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When you think of the royals, you might think of the scandals and the opulent lifestyles —  the jet setting and the gossip. But the royal family is a treasure trove of history! For 93 years now, modern royal history has revolved around Queen Elizabeth II! You know that she's in charge of the United Kingdom, and her family's history is full of turbulent events, but how much do you know about her life and her day-to-day existence? 

Since stepping into the role of the ruling monarch in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II has astounded her citizens with her tough but gracious style. However, her life before becoming the queen was quite different than any other queen who came before her. She's the first female royal to enlist in the military, and her background is full of unique experiences that have made her who she is today. And the way she lives now is equally as fascinating! 

As you go through the questions in this quiz, you are sure to learn something new about this real-life version of a Renaissance woman. You don't have to be a huge British history buff to get the questions right, but you do have to be open-minded about your perception of a queen. Will you get all of them right?

Since she was a little girl, what kind of dogs has Queen Elizabeth raised?

Queen Elizabeth II has owned corgis since she was 8 years old. Her current corgis, Vulcan and Candy, come from the same bloodline of her first dog, Susan. In the past, the queen has personally overseen the breeding process.


Do you think it's true or false that she was always destined to be the queen?

Although Elizabeth became queen after her father, King George VI, passed in 1952, she was not the first one in line for the throne. Until her brother, King Edward VIII, abdicated his position to marry in American in 1936, she was in line behind him. Shown here is King Edward VIII and his bride-to-be, Wallis Simpson, in 1936.


How many times does Queen Elizabeth celebrate her birthday every year?

Queen Elizabeth's birthday falls on April 21, but it's not the only day she celebrates. Because British weather can be quite brisk in April, a second celebration is held in June. The summer celebration is called Trooping the Color.


In 1945, what did she do that no other queen has attempted?

In 1945, the Motor Transport Training Centre was informed that they would have a special student driver. There, Queen Elizabeth was taught both the rules of the road and auto mechanics. At the age of 93, she's still driving!


In total, how many children did Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have?

Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne are the queen's four children. While Charles, the oldest, has a prominent role, the others have remained somewhat in the background — or, in Prince Andrew's case, been removed from duties.


Which one of these adorable names does Prince George call his royal great-grandmother?

Prince George is the first of Prince William's three children, and he refers to his great-grandmother as Gan-Gan. It is said that the queen takes an active role in the children's lives. They frequently find their way from Kensington Palace to Buckingham Palace to spend time with her.


Can you figure out which one of these fashion accessories Queen Elizabeth uses to signal her security detail?

The next time you see Queen Elizabeth on television, carefully watch her purse. If she moves it to her right arm, it means that she has become bored with the conversation and wants to leave. If she puts it on the floor, it's time to go!


Queen Elizabeth only carries money on one day of the week. Which one is it?

The queen is frequently seen carrying an adorable handbag, but you will only find cash inside it on Sundays. When she attends church services, she likes to donate it to the offering plate.


During WWII, then Princess Elizabeth enlisted in the military and learned which of these jobs?

Ever the boundary pusher, Queen Elizabeth rose to the call of duty during WWII by becoming an auto mechanic. By doing so, she became the first female royal to join the military. During her time in the service, she also served as a truck driver.


Before marrying Prince Philip in 1947, how did Elizabeth pay for her wedding dress?

With England in tatters after WWII, the country was undergoing clothing rationing. To pay for the material that was used to make her wedding dress, Elizabeth collected and saved ration coupons.


True or false? Queen Elizabeth delivers a televised address every Christmas.

King George's first Royal Christmas Message was sent over the radio waves in 1932, but many missed it because of radio interference. These days, the queen pre-records a television broadcast.


Queen Elizabeth owns all the whales and dolphins within 3 miles of the British coast, but what title do they have?

Because of a rule that dates all the way back to 1324, every starling, whale and dolphin within 3 miles of the Britsh coast rightfully belongs to the queen. It's a good thing she's an animal lover because she's frequently given animals as gifts. You can see her collection at one of the Zoological Society of London's two zoos. The ZSL is primarily a conservation charity. Its London headquarters is shown here.


Who does the queen meet with every week for at least one hour?

Since taking a seat on the throne, Queen Elizabeth has experienced 13 different prime ministers. While the queen can tell the prime minister the direction she wants things to take, she doesn't participate in policy creation.


Did Queen Elizabeth attend a private school when she was a child?

Neither Princess Margaret nor Queen Elizabeth went to a public or private school. Instead, they were tutored at home. After King George ascended to the throne, Elizabeth studied constitutional history and law.


British citizens are required to have a passport, but does the Queen need one?

In her lifetime, Queen Elizabeth II has taken nearly 300 overseas trips, and she hasn't had a passport for any of them. Because British passports are issued in the queen's name, she doesn't have one. It would be the equivalent of giving yourself permission to drive to work.


When Princess Margaret was young, she couldn't pronounce Elizabeth's name. What did she call her instead?

Queen Elizabeth has always been held in the highest of royal regard, but Princess Margaret has always been considered the wild child. When they were young, Margaret couldn't pronounce Elizabeth's name, so she shortened it to Lilibeth. Princess Margaret, front, is shown here with Princess Elizabeth and their grandmother, Queen Mary.


How old was Queen Elizabeth when she met Prince Philip for the first time?

Formerly the prince of both Denmark and Greece, Prince Philip met his future bride at a wedding in 1934, when she was only 8 years old. It would be another 13 years before they took the walk down the aisle. The couple is seen here with Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent in 1951.


The queen is fluent in which of these two languages?

In addition to being a constitutional history scholar, Queen Elizabeth II speaks fluent French. In 2014, she delighted everyone when she delivered a banquet speech entirely in French while visiting Paris.


Does Queen Elizabeth exclusively wear a shade of nail polish named Ballet Slippers, or did we make that up?

For under $10, you can wear the same nail polish as the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth. Since 1989, she has been wearing an Essie shade named Ballet Slippers. It's rumored that she turned Kate Middleton on to the shade.


Every night before going to sleep, what does Queen Elizabeth drink?

Queen Elizabeth might come off as a little stuffy, but she lets down her hair with a drink a few times per day. She has a cocktail with lunch, a glass of wine with dinner and a glass of champagne before bed. At 93, she might be on to something!


What sound does Queen Elizabeth voluntarily hear every morning?

Every day around 8:30 a.m., the queen wakes up. By 9 a.m., she's out on the balcony for her daily ritual. For 15 minutes every day, she is serenaded by the sound of Scottish bagpipes.


The Duke of Edinburgh has a pet nickname for his wife. What is it?

With a full royal title like Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, it's easy to see why her husband simply calls her "Cabbage."


Which of these things has Queen Elizabeth never done?

The only thing on this list that Queen Elizabeth hasn't done is given an interview. She makes public appearances and often delivers speeches, but she has never consented to sit down for a question and answer session. Rumor has it that she frowns upon the practice.


When the queen signs her name "Elizabeth R.," what does the R mean?

When the queen delivers a more personal message, she often ends by signing with "Elizabeth R." The "R" is not an initial for one of her names; it's short for the Latin word "regina," which is Latin for queen.


If the queen's chef is serving pasta sauce, what ingredient must be left out?

Both Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and the queen's personal chef have given interviews that mention the queen's dislike for garlic. She believes it's improper because it causes bad breath when talking to others.


True or false? Queen Elizabeth has never been seen wearing the same dress.

Queen Elizabeth II has a reported net worth of over $300 million, but she's very frugal. She is well-known for asking for household linens to be repaired rather than thrown out, and she has worn her Diamond Jubilee dress to public events at least six times. She is seen here en route to St. Paul's Cathedral during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of June 5, 2012.


As Queen Elizabeth was preparing for her wedding, which piece of her jewelry had to be repaired?

On Queen Elizabeth's wedding day, she was undeterred by a broken tiara. Rather than panic, she is reported to have remained calm and advised her staff to call a jeweler. It was repaired before the ceremony began.


Queen Elizabeth II owns and apartment in which one of these U.S. cities?

Although Queen Elizabeth has never been spotted there, she owns an apartment in the United Nations Plaza in New York City. The building where she owns the apartment was built by architect Lord Norman Foster. She had personally knighted him 25 years prior to the purchase.


During WWII, where were young Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret sent for their safety?

While the attacks on England continued during WWII, the royal family was protected with every available fighting force. Both the queen and her sister were sent to the lower levels of Windsor Castle. In 1940, at the age of 14, Elizabeth delivered her first-ever broadcast from there.


When a British citizen reaches 100 years of age, what does Queen Elizabeth send them?

Birthdays are a big thing for Queen Elizabeth II! If you're lucky enough to be a British citizen and reach 100 years old, you can request that the queen send you a birthday card. When Elizabeth was 80, she held a birthday party for other 80-year-olds.


During 2012, which special celebration was held in the queen's honor?

In 2012, Queen Elizabeth celebrated the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne, and it was observed with the Diamond Jubilee. In 2022, another celebration will be held throughout the Commonwealth of Nations. This time, it will be called the Platinum Jubilee.


Which of these names is not part of Elizabeth's full name?

The queen's full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. When she was born in 1926, her parents, King George and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, were not quite sure what to name her. In the end, she was named after her mother, who went on to become the sitting queen by marriage.


When you see the queen out driving her Land Rover, does she carry a license?

Just like passports, driver's licenses are issued under the queen's name. When she decides to drive herself through London and all the way to Scotland, Queen Elizabeth doesn't carry one because she's exempt from the law. She's also not required to have license plates on her vehicle.


On November 20, 1947, where did Elizabeth and Philip marry?

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge walked in the footsteps of the queen when they wed at Westminster Abby in 2011. In 2019, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. We wish Kate and William the same fate!


Has Queen Elizabeth ever been allowed to walk around the streets of London?

On May 8, 1945, Elizabeth and her sister Margaret were granted the rare opportunity to mingle with commoners. With WWII declared over, Europe Day was in full swing all over the world. In a rare move, their parents agreed to let them join in the festivities.


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