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When an up-and-coming artist asks their social media followers to check out their music on SoundCloud, it is usually paired with an eye-roll and a quick dismissive scroll. However, one of the top pop icons of the moment got her start on the popular music streaming platform. When Billie Eilish released her song "Ocean Eyes," her world was changed forever. The single went big on SoundCloud and caught the attention of record executives at Interscope and Darkroom Records. This skyrocketed her to the spotlight, as she sang about a variety of topics in her whispery, melodic voice. 

If you are the type of person who listens to Billie Eilish far beyond what plays on the radio, then this quiz is for you! These questions will test your knowledge of her hits, her life with music and what she does outside the recording studio. It's time to open your "Ocean Eyes" and prove that you're an Eilish Expert! Will you end up coming out on top, like many of the young artist's songs? If you can tell the difference between the opening to "When the Party's Over" and "Wish You Were Gay," then you stand a chance at rocking this quiz! 

Eilish's debut album was called "When We All ________ , Where Do We Go?" Which phrase belongs in the blank?

This served as her debut studio album, having released EPs and singles prior to this. The album was released on March 29, 2019, with Eilish saying she wanted something crazy, but also depressing.


What Eilish song knocked "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas from the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100?

"Old Town Road" had held the top spot for an astounding 19 weeks when it was replaced by Eilish's "Bad Guy." This was after the song spent nine weeks in the runner-up spot, second on the list.


Billie is a member of which star's fanbase?

There have been multiple instances in the young star's life that have revealed what a Belieber she really is! Justin Bieber has been her celebrity crush and they have even collaborated on her "bad guy" remix.


Why does the young singer regularly wear baggy clothing?

The primary reason that Eilish can be seen wearing ill-fitting clothes is because she is attempting to prevent people from body shaming her. She also likes to be perceived as intimidating.


What song did Eilish and Khalid collaborate on?

The song earned its name from a rather unusual place. As Eilish put it, the song discusses the idea of being so comfortable in your misery, that it can be described as "lovely" from a sarcastic perspective.


The opening track on her album "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" titled "!!!!!!!" captures Billie removing what?

When the track begins to play, listeners can hear the young Eilish saying "I have taken out my Invisalign, this is the album" as she removes her invisible aligners from her salivating mouth.


What song put Billie on the music radar?

Her first single was "Ocean Eyes," which she recorded in 2016 with her brother. They released the song to SoundCloud and it ended up going viral, much to the surprise of the siblings.


If Billie were to sit down for a Netflix binge, what would she most likely choose to watch?

One could argue that Billie is a bit obsessed with the sitcom, "The Office." In one interview, she admitted to having seen every single episode at least 12 times over. She refers to the show as her "therapy."


What song was inspired by a crush Eilish had on a boy?

Eilish wrote this song when she was only 14 after a crush told her he didn't like her that way. Eilish said she wished his reasoning had been that he was gay, instead of not actually liking her.


What made her "Saturday Night Live" performance so memorable?

In a clever visual trick, Ellish performed "Bad Guy" as we've never seen before. The box was designed to be a mini version of the "SNL" stage and as it rotated, it looked like she was walking on the ceiling and walls. She knows how to make an impression!


A few of Billie's songs can be heard in the episodes of what popular Netflix series?

The young songstress has been on Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" soundtrack for both the first and second season. In the first season, her song "bored" was featured, with "lovely" serving as her second season song.


Billie is afflicted with what syndrome?

Following a video compilation of her physical tics being released online, Eilish revealed that she was diagnosed with Tourette's when she was younger. The artist is not afflicted with verbal tics.


Billie and her brother often collaborate on her songs. What's her brother's name?

Finneas Baird O'Connell was born on July 30, 1997, making him roughly four years older than her. When he's not working on music, he has taken on a variety of acting roles, including Alistair in "Glee."


The last three songs on "When We All Fall Asleep" are supposed to read as a sentence. Which song is not a part of this sentence?

The last three songs on the album are "Listen Before I Go", "I Love You" and "Goodbye." The intent of these songs concluding the tracklist was that they were supposed to be read like a sentence.


Where did Billie grow up?

More specifically, Billie grew up in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles. She lived there with her mother, Maggie Baird, and her father, Patrick O'Connell, as well as her older brother.


Eilish sings about "drinking canned Coke" in which song?

Despite never drinking or doing drugs herself, "Xanny" was inspired by a party experience Eilish had with her friends. Her goal with the song was for her listeners to feel miserable.


What was the title of Billie's debut EP?

"Don't Smile at Me" was released on Aug. 11, 2017, with the first single being released on Nov. 18, 2016. This EP contained singles like "Ocean Eyes," "Bellyache," "Idontwannabeyouanmore" and "Party Favor."


Which of Billie's songs was inspired by "Garbage" by Tyler, the Creator?

From the surface level, this song is about a serial killer who murders everyone close to the narrator. Upon further inspection, listeners can see that Eilish is singing about the concept of guilt.


What song consists of a single verse that is made up of lyrics from other songs on the same album?

The final track on "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" is a hodgepodge of lyrics from the other songs on the album. When read in reverse, the order matches the way the songs are listed on the album.


Based on her birthday, what is Billie Eilish's star sign?

Billie was born on Dec. 18, 2001, making her a Sagittarius. This zodiac sign is often known for their creative energy, so it makes sense that she shares the sign with other creatives like Steven Spielberg and Sia.


Billie rarely smiles in photographs. What reason did she give for this?

Billie has noted in interviews that she doesn't like to smile because it makes her feel vulnerable and powerless. This stems from the fact that women and young girls are always told to smile.


Who did Billie collaborate with on her EP "don't smile at me"?

Vince Staples can be heard on Billie's song "&burn." While performing the song live at Coachella in 2019 with Eilish, Staples went unheard due to issues with his microphone, joking later that he was actually mute.


Eilish has said that three of these influence her music style? Which artist has she not mentioned?

Billie is a very vocal Bieber supporter, but her musical inspirations can also be drawn from Lana Del Rey and The Beatles. One of the biggest influences on her sound is Tyler the Creator.


This song features a phone recording of rapper Crooks. Which Eilish song has this feature?

The two artists connected through social media and became friends. Crooks can be seen commenting on Billie's photos on Instagram, and this is the way he eventually caught the singer's attention.


What inspired the black tears in Billie's music video for "When the Party's Over"?

The unsettling use of black tears in the music video for "when the party's over" was based on a fan drawing that Billie received. The drawing depicted the singer with leaking black eyes.


What special diet does Billie follow?

The young artist is among a slew of celebrities who follow a vegan lifestyle. She has been vegan since 2014, saying that she did it for a lot of reasons, including animal welfare.


Which Eilish song was heard playing in the season three finale of "Riverdale"?

The song can be heard playing during the 22nd episode of season three of the popular teen drama. The episode was titled "Survive the Night," with the song playing during a kiss between Archie and Veronica.


"You Should See Me in a Crown" was written after Eilish and her brother finished watching an episode of what show?

To be specific, they wrote the song after watching the third episode of the second season. This episode was called "The Reichenbach Fall" and had themes of suicide and poor public image.


What Eilish song was originally called "See Through"?

The eighth song on her debut album became simply known as "8." While the song talks about someone not being cared for in a relationship from her perspective, the song is actually about Billie disregarding someone's feelings.


Unlike charts in the United States, which song reached #1 in Belgium?

While it met with success in Belgium, this song only reached the 46th spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song also performed well in Oceania, including Australia and New Zealand.


Which one of her songs has a theme of misandry?

Misandry can be understood as being prejudice against men and boys. This song looks at a lover being a bad person, while the narrator (singer) realizes that they may actually be the bad guy.


Eilish was an opening act for the "High as Hope" tour for what band?

Billie was the opener for a number of shows on this tour, but when Florence and the Machine were set to start their international tour schedule, Eilish had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts.


Billie's Instagram handle, @wherearetheavocados, was inspired by her attempting to make what?

Billie's memorable Instagram handle came from an experience she had while making a grilled cheese. As one might suspect, the singer was unable to find the avocados that she had planned on putting on her sandwich.


If music hadn't worked out for her, what would Billie most like to be?

With her unique look and persona, it's no surprise that the singer has played with the idea of working in fashion. Had music not panned out for her, she would likely have pursued a career as a designer or stylist.


When she's at home, where does Billie go to write songs?

When she was younger, Billie's dad built a treehouse for her and Finneas to play in. As she gets older, the star finds herself still using the treehouse, but can be found writing songs in it, especially during rainy weather.


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