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Fans of Canadian television would never skip over this classic crime-fighting show. It gives the best of everything, crime, comedy and drama all packed into one. The Doyles are a fun family that knows how to get things done and solve the problems that people bring to them. The star of the show, Jake, dealt with many issues that affected himself, his family and his co-workers throughout the years. Think you remember the details of their lives?

Being a private investigator, you have to be ready for anything. Jake and Mal definitely were! Every day brought on a new challenge for them, whether it be the case that they're working on, their family life or dealing with the local police department. You never know what will happen in Jake's life. Throughout the show's six seasons, the family went through hardships and good times that only brought them closer together. If you were there for it all, then you'll probably remember a lot of it!

To ace this quiz, you'll have to know more than just the Doyle family tree! Think you could recite the history of the republic? Get down to business and see if you can get a good score on this quiz!

When you're an awesome private investigator, you have to have an equally awesome car! Which cool car is Jake Doyle known to drive?

There's no cooler way for Jake to carry out his investigative duties than in a hot rod like the Pontiac GTO. Jake's GTO was blue and was often featured throughout the episodes as he sped off to solve crimes and other situations.


Which famous actor is known to have earned himself a guest spot on the show?

Russell Crowe made an appearance on this Canadian show in the first episode of season three. Allan Hawco and Russell Crowe knew each other for quite a long time, but the episode didn't happen without the help of Alan Doyle of "Great Big Sea!"


What valuable item was stolen from the Doyles' safe in season five?

More than a little cash was stolen from the Doyles' safe, which left Rose and Des to find it missing. In the middle of their conversation, Sloan walks in to find out that they have noticed it gone. In fact, she was the one who took it in the first place.


Rose and Mal started their relationship after their two divorces. Who stole Rose's engagement ring?

As with many engagements, Mal presented Rose with a beautiful ring. Unfortunately, Rose's mother stole her engagement ring which became a situation that Rose struggled to tell her fiance. Eventually, she found the courage to do so.


What large item was Jake struck by in season four that severely injured him?

Jake saw misfortune in the end of this season with a car striking him in a parking garage and leaving him very injured. His recovery lasted only an episode, where he had to rest, but of course his mind went wild with all kinds of unusual dreams.


Do you remember the name of the Doyles' private investigation business?

Doyle and Doyle was the name of Mal and Jake's business as they were father and son in the show. They worked with many different types of clients, such as authors and brides, but sometimes old friends would find themselves in need also.


Who almost gets a novel written about their life by author Garrison Steele in season one?

Jake's life was an interesting one to Garrison Steele, who was an author who was on the show multiple times throughout the six seasons. As a novelist, he wanted to turn Jake's life into one of his best-selling crime novels, much to Jake's dismay!


Being a Canadian show, the Doyles also lived in one of the Canadian provinces. Do you remember which one it was?

The show took place in Newfoundland, where you could usually catch a glimpse of the beautiful and unique scenery of the province. One thing you might have noticed in the background is the colorful buildings and houses which are not uncommon here.


One character who sometimes drops in is Callum. Do you know who he is?

Before finding love in each other, Jake and Leslie were both married previously. Jake's wife was Nikki and Leslie's husband was Callum, who they both divorced. However, both exes turn up quite a few times throughout the series to stir things up.


In season four, Tinny finds herself learning some heavy information about her past. She finds out that her father is who?

Fans of the show will know that at one point, Tinny and a few others were kidnapped by Kevin Crocker, who was a convict in jail. Tinny finds out later that he is in fact her father, but he later changes his criminal ways to help out the Doyles.


It's time to talk Doyle family tree! Do you know who Jake is to Tinny?

Tinny was the daughter of Jake's sister named Kathleen, making them uncle and niece. In fact, Jake was not Tinny's only uncle, as he and Kathleen also had another brother named Christian. Christian shows up now and then in the show.


What did Des Courtney love to practice his graffiti on when he was first appearing in the show?

Des was all about having his own fun at the beginning of the series when he used to do a lot of graffiti. Jake was usually affected by it with his beautiful Pontiac GTO often being showered in the paint. A quick meeting and Des decided that he'd stop meddling with Jake's car.


Being a P.I. didn't help Jake when it came to being arrested. What was Jake arrested for at the end of season five?

Jake found himself in some big trouble when William Cadigan Clarke was murdered. Unfortunately, Jake was framed for the murder and arrested shortly after for it. This put him behind in many ways, especially in his quest to save Leslie.


Which other famous Canadian TV show had a crossover episode with "Republic of Doyle?"

Despite being set in different time periods, the crossovers of the two shows saw ancestors and descendants of the main characters come to life. For Jake, Allan Hawco played his ancestor on "Murdoch," while its main character's descendant comes to life in the modern day.


Who in the republic fell ill and suffered a heart attack at one point in the show?

Mal, an important link to the family and the Doyles' business, suffered a heart attack which was devastating for him for a time. Luckily, Mal had Rose to help him and arrange for things, easing his mind and allowing him to get better.


With both of them being divorced, do you know who loved to cause trouble for Rose and Mal?

Martin was Rose's ex-husband who she was still in the process of divorcing while with Mal. He pops up pretty often throughout the show to cause all kinds of trouble. In fact, did you know that Martin was a criminal who went to jail?


After they found themselves in a sticky situation out of the country, who does Tinny drop everything to help out in season five?

Jake was in Mexico and in a lot of trouble at the beginning of season five. Tinny, who was a constable at this time, had to make a tough choice to commit to working or help a family member who really needed her in that moment.


Jake was kidnapped in season four. What did the kidnapper do to him while in his control?

Throughout the series, Jake has had to endure many things. One of these things is a kidnapper who tried to kill him by burning him. Fortunately, Jake made it out alive and turned it all around to put his kidnapper away.


Tinny was no stranger to traveling when she left Newfoundland for a foreign city. Where was her destination?

Tinny was a traveler in the show's third season when she found herself going to London in the episode titled, "Head Over Heels." One fun fact about this episode is that Shannon Tweed was a guest star in it!


In an amazing finale, season six ends with who having their name cleared?

Jake went through some tough times throughout the last season of the show, especially with being charged for Clarke's murder. Luck came his way when at the end after all he had been through, his name was cleared and he was able to get back on with his life.


Season three brought some tough stuff to the republic. Which of the characters suffered a gunshot wound?

Des appeared to have died after being shot following his and Tinny's kidnapping. If you watched the next season, then you'll know that he made it out alive, despite being fatally wounded. Did you know that Des' father is a criminal?


What crime was Sloan Daniels known for committing before meeting Des and Jake?

Sloan wasn't in a good place before coming across the Doyles, being an orphan who lost her mother and had no parental figure in her life after this. It had her turn to theft and pickpocketing in order to keep herself afloat until she met the Doyles and changed her ways.


Jake had a few different relationships, but throughout the show, who was the main object of his affection?

Jake and his ex-wife Nikki divorced near the beginning of the show, when Jake started to take an interest in Leslie. While the two had an on-and-off relationship throughout the show, their bond always stayed strong through it all.


The republic was no stranger to kidnapping, but do you know who went missing in season four?

Leslie, who worked as a constable, had to take on some undercover work which led to her disappearance. Jake, who at this time was in a relationship with Leslie, was ready to risk it all in order to save her.


While there's crime-fighting, there's also a lot of love throughout the show. What has been the subject of three episodes throughout the six seasons?

Weddings are important in "Republic of Doyle!" Over the six seasons, weddings took place for Walter's family, the Doyles worked on a case involving the downfall of a wedding and in the finale, Des and Tinny finally tie the knot.


Being a Canadian-made TV show, which network aired "Republic of Doyle?"

The CBC aired this truly Canadian show from 2010 until 2014 over its six seasons. The show was well received and eventually made its way around the world, being aired in countries like South Africa, Poland and even the United Kingdom.


Who in Leslie's family died in season four, bringing her back home to where she grew up?

Leslie's father, James Bennett, died, which made Leslie return to her home in order to mourn. Jake went along with her which coincidentally had them working together in a time that they were meant to be celebrating Leslie's father. This was because his death was not as it seemed.


In the show, work is one main part of the storyline. What was Jake Doyle's first job before becoming a private investigator?

Jake is no stranger to the world of law enforcement, first being an official cop and later working with his dad as a private investigator. He does his fair share of investigating throughout the show as well as dealing with his own problems.


In season five, one of the Doyles found themselves suspended. Do you remember who it was?

Tinny works for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary as a cop, but often finds herself at ends of helping out her family. In this case, helping her family led to her being suspended at her job, but that didn't stop her from doing the right thing.


Jake had to go on trial for the murder of which of the following individuals near the end of the show?

The former mayor was murdered and Jake found himself framed for the whole thing and going to do time. Season six sees Jake struggling to prove his own innocence over the murder with the help of his friends and family.


Sometimes, some familiar faces make a comeback throughout the show. Which minor character makes a return in many seasons?

Famed author Garrison Steele has appeared in more than one episode of the show. He makes his first appearance on the show near the end of season one, and he appears in three more episodes after. His last appearance was in season five.


Though Jake hears lies pretty often, who was successful in their lie to Jake about him being their father?

When Jake meets a new face named Sloan, who is a young girl participating in criminal activity, she eventually breaks some heavy news to him. She reveals to him that he is her father, which happened to be revealed as a lie later on in the series.


In season two, who was being targeted by a stalker that the Doyles were trying to find?

In one episode, a comedian found himself tormented by a stalker who wouldn't leave him alone, Like many others, the comedian enlisted the help of the Doyles. In typical Doyle fashion, they were able to crack it!


What position did William Cadigan Clarke hold in the show before his jail time and murder?

Clarke once served as the mayor but was put in prison after the Doyles found some interesting information on him. He was released in season five, but he was murdered shortly after, something that brought the crew much more trouble.


After going through something quite traumatizing beforehand, who does Leslie have to meet with in season six?

After all she had been through in season five, Leslie was seeing the therapist in order to get herself going in the right direction again. Though in many cases, she often resisted seeing the therapist in order to help her friends and family, it was meant to help her get back to work.


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