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You're in the most intense battle of your life against the final gym leader in the Kanto region. You have one last attack before your final Pokemon faints from being poisoned three turns ago and you have to start the battle all over. Which attack will you go with? Will you be able to make the right call, or are you going to select a move that doesn't have a type advantage? 

There are many tough calls when it comes to the most fierce battles in Pokemon, especially when you start thinking about move selection. Where one move might be the best strategy against a Dragon type, another move might be the better call against a Water type. That means trainers must have an in-depth knowledge of every move associated with their Pokemon party so they can be prepared for any situation that could turn the tide of a battle.

Do you think you're ready to accept this challenge to prove you are truly a Pokemon master? It's been a while since the Pokemon in Generation 1 were released, so it'll take some digging to remember a few of these attacks. 

If you're ready, gear up for this journey where your challenge is to ace this quiz. 

Ein Angriff, den Bulbasaur häufig benutzt, welche Art von Angriff ist Vine Whip?

If you choose Bulbasaur as your starter Pokemon in Generation 1, the fourth move it will learn is Vine Whip. The Grass type attack is slightly stronger than the first move it starts off with: Tackle.


If you select Fire Punch, what type of move are you calling?

Fire Punch is a signature move used by Magmar, a powerful Fire type Pokemon from Generation 1. Various other types of Pokemon can use the attack too, however, including Fighting type, Psychic type and Ghost type.


Get yourself out of a battle by using Teleport, a move that's listed as what type?

Few Pokemon from Generation 1 are as hard to catch as the Psychic type Pokemon Abra. If you come across Abra in the wild, there's a good chance that it will use Teleport to escape the battle during its first move.


Did you play enough Pokemon to match Night Shade to its type?

Night Shade is the perfect move for Ghost type Pokemon that are at a higher level because it inflicts damage equal to the Pokemon's level. So if the user is at level 80, the move will cause 80 HP worth of damage.


Are you familiar with the type that covers the move Egg Bomb?

The Safari Zone located in the Kanto region is filled with Pokemon that can learn the move Egg Bomb. This Normal type move is a particularly popular attack used by Exeggcute and Chansey.


Absorb will help you recover HP. Which type of move is it?

Absorb is a useful move that is utilized by a variety of Pokemon and not just Grass type. Zubat, for example, will terrorize an opponent with the move, so trainers have to be careful when they wander into the dangers of a cave.


Can you match Earthquake to its type?

Earthquake is naturally a strong move with a power level of 100. If you can catch your opponent while they're underground, however, the power of the Ground type move is doubled, which usually results in a quick faint.


You're using what type of move if you select a Jump Kick?

Jump Kick can be a lethal move for a Fighter type Pokemon like Hitmonlee. However, the move does have a major downside, because the user loses half their HP if it misses the target.


A two-turn attack, what type does Solar Beam belong to?

Solar Beam may take two turns to launch, but it has an incredible power level of 120, making it one of the strongest attacks in Generation 1. The Grass type attack is probably best associated with Venusaur, who learns it at level 53.


Fissure will take out an opponent with one hit. What type does it belong to?

Though Fissure is a one-hit wonder Ground attack, the move has a very low chance of connecting with the opponent. However, those chances increase substantially the lower the level of the opponent being attacked.


Do you remember the type for Hyper Fang?

Team Rocket members across the Kanto region use a variety of Pokemon, but one of their favorite is Raticate. During those encounters with Raticate, the most popular move you'll be hit with is Hyper Fang.


Are you able to match Sludge to its type?

Sludge is a Poison type attack that may poison an opponent even after the damage is inflicted. A poisoned Pokemon will continue to suffer damage each turn until they are healed of the infliction.


Will you be able to match Seismic Toss to its type?

Normally, Ghost type Pokemon are immune to Fight type Pokemon attacks. However, in Generation 1, Seismic Toss is the one Fighting type move that can actually land on a Ghost type Pokemon.


Hypnosis can be extremely beneficial if it lands. Which type is it?

If you don't want your Pokemon taking damage, teach them to use Hypnosis, especially if they're a Psychic type. This move puts an opponent to sleep for one to three turns, giving you the opportunity to land several blows before they wake up.


Do you know the type for Clamp, a move that will damage opponents for multiple turns?

Shellder is the most popular Water type Pokemon from Generation 1 that can learn the move Clamp by leveling up. Shellder learns the move at level 23, which is the fourth move learned in its progression.


Will you be able to pair Transform to its type?

The most popular Pokemon that will use the Normal type move Transform is Ditto. In fact, the only move that Ditto is capable of learning is Transform, which can be quite beneficial if Ditto is at a higher level.


Giving the user the ability to escape a cave, can you name the type for Dig?

When you've gone through 15 tough battles in a cave and fought off Zubat after Zubat, the Ground type move Dig can be a savior for any trainer. Not only is the move beneficial in battle, but you can also dig your way out of the cave to heal your Pokemon before reentering.


One of the earliest moves a Pokemon will learn, do you know what type Peck is?

If you run into a Spearow in the forrest, it might use Peck so many times that you'll beg it to stop. The Pokemon learns Peck at level 1, so Spearow knows the move no matter when you cross it.


A move that can pester opposing Pokemon, are you familiar with the type associated with Lick?

Lick might not sound as lethal as an attack like Seismic Toss, but it certainly has its merit. While it only has a 30 power level, the move has a 30 percent chance of paralyzing the opponent that it hits.


You've decided to use which type of attack if you pick Aurora Beam?

Aurora Beam is a strong Ice type attack with a power level of 65. If you're going up against a Dragon type Pokemon like Dragonite, it can be quite useful since they are weak against Ice type moves.


A move that delivers multiple blows, what's the type for Barrage?

A Normal type move that lands between two and five blows per turn, Barrage is an attack that can add on some significant damage if the odds are in your favor. One of the best aspects of the move is that each strike has the chance for a critical hit.


Are you familiar with the type given to the move Pin Missile?

One of the reasons the Bug type Pokemon Beedrill is so lethal to battle against is because it learns the move Pin Missile. The move has a power level of 25 and hits two to five times each turn.


Body Slam might paralyze your opponent. Do you know its type?

The 30 percent chance of paralysis caused by Body Slam does not apply to Electric type Pokemon. The Normal type move also doesn't paralyze opponents who have an ability called Limber.


How well do you know the move Withdraw?

Water type Pokemon aren't always known for their Defense, but luckily, they have the move Withdraw to raise it up. The move increases a Pokemon's Defense one stage with each use for a maximum of six stages.


How much do you know about the move Bite?

With a power level of 60, Bite causes quite a bit of damage on its own. However, the Dark type move is most beneficial if an opponent flinches during the attack, which gives the user another opportunity to go on the offensive.


Leech Seed is a unique move that falls under what type?

Leech Seed is one of those demoralizing Grass type attacks that continues to inflict damage each turn. The only downside is that it does not work against other Grass type Pokemon, so there could be a standoff if your opponent is included in that type.


Can you identify the type that Meditate falls under?

If you come across a trainer with a Psychic type Pokemon, there's a good chance the Pokemon knows the move Meditate. Though it may take a turn or two, Meditate can give a Pokemon enough Attack power to defeat an opponent with one hit.


Sand Attack is a strategic move that belongs to which type?

If you want to blind an opponent before you go on the offensive, the Ground type move Sand Attack should definitely be in your arsenal. The move blurs your opponent's sight more and more each time you use it.


How well do you know the move Haze?

If an opposing Pokemon keeps increasing its Attack or Defense, Haze may just be the perfect move for an Ice type user. The move will reset any of those stat changes, putting the Pokemon back on a level playing field.


Does your knowledge of Pokemon moves extend to Leech Life?

With an accuracy level of 100, Leech Life provides Bug type Pokemon with a parasitic approach to defeating their opponents. Not only does it have a power level of 80, but the move also gives the user half of the HP inflicted.


Were you a big enough Pokemon fan to match Bonemerang to its type?

Bonemerang is a powerful attack utilized by Cubone and its evolved form Marowak. The move strikes the opponent twice in one turn, and each of those strikes has the ability to land a critical hit.


If you want to increase your Pokemon's attack, use Growth, a move that falls under which type?

With the ability to raise a Pokemon's Attack and Special Attack by six stages, Growth can be valuable for a Pokemon with a strong defense. The move increases each stat by one stage per turn.


Do you remember the type associated with Confuse Ray?

As if Zubat couldn't be any more annoying, throw in the move Confuse Ray, and it becomes the ultimate pest. A confused Pokemon will damage itself 33 percent of the time for one to four turns.


Can you name the type connected to Mirror Move?

Mirror Move gives a Flying type Pokemon from Generation 1 the ability to copy the last move used by their opponent and launch the attack back on them. In later Generations, the move was used by Fairy type Pokemon as well.


You might recall that Rest will put your Pokemon to sleep, but do you recall the move's type?

If you come across a Snorlax in the Kanto region, the Pokemon is probably asleep. When you wake it with a flute, Snorlax immediately attacks, and if you weaken it enough, the Pokemon will use Rest to restore its HP.


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