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When the lineup for this year's iHeart Radio Fiesta Latina dropped, we could hardly contain our excitement. Actually, we may have let out a shriek in our otherwise silent apartment and totally freaked out our gato (that's "cat" in Spanish). But, can you honestly blame us?! With headliners like THE Jennifer Lopez and Daddy Yankee, this year's iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina in Miami is going to be one to remember. Ugh, we are big jealous of host Enrique Santos because he gets to hang out with some of the top artists making today's best music.

Whether you have plans to attend the festival yourself or will be tuning into the video stream from home, we want to test your knowledge of this year's performers. You do consider yourself a fan, right? Do you know which of the headliners is considered one of reggaeton's original pioneers? Where did Jennifer Lopez first get her start in music? Spoiler alert: It wasn't on the block.

If you think you know a little something about the 2019 iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina performers, then take our quiz and prove it! When you're done, pass it along to all your Latin music-loving friends. Whoever scores the highest will earn superfan status. 

One of the most influential and recognizable performers in the world, can you name this iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina artist?

You probably got this one right, unless you've been living under a rock since, oh, we don't know, the 1990s. In April 2018, Jennifer Lopez was recognized as one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People.


She had to start somewhere. Which superstar was J-Lo once a backup dancer for?

Before she was a superstar herself, Jennifer Lopez got her start as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. "Jenny from the Block" also danced for the group New Kids On The Block (you know, they had a bunch of hits).


Which Latin music sensation did Jennifer Lopez portray in a 1997 film?

Jennifer Lopez earned a Golden Globe nomination and an AMLA award for her role as Selena Quintanilla in the 1997 biographical drama "Selena." The movie brought in more than $35 million at the box office.


Can you name the retired MLB player Jennifer Lopez is engaged to marry?

While the two have known each other for quite some time, J-Lo and former New York Yankees baseball player A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) didn't officially start dating until February 2017. The couple announced their engagement in March 2019.


Which of the following is NOT one of Daddy Yankee's songs?

Daddy Yankee has more than a few global smash hits under his belt including "Gasolina," "Shaky Shaky" and, of course, "Despacito." However, the track "Hero" belongs to another Latin artist: Enrique Iglesias.


In which of the following Latin countries is Tito El Bambino born?

So, you know his birth name isn't "Tito El Bambino," right? Born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, his real name is Efraín David Fines Nevares. To date, Tito has released an impressive total of six albums.


He's considered one of reggaeton's original pioneers. Can you name this iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina performer?

Tito El Bambino has been a mainstay on the urban-reggaeton music scene for quite some time now. During his career, he's received numerous awards and accolades including a Latin Grammy.


Which of the following artists has Tito El Bambino NOT collaborated with?

Over the span of his long music-making career, Tito El Bambino has collaborated with artists like Don Omar, Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee. However, he has yet to work with Drake. Collab soon?


This duo has been bringing reggaeton and urban music to the masses for two decades, can you name these iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina performers?

Both from Puerto Rico, Jowell and Randy started working together way back in 2000. Success took time, but their hard work paid off in 2007 when they got their first big hit with "No Te Veo."


Awww! What are the names of J-Lo's children?

In February 2008, Jennifer Lopez and then-hubby Marc Anthony welcomed their twins Emme and Max. The two are J-Lo's only children to date, and she was 39 years old when she gave birth.


Which Latin artist did Jowell & Randy team up with for their song "Bonita"?

This one is an absolute banger! In 2017, Jowell & Randy dropped a new collaboration with J Balvin called "Bonita." Later, on the remix, they brought on even more Latin artists including fellow Fiesta Latina performer Ozuna.


When he's not making music, which of the following careers is Daddy Yankee pursuing?

Daddy Yankee is far from what you'd consider a "one-trick pony." He's a man of many talents, including acting. To see his film skills for yourself, check him out as the lead role in "Talento de Barrio," shown here.


Which iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina musical act is in the process of developing their own fashion brand called Doxis?

While their number one priority is definitely their music, Jowell & Randy are men of many passions. The two are currently developing Doxis. If you're in Medellin, Colombia, check out their store!


Can you name the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina performer who is featured on YouTube's most-viewed video?

With more than 6.4 million views as of September 2019, Daddy Yankee's "Despacito" is the most-viewed video on YouTube. He was featured on the track with Luis Fonsi. OOF, now it's stuck in our heads!


She's given us a lot of music, but which of these albums was Jennifer Lopez's first?

We hope you remembered J-Lo is from New York! She named her first album ("On The 6") after the subway line between her home in the Bronx and her dance studio in Manhattan. How cool is that?!


Back in the day, Tito El Bambino was part of a duo. Do you remember his partner's name?

Ah yes, we're throwing it way back to the days of Héctor & Tito. The reggaeton duo was famous for their song "Ay Amor" which featured salsa singer Victor Manuelle. "Ay Amor" was their only song to make it onto the charts in the U.S.


Which iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina performer got their associate's degree in order to better navigate the music business?

He's more than just good looks and musical talent. Daddy Yankee has school smarts to go with that sweet voice of his. To better understand the business side of music, he decided to get his associate's degree.


Which of the following is Jowell's actual birth name?

Born in March 1982, Jowell's real name is actually Joel Muñoz. He started taking an active interest in music when he was seven years old and particularly loved Puerto Rican rapper Vico C.


In 2018, which iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina perfomer earned the distinction as YouTube's most-viewed artist globally?

There's no denying 2018 was a big year for Ozuna. The release of his second studio album, "Aura," and subsequent tour helped him on his way to being named YouTube's most-viewed artist globally.


He truly cares. After which hurricane did Tito El Bambino collect and distribute essentials to victims?

In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Seeing his native island in distress, Tito El Bambino collected essential items for residents in need and helped distribute them to those affected.


What was the name of Jennifer Lopez's autobiographical novel?

She sings, dances, acts AND writes! In 2014, J-Lo released her autobiographical novel, "True Love" in both English and Spanish. An international bestseller, it was fifth on the New York Times hardcover nonfiction bestseller list.


His musical roots go way back. Where did Randy get his start singing?

Randy has loved music since he was a child and took part in choir in a Puerto Rican church. He especially enjoyed listening to soul music and blues when he was growing up. We're willing to bet both genres still influence the music he makes!


Which of his songs did Tito El Bambino win Latin Song of the Year with in 2010?

From his third solo disc, "El Pátron," the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers awarded Tito El Bambino Latin Song of the Year for "El Amor." In 2011, the ASCAP recognized him as Songwriter of the Year.


What is the name of the remix Ozuna did with Daddy Yankee that became a viral hit in 2016?

While all the above bops belong to Ozuna, it was his collaborative effort with Daddy Yankee on "No Quiere Enamorarse" back in March 2016 that really helped to launch his career. Their song reached more than 150 million views. Impressive!


Ozuna started a charity to help children in which of the following Latin countries?

Even when he used to perform under the stage name "J-Oz," Ozuna was always a charitable guy. In 2017, he founded Odisea Children to help kids build a brighter future for themselves in Puerto Rico.


Born to make music together. How did Jowell and Randy meet?

We love the low key story of how Randy and Jowell met. The two were introduced through mutual friends during a party at Randy's house. In fact, Randy was friends with Jowell's younger brother back in high school.


He made history as the first Latin artist to reach the number one spot on Spotify. Can you name this iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina performer?

With more than 11 million albums sold and over 50 million followers on social media, Daddy Yankee is the real deal. He took the world by storm with his hit song "Despacito," which he performed with fellow Latin artist Luis Fonsi.


Which iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina act was the first to represent reggaeton and perform in Monaco and Australia?

In 2016, Jowell & Randy became the first reggaeton act to perform in the Principality of Monaco. The Prince of Monaco attended their show as part of the Bal de la Rosa foundation gala. Jowell & Randy were also the first reggaeton duo to perform in Australia.


Let's test your Puerto Rican slang. What does "Yankee" mean?

Are you up to date on all your Puerto Rican slang? "Yankee" means "Big Shot." Pretty perfect for Daddy Yankee, right? After all, CNN and TIME Magazine did name him one of the "Most Influential Hispanics."


He called the U.S. home for awhile. Which city did Ozuna live in?

With the hope of finding new opportunities for his budding music career, Ozuna moved to New York City. He only lived there for three years before returning to his beloved Puerto Rico.


The son of a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother, this artist was influenced by the musical cultures of both these Latin countries. Can you name him?

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jan Carlos Ozuna developed a passion for urban Latin music at an early age. In fact, he's been making music (including writing his own lyrics) since he was 12 years old!


Before his music career, which MLB team did Daddy Yankee try out for?

Before the world knew him as Daddy Yankee, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez wanted to be a professional baseball player. He tried out for the Seattle Mariners, but just before signing with the team, he was hit in the hip by a stray bullet outside a recording studio.


If singing (and dancing and acting) hadn't worked out, which career did Jennifer Lopez say she might have pursued?

To be honest, we can totally picture Jennifer Lopez as a lawyer. She's been absolutely tenacious in her career as a performer, and we imagine she'd be just the same in the courtroom. J-Lo once worked in a law office, and even though her mom encouraged her to study law, she knew it wasn't what she wanted.


He grew up in Puerto Rico, but which U.S. state was Jowell born in?

If you got this one right, we're big impressed! Jowell was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. However, he was raised in Cataño, Puerto Rico. Two very different places, but surely both are very proud of their talented musician.


How many songs did Ozuna have on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Top 50 chart at one time to set a new record in 2017?

Back in 2017, Ozuna beat out Latin artists Juan Gabriel and Joan Sebastian with his whopping 12 songs on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Top 50 chart. His album, "Odisea," stayed in the top spot for 27 consecutive weeks.


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