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There's a lot of things that make up being a Canadian, from maple syrup to drinking double-doubles. But that's not all there is to it! Knowing a little bit about your country is just as important. There are many people, places and things that make it unique and exciting. Many also shaped the Canadian identity, which is also important. Think you know it all when it comes to Canada?

You can order from Tim's with no trouble, and you know your way around the snow-covered roads, but that's not all you need to know! Real Canadians have knowledge in all areas that are popular in Canada. That means politics, hockey and, of course, a little bit about geography. From the tallest mountains to the tallest buildings in cities all around the country, there's a whole lot of knowledge to be had. Those obscure or random facts that you know about the North may come in handy for this one, so make sure to brush up on all of them!

So, do you have what it takes to prove that you're a true Canadian with all of the knowledge about the country? Then show you can drink the tallest of double-doubles by getting all of these Canadian questions right!

While each province and territory has a capital city, can you name the capital city of Canada as a whole?

Ottawa is the capital of Canada as a whole. Home of Canada's government, Ottawa is essential in many ways to the growth of the country. The city is also home to Canada's most famous skating destination, the Rideau Canal.


The candy that those in the United States call "Smarties" is called what in Canada?

Rockets are the colorful, powdery candy that comes in little wrapped cylinders. While they're called Smarties in the United States, Canada's version of Smarties are the round chocolates with a candy coating, similar to M&Ms.


What do Canadians call the item that they wear on their heads in the winter to keep warm?

If you walk around Canada in the winter, you'll likely see many people outside wearing their tuques. With their popularity in the North, there's no wonder that they are made for many occasions. One example would be the Team Canada tuques that you can buy!


Do you know which province or territory is one of the more popular places to buy milk in bags?

When people think of Canada, milk bags are usually something that comes to mind. However, it's important to note that they aren't as common across the country, but more towards the eastern part. It would be easier to find them in Ontario than in British Columbia!


You've seen it being flown proudly on flag poles around the nation. So, what is on the Canadian flag?

It's hard to mistake the Canada flag for its big maple leaf that is in the center. It was first designed in the '60s and officially debuted in 1965. Less than 100 years old, the flag has already proven to be a proud and memorable design.


Of the following, which chocolate bar is one that is made in Canada?

It's no secret that Canadians love coffee; just look at all of the Tim Horton's locations around the country! When you can't get your coffee there, this chocolate bar is the next best thing. Tasting quite similar to a cup of coffee, it's a great pick me up that Canadians love.


In which of the following sentences is "eh" properly used?

It's common to hear those who aren't from Canada placing "eh" in all kinds of sentences! While they get it right sometimes, there are definitely some unwritten rules to using it. It's commonly used at the end of sentences for reassurance or for making a statement.


What is the name of Canada's most famous TV show for hockey coverage?

"Hockey Night in Canada" has been an essential part of Canadian culture since its beginnings in 1952. So many Canadians love to go home after a long day at work and enjoy the game at night with their families.


An important holiday and celebration, can you guess the day that Canada Day is celebrated?

Canada celebrates its day a few days before the United States on July 1. It usually consists of huge parties and lots of fireworks. Usually, there is a large ceremony held on Parliament Hill in addition to many around the country.


There's no doubt that dinosaurs once roamed what is known to be Canada today, but where was the biggest T-Rex fossil in the world found?

The world's largest T-Rex ever found lived in the province of Saskatchewan at one time, but of course, things were much different when he roamed the earth. Named Scotty, he is also one of the most complete skeletons that is known of when it comes to the T-Rex.


There are many positions in the government, but what is the name of the person who serves as Canada's head of government?

The head of government in Canada is the Prime Minister, who is firstly the leader of a political party. Upon that party being voted into in many cases, a majority, then the leader of that party becomes Canada's next Prime Minister.


The tallest free-standing structure in Canada is which of the following?

The CN Tower is considered to be the largest free-standing structure in the nation. It's also a building that many think of when Toronto or even just Canada is mentioned. Despite only being built in 1976, it sure made a name for itself.


Can you name the Canadian animal that is part of the logo for the famous clothing bran, Roots?

Every Canadian has seen this famous logo for the Roots brand, and you've probably even owned one of their products as well! Famous for their clothing, it often includes the logo on it as well, which was first used in 1985.


When it comes to Canadian acronyms, do you know what the acronym "RCMP" stands for?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is an important force within Canada. With jurisdiction across the entire country, the force handles federal laws, but can also enforce other types of laws as well.


Canada is known for having unique money, but do you know which country almost adopted Canada's currency?

Canadians have always prided themselves with the famous loonie, toonie and colorful bills, but did you know that it almost wasn't exclusive to the north? When Iceland was debating taking on new currencies, Canada's was one of the more favoured options on their list. However, the adoption never happened.


If you picked up a toonie on the ground, which of the following would be pictured on it?

Canada is known for its loonies and toonies, but only the loonie really describes what is on it! The toonie has a majestic polar bear on one side, and sometimes you'll come across one with an additional little polar bear on it as well.


There is only one of these in the country. Can you name the only walled city in Canada?

Quebec City is known as a walled city, something that is quite unique to see in North America. With so much history behind it, it's considered to be a heritage site. Did you know that the wall is over 4 kilometres long?


Of the following, what item do Canadians know best as a "housecoat?"

In Canada, your bathrobe is called a housecoat. Since it's something that you probably hope keeps you warm, there's no wonder that "coat" is in the name! They're a staple in every Canadian household.


There are many sports that are loved within the North. Which one was invented by a Canadian?

There's no doubt that sports have always been a big part of Canadian culture, but basketball was the one that was invented in the North. James Naismith was the inventor, who, instead of using the basketball nets that we used today, used peach baskets as nets.


Which treat that is banned in the United States is a Canadian favourite, especially for kids?

Kinder Surprises are something that many kids enjoy in Canada. The chocolate egg always holds a nice treat that you can usually build or setup. They're even fun to collect as new sets of toys are always available.


Many notorious people have come from the North, but what is Tommy Douglas known for?

Tommy Douglas is known to have worked towards creating the famous healthcare system that Canada still enjoys today. Did you know that he was once the leader of NDP at one point in his life as well?


Do you know what the capital of the province of Manitoba is?

Winnipeg is known to be the capital of Manitoba and also the biggest city in the province. With a unique downtown core, it's known for its many festivals and celebrations that take place throughout the year.


Which of the following hockey players has played almost 2,000 games in their career?

Mark Messier is known for reaching this incredible milestone in his career, which includes both the regular and playoff seasons. Canada is home to many hockey legends, and Mark Messier is just one of them hailing from St. Albert, Alberta.


Can you name the word that is often used for "sneakers" by Canadians?

Everything is done differently in Canada, even down to the language! Putting on your runners and going out for a jog is pretty common, especially when you have so much beauty to take in around you.


Can you name the province that is known for its large population of garter snakes?

Narcisse, Manitoba, is home to the many garter snakes that visit at a particular time of year to mate. It's also the spot where many of them curl up and spend their winters. There are so many snakes that there is even a protected area that is designated just for them.


When it comes to the electricity bill, do you know which word is used for it in Canada?

Hydro is the word that most Canadians use when talking about their electricity or the bill for it. Many electricity companies use the word in the names of their companies as well. One good example is Hydro Quebec.


With many duties to attend to, can you name just one thing that the Governor-General does as part of their job?

Giving Royal Assent is just one of the duties that the Governor-General of Canada has as part of their job. Royal assent is when a bill is signed into official law under the Governor-General on behalf of the Queen.


While hockey is without a doubt popular in Canada no matter what season it is, what is the official summer sport?

Canadians are known for their love of hockey, but lacrosse is a popular sport as well. Considered to be the official summer sport, it first started to gain popularity in the 1800s. Today, Canada even has a Hall of Fame for the many players.


Parliament Hill is one of the most famous buildings in Canada. What is the name of the tower that stands in the middle of it?

Standing in the middle of Parliament Hill is the Peace Tower, which is arguably one of the most famous parts of the building. Inside is a clock that keeps the time and a series of bells that are often sounded.


Even though there's so much to love about Canada, do you known which of the following the country has?

Canada is known for being between oceans, and the coastline is also known for being exceptionally long. Walking the entire coastline of Canada would be beautiful, but it could take quite a few years to complete!


Canada is home to most of the world's population of which of the following animals?

Though their status is vulnerable, Canada is home to a large majority of the world's population of polar bears. They roam everywhere from Hudson's Bay to the Arctic and everywhere in between.


Often using British English, what letters do Canadians often add to their words?

"Colour," favourite," and "honour" are just a few of the words that use the extra "u" in the middle of them. There are other examples of Canadian spellings as well that do not include the extra "u," but this all comes from the British spellings.


There are many exports from the country but what does Canada supply a third of in the world?

Canada is known for many things, but what you may not have known is that french fries are one of the biggest exports! McCain Foods is a big reason for this, and the company is known for its delicious french fries that are enjoyed all over.


A popular food in Canada, what's another word for "Canadian Bacon?"

Despite also being called "Canadian Bacon," peameal bacon is mostly found within Ontario. Part of its name comes from the substance that it is rolled in, known as yellow cornmeal. Even though it has many names, there's no denying that it all tastes delicious!


In Canada, there are many famous waterfalls, but which one is famous for being the tallest?

When most people think of Canada, they probably picture the famous Horseshoe Falls, but they are not the tallest in the country, despite being the most famous. Della Falls takes the honour and to get to it, you need to take a long trail into the woods.


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