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Good morning or evening, quiz takers! When it first hit television, "Charlie's Angels" was truly the first of its kind — a TV show that empowered women like never before, and dang, did they look incredible while solving crimes! The show was responsible for launching the careers of actresses like Farrah Fawcett, and it has continued to be a pop culture phenomenon, with multiple TV show reboots, adaptations and box office successes in film. 

Whether you're a die-hard fan of the original series, or you can't get enough of the 2000s films "Charlie's Angels" and "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," or you're giddy about a new generation of "Angels," you're going to love diving into this quiz! Packed with knowledge about every angel to grace the screen and all of the fun little details in between, this quiz is your chance to prove you know everything about one of America's favorite franchises. 

We want to see what you know, from the ever-changing cast of angels to the identity of the man behind Charlie's voice, to the star-studded cast of men who love the angels throughout the films. We've dug into the "Angels" archives for this one; let's see what you got!

Fill in the blank: "Once upon a time there were three beautiful girls who went to the police academy, and they were each assigned very hazardous duties. But I took them away from all that, and now they ____ ___ __. My name is Charlie."

Who can forget that introduction, as heard in the original series? It was slightly altered for the "Charlie's Angels" and "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" films, removing references to the police academy and beauty.


What is the name of the actress who played Alex in the '00 films?

Portrayed by Lucy Liu in both early 2000s films, Alex Munday is considered to be one of the more sophisticated angels in the detective agency. Her skills include gymnastics, fencing, archery, lasso throwing, computer hacking, horseback riding and neurosurgery.


Who portrayed John Bosley in the 2000 adaptation of "Charlie's Angels"?

Comedic hero and legend Bill Murray portrayed Bosley in "Charlie's Angels." He did not return for the role in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," however, due to rumored issues with directors, producers and even some of the other actors.


Who directed the 2019 adaptation of "Charlie's Angels"?

Elizabeth Banks also wrote the screenplay, which was adapted from a story by Evan Spiliotopoulos and David Auburn. If this is anything like past films she has directed, it should be a lot of fun!


Who is the surprise antagonist in the 2000 "Charlie's Angels" film?

The angels first rescue Knox after a kidnapping, which they believe was done by Roger Corwin. After investigating Corwin while Dylan builds a relationship with Knox, the angels learn that he and Vivian Wood were actually behind the entire plot. Knox had also planned to kill Charlie, since he believes Charlie killed his father.


When did the TV show first air?

When "Charlie's Angels" first premiered, it was actually called "jiggle television" by some (real nice, right?), due to the sexier clothing, bikinis and other "scandalous" outfits the ladies wore. Times have changed since then.


Which comedic actor played the role of Bosley in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle"?

Bernie Mac's character is Jimmy Bosley, the successor and half-brother of John Bosley. Even though he took on the role because of an altercation between Bill Murray and director McG on the set of the first film, which kept Murray from returning, Mac did an awesomely hilarious job in the role.


Who plays Alex's love interest in the 2000 adaptation of "Charlie's Angels"?

Jason Gibbons, played by Matt LeBlanc, is a superstar of a fictional film franchise in the "Charlie's Angels" world, called "Maximum Extreme." Who can forget the scene where Jason tells Alex's dad about her job, only to watch her dad become horrified, due to a misunderstanding?


Who plays fallen angel Madison Lee in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle"?

Former angel Madison Lee is depicted as the greatest angel to ever be a part of the agency. However, she has some rather sinister plans that the rest of the angels must put a stop to.


Which of these actresses portrayed Sabrina Duncan?

Kate Jackson was the first actress to be cast on the show. She was in every episode from season one through season three. She was then replaced by Shelley Hack, who played the angel Tiffany Welles.


What television show did "Charlie's Angels" have a crossover episode with in season 4?

The first two episodes of season 4, "Love Boat Angels," feature the angels tracking a missing fortune in ancient artifacts while they are on a cruise ship. This cruise just so happens to be on the Love Boat; the cast of "The Love Boat" does make an appearance. The "Love Boat" was another show produced by Aaron Spelling.


What is Charlie's last name?

The rarely seen Charlie's full name is Charles Townsend, with his detective agency being named Charles Townsend Detective Agency. All very much to the point, right?


Who has five tracks on the soundtrack for the 2019 "Charlie's Angels" movie?

Ariana Grande is totally doing her thang with this soundtrack! Not only does she have five tracks, but one of them includes a collaboration with Lana del Rey and Miley Cyrus. And get this — while Grande is very much front and center on this soundtrack, she is joined by only female artists for all but one of the remaining songs. Talk about girl power!


Do you remember which three angels were in the first season of "Charlie's Angels"?

The first season was the only one to feature all three of the original angels. After season one, Farrah Fawcett decided to leave the show and was replaced by Cheryl Ladd, who played Kris Munroe. Fawcett still came back for some cameos throughout the duration of the show, though.


What funnyman played Dylan's boyfriend in the 2000"Charlie's Angels" film?

Tom Green, aka The Chad! We see The Chad early on in the film, on a boat with Drew Barrymore. Tom Green plays this small role perfectly, bringing his odd and offbeat sense of comedy to the screen.


Which actress not only starred in the first two films but was also a producer?

Drew Barrymore didn't just kick butt on set, she was kicking it behind camera too. She wasn't just a producer who helped with small tasks or threw money at the project — she chose who directed the films, making her one of the highest on the totem pole at all times on set.


Who was the only angel to remain on the show for the entire series?

Jaclyn Smith, who played Kelly Garrett, was the only angel to stay on the show through its whole duration. She would have stayed past the fifth season, but they never saw their sixth.


Who plays the Thin Man in the film series?

Crispin Glover really does this part so well. Initially, his character was supposed to have lines — Glover pushed for dropping them because he felt that the character being silent would be more interesting.


Who is the new face of Bosley in the 2019 "Charlie's Angel's" film reboot?

We have yet to see a female Bosley on the big screen, so this one is super exciting! Elizabeth Banks is sure to kill it in this role, especially with Bosley being traditionally a more comedic part throughout the series and previous films.


What is Natalie's boyfriend's name in the original film adaptation?

Who can forget sweet Pete, who was played by Luke Wilson? Pete is definitely oblivious to Natalie's double life as a super secret spy, but let's be honest — he probably wouldn't let it bother him. He's so in love with her!


In the final episode of the series, who was shot and put in the hospital?

The final episode of the series, "Let Our Angel Live," features Kelly being shot in the head as she is trying to arrest a criminal. Not to end on a terribly sad note, she of course survives her injuries.


What species of bird helps Natalie determine where the bad guys are in the first "Charlie's Angels" movie?

Natalie is able to figure out where Eric Knox's fortress is by the birds that are surrounding it. When she hears the chirping of a "pygmy nuthatch," she claims that it is only found in Carmel, California. Bird fanciers note many factual errors in this scenario — in fact, the bird shown in the movie is a troupial.


Who voiced Charlie in the original series?

John Forsythe voiced the part of Charlie throughout the entire series, as well as in the first two film adaptations of the franchise. During his time on the show, he was actually one of the highest paid actors, especially considering it only took him a few moments to record his voice for each episode.


Who should Meryl Streep thank for ultimately giving her the opportunity to win an Oscar?

Kate Jackson was the first angel to be cast in the show, while she was already working in another Aaron Spelling show, "The Rookies." As her stardom became more prominent, she was offered a role in the film "Kramer vs. Kramer." When she was forced to decline it, Meryl Streep was given the part and eventually an Oscar for the role.


Can you name the actress who played Dylan in the first "Charlie's Angels" film series?

Dylan Sanders, the impetuous, bad-tempered, streetwise "unofficial leader," is portrayed by Drew Barrymore in "Charlie's Angels" and "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle." A fan-favorite scene of hers has to be when she takes out an entire room of goons with her hands tied behind her back.


So mysterious! Do you know which character is the only one who knows what Charlie looks like?

Throughout the series and the films, none of the angels ever see Charlie; they only communicate with him through a speaker. John Bosley, however, has seen him before, but even their face-to-face interactions are limited.


What was the name of the failed all-male spinoff of "Charlie's Angels"?

If you didn't know, now you know. There once was the possibility of a male lead version of "Charlie's Angels," called "Toni's Boys," about a trio of beefcakes who went undercover for a wealthy woman named Antonia Blake. When a "Charlie's Angels" episode in 1980 introduced the boys, they were not well received, and the project went nowhere.


Of all the angels, which one reveals she has known Charlie since she was a child?

In the episode "Love Boat Angels," Tiffany tells the angels she has actually known Charlie for years. After learning this information, Kris threatens Tiffany that she must reveal what Charlie looks like, or Kris will drop a lizard down her dress. Tiffany then says she can't remember what he looks like.


How many episodes were there in the series, including the pilot?

Running from 1976 to 1981, 110 total episodes of the original series were filmed. Angels came and angels went during the five seasons of production.


Can you tell us who sang the single from the 2000 movie's soundtrack, "Independent Women"?

"Independent Women" appeared on both the "Charlie's Angels" soundtrack and Destiny's Child's third album, "Survivor." Interestingly, the single was submitted to producers as a potential single for the film's soundtrack by Beyonce's father without her knowledge.


One of the most famous episodes is "Angels in Chains," where the angels have to go undercover in a Louisiana prison. What crimes do the angels commit, in order to be imprisoned?

In season one, Kelly and Sabrina are caught speeding and pretend that Jill is a hitchhiker they picked up. The police who pulled them over then plant drugs in their car, making them criminals. Once in prison, the angels discover that the other prisoners are actually being forced into prostitution. Dark!


Which episode was the first to show the angels take an "unofficial" case, in which they were not approached by a client?

This episode features Kris running late for a meeting at the office because she is asked to help a kid at the beach. She learns that blonde girls have been turning up dead, buried in the sand. The angels drop an official case to help Kris.


How were the angels Kris and Jill related?

Jill and Kris Munroe, played by Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Ladd, were sisters on the show. While Fawcett left the show after just one season, Ladd stayed on from season two through to the end, keeping the Munroe legacy alive on the show.


What did the TV network ABC first say when producer Aaron Spelling pitched them "Charlie's Angels"?

It's true — ABC executives hated the idea of "Charlie's Angels" at first, believing that having a female-led cast was a bad idea. However, Spelling already had a contract with the studio, so he convinced them to just let him do it.


How many total reboots (or remakes) have there been of the "Charlie's Angels" franchise?

Since the original series, there have been several follow-ups and reboots, including a Telemundo telenovela called "Ángeles" and a 2011 reboot on ABC. Following two early 2000 films, there is a 2019 film adaptation. In addition to these five completed projects, Aaron Spelling attempted a reboot in 1988, called "Angels '88," which was never produced.


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