How well do you remember "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?


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When Tim Burton saw a Halloween window display being taken down to make way for Christmas decorations, this weird and wonderful animated confection was born. Since Halloween is approaching, take a nostalgic journey back to Halloween town and its melancholy king, Jack, with our quiz!

What 2005 Tim Burton film was very stylistically similar to "Nightmare"?

"Corpse Bride" was about a young man who practices his wedding vows in a graveyard -- and accidentally marries a ghost.


What is Jack's task for Lock, Shock and Barrel?

With "Sandy Claws" safely in Halloween Town, Jack can take his place on Christmas Eve.


Who directed "Nightmare Before Christmas"?

Poor Selick gets little credit -- most people believe Burton directed it, partly because the full title is, "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas."


"The Nightmare Before Christmas" had its start as what?

"Nightmare" is only an hour and ten minutes long, understandable given the slenderness of the source material.


Who did the music and lyrics?

Elfman also voiced "Barrel," part of the impish trio "Lock, Shock and Barrel."


What is Jack's last name?

"Skellington" is a corruption of "skeleton" that English country folk used; it can be found in the work of Thomas Hardy.


What is Jack Skellington's title in Halloween town?

Halloween Town also has a mayor, but he seems dependent on Jack.


Who voiced Jack Skellington?

Elfman was chosen first, then Sarandon was cast because his voice was similar to Elfman's.


Who voiced Sally, Jack's love interest?

O'Hara also had a role in Burton's "Beetlejuice."


Which character is literally two-faced?

He trades off between his "happy" and "concerned" faces as circumstances require.


What is the name of Jack's dog?

Zero has his own doghouse-shaped tomb in the cemetery.


What is Zero's nose shaped like?

It glows, which will come in handy later in the movie.


Who created Sally, the Frankenstein-like woman?

He was originally "Dr. Finkelstein;" it might have been changed for fear it sounded anti-Semitic.


Where is the portal to Christmas Town?

Other trees have portals to the other major holidays.


What does Jack mistakenly think Santa's name is?

Maybe Jack needs his ears cleaned out!


What's in the soup (other than Night Shade) that Sally serves Evil Scientist?

It's the Night Shade, though, that puts him to sleep -- which is Sally's purpose.


What are the names of the three kids Jack summons to do his bidding?

"Shock" is voiced by Catherine O'Hara (Sally), and "Barrel" by Danny Elfman.


What comedian-actor voiced "Lock"?

Burton also gave Reubens a part in "Batman Returns."


Who is the only one who seems to have qualms about Jack's plans for Christmas?

Sally has a crush on Jack, but that doesn't mean he can do no wrong in her eyes.


What is Evil Scientist doing while Halloween Town is preparing for Christmas?

Sally, meanwhile, is trying to figure out ways to stop the coming disaster.


Who do Lock, Shock and Barrel accidentally bring Jack?

Obviously, it wouldn't be the Tooth Fairy, who doesn't have a dedicated holiday.


How does Sally escape after being locked in the tower?

Sally makes her escape with a gift basket for Jack.


Who do Lock, Shock and Barrel turn Santa over to?

He is more popularly known as the boogeyman.


What does Sally put in the cauldron to scotch Jack's plans?

Jack's a responsible pilot, lamenting that he can't take off in the thick fog.


What allows Jack to take off anyway?

See, we told you that would come in handy!


What pulls Jack's sleigh in place of reindeer?

Thestrals are from the Harry Potter universe, which came years after "Nightmare."


What does Oogie Boogie's lair double as?

He sings and dances on a giant roulette wheel while Santa and Sally are strapped to a nearby table.


How does the outside world react to Jack's reign as Santa?

Actually, they succeed in shooting down his sleigh.


What does Jack say as he plummets to earth?

Happily, he lands unhurt in a graveyard.


How do the residents of Halloween Town watch Jack's progress as Santa?

This is how they know Jack's been shot down, and for a moment it seems all is lost.


What insight does Jack have as he recovers in the graveyard?

The movie's overall point is, "Don't envy or imitate, just be yourself!"


How does Jack get back to Halloween town?

Jack emerges in the same cemetery where he had his melancholy spell in the movie's beginning.


Oogie Boogie is revealed to be what under his skin?

There was reportedly a plan for it to be "Evil Scientist," but this idea was scrapped.


What is Santa's gift to Halloween Town?

It's nice that he got over the kidnapping incident so quickly -- but then, he's Santa!


What is the name of the type of animation used in "Nightmare"?

Tim Burton didn't direct the film, in part, because he didn't want to be involved in this laborious process.


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