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Canada is known for its long history that goes back as far as the times when Native People first inhabited the land. Its history is filled with many people who changed the country and worked to make it into the great place that we live and work in today. Many important events took place over the years, such as the formation of our government and the construction of our cities. Think you can remember it all?

Our history has been filled with incredible individuals like Laura Secord, who put their life on the line to help her country. Not to mention Viola Desmond, who stood up to fight for her rights and the rights of others. Without heroic acts like these, things would be much different. While Canada is known for being quite a peaceful nation, there were a few battles fought in our country. These changed our cities as well and, most notably, Quebec City.

With all of this history comes so much to learn about. Have you done your fair share of studying Canadian history? Maybe you took a Canadian history class in your high school? No matter where you learned about it, let's see how much you remember with this quiz!

Canada is known to be home to thousands of lakes, but which lake was discovered by the Europeans in 1669?

Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes and the last of them to be discovered. Did you know that if you're looking to take a swim in a Great Lake, but you're not a fan of the cold, Lake Erie is the best lake to choose? It's the warmest of all of them.


Leif Erikson and the Vikings turned up where in Canada while exploring?

Canada had a visit from the Vikings in the 1000s when they temporarily settled on the coast of Newfoundland. There are still remnants of the Viking civilization in Newfoundland that you can visit today.


An important event for French-Canadians, who was the first French-Canadian Governor General?

Georges Vanier was the Governor-General during the leadership of two Prime Ministers, John Diefenbaker and Lester B. Pearson. He was known to be quite religious and also very interested in integrating both the English and French-speaking people of the nation.


Samuel de Champlain founded which settlement that is still inhibated today?

Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in the country and it was founded by Samuel de Champlain. The city still has much of the architecture that was originally built and it's filled with history.


Can you name the Canadian city that was founded in 1749?

Halifax was founded by the English settlers in the 1700s and was named "Halifax." Shortly after, the name was changed a few times to "Dartmouth" and "Bedford" before reverting to the original name of Halifax.


It came from a misunderstanding! Who was notably the first to call Canada by this name?

Jacques Cartier is significant to Canada for coming over in the 1500s where he had this famous misunderstanding of the Native word "kanata." It means "village," and Jacques Cartier then declared this nation to be called Canada.


Do you know which battle was part of the War of 1812?

While the British forces won many battles, this battle on the Great Lake resulted in a win for the American Forces. It was a naval battle where hundreds were killed and wounded, with some of the British Forces being captured as well.


Which disease killed many in Canada in 1832 during its outbreak?

Brought to Canada after the arrival of an Irish ship, it didn't take long before many in the country contracted the disease. Though it was assured that if people visited the doctor, they could be cured, there was minimal understanding of the disease, and it ultimately killed thousands.


In 1875, which part of the Canadian Court was established?

The Supreme Court of Canada is one of the most important parts of the country's court system. At that time, as Canada was still primarily very much under British rule, court cases could be passed over to the higher British Court.


It was a trip that prepared troops for the worst. During which war did Laura Secord make her famous walk?

Laura Secord is a Canadian hero who walked to warn the British that they would soon be under attack by the Americans. Her heroics prepared the British, and they were able to defend themselves against the attack.


An important organization, in which year did Canada join NATO?

Joining NATO meant that Canada was joining a pact of peace with multiple other countries who also signed on. Today, there are 29 countries in NATO, which include many European countries as well as the United States.


The CBC is an important part of Canada. It was founded for which reason?

Since the 1930s, Canadians have put importance on the arts and other media produced in Canada. The CBC was created for this reason and still exists today to provide a Canadian station to Canadians.


Which famous Canadian landmark was built in 1886?

The Canadian Pacific Railway is an essential part of Canada as it connects the country in one easy way. It also led to a boom in settlement all around the country, not just in the Eastern part of the country.


Crime still takes place here in the north. Bill Miner became famous for being the first to commit which crime in Canada?

Despite being from America, Bill Miner was known for his crimes and committed the first train robbery here in the North. Though he was from America, he was known for being extremely polite, just as we are said to be!


Can you name the city that experienced a General Strike in 1919?

Winnipeg came to a halt in May of 1919 as workers walked out and protested for better working conditions and other rights. After this long strike, unions were formed and helped ensure the wages and conditions for workers were just and fair.


Which province was created because of the Fraser Gold Rush?

Thousands of miners searched for gold on the Fraser River, prompting the creation of a new Canadian province in the mid-1800s. At this time, it was important to put a law into place so that nothing was taken advantage of.


Who was the first hockey team to be awarded the Stanley Cup?

The Montreal Hockey Club was awarded the Stanley Cup for the first time in the late 1800s, an award that is reserved for only the winning hockey team. The Ottawa Senators also won the cup in 2007.


It's where our money-making machines get to work! What year did the Royal Canadian Mint open in?

The Royal Canadian Mint is an important organization that creates all of the money in circulation in Canada. In fact, they also sell commemorative or celebratory currency as collectibles or investments.


Canada becoming a country in 1867 was known as what?

Confederation was one of the most important events in Canadian history, as Canada officially became its own country under this. Now, we celebrate this important milestone yearly on July 1, known as Canada Day.


What type of institution was the first of its kind to open in 1817?

The Bank of Montreal was the first bank ever to open its doors right in Canada. This means that it has existed for over 200 years as it is still in operation today. In fact, it's credited with producing the first of the Canadian dollars in circulation.


While Canada can be quite progressive, at some point in time women's rights were limited. 1920 was the first year that women were allowed to do which of the following?

Agnes MacPhail was the first Canadian woman to win a seat in the House of Commons, paving the way for women in the future to do the same. Despite only Agnes being elected, a handful of other women also ran as representatives for the first time.


The British fought who in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham?

The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was fought between the British and the French over the possession of New France. It ended up as a British victory under the leadership of James Wolfe.


Which prestigious award given to honourable Canadians was created in 1967?

The Order of Canada is one of the highest honours a Canadian can receive. On the day that it was created, exactly 90 deserving Canadians were awarded the medal. Over 4,000 Canadians have received it in total.


There have been many people who have stood up for what they believe in throughout Canada's history. What is Viola Desmond known for?

Much like Rosa Parks, Viola Desmond stood her ground in a movie theater, which was a "whites-only" area. Her bravery is now celebrated, and she has been honoured with her photo on one side of the Canadian $10 bill.


Do you know when women were allowed to be regular members of the RCMP?

In 1974, there were more than 30 women hired onto the RCMP team. While women could work for the RCMP beforehand, they weren't hired as constables and took on other smaller roles instead.


An inuksuk was used at one time by the Inuit for which of the following?

In the Northern parts of Canada, it's important to keep a sense of direction so that you know where you are. The Inuit once used the inuksuk to do exactly this. Now, they are used more commonly as a symbol of friendship.


It's one of the most important symbols of our country. Who designed the Canadian Flag?

George Stanley had big plans when it came to designing the Canadian flag, using his strong grasp of what makes Canada the great country that it is. He knew that it had to have the iconic Canadian colours as well as a symbol that represented the country, so he came up with the flag we now use today.


Helping many Canadians as they age, what was instated in 1966?

The Canada Pension Plan was created in 1966 to help older Canadian citizens with a bit of money to survive. Did you know that Quebec created its own version of the pension plan available to only citizens of the province?


The first St. Jean Baptiste Day celebrated in Canada was held in which year?

St. Jean Baptiste is an important day in French Canada. On June 24th, it is celebrated and considered a holiday in Quebec, a tradition that started back in the mid-1800s after a banquet was held in celebration of it.


Many inventions have originated here, but which drug was invented here in Canada?

Sir Frederick Banting is credited with the invention of insulin, which has helped people worldwide who have diabetes. His invention rightfully earned him a Nobel Peace Prize for saving the lives of many all around the world.


Of the following, what city was made the capital of Canada in 1857?

Ottawa has been the capital of Canada since 1857 and continues to serve as the capital today. Due to its location, it seemed to be the obvious choice, but it was not officially the home of the government until 1866.


What was the name of the first postage stamp to be produced in Canada?

There's no better fitting name than this perfectly Canadian mash-up! Despite having "three" in its name, there were actually four beavers printed on it, which was different at the time as other countries of the Commonwealth would have had a picture of the monarch on them.


We've done it three times in history, but which Canadian city didn't host the Olympics?

Hosting the Olympics is a big deal, and Canada has done so three times. The winter games took place here twice while we hosted just one of the summer games. However, none of the games ever took place in Toronto.


The Dominion Parks Branch is now known today as what?

Parks Canada is what we know it as today, but it was created in 1911 as a way to preserve certain areas of land known as National Parks. It strives to provide the opportunity for Canadians and visitors alike to enjoy Canada's remarkable beauty.


At one time, Canada was divided into two areas. Which modern day province was once called "Lower Canada?"

Quebec took on the name of Lower Canada at this time while Ontario held the name of Upper Canada. Both were important parts of the nation which later expanded as time went on adding new provinces and territories.


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