this hairstyle?

Not every man who does a comb-over wishes to be doing so. It's a Godsend for men with thin or fine hair. However, even if you have enough hair to go around, this polished style is a viable option.


Kind of military chic, can you name this hairstyle?

In the market for a hairstyle that is both practical and stylish? Look no further than the crew cut. This easy-to-maintain haircut is popular among service members, but even if you're not in uniform, it's a flattering style.


Closely related to the pompadour, what's the name of this hairstyle?

This hairstyle may sound like Dr. Seuss made it up, but we promise the quiff is actually very popular. A cross between a pompadour and undercut, this style is longer on the top and shorter on the sides.


You can even do a faux version of this look. What's the name of this hairstyle?

Spiked and severe, the Mohawk has deep roots in punk culture. For something a little less intense, you can go for a faux hawk. With the help of a little wax or styling gel, you don't need to completely commit to the look.


It seems like this haircut is everywhere these days. Can you name this style?

Today, the undercut is very popular among men. It has some female fans as well, and we can't get enough of this androgynous hairstyle. The undercut is extremely versatile and pairs well with other looks such as slicked-back hair or a pompadour.


Perfect for back to school, can you name this haircut?

For something sleek and stylish, we encourage you to try on an Ivy League on for size. As the name suggests, this hairstyle is university chic. Preppy yet cool, you'll look right at home from the classroom to the boardroom.


Va-va-volume! What's the name of this hairstyle?

Remember those "Bump It" hair inserts? Those late-night infomercials are burned into our memories forever! They made achieving this volume-centric look a snap thanks to tiny teeth we could smooth a section of hair over.


Positively timeless, what's the name of this classic hairstyle?

Not sure how to style your hair for a fancy dinner party? You can't go wrong with a chignon. We've seen it on many a bride for their big day, and this classic look is always flawless. Give some French flair to your special event!


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