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You've spent a great amount of time reading the Bible. You know all of the people, places and things that happen, even down to the minor details! You're in church every Sunday and make sure to always leave some space for Jesus in your life. You're a true Catholic, after all! It's only right that you know your fair share about the apostles who stuck by Jesus throughout his life, and the one who didn't.

There's 12 to know and there's a lot to know about them. You'll have to dig deep and remember things like where they're from, what they did in their lives and even how they were martyred. Some of it is tough material to read about, but very important to know at the same time. Names are also important, but many were changed and can make things a little more confusing. But remember, most names were given for a purpose, if you can remember why they were given, then you're one step ahead!

So, you've studied up and you've got all of the knowledge on the apostles of Jesus. If you're ready to prove that you could teach it all to someone, then it's time to take this quiz!

Thomas was known to be interested in what activity?

Like a few of his counterparts, Thomas enjoyed his fair share of fishing. Though that wasn't his job, if the others set out on the boat, it was often noted that Thomas tagged along with them.


Following Jesus meant some big responsibilities at times. Simon/Peter was given which of the following items to protect by Jesus?

A very important responsibility was placed on Peter, and that was to guard the Keys of Heaven. In fact, you can find the keys that he was entrusted with on the Holy See, where they cross over one another.


Many of the disciples found themselves to be martyred. How was Bartholomew martyred?

While there are a few different theories on this, the most commonly accepted theory is that he was flayed by knives. A gruesome way to go ... many apostles suffered horrible fates which included crucifixion most commonly.


Everyone needs a home. Can you name Philip's hometown?

Bethsaida wasn't just home to Philip, but also Peter and Andrew. It was part of the Roman Empire and located along the Jordan River. While it doesn't appear to be much now, you can still visit it today.


Do you know which of the apostles was martyred by a saw?

One account says Simon the Zealot saw his martyrdom by a saw, although other accounts disagree, saying he was crucified or even died peacefully. His feast day is celebrated at the end of October just before All Saint's Day.


Can you name the two apostles who were brothers?

The two were not only brothers, but they also both took on the trade of being fishermen. When it came to Jesus, Andrew was the one who introduced Simon/Peter to him, sparking the start of their friendship.


Jesus had to start somewhere when choosing his disciples. Who was the first to join the Lord?

Andrew gets the bragging rights to becoming the first of the disciples! Not only was he one of Jesus' disciples, but he was a follower of Saint John the Baptist before that. He later became a firm believer and a loyal follower of Jesus.


Zebedee was the father of which of the apostles?

Just as Simon/Peter and Andrew, James was brothers with another apostle, John. They both shared the same father, who was Zebedee. Throughout the Bible, he was often associated with boats or fishing.


Known for his skepticism, what ultimately made Thomas believe that Jesus was resurrected?

Doubting Thomas sure had his doubts about many things. While it may not have been a bad thing, not believing Jesus as one of his disciples may be looked down upon. That is how he got his name, after all!


Often, the disciples were renamed by Jesus. Bartholomew also goes by which name?

Bartholomew is known by both names, but Nathaniel was used when he was introduced to Jesus. Within the New Testament, he was most commonly referred to by this name in relation to his work.


Can you name the apostle who was entrusted as the guardian of Jesus' mother Mary?

Jesus cared deeply about everyone, but very much of his mother. That's why he entrusted one of his disciples who he also cared deeply for to take care of his mother after his crucifixion.


James the Less was the first of which of the following within Jerusalem?

James the Less was a bishop in Jerusalem who was often mentioned to be the brother of Jesus. As a bishop, he would have had many duties within his church. They would include teaching those who visit about Jesus and the church.


Which apostle was thought to have written the Book of Revelation?

For a long time, the Book of Revelation was thought to be written by John the Apostle, but has since been attributed to other Johns. While it's not entirely clear which John it is, it's definitely one of them!


They acted as an ambassador for their people. Who introduced the Greeks to Jesus?

Philip was an ambassador to the Greeks who asked if they could meet Jesus. He obliged and along with Andrew decided to tell Jesus of their wishes. Philip conducted his work as an apostle in Greece.


Jude is thought to be related to Jesus, but do you know what Jude would be to Him?

Jude and Jesus are thought to be cousins, but sometimes they are also referred to as brothers. Despite being related, Jesus did not call upon his cousin to be an apostle but rather he became one later on.


As soon as Halloween is over, Nov. 1 celebrates what day?

All Saints' Day is quite self-explanatory in what is being celebrated, but it's specifically a celebration for the saints. The day after Halloween, it often takes on nicknames from this occasion as well.


What other name is Jude known by?

Thaddeus can be used as a stand-alone name for Jude, or it can be accompanied by it. In many cases, it can sound much like a nickname, as it is known that Jude is in fact the apostle's real name.


Which of the apostle's names did Jesus change due to his past?

The name change took place upon Simon/Peter becoming one of the disciples. The meaning of the name "Peter" was "rock," which Jesus felt was fitting as he had a plan to build up his church, starting with Simon/Peter as the foundation.


It wasn't just Jesus who could perform miracles! Who was known for their miracles involving weight?

Bartholomew is credited with being able to change the weight of a statue as one of his many miracles. In doing this, he was also able to save everyone within the town due to this miracle. Without this miracle, many people would have been killed.


Peter and John were tasked with doing what famous act for Jesus?

In one part of the Bible, it is unknown which two disciples Jesus sent to prepare, but eventually, it is revealed. Peter and John are said to have gone to Mary, the mother of John's house, where it was prepared.


When is John the Apostle's feast day celebrated?

Right after Christmas is the time to celebrate John the Apostle on his feast day. In addition to his title as an apostle, he is also often called an Evangelist. He is one of the few apostles who died in peace.


Since he was often known for this, which disciple commonly has "doubting" before his name?

Because of his skeptical nature, he was known as "Doubting Thomas." One large example is when he did not believe that Jesus was resurrected. In order for him to fully believe something, he had to experience it for himself.


Known for his many introductions, Philip introduced which disciple to Jesus?

Without Philip, Bartholomew may have never met Jesus and become an apostle. When Bartholomew was mentioned, he was commonly found alongside Philip, even outside the introduction. They may have been best friends!


This is used to represent him. St. John is symbolized by what?

The chalice is important when it comes to Saint John, as it holds significance toward the Last Supper. If you look closely, you'll often also find a snake slithering around inside of the chalice that St. John holds.


Of the following, which person was not one of the four disciples Jesus called?

While John, Peter and Andrew were all called on by Jesus, one other person is missing. James is the fourth disciple to be called on. Judas, however, was not called on, but still chosen to be a disciple, despite Jesus knowing that he would betray him.


Do you know when to celebrate St. Matthew's feast day?

This date was chosen by the church in celebration of St. Matthew, who was known for many things, such as his Gospel. On his day, it is common for readings to be done in church especially about him.


John the Apostle is not which of the following?

While many of the apostles were martyred, John the Apostle's martyrdom is questionable. It's assumed that he is not martyred as it was never spoken of within the Bible. However, there are some images depicting his martyrdom.


There is more than one James the Apostle. Which one was brothers with Jude?

James the Less is Jude's brother as they both share the same father. The other apostle named James is known as James the Greater. These identifiers help keep the two apostles less confusing!


While many didn't have last names and used other identifiers, What was the last name of Judas?

The one apostle who betrayed Jesus was Judas Iscariot. He was the son of Simon Iscariot, where his last name came from. While it is not set in stone what the meaning of his last name was, it is important for identifying him among the other people named Judas within the Bible.


Which apostle was crucified upside down out of respect for Jesus?

Though a gruesome death as many other apostles experienced, it was apparently a request by Simon/Peter. The reasoning is that he did not want to die exactly the same as Jesus did out of respect.


Do you remember what Judas received for betraying Jesus?

In one of the most famous stories in the Bible, Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 silver pieces. His betrayal meant the capture of Jesus by a group of soldiers. The story is so well-known that calling someone a "Judas" has come to mean they are traitorous.


Who is also known as "the Canaanite?"

Once being a member of the Zealots before he became a disciple, Simon inherited this name for his past. Another way that you might know Simon is by his other name, Simon the Canaanite, which was also used to identify him.


Feeling hopeless? Which apostle would you pray to in this case?

Saint Jude is who to turn to when it feels as though there's nothing more that you can do. There are a few different prayers that can be said. In fact, partaking in some charity work on his behalf can make St. Jude help you out in your time of need as well, according to Catholic doctrine.


Simon/Peter is the son of which person in the Bible?

As there were two Simons in the Bible, there are a few ways to identify the correct Simon. One is by referencing the father, in this case, Jonah. The other is to reference Peter, which is another way to refer to this specific Simon.


Often, saints represent something. Who is Matthew the saint of?

Matthew was a tax collector, not the most popular of people in any age. Often, many questioned why Jesus wanted him to be one of his apostles. However, he was not a horrible person as some groups believed.


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