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Holidays are an important part of the year for many families. Halloween trick-or-treating with the kids, watching holiday specials during Christmas and breaking wishbones on Thanksgiving are just some of our favorite traditions. One family who is revered for their holiday traditions is the Belcher clan! Whether it's participating in Turkey Crime Scene Investigation: Miami or hosting a last-minute Christmas party at the diner, the "Bob's Burgers" crew always makes the holidays memorable. If you consider yourself to be a Belcher expert, then this is the quiz for you!

Do you get a certain level of joy from reading the daily burger special that hides in the background of the show? Can you remember what happened in the great Saint Valentine's Day Disaster? Or perhaps you find yourself wishing you could trick-or-treat with Gene, Louise and Tina. Regardless of what you enjoy most about the show, the holiday episodes are always a treat! 

So, are you ready to take a bite out of this tasty quiz? We'll examine the intricacies of the Belcher's various Valentine's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas adventures! Will you do so well that you'd win the Halloween costume contest, or will you be Mort's newest client? There's only one way to find out! 

In the episode, "Turkey in a Can," in what unlikely place do they find Bob's turkey?

In an effort to save Thanksgiving, Bob goes and gets another turkey. Again, he finds the turkey in the toilet the following morning. To thwart whoever is ruining his birds, he buys two turkeys and stages one as a decoy.


What goes missing during the two-part Christmas episode called "The Bleakening"?

Linda becomes obsessed with finding her little tree because it has ornaments on it that the kids made when they were younger. The search for the tree takes the family to a naked drawing class, an underground rave and Jimmy Pesto's restaurant.


What group costume do Linda, Bob, Mort and Teddy make for the kids?

While it took away from their individuality, the purpose behind the costume was quite smart. The kids decided to do a cloaked costume so they could say there were more kids underneath than there actually were, resulting in more candy.


According to Linda, what's the perfect cure for a breakup?

Speaking of makeovers, did you know that the Belcher family used to look different before they made it on the air? Their noses were long and narrow, and Tina wasn't a girl but a boy named Daniel.


What does Jimmy Pesto do at the Belcher's Christmas party?

Did you know that Jimmy Pesto's name isn't actually Jimmy Pesto? Bob's nemesis is actually named James Poplopovich, but he is known by Jimmy Pesto because of his restaurant, Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria.


While the family goes to the Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival and Turkey Trot, what does Bob do?

As any fan of "Bob's Burgers" should know, Thanksgiving is Bob Belcher's favorite holiday, and he spends it making the perfect dinner. However, in this episode, Linda does the Turkey Trot, while the kids enjoy cheap rides at the pier.


What is the name of the ghost in "Tina and the Real Ghost"?

Despite never being explicitly stated, it is likely that the show is set in New Jersey. The pier with rides, a sign that reads "It Snakes a Village" and the show creator alluding to it taking place on the East Coast are just some of the clues.


In the Valentine's Day episode, "Can't Buy Me Math," with whom does Tina enter the Cupid's Couple contest?

In an effort to make their crushes jealous, Darryl and Tina formulate a plan to win the Cupid's Couple contest. Tina hopes to make Jimmy Jr. jealous, while Darryl looks to win the heart of an eighth grader.


When they can't find a Valentine's gift at the mall, what does Bob go in search of for Linda?

Throughout the "My Fuzzy Valentine" episode, Bob and the kids can be heard singing "Buckle up or you'll die!" This is one of the reasons that some fans believe the show is about Bob coping with the death of his family.


Why are guests not allowed to leave Teddy's Halloween party?

Since Teddy is a handyman by day, it's not a complete surprise that he keeps all his guests at his party until the mystery of Francis' murder is solved. He gets by on fixing things and wants to fix his guinea pig.


What is the problem that Louise faces in "The Hauntening"?

Despite loving the idea of being scared, Louise has never been caught by surprise! Maybe she would be scared if she found out that the original concept for "Bob's Burgers" was a family of cannibals who ran a restaurant.


Bob lets the kids skip school on Valentine's Day to go shopping for what?

In true Bob Belcher fashion, he thinks his efforts for Valentine's Day are met when he makes Linda a heart-shaped pancake. When he learns Linda is not impressed, he hopes to woo her with the precise Grazielda figurine she wants.


In the episode, "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal," what does Mr. Fishoeder need to borrow from Bob?

In an attempt to win back one of his old flames, Mr. Fishoeder borrows the Belcher family to act as his own. This is because the woman he is hoping to woo tends to only fall for men who are already married and settled.


Bob's not great at Valentine's Day. What does Linda create in an effort to lessen the pressure?

Linda's hopes for the Valentine's Day Advent Calendar are to take the focus off being super romantic on a single day and translating it to being somewhat romantic on a handful of days instead.


What's unique about the turkey that attacks Linda?

While the Turkey Trot was supposed to function much like the Running of the Bulls, things go awry when the birds go on the offensive. The alpha turkey is a bird missing an eye, likely from previous battles.


Which of the following Belcher Thanksgiving traditions does Bob do with Gene?

Bob and Gene play football together on Thanksgiving. This is followed by Turkey Crime Scene Investigation: Miami with Louise and breaking the wishbone with Tina. The last tradition is Bob's Thanksgiving toast.


Harold and Edith don't steal Linda's tree, but what do they take from the party?

Edith Cranwinkle is one of the cookie thieves and regularly pesters Bob throughout the series. As of yet, there is no clear reason why she holds a grudge against him, but perhaps that will be the plot of a future episode!


What do the kids get Linda for Christmas in "Father of the Bob"?

Only Tina pitched in to buy Linda the DVD, but Gene and Louise went along with the gift. To make a gift for their father, the kids try to craft something out of what's in Big Bob's basement.


While Louise asks for her own apartment and Tina asks for a white board, what does Gene want for Christmas?

"Cool Runnings" is a movie about the Jamaican bobsled team. It is a true story about this unlikely team that competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. As one can imagine, it had to be quite difficult to train a bobsled team in a place that doesn't have snow. The movie was released on October 1, 1993.


What out of place item do the Belchers come across in the basement of the haunted house at 37 Poplar Street?

Despite Louise's parents planning everything that happened in their haunted house, the voice of Bob, H. Jon Benjamin, does not plan ahead before each episode. In fact, he doesn't even read his scripts before recording sessions!


What do Bob and Linda get each other for Valentine's Day in "V for Valentine-detta"?

Kissin' Koupons are said to be "like Groupons, but for couples." In this episode, Tina, Louise and Linda end up using the Koupon that Linda bought in order to cheer up Tina after she went through a breakup.


What is the name given to Darryl's special Halloween map that shows which places give the best and worst candy?

Did you know Darryl is voiced by Aziz Ansari? Ansari is well-known as a stand-up comedian and stars in the Netflix series, "Master of None." He is also Tom Haverford in the popular show, "Parks and Recreation."


During Linda and Bob's Valentine's Day bubble bath, what do they discover is the kid's "second toilet"?

The voice actor for Linda, John Roberts, is the only member of the cast that has to alter his voice for his part. Roberts was discovered through his YouTube videos that are based on his mom.


What word broke Tina's heart in the great St. Valentine's Day Disaster?

In the "My Fuzzy Valentine" episode, Tina doesn't want to go to school because last year's Valentine from Jimmy Jr. said "From: Jimmy Jr." As Tina puts it, nobody says "I from you."


According to Louise, what is the least scary pasta, simply due to its name?

While remaining unimpressed with the pasta guts of Lady Bobbenstein, perhaps Louise would be grossed out to discover that Bob Belcher has a tattoo of his own nose and mustache on his back!


How does Linda overcome the escaped birds during the Turkey Trot?

Animal Control proves to be no help in this episode. Perhaps they should've called an exterminator! At one point during the series, the exterminator van seen in the opening credits belongs to Dale Gribble, the exterminator from "King of the Hill."


In addition to wanting her own apartment, what else is on Louise's Christmas list in "Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins"?

The first thing on her list is an apartment, which cannot be a studio. The second item on her list of demands is seemingly innocent: towels. They're for her apartment, of course. The last item she asks for is the doll/knife combination.


In the opening credits for the Halloween episode, "Full Bars," what is wrong with the Halloween store that is next door to Bob's Burgers?

While the Halloween store clearly has some issues to resolve if it isn't open on Halloween, the opening credits for Bob's Burgers never once have repeated a business that has filled the space next to the family's business.


For how long is Bob able to stand his father before he has to leave?

Bob instills the 15-minute rule when it comes to being around his father, whether it's for Bob's birthday or even the birth of his son! As Gene so colorfully explains, "It's like speed dating but with your dad!"


What hair salon do the ladies go to in "V for Valentine-detta"?

While the girls in the family are working to fix Tina's broken heart with a makeover, Gene and Bob's Valentine's Day experience is much different. They are roped into learning trapeze!


The Belchers have the best costumes. Which of these hasn't been on the show, though?

We can't be the only ones who look forward to seeing what the Belchers have up their sleeves every Halloween. Some of our favorite costumes include Linda's Cher-iff, Tina's Mombie and Nun of Your Business.


Upon learning about Bob's unfortunate turkey-in-the-toilet incident, what does Teddy reveal he has seen in his toilet?

Teddy reveals his rat-in-a-hat problem while talking to Bob and Mort in the restaurant. While they don't believe him at first, Teddy was smart enough to take a photo on his phone when he ran into the rodent a second time.


According to Gene, rich people are good at Halloween and what?

"Full Bars" follows the trio as they go to the rich neighborhood to try to score more candy. In this episode, Louise, Tina and Gene dress up as Edward Scissorhands, a Mommy Mummy and Queen Latifah, respectively.


What's the burger that 14-year-old Bob makes that creates a rift between him and his dad?

The burger that creates a rift between Big Bob and Little Bob consists of sour cream, chives, a beef patty and fried pickle wheels on the side that are made to look like car tires.


According to Louise, what holiday takes the top spot on the family's list of favorite holidays?

After Bob claims the family's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, the kids are quick to correct him. The rankings go: Louise's birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Hanukkah, snow days, Amateur Night, Veterans Day, Tooth Fairy Eve, St. Patrick's Day, May Day, Groundhog Day, the season premiere of "Game of Thrones," Opposite Day, Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Carnivale, Angela Lansbury's birthday, bath night, Black Friday, and finally, Thanksgiving.


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