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When "Schitt's Creek" first debuted no-one could have ever guessed how big the show would become. Despite having an all-star cast, "Schitt's Creek" began as a somewhat humble show on Canadian television (the creators had spent considerable efforts pitching the show to several different networks but hadn't been able to find the right fit.) As "Schitt's Creek" grew in popularity, largely thanks to word-of-mouth and critical accolades, it found its footing — and a whole slew of fans from all over the world. The success of "Schitt's Creek" is, in part, due to its heart. The Rose family is first introduced to the audience as being materialistic and even downright unpleasant at times, resistant to their new surroundings and unwilling to accept their new station in life. Gradually, and with much humor and emotion, the town of Schitt's Creek begins to have a positive effect on the family members. If anything, "Schitt's Creek" does an exemplary job portraying the power of love — whether that love is romantic, between friends or within the family.

Of course, "Schitt's Creek" is also downright hilarious and deserving of all its accolades and awards (of which there have been many). We want to see how close you've been paying attention — which, admittedly can be distracting when the great Catherine O'Hara is involved! What are you waiting for? Take this "Schitt's Creek" quiz and remember, "Tweet us on Facebook!" when you're finished! 

Prior to living in Schitt's Creek Moira Rose had a career of her own — what was it?

Before Moira Rose had to move to the small community of Schitt's Creek she was the star of a soap opera for 6 and a half seasons, playing the lead role of Vivien Blake. At one point in Moira's career, Maria Menounos refers to her as "the unsung hero of afternoon television."


Which Canadian television network decided to pick up the first season of "Schitt's Creek"?

"Schitt's Creek" first found a home at CBC Television in 2014. Its two main selling points were the involvement of Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara as well as the network's timely decision to focus on sitcom-like material that also had a unique point of view.


The main cast includes three members of the Levy family. Which one of the following people is not a Levy?

Eugene Levy and his adult children Dan and Sarah Levy are all regular cast members on "Schitt's Creek." Eugene Levy plays patriarch Johnny Rose, Dan Levy plays his son David Rose and Sarah Levy plays Twyla Sands, a waitress at a local restaurant.


What is the name of the town's resident veterinarian — and occasional doctor for humans?

Viewers first meet veterinarian Ted Mullens in season one when he "treats" David Rose (who is convinced his anxiety attack is actually a full-blown heart attack.) Ted eventually becomes the love interest of Alexis Rose, acting as a positive influence for change as her character develops throughout the series.


Why did the Rose family migrate to Schitt's Creek (of all places) at the beginning of the series?

As explained in the first episode of "Schitt's Creek," Johnny Rose impulsively bought the town for his son David in 1991 as a joke. Upon arrival, the riches-to-rags family quickly realizes how drastically their lives are about to change for the worse (as the show progresses the audience realizes the change has actually been for the better.)


Every town needs a mayor and Schitt's Creek is no exception. Who is the mayor of Schitt's Creek?

Mayor Roland N. Schitt comes from a long line of Schitts (he's a fourth-generation resident of the town bearing his family name.) Although he doesn't have any real credentials to back up his actions, he also behaves as if he is the town's sole law enforcement.


The town of Schitt's Creek has its own a capella group. What is it called?

The Jazzagals are an all-women a capella group based in Schitt's Creek. In the episode "Jazzagals," Moira Rose discovers the a cappella group and is offended she hasn't been asked to participate due to her background in show business — she refuses to audition and tells the members she's "offer only."


Which TV program were the creators of "Schitt's Creek" inspired by when they were initially writing the show?

Dan Levy drew inspiration for "Schitt's Creek" from reality TV shows like "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and Paris Hilton's "The Simple Life." He wondered what would happen to these ultra-wealthy people is they were to suddenly lose all of their wealth and material belongings.


David and Patrick both use the words of a specific recording artist to express their feelings for one another. Who is this question referring to?

David and Patrick both use Tina Turner's song "Simply the Best" to express their feelings for one another. Patrick performs an acoustic cover of the song at an open mic night and David lip-syncs the song for Patrick in return.


When did "Schitt's Creek" first premiere on television?

"Schitt's Creek" first premiered on January 13, 2015 on CBC Television as a special back-to-back episode event. Almost a month later, the show premiered in the United States on February 11, 2015 on Pop TV (the network became the show's permanent home in the US each time the series was renewed.)


Moira Rose has a large collection of head coverings that are used to accent her over-the-top outfits. What does she collect?

Catherine O'Hara and hairstylist Ana Sorys — the mastermind behind Moira's wig collection — have both described the wigs as being characters in and of themselves. Moira stores her wig collection on the wall of her motel room and can often be seen wearing them backwards or as a hat on top of another wig.


Alexis Rose eventually forms her own PR company. What does she name it?

Prior to her arrival in Schitt's Creek, Alexis Rose was a world-traveling socialite — an activity that prevented her from graduating high school. She eventually gets her GED when living in Schitt's Creek and soon after launches a PR company called Alexis Rose Communications.


"Schitt's Creek" was co-created by two actors on the show. Who are they?

"Schitt's Creek" was created by father and son team Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, who first began pitching the show to networks in 2014. After unsuccessfully pitching to ABC, HBO and Showtime (amongst others), the co-creators found a home at CBC Television.


For the most part, Alexis has a teasing relationship with her brother. What has become her signature line when talking to him?

Alexis can often be heard saying "ew, David" whenever she's around her brother (even when he's doing nothing wrong.) The line has become so popular fans of the show can buy t-shirts, mugs, jewelry and other official — and unofficial — merchandise featuring the eponymous phrase.


When Moira Rose tries to make an acting comeback which movie does she star in?

Filmed in Bosnia, Moira Rose gets her comeback role in "The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening." Moira plays Dr. Mandrake, a character who is half-crow, half-woman. While the director is only half-heartedly invested in the film, Moira gives it her all (after all, she believes the film is "a timely allegory about prejudice.")


How did the Rose family become so wealthy?

While Moira had experienced success as a soap opera star, it was the family's Rose Video franchise — of which Johnny Rose was CEO — that really brought in the money. Unfortunately, Rose's business partner had been embezzling company money which led to all of the family's assets being repossessed (except of course, Schitt's Creek.)


A lot of the action on Schitt's Creek takes place in the motel where the family is staying. Do you know what the name of the motel is?

The Rosebud Motel, which used to be called the Schitt's Creek Motel, is where the Rose family is forced to live after moving to Schitt's Creek. The motel has no special features or amenities, other than a free continental breakfast of pastries and coffee (which should be consumed by guests at their own risk.)


A former gallerist in New York City, David Rose opens up his own store in Schitt's Creek — what is it called?

The Rose Apothecary is co-owned by David and his partner Patrick (it's also the name of the official website where fans can buy Schitt's Creek merchandise.) The store — or "environment" as David calls it — sells re-branded local wares such as cheese, toiletries, dry goods and cat-hair scarves.


Alexis Rose used to have her own reality show. Do you know what it was called?

When residents of Schitt's Creek decide to put on a production of the musical "Cabaret" Alexis auditions for the part by performing the song "A Little Bit Alexis" (which also turns out to have been the theme song for her reality TV show of the same name.)


This character starts out working at the motel front desk and ends up as Johnny Rose's business partner. What is her name?

Stevie Budd begins her story as the receptionist of the Rosebud Motel, eventually becoming co-owner with Johnny Rose. She is known for her sarcasm and for growing up in Schitt's Creek as an outsider (a fact which helps her bond with certain members of the Rose family.)


As wild as they are, Moira Rose's outfits always have one thing in common — what is it?

More than any other character, the signature black and white clothes worn by Moira are a constant reminder to the audience of her former life as an incredibly wealthy woman. Her costumes, all of which are bought second-hand, have included pieces by Alexander McQueen and Comme des Garçons.


Who inspired Annie Murphy when she was creating Alexis Rose's character?

Annie Murphy credits reality TV stars such as Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and the Kardashian clan as being the main inspiration for her character Alexis. Alexis is known for her exaggerated vocal fry and gesticulation — her hands, in particular, are constantly moving as she speaks.


What is the name of the soap opera on which Moira Rose got her big break as an actress?

As a soap opera star, Moira Rose starred on the formerly-popular "Sunrise Bay" — a gig she landed after working in musical theatre. Her character's signature move was slapping others when she felt they were being disorderly or disrespectful.


"Schitt's Creek" is filmed in one province — which one is it?

"Schitt's Creek" is filmed in several Ontario locations including Toronto (for interior shots), the towns of Goodwood, Mono, Stouffville, Unionville, the Regional Municipality of Durham and Rattlesnake Point in Milton.


Who came up with the attention-grabbing name of the show?

Eugene Levy is credited as coming up with the name "Schitt's Creek." Executives at CBC Television were initially reluctant to go with the name but both Eugene and Dan convinced the network to go with the name after showing them photocopied pages from a phone book containing names of real people with the last name "Schitt."


Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy have starred in several mockumentary films together. Who directed them?

Known for his heavily improvised mockumentaries, Christopher Guest has directed Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy in four of his films: "Waiting for Guffman," "Best in Show," "A Mighty Wind" and "For Your Consideration."


Moira's eccentric look was based on the look of a famous heiress, do you know who it is?

Catherine O'Hara wanted her character Moira's main fashion inspiration to be heiress Daphne Guinness. Guinness is well-known for her spectacularly avant-garde fashion sense (Guinness was both a muse and patron of the late Alexander McQueen.)


The citizens of Schitt's Creek can often be seen holding gigantic menus at a restaurant (a central location on the show.) What is the name of the restaurant?

Residents of Schitt's Creek can often be found at Café Tropical, the town's only restaurant. Café Tropical serves Mediterranean and Mexican food in addition to regular café fare. The menu, which features over 150 items, often puts the word "Hawaiian" in front of its offerings to conjure up a more "tropical" vibe.


Which character was originally played by another actor in an unaired pilot?

While it's hard to imagine anyone other than Annie Murphy playing the role of Alexis Rose, the role originally went to Abby Elliott (who is the daughter of Chris Elliott, the actor who plays Roland Schitt.) In an unaired pilot, Abby can be seen playing Alexis, though she had to drop the part due to scheduling conflicts.


The creators of "Schitt's Creek" recently announced that the show's upcoming season would be its last. How many seasons will it have had?

On March 21, 2019, Dan Levy announced that the show's sixth season (which will air in January of 2020) would be its last. In a thoughtful letter written by Dan and his father, the co-creators graciously thanked fans of "Schitt's Creek" and expressed their desire to end the series on a high note.


Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara used to be on the same sketch comedy TV show. What is its name?

As long-time collaborators both on and off the screen, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara were members of Toronto's Second City Comedy Troupe before moving onto the Canadian sketch comedy show "SCTV" ("Second City Television.")


Jennifer Robertson, who plays Jocelyn Smitt, comes from a comedy family. Which famous Canadian show was her father a part of?

Jennifer Robertson, who plays Jocelyn Schitt — leader of the Jazzagals and wife of Roland Schitt — is no stranger to the Canadian comedy scene. Her father Bob Robertson and step-mother Linda Cullen were hosts of the CBC Radio and Television show "Double Exposure."


Who is the showrunner for "Schitt's Creek"?

Dan Levy is a very busy individual when it comes to "Schitt's Creek" — not only does he star in the series, he's also the showrunner. Levy recently signed a three-year deal with ABC Studios where he will continue to write and develop various projects for the network.


In the season one episode "Carl's Funeral" Moira Rose sings an a capella rendition of a classic Irish ballad. Which song does she sing?

Moira's go-to funeral ballad seems to be "Danny Boy" (she references performing the song in other episodes). In the episode "Carl's Funeral," Moira performs the song not once, but twice for an audience — the first time she is saving her husband Johnny, who finds himself reciting a eulogy for someone he never knew.


Which musical did Moira Rose perform in when she was younger?

Moira got her first significant role playing Sally Bowles in "Cabaret" when the director saw her working at a gas station deli. Unlike other members in her immediate family, Moira grew up in a small town comparable to Schitt's Creek (although she keeps this fact hidden from most people.)


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