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Let's go back to the good ol' days when Backstreet came back ... from a six-month hiatus. It was a time of very thin eyebrows and boy band overload. Disney stars consumed pop culture and we loved every second of it. The 1990s and 2000s gave us some of the best fashion to make fun of, some of the most interesting musical trends and some of the most cutting-edge movies around. If you grew up during this time, you were immersed in this pop culture boom and consumed it regularly. Even if you didn't like it, it was always there for you to hear, see and experience. Chances are, you don't mind taking this step back in time to see just what was cool back in your day.

If you're a Millennial or a Gen-Xer, you had the luxury of watching pop culture evolve into an interesting creature that pretty much took over the world, but now it's time to see how much you remember from back then. We found 40 of the "coolest" things from the '90s and '00s, and we want to see how much you know and remember from back then. Take this quiz to learn just how well you know your generation's touchstones. 

As long as you didn't live under a rock in the '90s and '00s, you know this show. What is it?

If you didn't watch "Friends" when it first aired, chances are you watched it in syndication. Additionally, it's difficult to get through a conversation with a fan without hearing at least one reference to the hit show.


Do you know which singer was known as the Princess of Pop?

Although Britney Spears went through a hard time in the mid-2000s, she was once at the top of the pop charts, changing the lives of those around her. However, having to maintain the perfect princess persona really got to her.


What's the name of the diamond in "Titanic"?

The diamond that Cal Hockley gives Rose DeWitt Bukater in "Titanic" is known as the Heart of the Ocean. "Titanic" is, of course, one of the biggest movies of the 1990s.


Do you remember this girl power band?

The Spice Girls took over American airwaves in the late 1990s. People loved their style, their attitude, and most of all, their music. These pop stars took over the world for a short period, but it was memorable nonetheless.


As if you could ever forget, what movie is about the lives of high-class teens in the '90s?

Alicia Silverstone was a staple of the mid-1990s. Her most iconic character Cher Horowitz showed that people could care and work harder to help each other, no matter where they came from or how they got to where they are now.


This dark high school drama series kicked off the vampire craze. What is the name of the show?

Though there was a popular movie that came out before the TV show, everyone remembers Sarah Michelle Gellar starring as the teen who had to balance school work and killing vamps all at the same time.


This '90s band brought grunge to a new level and was worshiped for decades after their lead singer's untimely death. Who are they?

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the popular grunge band, Nirvana. They were the voice of an entire generation. Even those who grew up in the late '90s know about this band and how it changed the world.


Mike Myers stared as an international spy in what series of films from the late 1990s to the early 2000s?

The "Austin Powers" series began in 1997, shedding light on the ridiculousness of what villains in 1970s spy movies actually wanted. Not only were these movies over the top, but they were also pretty hilarious.


Adam Levine fronts this band that made it big in 2002. Do you know the name of the band?

Maroon 5 burst onto the scene with a new sound that no one had ever heard. It was hard to turn on the radio and not hear a song from "Songs About Jane" — "This Love," "She Will Be Loved," "Harder to Breath" and "Sunday Morning" were all on heavy rotation.


In 1998, he hit the scene and gave new life to the rap world. Who is he?

Eminem got a lot of push back from every angle. Most in the industry didn't like his look or the color of his skin, while those in the FCC hated his lyrics and the message they misinterpreted. Ultimately, he's the kind of musician that persevered.


In 1998, Disney remade "The Parent Trap" starring which young actress?

Though many clearly remember the breakdown and descent of Lindsay Lohan, others like to remember her phenomenal acting skills before Hollywood took over. She played the roles of both twins in this remake.


Do you remember this film that starred Kirsten Dunst?

Teen girls didn't need to be cheerleaders to appreciate the first installment of the "Bring It On" series. There was something so amazing about watching competitions that required choreography and drama.


Hey now, can you name this band that ruled the airwaves with an alternative rock-pop mix?

Smashmouth was the kind of band that could produce catchy songs with deeper meanings. However, their most popular songs were cultural commentaries on the clothing and social norms of the time.


Who is this rap star that broke out in the late '90s?

Missy Elliot was well-known as one of the most powerful women in the rap world. Not only did she dismiss haters, but she also gave women the tools they needed to gain confidence and be strong even in the toughest situations.


Which band liked girls who wore Abercrombie and Fitch?

Of all the one-hit wonders that came around in the '90s and '00s, people probably remember this summer song better than most. It's no wonder they didn't last long; they don't even eat Chinese food.


This became one of the most memorable indie films of the early '00s. What is it called?

"Napoleon Dynamite" changed comedy forever. It no longer had to be bold and full of monologues. It was now cool to have a comedy that mimicked life in a way that was slow and intelligent at the same time.


The early 2000s were the golden age of reality TV; do you recognize this show?

There was something about a business where the owners constantly bickered and fought with each other that attracted viewers from all backgrounds. "American Chopper" gave people exactly what they wanted when they needed it.


In 2004, Gwen Stefani of No Doubt released this song and music video that changed her image completely. What is the name of the song?

In "Hollaback Girl" (2004), we learn how to spell bananas, but we also learn how to tell a guy to stop using us. It was a girl-power song that brought a lot of great messages and dance moves to young women.


Do you remember this artist who started off on the Disney Channel?

Though Miley Cyrus seemed as though she was going down the same path as most Mouseketeers, her transition shocked us all as she never stopped making music. She became a wild child, but her fans absolutely loved it.


Parents were a little turned off when this 1998 teen drama started talking about major issues. What was it called?

"Dawson's Creek" didn't shy away from talking about the toughest topics that teens faced in the late 1990s. From teen pregnancy to losing your virginity, many learned a thing or two about the struggles of teen life from this show.


Can you name this star who made it big at the turn of the century in movies and on TV?

She was America's sweetheart before her meltdown made her nearly unemployable in Hollywood. She was adorable and could be seen on TV and in movies teens loved, like "What a Girl Wants."


This Shakira song made you want to belly dance in 2005. What was it called?

While many argued that Shakira's voice wasn't their favorite thing on Earth, no one could deny that the woman could dance, and she could dance well. Her body moved in ways we hadn't seen in quite some time.


From 1998 to 2006, this show brought magic into our lives. What was it called?

"Charmed" was a mix between a supernatural drama and a daytime soap opera. It included three sisters who had magical powers living together and fighting (or falling in love) with demons.


Her death shocked her fans. Do you know who she is?

In 2001, up and coming artist Aaliyah tragically died in an airplane accident. Most people believed that she was the next diva to sweep the nation, but unfortunately, her time ended before she made it that big.


Can you name this dance song by Ricky Martin, which was very popular in 1999?

Ricky Martin was a hot item at the turn of the century. He could dance and sing and get others to dance and sing with him. His music is still used in films and television, and it's also still stuck in our heads.


Switching bodies in movies is a fairly common storyline, but can you name this 2002 movie where it happens?

The movie stars Rob Schneider as Clive, who switches bodies with a mean girl who is the queen of her school. Chaos and comedy are all that follow as the two try to figure out how to fix their lives and become better people.


This trilogy changed movies forever. What was it?

"The Lord of the Rings" series turned even the coolest people into fanboys. Audiences couldn't get enough of the spectacular special effects and the intense battle scenes. It brought in more money than anyone ever thought it would.


Her voice owned '90s R&B. Who is she?

Lauryn Hill made her first mainstream appearance with the band The Fugees. The group created R&B that people wanted to listen to and loved to hear. She later started a solo career, but her work is well-remembered in many circles.


Boy bands were all the rage in the '90s and '00s. Can you name this one?

With popular songs like "Bye Bye Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me," *NSYNC was the kind of band that young girls flocked to in hopes of getting a glimpse at the attractive young men who sang and danced around the stage.


Spoof movies had a moment at the turn of the century. Do you recognize this one?

Throughout the '80s and '90s, audiences were given teen movies that all pretty much had the same plot. In seeing this, writers of "Not Another Teen Movie" decided to take things as far as they could with the ridiculousness of it all and poke fun at the common tropes.


The Barenaked Ladies wrote a popular song about an increment of time. What is it called?

Much like Smashmouth, The Barenaked Ladies gave us some exciting sounds that delivered an interesting message. The fast-paced music showed us that we didn't have to settle for slow pop anymore, even if we couldn't dance to it.


What is the name of this gritty drama that kept Kiefer Sutherland working for over 12 years?

Federal agents received a lot of attention after September 11th, and we all wanted to see red-blooded Americans saving the country over and over again. For this reason, "24" was a highly regarded and highly watched show from 2001 to 2014.


This television show was huge in the 1990s. Do you know what it's called?

Although "Seinfeld" claimed to be a show about nothing, the show was really about how comedians get their material. The odd situations that "you just can't make up" changed the comedy game for everyone in the decade.


Who stars in the "Kill Bill" movies?

Uma Thurman has played several roles that show off her range. However, she is most remembered for her excellent work in the "Kill Bill" series in which she goes on a killing spree for vengeance.


Can you name this show that only lasted one season but still has a cult following?

"Firefly" didn't take off as much as producers wanted it to, and Fox canceled the show in 2003. Fans were outraged, as it was well-written and creative. Though there was a release of a movie, fans still push to have it resurrected.


We know it's been a while, but can you name this Backstreet Boy?

The Backstreet Boys took over several radio stations as the boy band craze of the late 1990s swept the nation. Not only were these bands creating music videos, but they were drawing crowds that rivaled the Beatles.


This adventure reality show is still going strong today. Do you know what it's called?

You might not think that a show can be entertaining if it's just couples have to compete against each other to get to different destinations around the world. However, audiences continue to tune into this one that airs on CBS.


Do you know who this star of "Beverly Hills, 90210" is?

Jason Priestly is always remembered as Brandon Walsh. He didn't do a lot of acting after "Beverley Hills, 90210" ended in 2000, but he was considered a heartthrob of the '90s as his show attracted teen girls from across the country.


Shining the spotlight on unhealthy high school football practices was the plot of several movies in the early '00s. Can you name this movie with that plot?

There was no doubt that people wanted to show what happens when you push teens to the edge. While high school football can change a student's life, it shouldn't change it in physical ways that are unhealthy.


P!NK is a passionate woman who wanted to sing about things other than love. Do you remember the name of her first album?

"Can't Take Me Home" was an album that swept audiences away. Not only did P!NK sing about her independence, but she also sang about some traumatic experiences. She spoke to teenage girls about the hardships they'd face and how to get over them.


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