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The American Homefront worked hard to help its men and country to succeed during World War II.

The hard work paid off, as the Allies won the war against the Axis. The people back home took care of not only the men overseas but also themselves and their children. It was a time of mixed emotions and new opportunities. It was a new way of life for the American people.

Do you know how the people on the homefront got their news? What about the songs that helped them feel motivated to win the war? Maybe you even know a little bit about the propaganda? The American people back home were courageous and they did their part to help out.

Do you know how and where the people back home lived? What about who filled the large number of vacancies that companies in America faced? Do you have knowledge of civil rights during this time? The war changed life in America significantly, but the American people found a way to adapt to the changing country.

This is it for true experts on the American homefront during WWII! You know how they lived, how they worked and how they helped to win the war. Now take the quiz to see your score!

The war caused what to rise in America?

During the war, employment for women went through the roof. The jobs that were previously occupied by men were filled by women since the men were away at war. This was the first step in allowing women to work 'a man's job.'


Which famous actor enlisted in the war?

Clark Gable enlisted in the war. During his time of serving, he still had movies on his mind. While overseas, he filmed footage of the war.


Who suffered in America after Japan's actions?

Japanese-Americans suffered in America after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They were put into internment camps until all of the camps were later closed.


Players of what sport decided to leave the homefront to fight in the war?

Many baseball players left the sport to serve in the American army. Some of these players included Joe DiMaggio and Harry O'Neill.


Is it true or false that many people dropped out of school during World War II?

This is true. Teenagers saw an opportunity to get to work early with the many job availabilities. So instead of graduating, they went to work to make a living.


What was harvested for use in lifejackets?

Milkweeds were harvested for use in lifejackets. Like many other things that were needed during this time, milkweeds experienced a shortage.


Despite the employment of many people who had never had an opportunity, what was still present in America?

Discrimination was still very present in America during this time. People of color were encouraged and allowed to work, but many were separated and there were riots against them.


How did America pay for the war?

In order to pay for the war, there was a large tax increase. This tax was called the 'Victory Tax.' The money went to the large sums that were needed to win the war.


Americans couldn't spend very much during this time period, leading to what?

Since Americans were subject to rations, they couldn't buy the way they had before. This led to more savings for each American and ultimately, a bad economy.


Is it true or false that the American government encouraged support for the war through propaganda?

This is true. The government used propaganda to encourage support for the war. The propaganda worked as the American people rallied together to win the war.


Which occupation would you have to have in order to get an exemption from enlisting in the war?

Farmers were exempt from enlisting in the war. This was because their services were in extreme demand. The nation and the troops needed much more food.


What did children do to help out in the war?

Children worked in Victory Gardens to help their country out during the war. These gardens were also used to produce food during the war.


What did the government convert into airplane manufacturers?

There was a high demand for airplanes for the soldiers who were fighting. The government had no choice but to convert automobile factories into airplane manufacturers in order to meet the high demand.


What did women do to mimic the look of stockings during the war?

Women drew lines down the back of their legs to mimic the look of stockings. This is because they were short on nylons due to the rationing.


Is it true or false that the church was disappointed in America's participation in World War II?

This is false. The Church was not disappointed in America's involvement in the war. It fine with it because America was attacked first and saw it as a defense.


Which occupation became honorable for women to have?

Nurses were held in high regard due to the need for their services. They were important figures during the war.


In addition to food and other necessary items, what else was there a shortage of in America during the war?

There was a shortage of houses during the war. People were moving and there was a high demand for homes. It took a very long time to catch up with the demand that was experienced at that time.


Is it true or false that many people were on the verge of starvation during the war?

This is true. Many people and their families were close to starvation. This was due to the shortages that were being experienced throughout the war.


Who became the President of the United States after the 1940 election?

Franklin D. Roosevelt became the president after the 1940 election. He then led the United States and its allies to victory in World War II.


What did most people do in order to find jobs during the war?

Most people relocated to find jobs during the war. Times were tough, and work was found in the city rather than the country.


Is it true or false that wages experienced a decrease during the war?

This is false. Wages increased during the war due to the high demand for employees. Businesses competed for employees by trying to give them the best offers they could.


What was a common subject matter in movies made during the war?

Since the war was one of the biggest concerns at the time, movies that were created reflected this. For example, "Casablanca," released in 1942, focuses on this subject.


Who was featured on many of the wartime posters in America?

Rosie the Riveter was featured on many war posters at the time. She was paired with the phrase, 'We can do it!' The woman who was featured on these posters, Naomi Parker Fraley, recently passed away at the age of 96.


What was played in the movie theatres in America at the time of the war?

News was often played in movie theaters throughout America during the war. This is because it was important to know what was happening and how the war was going for Americans.


What did you have to have in order to receive your rations?

In order to get your rations, you needed a stamp for the item. It was important to ration everything during this time because of the shortages.


Is it true or false that the United States government saw a boost in employment during the war?

This is true. When the demand for more workers increased after the war began, employment skyrocketed. The unemployment rate was at record lows because of this.


Why was it common for all modes of transportation in America to be backed up during the war?

This was common because everyone was relocating. Since there was no work in the country, people moved towards the city to keep themselves afloat.


Which of the following songs was important to the people at home during the war?

'Junk Will Win The War' by Bing Crosby was a popular song during the war. The song was important to the homefront because it gave the people hope.


What good did the war bring to America?

The war brought the end of the Great Depression to America. The country was finally out of the slump that it had been in financially and flourished.


Is it true or false that World War II was a revolutionary time for minorities in America?

This is true. Minorities had an opportunity to fight for what was right and they did. They were then given opportunities they had never had before, such as jobs that paid better than they had before.


What were women whose husbands had been killed in the war called?

These women were called 'war widows.' After the deaths of their husbands in the war, they were forced to care for their families alone.


After the start of the war, items and food were what?

At the start of the war, items and food were rationed. The priority of the homefront was to put the soldiers who were fighting first, since they needed supplies and money to keep fighting.


What media was used for people at home to get news about the war?

The radio was a popular way of getting news about the war. It had everything from entertainment programs to the daily news.


What did people hope for on the homefront while actively supporting the war?

People hoped that everything would be over soon so they could return to their normal lives. They also wanted the Americans and their allies to win.


As the men went to war, who back home in America was there to produce the supplies the men needed?

Women produced the supplies the army needed. This brought the birth of "Rosie the Riveter," who appeared on posters saying, "We can do it!"


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