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National Cat Health Month takes place in February, but your kitty's health is important all year long! Knowing your cat well, being able to recognize warning signs and being proactive will always help to keep your cat safe and healthy. Having a cat is a big responsibility, but also so worth it in the end. Treat your cat right, and they'll forever love and respect you!

Furry friends need a lot of care, from regular vet visits to daily brushing. If you do your research and prepare yourself before you bring your new family member home, things will go smoothly. It's important to have the basics down so that you can recognize normal kitty behavior and anything that may be out of the ordinary. Having your chosen veterinarian on speed dial is a great start, but there are things that you can do at home as well. Nothing is more important than making sure your kitty is well-accommodated and as healthy as possible.

So, have you had many cats, and do you know how to take care of them from experience? Or are you preparing for a new kitty to enter your home? No matter what your situation is, health is important. If you think you're up for the task, find out your score by answering these tough kitty health questions!

If your cat is not using the litter box, what's the first thing you should do?

The first thing to do when you notice your cat isn't using its litter box is to see if it is dirty. Sometimes a kitty won't use it if it has not been cleaned out. If the litter box isn't the problem and your household hasn't undergone recent changes that could affect your cat, take your furry friend to the vet just in case there is an underlying problem.


If your cat is experiencing a medical emergency, where can you check for a pulse?

The best place to find a pulse on your cat is inside the upper hind leg, where you'll be able to assess if it's too weak or too rapid. This is a good indicator of what is going on with the cat. A normal heart rate for cats is 140 to 220 beats per minute — take the pulse for 15 seconds, then multiply by four.


Malnutrition and obesity are two problems that can occur in cats. What is the best way to prevent them?

Provide your cat with a proper diet, including an appropriate portion size, to help your cat maintain a healthy weight. Your veterinarian can help you monitor your cat's weight as it enters new stages of life.


Routine is a good thing. Can you guess which of the following is important to do with your cat on the daily?

Playing with your cat is not only important but also a fun way to interact with them. Playing gives them a chance to burn off some energy and stay fit, while you get the satisfaction of enjoying time with your furry friend.


As a cat owner, what should you look out for, in case your cat is experiencing a health problem?

Any changes in the behavior of your kitty — anything out of the ordinary — can be cause for concern. If you notice a change in appetite, for example, it's probably best to take your cat to the vet, where they can be tested for any health issues.


How often should you give your cat medication to prevent parasites?

Cats should be given their parasite medicine once every single month for their entire lives. It will help protect them from many different types of parasites that could attack them. Make this treatment part of your monthly care routine, and your cat should have no trouble!


If your cat won't take its medication, what can you do to get it down?

The best alternative here is to hide your cat's medicine in a treat. If your kitty still won't take the pill, consult the veterinarian, who can show you the proper way to administer the pill directly into the cat's mouth.


Outside cats are often exposed to the sun. How can you help protect them?

There are many ways to help your cat avoid overexposure to the sun, including keeping them indoors during peak sunshine hours and providing shady areas. Sunscreen is another option. Ensure that the sunscreen you choose is designed for your pet. Your cat will start to groom as soon as you apply sunscreen, so all of the ingredients must be safe for cats.


You will need to keep your kitten up to date with which of the following important things?

Keep your cat's vaccinations up to date to help them stay healthy. All cats need certain vaccinations, but a veterinarian can assess your kitty and recommend what is best for them specifically.


Cats can get into all kinds of things around the house, so what should you keep away from them at all times?

Certain chemicals can be deadly to a cat, so it's important to always keep them shut away in a cupboard or other place that the cat can't access. If you do this, you'll never have to worry about your kitty getting poisoned.


As with many pets, it's important to do which of the following regularly for your cat?

Grooming your cat is very important, as they often shed their fur. It's no secret that a cat will groom their own hair with their nifty tongue, but a little help from you will stop them from ingesting anything they shouldn't that could be on their coat.


Shelter is important to keep your cat safe and warm — at night, especially. What should you have in your cat's bed?

Comfort and warmth are important for humans to get a good night's sleep, and a cat needs the same care. Putting a nice soft blanket or cushion down in their bed will keep them cozy and comfortable, leading to a happier and healthier kitty!


When you touch your cat's nose, how should it feel when they are healthy and well?

A healthy cat's nose varies in dampness throughout the day, depending on recent activity, humidity in the air, a recent trip to the water bowl and more. It's a myth that a dry nose automatically signals illness — get used to your cat's version of normal, and contact your vet if anything seems out of the ordinary.


If a cat is brought to a kennel or other area with lots of animals, what kind of illness might they catch?

Cats who need to spend time in a kennel face the possibility of catching something from other animals. While the risk is low, it's still something to be aware of when you're preparing to have your cat stay in a kennel for a few days.


Just like humans', a cat's teeth need care. How often should you brush them?

It's important to brush your cat's teeth; this is something that all cat owners should put into their care routine. Three times a week is frequent enough to keep your cat beautiful and healthy.


While some foods are fine, do you know which human food a cat should never have access to?

Chocolate is just one food that is toxic to cats. It's never a good idea to feed this to your furry friend. A few other foods that should never be given are raw meat, tuna meant for humans, and onions, all of which can have devastating effects on your kitty. Grapes should be avoided as well.


If you have multiple cats at home, how many litter boxes should you have?

It's not good to have too few litter boxes — a cat needs their private space sometimes. As long as you have a litter box for each cat and another one for a rainy day, there should be nothing to worry about.


How can you keep your cat's nails healthy, plus keep the rest of your home protected and nice?

A scratching post offers many benefits for both your feline friend and you. It keeps their nails healthy and fills their appetite for scratching; it will also save much of your furniture and upholstery. Having a scratching post is a win-win situation!


Vet visits are important for any animal. Cats should visit the vet how often?

If your furry friend is experiencing problems, a vet visit should always be scheduled to keep them healthy. But if they seem to be healthy and happy, then visiting once a year for a checkup is recommended.


Some choose to do it, while others choose not to — how does spaying or neutering your cat benefit both of you?

There are so many benefits to spaying or neutering your cats. You'll never have to worry about unexpected kittens, and your cat will be less likely to mark their territory in the house. The procedure can also reduce the risk of certain cancers.


When choosing the perfect food to feed your cat, what should you look for first?

Healthy and nutritious cat food will help your kitty to thrive. Look for a bag that specifies the meat that is included. Consult your cat's veterinarian for specific recommendations.


If your kitty loves to roam outside, what illness can it pick up from mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are notorious for spreading heartworms to cats who spend a lot of time outside. However, this condition can still happen to cats that stay indoors, so preventive medication is always advised.


Choosing the right food means checking ingredients. Can you name an ingredient that should always be in your cat's food?

Taurine is an amino acid, essential to your cat's wellbeing. Taurine supports normal heart function, good vision and reproductive health. A healthy diet is key to caring for your kitty!


If cats could talk, this would be easy. What is one way you can tell that your cat may be in pain?

If your cat is meowing much more than usual, it could be a sign that they're experiencing pain. Know your cat and their habits — you're the best qualified to catch any unusual behavior that could signal a problem.


Cats love to keep clean, but what could be one reason for excessive grooming?

If you've noticed your cat licking that one spot a little too much, it may be time to check for parasites. This behavior can be an indicator of a few other conditions as well, including if they are experiencing pain.


With good health and a little luck, your cat will reach its senior years at some point. What can you do to keep them healthy during these years?

The right vitamins and supplements can benefit a senior cat in many ways. It's always wise to speak with your kitty's veterinarian about the best options. Your cat will thank you for helping them feel their best.


What's a good strategy to introduce a new kitten to your home, increasing the odds that it will go smoothly?

Bringing a new kitten home is an event that many look forward to, but there are ways to make it easier for both of you. Slowly introduce your kitten to new spaces. Give them their own little space to get used to at first, and they'll quickly open up to the rest!


If your female cat becomes pregnant, what should you expect?

An expectant kitty has more mouths to feed — those future kittens need their nutrition in order to grow. You might find yourself filling that food bowl a little more than usual. Choose food that is formulated for pregnant cats.


When you live in an area that is cold during the winter, and you have a cat who loves venturing outdoors, how can you encourage them to stay inside during the cold months?

Creating a warm and cozy spot for your cat to lie in can show them that they'll be much more comfortable inside during the winter. It's always good to do this, whether your kitty is an inside or outside cat. Also, feed your cat indoors to encourage them to develop an indoor habit.


Diabetes is a serious illness in cats. Which of the following can indicate that they might be suffering from this disease?

Diabetes can be quite a serious issue in cats. It can't be cured, but it can be managed. Talk to your kitty's vet about options. They may suggest diet modification or insulin injections.


If you're a plant fanatic as well as a cat lover, which plant should you keep out of your home?

You'll want to keep lilies away from your home, due to their danger to cats. Even a small amount can be fatal or, at the very least, cause kidney damage. It's best to avoid lilies if you have a cat, no matter how pretty they are.


If your kitty is experiencing constipation, what should you do?

Kitties who are constipated should probably visit the vet to get some testing done as soon as possible. From there, the vet can determine what the issue is and suggest a laxative or other treatment to help get them back on track. Increasing water consumption and exercise may also be helpful.


Noticing something out of the ordinary is usually not a good sign. Can you guess what excessive drooling in a cat might indicate?

A little bit of drooling is normal for cats in some cases, like when they're enjoying something or they're nervous. But too much drooling can be a sign of something much worse. If your kitty is drooling for a long time, it could be caused by mouth issues or something they ingested. It's best to contact the vet.


Hairballs are relatively common after a cat grooms itself. When do they become an issue?

Combined with a few other symptoms, hairballs can cause problems if they aren't coming up. Your cat's vet will provide the best remedy, but you can help your kitty avoid this problem by grooming them frequently.


Some cats find unusual places to hide. When living with a cat, how can you prevent them from getting into things that could cause injury?

It can be tough to remember to do this all the time, but if you do a quick check for your pet before moving anything that might injure them, then you'll have peace of mind. No one wants to recline in their chair and accidentally hurt their furry friend. Looking and then acting keeps everyone safe!


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