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Spain, Italy, and France are some of the most beautiful countries in the world. They're known for sprawling, magnificent landscapes, delicious local dishes and desserts, and ancient historical and artistic spots that you won't want to miss exploring. While there are a great many things that these beautiful places have in common, there are others that make them stand out from each other—and that's why you're here!

Do you think you know what sets the cities of France, Italy, and Spain apart? Can you name all the capitals, locate the nearest museums, train stations, historic sites and landmarks, or find your favorite places on a map of Europe? Don't get turned around by the similar-sounding names or the look-alike landscapes. Each of these countries has its own amazing and unique experiences to offer, and there's no better place to start than the cities! Whether you're a globetrotting traveler who has explored the world or you simply love to look at strikingly beautiful photos from abroad, you'll be able to put your knowledge of French, Italian, and Spanish cities to the test in this fun quiz! Then it's just a matter of deciding which incredible country you're going to visit first! 

In which county would you find the capital city of Rome?

One of the most famous Italian landmarks is the Colosseum and it's located in Italy's capital city of Rome. Rome was named for Romulus, the city's historical founder and its first king.


What country is home to the Guggenheim museum?

Europe is home to some amazing and historic museums, including the Guggenheim Museum which can be found in the city of Bilbao, a place known for its modern architecture and bold designs.


Marseille is the second-largest city in what country?

While Marseille may feel a lot like the Italian coastal cities, it is located in France. After Paris, Marseille is the largest city in the country — and it's not hard to see why people love living there!


In which European country would you find the Musee Miniature et Cinema?

You'll find lots of amazing cinema history in Europe, and if you want a chance to explore Hollywood history, props and art, then the Musee Miniature et Cinema in Lyon, France, should be at the top of your list!


Where would you find the city nicknamed "La Ville Rose"?

La Ville Rose translates into "The Pink City" and refers to Toulouse, France. The name was inspired by the red and pink terra cotta that adorns many of the buildings, and there's a lot beyond the beautiful architecture to explore!


If you wanted to visit the City of Arts and Sciences, which country would you go to?

The City of Arts and Sciences is a complex chock full of bold architecture, design, art, and innovation. It is located in Valencia, Spain, and has appeared in films like "Tomorrowland."


This city was nicknamed "The Athens of the Middle Ages." In which country is it located?

Florence has long been a hotbed of art and innovation, even before the Renaissance. It is the largest city in the region of Tuscany, Italy, and was named the Athens of the Middle Ages for its progressive influences.


This country has a city that houses the largest collection of Marc Chagall's work in the world. What is it?

Musee Marc Chagall is located in Nice, France, and is home to the largest collection of the artist's work in the world. In Nice you will also find incredible beaches, colorful homes and a luxury atmosphere.


What country's city would you visit if you were on the hunt for mustard?

Does Dijon sound familiar? Before it was the name of a dinner table favorite, it was a town in France. The city may be relatively small, but there's so much more to explore than just the condiments.


Where could you attend the 500-year-old Feria Del Caballo?

If you're looking for a way to slip back in time, then a trip to Jerez De La Frontera, located in Spain, is the place to visit. The city is over 3,000 years old and is home to horse fairs and the Flamenco dance.


If you wanted to watch an opera at La Scala, what country would you visit?

La Scala is one of the most famous opera houses in the world, and it's located in Milan, Italy. Milan is also known for its fashion, Da Vinci's "Last Supper" and incredible art galleries and boutiques.


The Place de la Bourse and Porte Cailhu were once part of medieval city walls in which country?

While Bordeaux may inspires thoughts of wine, this French city has a long and exciting history beyond food and drink. Some of its most impressive buildings were once used to defend the city from invaders!


This city is considered a capital of the Baroque. What country is it in?

Naples, Italy, is a very important city, historically, artistically and politically. It is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world, with civilization dating back to the second millennium B.C.


Rioja wine comes from a city in which country?

Rioja wine comes from the city of Logrono in Spain. In addition to wine, Logrono is also known for the industries of wood, metal and textile products. It is located on the Ebro River.


In which country will you find the official seat of the European Parliament?

The city of Strasbourg is located in France on the border with Germany. It is one of the main capitals of the European Union and serves as an important location for major political decisions.


Les Hortillonnages is located in a city in which country?

If you're looking for flowers, you'll want to visit Amiens, France. There you'll find Les Hortillonnages, a maze of floating gardens so spectacular, the city is called the Venice of the North.


Which country is home to a city of three lies?

That would be the city of Santillana Del Mar. The three lies are that the city is not a saint (santo), not flat (llana) and neither is it located by the sea (mar). It is still beautiful to visit, however!


You'll find the setting for "Romeo and Juliet" in a city in what country?

"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene." Shakespeare set many a play in Italy, but "Romeo and Juliet" takes place in the city of Verona, which is also known for its opera festival and Roman arena.


Where will you find the city of Turin?

Turin is located in the Italy and is the capital city of the region of Piedmont. It has an extensive history and was influential in the Italian liberation movement. It is now known for its art and culture.


This city is home to the Museum of Evolution and was once called the "City of Gastronomy." What country is it in?

If you love experimenting with food or learning more about human evolution, then you'll want to visit the city of Burgos in Spain. It is known for its blood sausages, UNESCO heritage sites, and parks.


In which country will you find the oldest university in the world?

If you wanted to go to college in 1088, then you'd be attending the University of Bologna, located in Bologna, Italy. The city is ranked one of the top places in the country for quality of life.


Which country is home to the city nicknamed "The City of Ten Churches"?

If you love churches and Medieval French architecture, then you'll want to put the city of Troyes, France, at the top of your list. There you'll find some of the best-preserved sites from the Middle Ages.


Artist Pablo Picasso was born in a city located in which country?

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain, and the city has upheld a tradition of art and culture. It seamlessly blends bohemian living with modern, progressive designs and attractions.


The city nicknamed "La Superba" is located in what country?

In Italian, La Superba translates to "The Proud One," and when you take a quick glance at Genoa, Italy, it's not hard to see why. The city has a rich and exciting history and is home to the busiest port in the country in terms of cargo tonnage.


Where will you find the city of Perugia?

Perugia is located in Italy and should be at the top of your list if you're looking to learn Italian, as it is home to the University for Foreigners. You'll also get to enjoy jazz, history and natural beauty.


If you wanted to run with the bulls, you'd need to visit this city. What country is it in?

Spain is known for the dangerous and historic Running of the Bulls, which takes place in the city of Pamplona. Pamplona also has historic churches, Renaissance paintings and beautiful parks.


You'll find Renaissance-era walls still intact if you visit this historic city in what country?

While the Renaissance took place all over Europe, it is historically known for being an Italian movement. In the Italian city of Luca, you'll find city walls from the Renaissance period still intact.


Where is Annecy located?

Annecy is a French city that is so beautiful it has been nicknamed the "Pearl of the French Alps." It is located between the lake and the mountains, which means not much building or razing has been done since the 1950s.


The old town section of this city houses three UNESCO heritage sites in just two square miles. Where is it?

If you love UNESCO Heritage Sites, you'll want to make Seville your first stop. It is the capital city of Andalusia, the fourth-largest city in Spain and home to the only river port in the country.


In this country, there is a town in a canyon that was carved out by the Gravina River. What country is it?

If you're looking for a completely unique experience, put Matera, Italy, on your list. Its history is ancient, and it is considered one of the first human settlements in the country.


This city is known for its windmills and is located in what country?

Don Quixote needed something to tilt at, right? That's where the town of Consuegra comes in! It is known for its vineyards, along with its windmills, and a lot of saffron comes from the area.


You'll find manmade lakes on three sides of this city. The fourth dried up in the 18th century. Which country is it?

What better protection against invaders was there than water? The city of Mantua, located in Italy, was a hotbed of inspiration and patronage during the Renaissance, making it a great place for historians to visit today.


Where is the city of Nimes?

If you guessed Italy, you're close! Nimes is named for a spring in a Roman village and thanks to its artistic and historical influences early on, has been called the "Rome of France."


The city of Cuenca has hanging houses. What country are they in?

If you're on the search for unique and exciting architecture, Cuenca, Spain, has it. Here, you'll find hanging houses that often have three balconies and are located along the eastern side of the city.


If you were to visit Padua, which country would you be in?

Padua, Italy, is a great place to visit if you're going to Venice, but it's also worth exploring on its own. Padua is home to Europe's first botanical garden and has incredible art from many eras of history.


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