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Since 1937, Disney Princesses have been delivering a kindness and wholesomeness that little girls have cherished throughout their lifetimes. The timelessness of these characters gives us the ability watch and re-watch as they are in peril throughout most of their lives. Luckily, after so many damsels in distress, Disney realized that women were pretty darn good at saving themselves, and they created Princesses who took on the world and their enemies with minimal help (save the occasional animal sidekick/best friend). 

Every Disney Princess made her mark on cinematic history, and every Disney Princess will be remembered for the feats that she (or her prince) had to conquer.  Chances are, you have your favorite Disney Princess who speaks to you more than any other. You may know a lot about her, but do you think you know about all of the princesses? This quiz isn't for the faint of heart. It's only for the fans who know a thing or two about the deep, dark secrets of each character and how those princesses who graced our screens over the decades really changed entire generations. 

If you think you have what it takes to pass this quiz, you're definitely BRAVEr than most. 

Ariel's prince has a name. What is it?

While many of the princes in Disney films don't actually have names that we see or hear on screen, Eric specifically needed a name. This is because the character actually had dialog; he didn't just fight the villain and kiss the girl (even though he also did both of those things).


What does Ariel have to give Ursula to become a human?

Although it sounds like the worst trade of all time, Ariel willingly gives up her voice in order to get the legs she so desperately wants. Unfortunately, losing her voice gives her a set of new challenges when it comes to making the prince fall in love with her.


What kind of animals help Cinderella make a dress for the ball?

While many think that mice are pests, Cinderella found them to be friends. She was so kind to them that they helped her in her time of need. When her stepmother made her too busy to get ready for the ball, her mice friends made her dress for her.


Can you name the villain who put a curse on Aurora?

Maleficent was such an interesting and memorable character that she even received her own series of films. The films are gorgeously made and tell the tale from the villain's side of the story.


Do you know which of these is NOT a name of a dwarf that Snow White knew?

Doc, Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Bashful and Dopey are the seven dwarfs that Snow White meets after she is told to run away by the huntsman. They love her because she cooks and cleans for them while they're at work.


A crab watches over Ariel. Do you remember his name?

The cool crab named Sebastian had a Jamaican accent and one heck of a singing voice. In the beginning of the movie, he is strict and kind of mean to Ariel, but when he realizes she's in love, he does what he can to help her.


All Disney Princesses have animal friends. What is the name of Jasmine's tiger?

While most Disney Princesses simply speak (or sing) to animals, a few have good animal friends that help them along the way. In Jasmine's case, she has quite the pet with a vicious tiger that pretty much only likes her.


What does Merida's mom turn into in "Brave"?

Merida's mother, Queen Elinor, wants nothing but the best for her daughter. Attempting to get her to act like a lady is a little difficult. However, when Merida pushes back and accidentally curses her mother, things get a bit out of hand.


Which character is in love with Belle at the beginning of "Beauty and the Beast"?

Gaston might be handsome, but he's also very rude and conceited. He is so confident that Belle will love him, he plans their wedding and gets everyone together before he even asks her to marry him.


Do you remember the names of Cinderella's stepsisters?

When you watch "Cinderella" for the first time, you realize that the stepmother is obviously playing favorites and her daughters are spoiled. These two are so cruel that they tear Cinderella's dress apart right before the ball.


What color does Belle wear to town to make her look like an outcast?

If you watch the beginning of "Beauty and the Beast" again, you will see that the only person in town wearing blue is Belle. This helps her stand out just a little bit more, and gives a visual that she is an outcast.


Which character was removed from the official Princess lineup?

Tinkerbell only made the Disney Princess official list for a few years. However, in 2005, things changed a little bit for her. Though her title was stripped, she was given a complete world and franchise (Disney Fairy) to run, so it was probably worth the trade.


Which of these Disney Princesses did NOT have to marry into royalty to become a princess?

While some Princesses are made, others are born. Jasmine was actually the first Disney Princess to be better off than the "prince" she fell in love with. And remember, at the end, Aladdin isn't even considered a prince anymore, but Jasmine still marries him.


What kind of business does Tiana want to open in "The Princess and the Frog"?

Tiana's dream throughout the movie is to open a restaurant. She spends years saving up her tip money to get the location that her and her dad had decided on. She's an excellent cook, and she has a heart of gold.


All cartoon characters have large eyes. Which Disney Princess has the largest eyes?

It might not be something that you think about often, but when you do think about it, you realize that Disney Princesses have extremely large eyes. If you look at Rapunzel's eyes in proportion to the rest of her face, you'll see that hers are the biggest.


Do you know which Disney Princess is the only one who has dimples?

Dimples are pretty difficult to make look good, especially with two-dimensional animation. However, Tiana from "The Princess And The Frog" was the first-ever Disney Princess to be drawn with the added detail.


Can you name the Princess that Walt Disney said was his favorite?

The woman who voiced Cinderella, Ilene Woods, heard from Walt Disney himself that Cinderella was his favorite. Who could blame him? Unfortunately, he didn't see some of the strongest female characters his studios produced after his passing.


Do you know the other name Princess Aurora goes by in "Sleeping Beauty"?

While many call her Sleeping Beauty or Aurora, she was known as Briar Rose throughout the film. This helped keep her away from the evil Maleficent ... but it didn't remove the curse by any means.


Jasmine is the princess of which fictional place?

If you remember the song that was sung at the beginning of "Aladdin," you probably know a little bit about Agrabah and the fact that more often than not, it's hotter than hot, in a lot of good ways.


Which of these Princesses is based on a real historical character?

While the story of Pocahontas is skewed quite a bit for the Disney audience, she's based on a real person who was named Amonute. This entire movie takes away from the real hardships that were faced during the time period, but that's Disney for you.


This Disney Princess has the least amount of lines compared to others. Do you know who she is?

Well, "Sleeping Beauty" is asleep for the majority of her part, so she only has 18 lines throughout the entire movie. In addition to the small amount of dialog she had, she only has approximately 18 minutes on the screen.


Who was the first Princess created by Pixar?

Disney finally got hair right with Merida. Not only was this Princess tough and ready to save herself, but she also had some wild and untameable hair ... like most little princesses who looked up to her.


How many Disney Princesses have brothers?

While it makes sense that Disney Princesses don't come from huge families, it's nice to see it once in a while. The only Disney Princess out there who has brothers is Merida. Merida's brothers are the triplets Harris, Hubert and Hamish.


Where is Rapunzel from?

Although we often don't think about where Disney Princesses come from, most of their stories take place somewhere. Both Snow White and Rapunzel come from Bavaria, as do their stories.


How long is Rapunzel's hair in "Tangled"?

Although it might not seem that difficult for an animator to create long hair, it took over 30 animators to get it right. Not only was this hair hard to design to look like actual hair, but it also had to do things that normal hair can't do.


How many older sisters does Ariel have?

King Triton had a total of seven daughters, Ariel being the youngest. This means that Ariel has six older sisters. It must be difficult growing up in a house with so many sisters; this could explain why she wants to grow legs.


Who is the youngest Disney Princess?

Snow White comes in as the youngest Disney Princess, as she's 14 when her movie takes place. While many think Moana is 18, she's actually 16, as is Merida (who looks much younger).


Who gives Snow White the poisoned apple?

The evil queen changes her appearance to look like an old lady. She gives Snow White the poisoned apple that puts the girl into an eternal sleep. Of course, the kiss of her true love can bring her back.


Can you name the Disney Princess who never wears a gown in her film?

That's right! Even though Aladdin and Jasmine live happily ever after, Jasmine never puts a gown on. Even the most adventurous Princesses usually don at least one!


Do you know Cinderella's shoe size?

Noted for her tiny feet, Cinderella was found by her prince for this very reason. Her shoe was tried on by every woman in the kingdom, and she was the only one with feet small enough to fit in it.


We all know that Ariel is the little mermaid, but do you know whose face was used as inspiration for her design?

Back in the '80s, Alyssa Milano was quite the star. She was young and beautiful and had everything ahead of her. For this reason, Disney animators created Ariel to look a lot like her.


Which of these characters are not technically considered Princesses?

Even though Elsa is literally a princess at the beginning of the movie and Anna is literally a princess throughout the movie, these two characters are not considered Disney Princesses ... yet.


Do you know which Disney Princess has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Of all of the Disney Princesses out there, the only one to have her own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood is Snow White. She is the original Disney Princess, and she reigns one of the most beloved of all time.


Which of these ISN'T a requirement to become a Disney Princess?

Yes, there are rules to becoming a Disney Princess! While one might think as long as you're born into royalty and a woman, you're considered a princess, this is not the case. (Although marrying a prince does help.)


Why was Pocahontas made to be 18 years old in the Disney film?

The actual Pocahontas was much younger when she first met John Smith, but Roy Disney wanted the character to be a little older in order to incorporate a romantic angle. Making her 18 supposedly made it totally fine for an older captain to fall in love with her.


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