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"America's favorite pastime." "America's team." "The USA Dream Team." Those are some pretty powerful — and popular — phrases where American sports are involved. And yet, none of them references hockey. America's favorite pastime? Baseball. "America's team?" The Dallas Cowboys of the NFL if you Google that term. (Go ahead, we'll wait.) The USA Dream Team? A collection of professional basketball players who dominated the Olympics like no team before it.

So, is there room for hockey? The National Hockey Association, its fans and its home cities say "yes." In 2021, the NHL will expand to a total of 32 teams, matching the same number of teams in the NFL. Revenue from the NHL topped $4 billion during the 2018 season — almost double from the 2006 slate of games. Statistics show it's one of the top two attended indoor sports in the country, with more than 22 million guests checking out a game during the 2018 season.

Even at a youth sports level, hockey's popularity continues to grow. So, with hockey fever sweeping the nation and you, a rabid hockey fan opting for this quiz (you wouldn't be here if you weren't, right?), we want to put your NHL fandom to the test. In which of these cities could you drop the puck? Which cities are strangers to the game? Stick it to this quiz before the next Stanley Cup rolls around!

The Capitals are appropriately named since they're home in which of these cities?

If you travel to the nation's capital of Washington, D.C., you'll observe plenty of history ... and a good dose of sports, too. The Capitals, known as the Caps to their fans, have been around for a while now: They were founded in the mid-1970s.


The Predators have been a part of the NHL since 1998. What town are they located in?

The Predators have been part of the city of Nashville since the town was awarded an expansion franchise in 1998. In 2017, the Predators made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals, but ultimately lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins.


You can gamble on the Golden Knights being a hit in this town, playing their first season in 2017. Where are the located?

It would be a good gamble, too. In the Golden Knights' first year in the NHL, they advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals before suffering defeat at the hands of the Washington Capitals.


This West Coast city has roughly two dozens pro sports teams, including the NHL Kings. What is its name?

It's no secret that the Los Angeles sports market has seen an influx of teams to cheer for lately, with both the Chargers and the Rams of the NFL relocating to the city. They sometimes overshine the Los Angeles King, the city's NHL franchise.


Home to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, this city also hosts the Flyers. Which city has all three?

Ah, the City of Brotherly Love. They host numerous sports franchises here, including the NHL's Flyers. This team came about as a result of a league expansion in the late 1960s and have enjoyed decent success since, appearing in the most conference finals of any expansion team.


Already home to the Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics, which of these cities boasts the NHL's Bruins, too?

Boston may be one of the most complete "sports towns" out there, with professional franchises ranging from basketball and baseball to football and hockey. The Bruins won a conference championship as recently as the 2018 season.


Right in the midst of "Scarlet and Gray" territory, this town has Blue Jackets. Which city are we talking about?

Residents of Columbus, Ohio, love their Buckeyes, but there's plenty of room for other sports teams as well. The Columbus Blue Jackets became a member of the National Hockey Association in 2000.


They may go by the team name "Canadiens," but this NHL franchise is rooted in one specific city. Which is it?

Montreal, Quebec, is home to a professional hockey team known as the Canadiens, though there are plenty of other Canadian hockey teams for fans from that country to cheer for. The Canadiens are actually older than the NHL itself.


Expect an Avalanche in this NFL franchise city, maybe of more than one type. What town are we referencing?

The Colorado Avalanche, an appropriate team name for a place known for its cold, snowy conditions, calls Denver home. The team shares a home with the National Basketball Association's Denver Nuggets.


Watch out for Sharks! Which city hosts the Sharks NHL franchise?

The San Jose Sharks, a team that initially began playing in the Cow Palace, relocated to a more aptly-nicknamed facility in the early 1990s that they call the "Shark Tank." The Sharks reportedly earned their nickname for the various species of sharks that inhabit the Pacific Ocean.


You can find loads of Maple Leafs in this town — even of the hockey variety. What locale is it?

One of the "Original Six" that started the NHL, the Toronto Maple Leafs (or "Leafs" as their fans know them) underwent multiple name changes before settling on the name we know them as today. Some of the other monikers they wore included the Arenas and the St. Patricks.


"Hockeytown" means business with the Red Wings leading the charge. What city claims them?

Ask anyone in the Midwest how to get to "Hockeytown" and they'll point you in the direction of Detroit, Michigan. The town, home to the Red Wings, earned the nickname as the result of marketing efforts for the team itself, but the moniker stuck.


The largest town without a major league franchise of any kind could be a good spot for a new NHL team. Which city is it?

Could you still "Keep Austin Weird" with a professional sports franchise in town? The NHL may want to consider it. Austin, which is also Texas' state capital, is the largest city of its size without any type of professional sports team.


You may get struck by Lightning fever if you take in a game in this Florida town. Which one is it?

You may not immediately associate cold-weather sports with a team located in Florida, but the Tampa Bay Lightning are here to prove that the Sunshine State knows its hockey, too. The Lightning earned a Stanley Cup title during the 2003-2004 season.


The Islanders sound like they belong in Honolulu, but they're actually located here. Where is it?

In an ode to its Long Island fan base, the so-named New York Islanders began playing professional hockey in New York in the early 1970s. They're not alone, however; the New York area has two other professional hockey franchises.


Check out these town's Senators ... and not of the political variety. Which NHL city is it?

The name "Senators" is not new and, again, we're not referring to the political arena. The original Ottawa Senators were members of the NHL in the early 1900s. The second, and current, iteration of the Senators began in 1990 when the city was awarded a new franchise.


The NHL franchise in this city earned its name from the Disney movie, "The Mighty Ducks." Where are the located?

You can thank the Walt Disney Company for not only the Ducks franchise, but its name, which was derived from a 1992 film called, "The Mighty Ducks." Disney eventually sold the franchise, but the Ducks name lives on.


The Penguins once considered a move to this Midwestern town, but they remain NHL-less. Which city is it?

In the late 2000s, the ownership of the Pittsburgh Penguins considered moving the franchise to Kansas City, but ultimately opted to stay put. Kansas City is another town where the NHL once existed before flopping; a team called the Scouts lasted two years there in the 1970s.


Talk about a city "Raven"-ous for some hockey! Which of these cities acquainted with pro football and baseball might make a good fit?

Separated from Washington, D.C., by only an hour, you might say that residents of Baltimore could easily adopt the Capitals as their home franchise. But, nothing would make the sports-crazed city of Baltimore happier than having its own franchise.


Blues fan primarily live in this city, home to the popular musical style and the NHL franchise of the same name. Which locale are we describing?

The St. Louis Blues earned their nickname, appropriately, from a blues song titled, "Saint Louis Blues." The team, and the music, has been part of the St. Louis community since the 1960s.


One of the "Original Six" teams of the NHL, the Blackhawks call which of these cities home?

The Windy City, better known as Chicago, hosts the Blackhawks of the NHL, a team with a storied history that dates back to the 1920s. The Blackhawks are one of the NHL's "Original Six" teams.


Winter sports lovers, unite! Except in this town, which hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Ironic? What town are we talking about?

Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002, but remain NHL-less. It's somewhat ironic since ice hockey is closely tied to the concept of winter sports. If you want to see pro hockey here, you'll have to head six hours away to Las Vegas.


This city has a franchise, but they don't play ... yet. Which of these places is it?

The Seattle community is gearing up to support its new NHL team which, at the time of this quiz's publication, didn't even have a name yet. They are expected to begin play as part of the 2021 season.


NHL stars Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon and Al MacInnis all hail from this Canadian town without a hockey team. Which of these is it?

There are a lot of pro hockey teams in Canada, but the city of Halifax is not home to one of them. Surprising, though, since it's Nova Scotia's largest metro area and has produced NHL superstars such as Sidney Crosby.


This town seems ripe for an NHL franchise, but doesn't have one ... even after two attempts. What is it?

Atlanta, Georgia, has last not one, but two NHL franchises due to relocation: The Flames, who moved to Calgary in 1980, and the Thrashers, who relocated to Winnipeg in 2011. What is it about Atlanta that makes NHL franchises want to leave the country? We may never know.


The NHL could blaze a trail in this city that already has an NBA franchise led by Damian Lillard. Which city are we talking about?

Surely you got our "Trail Blazers" hint in that question, right? Portland has been home to the Trail Blazers of the NBA since the 1970s. It's a city that has the fans, the facilities and the fun to welcome another pro sports team.


This town was home to the Whalers until they set sail in 1997. Which city is it?

Hartford, Connecticut, was home to a NHL team until the Whalers pulled up its anchor and headed south. They're still associated with water, however, having become the Hurricanes. The team calls Raleigh, North Carolina home.


If any fans could use something positive to cheer for, it's these folks in the dawg pound. What city are we talking about?

Fans of Cleveland sports team don't seem to have the best of luck, so maybe we're saving them from themselves with the lack of a pro hockey team. They appear to have their hands full with the existing Browns, Indians and Cavaliers.


Nearly 500 NHL stars have been born in this town that doesn't even have its own franchise. What is it?

Poor Saskatoon. They're cranking out the NHL talent, but don't even have a franchise of their own to support. With nearly 500 NHL athletes born here, we're guessing residents of the province are fans of numerous other franchises.


This town has a hockey team within an hour's drive, but not one that calls the City by the Bay home. Where is it?

Sure, there are NHL franchises in fairly close proximity to the City By the Bay, but not one in the sprawling town itself. Might we suggest the Golden Gates as a name for a potential San Fran hockey franchise?


Wild! No, that's this NHL franchise's real team name — Wild. Where are the located?

St. Paul, Minnesota, is wild — at least by NHL standards. The Minnesota Wild was founded in the late 1990s, starting play a few years later. To bring out its new team, the arena played Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild," a fitting intro indeed.


There's no NHL franchise here, but there's already a natural in-state rival in the Stars. What town, already home to the Texans and Rockets, seems like a no-brainer?

Houston is no stranger to professional sports ... just to professional hockey. The town is already home to the Rockets, Astros and Texans, and could surely find room in their heart for an NHL franchise.


If you want to see the Arizona Coyotes, you'll have to travel to which of these towns?

The Arizona Coyotes were once the Phoenix Coyotes, a nod to the team's former location before heading to Glendale. The franchise was renamed the "Arizona Coyotes" in 2014, but have called Glendale home since 2003.


This community serves as a minor league affiliate to the Nashville Predators, but doesn't have its own pro team. Where is it?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has done a good job of funneling talent from its minor league affiliate, the Admirals, to the Nashville, but minor league hockey is all this town has in terms of on-the-ice fun. Hey, there's always the Bucks, the town's NBA franchise.


Hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky signed with a team in this city, but not of NHL fame. What is it?

Wayne Gretzky made his first professional goal in Indianapolis, even though the city doesn't have its own NHL franchise. How's that, you ask? Gretzky played for Indy's Racers at the time, part of the World Hockey Association.


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