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Canada is diverse in many more ways than one. The country is known for its forests, tundra and water bodies, so there's no wonder we've always taken pride in our nature! In addition to that, we've also got some great cities across the country that are desirable for their size, attractions and people. There's a city or town for everyone.

The Great White North is covered in snow for many months of the year. In the far north, this is much truer. We get to enjoy many scenic views and the fun entertainment of the city all in one. If you've ever gone out on the water for a vacation or traveled to another Canadian city, you've experienced geography from across the country. Everything from landmarks to wild places and everything in between qualify here!

Even if you've never been all over Canada, the chances are good that you've learned a little something about your home and native land. Geography is a school subject that we all go through, after all. Now it's time to see if you can remember it.

Think you know all about the North and everything that it has to offer? Let's see if you can prove it by going across the country on this quiz!

A few oceans are touching the country. Can you name the ocean that is located on the East coast?

The Atlantic Ocean is one of the largest oceans in the world, so it's only right that it would touch the coast of one of the world's largest countries! A trip to Newfoundland or Nova Scotia would have you right alongside the ocean.


The famous Rocky Mountains border which of the following provinces?

Formed in two different countries, anyone living in British Columbia or Alberta is neighbors with the Canadian Rockies. The mountain formation sits along the border of the two provinces, making them perfect opportunities for climbing.


Sometimes, groups of provinces are known by different names. Which of the following is not a prairie province?

Though British Columbia sits alongside a prairie province, it's not one itself. The other three are, and they are known for being flat and quite open. Many areas in these places are prime for farming and filled with animals.


If you wanted to travel to the smallest province, where would you be going?

On the smaller side of the country, Prince Edward Island is known to be the smallest of the provinces. The population of the province is just over 100 thousand people, which is less than many major cities.


A popular place and capital, which of the following is a city in Nova Scotia?

Halifax is in Nova Scotia, one of the Maritime Provinces. In fact, it has been the capital of the province since the 1700s. Did you know that the city is home to an Old Town Clock that has been there since the early 1800s?


Giving its name to a store, what is known to be the biggest bay in the country?

It's a bay so big that they named a company after it! Not only is it the largest bay in the country, but it's also one of the largest in the world. The only bay that can beat it in the area is the Bay of Bengal.


Do you know what the largest city by area in Canada is?

Leading in both population size and area, Toronto is a pretty important city to Canada. The capital of Ontario, it's not far from the United States and is known for being an entertainment hub.


Flin Flon is a real city, but which province would you find it in?

Canada has quite a few weird town names, and Flin Flon is no exception. The city came about after precious minerals were found and mined, creating the town around this. It's also known for many NHL players who have lived there.


The biggest lake entirely in Canada is Great Bear Lake, but where is it located?

The largest of the lakes within Canada's borders only, you'd have to travel to the North to see it. Many people live along the vast lake, and work along it too! Specifically, miners as there are deposits of uranium in the area.


Which inhabited Canadian island is just off of the coast of British Columbia?

Despite being part of Canada, did you know that certain Mediterranean crops can grow here? The island is known for its mild temperatures making it the perfect place to live if you're not a fan of blizzards and snow but still love Canada!


They're important to our country. Do you know how many Great Lakes there are?

If three's a crowd, what is five? The Great Lakes are important to both Canada and the United States. Some are named for provinces like Ontario, while others are named for states, like Michigan.


Which waterfall is the largest by volume in the country?

Partly located in Canada, the Horseshoe Falls are a magnificent sight to behold. They're also incredibly big, but their most unique feature is the amount of water that pours over the side. This is one reason many people have traveled over the side in barrels, though it's not a good idea!


One of Canada's most well-known places for fun, where is the largest mall in the country?

The West Edmonton Mall is a huge attraction for the city. If you live there, you can visit the amusement park inside at any time of year. Otherwise, this is one awesome attraction that you don't want to miss.


Which of the following aspects of Canada is the longest of any other country in the world?

Canada's coastline is the longest in the world, despite only being the second largest country. Three oceans touch the country, but to the south, it's bordered by the United States. Still, it has more than 243 thousand kilometers of coastline.


While many of our cities could be considered small on a world scale, which city has a population of less than a million?

Winnipeg, Manitoba, is one of the smaller capital cities in Canada by population. Sitting in a more Southern position in Canada, Winnipeg is very close to the United States. In fact, the city closest to it is actually Minneapolis.


Which highway is the longest in Canada and in the world?

The Trans-Canada Highway connects all areas of Canada, which means it has to be long! The highway is useful for traveling across the country or for shipping and mail purposes.


Located in the Maritimes, Newfoundland is which of the following?

Last to join the party better known as the country was Newfoundland and Labrador. It wasn't the last part to join though, as the territory of Nunavut joined later on in 1999. It's no trick question!


Known for its history and beauty, what is unique about Quebec City?

Quebec City is the only city that is still walled in Canada or the United States. It's a city filled with history, being over 400 years old. You can take a guided tour of the walls that were used to protect the city as well.


An interesting landmark, Ishpatina Ridge is which of the following?

Ontario isn't exactly known for mountains, but Ishpatina Ridge is known for being pretty high. The ridge has a tall abandoned tower on it that is still in reach today. It's probably not the best place to climb up, however.


Can you name the largest island in Canada?

A huge island found in Nunavut, Baffin Island is covered in snow and ice. If you visit it, you'll be greeted by many different types of animals such as polar bears and herds of caribou.


If you visited Newfoundland and Labrador, which city would you find?

Labrador City didn't get its name from the dog breed! It started as a mining town, but now it is a great place to live and work in the Maritimes. It's ideal for anyone who loves small towns because less than 10 thousand people are living there.


Can you name Canada's northern-most city from the following?

Alert, Nunavut, is as far north as you can live if you want to stick to the city in Canada. Although it's known as a city, it's really more of a village with less than 70 residents living there in total. It's only for those who can brave the cold conditions and folks from the Canadian Armed Forces.


Though our country is still quite diverse in this category, can you name the biome that doesn't exist within Canada?

Canada may be in the north, but it has all of these biomes except for the tropical rainforest. Many aren't aware that we have our own little desert here, but it's known as the Okanagan Desert.


Where is the famous Olympic Stadium, built for the world-famous games?

In 1976, Montreal hosted the Olympics and built the Olympic Stadium specifically for them. Now the stadium is mostly used for other sports such as baseball, as well as other things such as expositions.


There is a lot to love in which city that is the capital of Saskatchewan?

Regina is Saskatchewan's capital city, not Saskatoon as many may think! This beautiful city brings nature to you with a huge park right within the city limits. In fact, it's more than 2,000 acres.


Where would you find the phenomenon known as pingos in Canada?

Very common in the Northwest Territories, pingos are quite unique. Forming in permafrost, they appear to be hills, but they're created when glaciers put pressure on the area. You can find these elsewhere around the world, not just Canada.


The sunniest city in Canada is which of the following?

Calgary is known for being sunny, so sunny that it's the city that gets the most sunlight in the country. Over 300 days of sunshine a year is what many people dream up. You could say that it's sure to "brighten" up your day!


The longest river in Canada is which of the following?

The largest river also connects to the country's largest lake, Great Bear Lake. It stretches all the way out to the Arctic Ocean. It's also known for being a good source of precious metals like gold.


Can you name the lake that is located within another lake?

Located by Manitoulin Island, this is one unique place in Canada. Also within another lake, it's the largest lake to be situated this way. If you're ever checking out this area, this is one attraction that will give you bragging rights.


Which province or territory is the largest of all by area?

The largest of the provinces and territories altogether is Nunavut, while for the provinces only, it would instead be Quebec. Nunavut may be sparsely inhabited, but it stretches very far north along with islands.


The Yukon is home to which of the following attributes?

This tall mountain is known as Mount Logan, which is the second-highest of all the mountains in North America. If you want to tackle this mountain, there are eleven peaks that you can visit. You might need to plan a more extended trip to visit all of them!


Bigger than some countries in the world, what is the biggest national park in the country?

Wood Buffalo is located in both Alberta and the Northwest Territories, and it's the largest park in Canada by a long shot. There's so much to explore and see from amazing scenic views to the animals that live there.


There are many different areas of the country, but what is the Canadian Shield?

An important part of not only Canada but the continent of North America as a whole, the Canadian Shield is an exposed craton. The main purpose of the craton is to hold up the land around it, so it's not very good for things like farming.


Long ago, a comet created the second largest basin in the world. Where in Canada is it?

Just outside of Sudbury, Ontario is the Sudbury Basin, which was whacked with a crater over a billion years ago. Despite being hit so hard, it has created benefits for us today as being rich in palladium and copper.


The world's strongest current is called by which name?

Found in British Columbia, the Nakwakto Rapids is not something you'd want to surf on! These rapids are the strongest in the entire country, and to find them, you would have to visit Vancouver Island.


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