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Ancient Greek beliefs and religious practices were complex and varied from city-state to city-state. Their gods and goddesses played a unique role in their lives, as the Greeks believed that the gods and goddesses could control their fates and directly interact with them. Greek gods and goddesses were remarkably human despite their amazing power. Just like people they had strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, friends and enemies, and could make both good and bad choices. 

The goddesses of Ancient Greece were fierce, fascinating, terrifying, vengeful, powerful, benevolent, mysterious and so much more. From dark and terrifying queens to powerful warriors to seductive tricksters, these ancient deities had complex personalities and relationships. They also had amazing powers. While the gods of the ancient Greek pantheon are often talked about, and everyone knows all about Zeus, it is time to give the goddesses of ancient Greece some love!

Do you know which realm Persephone ruled over? Do you know the name of the famous Greek goddess of love and beauty? How about the goddess of magic who transformed those who opposed her into beasts? See how much you really know about the female deities of ancient Greece with this very godly quiz!

Can you name the famously beautiful goddesses known as the goddess of love?

Aphrodite is one of the most famous Goddesses of western myth. She is associated with pleasure, passion, love, beauty and procreation. Her husband was the goddess Hephaestus, but she was famously unfaithful to him.


Of these goddesses, who was the wife of Zeus, known as the Queen of the Gods?

Hera was the goddess of women, goddesses and marriage. She is famous in Greek mythology for taking revenge on the women Zeus slept with outside of their marriage, and even their children.


Which of these goddesses is associated with a mythic river of the same name?

Styx is both a deity and a river that forms the boundary between the living world and the land of the dead in Greek mythology. During the Titan war, Styx was the first to side with Zeus.


The virginal Artemis is associated with the bow and arrow. What was she the goddess of?

Artemis was the Olympian goddess of the moon, the hunt and chastity. Later, she became associated with both childbirth and nature. Her twin brother is the god Apollo, who is the god of the sun, light, music, poetry, healing, knowledge and many other things.


Gaia was the personification of which of these?

The goddess Gaia is a primordial earth goddess. She is the ancestral mother of all life on earth, including the Titans. According to some mythological accounts, she has no parents, and according to others she and all life sprung from the void of chaos.


Who is known as the winged goddess of victory?

Nike was a Greek goddess who personified victory. Her symbols include golden sandals, wings and wreaths. Nike was one of the close companions of Zeus. In Greek art, she is often portrayed as a godly charioteer who bestows victory on those in battle.


Which of these goddesses was one of the muses, who personified the arts?

Calliope was one of the muses. She was the muse of epic poetry and the wisest of the nine muses. Each muse was associated with a particular area of the arts and is considered the personification of their genre.


Hestia was the goddess of the hearth, family and state order, and which of these?

Hestia comes from the Greek word for hearth and fireside. She was a virgin goddess of all things relating to the domestic, family and state order. She would often receive the first sacrifices in household rituals.


The goddess Ceto, the mother of the famous Medusa, was the mother of which of these?

Ceto was a primordial sea monster goddess. She was the daughter of Gaia, the female personification of the earth, and Pontus, a primordial sea deity. She was the mother of all sea monsters.


Hecate was known for her power over the dead. She was the goddess of what?

Hecate was a goddess of the crossroads and all things occult. She ruled over ghosts, necromancy, magic and the moon. She is often depicted holding torches or a key and was worshipped as a goddess of protection in Athens.


The shadowy and powerful Nyx was a primordial goddess of which of these?

Nyx was a Greek goddess and personification of the night. Her children are the deities of sleep, darkness and death. She rarely appears throughout Greek myth but is known as a shadowy figure of great beauty and power.


Do you know the name of the goddess who presided over the harvest and life itself?

Demeter was a goddess of the harvest and agriculture. She was also a goddess of sacred law and the cycle of life and death. Her symbols include cornucopia and torches. Demeter was the mother of Persephone, who was famously taken by Hades.


Circe, who used a wand or staff to wreak her vengeance, is known as the goddess of what?

Circe was a goddess of magic often portrayed as a sorceress or enchantress. She was renowned for her magical knowledge and transforming those who insulted her into beasts. She is a daughter of the god Helios, who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day.


Titan Eos was described in myth as having rosy fingers, golden arms and white wings. Do you know what she was the goddess of?

Eos was the goddess of the dawn and a sister of the sun god Helios and the moon goddess Selene. Often depicted with wings, she loved handsome and young men and had many young lovers.


Peitho was a goddess of persuasion and what else?

Peitho was a Greek goddess of persuasion and seduction. Her ancestry is unclear as different sources give different accounts of it. She appears in the myth of Pandora, the first woman, who was ordered into creation by Zeus.


Can you name the infamous wife of Hades, King of the Underworld?

Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Mythology describes her as the beautiful and powerful queen of the underworld. Her abduction by Hades is one of the most referenced stories in Greek myth.


__________ was a goddess of strategy born from the forehead of Zeus.

Athena was a goddess of war strategy, wisdom, poetry and art. She was born from the forehead of her father Zeus fully grown and in battle armor. She was the protector goddess of the ancient Greek city-state Athens.


This winged goddess of vengeance holds a whip in her hand. Who is she?

Nemesis was the Greek goddess of vengeance. She enacted retribution on those who succumbed to hubris, or arrogance before the gods. Her symbols are the scales, the sword and the dagger. One of her children was the famous Helen of Troy.


Can you name the claim to fame of the goddess Eris, who turned a royal wedding into a brawl?

Eris was the Greek goddess of discord and strife. Her symbol is the golden apple of discord, which she threw in the middle of a wedding feast of the gods to create chaos. She has many children, including Lethe, one of the rivers of the underworld.


Which of these goddesses was the Muse of comedy, who held a comic mask in her hand?

Thalia was a Muse who presided over comedy and idyllic poetry. These type of poems were short and focused on rustic country life. She was the eighth born of the nine muses and portrayed as a joyous young woman.


Iris was associated with rainbows. Can you name another facet of the natural world that was hers?

Iris was the personification and goddess of the rainbow. She was also a messenger goddess associated with colors, the sea, sky, oaths and truth. Her consort was the wind god Zephyrus.


Do you know which of these cheerful goddesses is a part of The Graces?

The Graces, or Charites, are often depicted as three dancing or celebrating young goddesses. This group most commonly features Aglaea (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Good Cheer), and Thalia (Festivity).


Which of these goddesses imprisoned Odysseus in "The Odyssey"?

Calypso was a sea-nymph-goddess who lived on the island of Ogygia. It was on this island that she imprisoned the classical hero Odysseus. She is generally believed to be the daughter of the Titan Atlas.


Can you name the lunar goddess who is considered the mother of all vampires?

Selene was both the personification of and goddess of the moon. Her symbols include the crescent, torch, billowing cloak and bull. She had several lovers and many children. To the handsome mortal Endymion, it is said that she bore 50 daughters.


Mnemosyne was the personification of which aspect of human thought?

Mnemosyne is the goddess of memory in Greek mythology. She is a consort of Zeus and mother of the nine Muses, who are associated with different aspects of the arts. She was worshipped a small amount throughout Ancient Greece.


Enyo ruled both destruction and ____________.

Enyo was a minor goddess of destruction and war. She was the lover of Ares, the god of war. Enyo was also a daughter of Zeus and Hera, the king and queen of the gods. She has also been linked to Eris, goddess of strife.


Who is considered the mother of all of the Olympian gods?

The Titaness Rhea was the daughter of primordial earth and sky deities Gaia and Uranus. She was considered to be a goddess of female fertility and motherhood. Her symbols are the lion, tambourine, crown and cornucopia.


The primordial goddess of daylight was not featured heavily in myth or worshipped very often. What was her name?

Hemera was the personification of day and goddess of the daytime. She is the daughter of the deities of darkness and night Erebus and Nyx. Her consort is Aether, the god of the upper sky.


Who was a goddess of law and known as "The Lady of Good Counsel"?

Themis was a Titaness. She is the personification and goddess of divine order, fairness, law, natural law and tradition. Her symbols include the scales of justice and the bronze sword. She was the mother of the deities that rule the seasons, as well as The Fates.


The Titan goddess of wisdom was both a friend and foe to Zeus. Do you know her name?

Metis was the Titan goddess of prudence and wisdom. While pregnant, she was swallowed whole by Zeus. He later gave birth to Athena from his forehead. She was considered the mother of wisdom and deep thought.


The goddess Amphitrite was a consort of a god who was famously quick to anger. She was related to which earthly realm?

Amphitrite was a Greek goddess of the sea. She was the wife of Poseidon, the famously moody Olympian god of the seas. While she has the power to calm the sea, she is largely known as the female personification of the seas.


Asteria was the starry-eyed Titan goddess of which of the things listed below?

Asteria's name means "of the stars" or "starry one." She was the Titan goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars. According to some sources, her daughter was Hecate, goddess of the occult.


Which goddess was the only known deity with the ability to restore youth to mortals?

Hebe was the goddess of eternal youth, the prime of life and forgiveness. She was the cupbearer of the gods on Mount Olympus, with a unique ability to restore youth to both immortals and mortals. She was the youngest of the gods, and it was her job to keep them young.


This goddess of destiny and fate was so powerful that even the gods bowed to her. Can you name her?

In Greek mythology, The Fates are three deities that rule destiny and fate. Atropos was the oldest of the three, who decided how people would die and would cut the thread that ended their lives.


Which group of ancient crone goddesses are more popularly known as The Furies?

The Furies or Erinys were female deities of vengeance that dwell in the underworld. They are a triad of terrifying crones, older than most of the gods, who punish those who have committed crimes.


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