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We smell questions! You might think some are tough. You might think some are easy, but one thing is for sure. You're going to get a taste of the Halloween spirit if you take this quiz!

'Tis the season for some scary fun. As the weather changes, the world turns orange, and the cold fronts become nearly unbearable. It's a good thing we have scary movies and wholesome family fun to keep us warm. If you love to grab a big bowl of popcorn, turn off all the lights and get your Halloween film festival on, you are going to love this quiz.

Don't go thinking that this is going to be easy. We found 40 movies that every freaky film fan should know. From terrifying slasher films to family favorites, we have movies that you need to add to your Halloween lineup this year. Fair warning: you'll have to know a thing or two about nearly every genre for this one. We aren't sticking to buckets of blood, but we aren't keeping this one squeaky clean either. Do you think you can ace this quiz? Don't worry; if you fail, we won't summon the burning rain of death or anything.

This is one of the most popular cult classics Disney has ever made. Do you know what it's called?

Anyone who loves "Hocus Pocus" knows that it is one of the best Halloween movies ever made. It follows the Sanderson sisters after they come back to life when a virgin lights a candle. Though it wasn't an initial box office success, it's become one of the season's definitive movies in the years since.


Babysitting on Halloween night? Press play on this classic. Can you name it?

This John Carpenter slasher turned Jamie Lee Curtis into the ultimate scream queen. As babysitter Laurie, she spends Halloween night terrorized by Michael Myers. She returned to the franchise in 2018 for the latest installment.


It is widely debated as to whether this is a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie. Can you name it?

One thing everyone can agree on is that "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is a cinematic gem. It includes stop-action animation that rivals most CGI movies that have come out in the last few years.


In which horror-film twist do we get to see scary movies broken down?

"Scream" was a special kind of slasher film that was very self-aware. It pointed out every cliche that the horror genre could offer, making the movie fresh ... even if it followed every one of those cliches.


What is the name of the Charlie Brown Halloween special?

"I got a rock!" says Charlie Brown after every house they visit while trick-or-treating. This special is played every year on network television as a reminder that simple stories can still be gorgeously executed.


Zombies are formed by mad cow disease in this horror comedy. Can you name it?

"Zombieland" stars Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin. They make their way across the country that is now called Zombieland. It's a zombie flick with plenty of humor.


Though it isn't exclusively a Halloween movie, we love watching this witchy movie in October. Do you know what it's called?

"The Craft" made every middle-school-aged girl in the '90s want nothing more than to be a witch. We follow some of the biggest names in female empowerment that the '90s offered starring in this creepy and witchy movie.


When you get someone so mad that they gain telepathic powers, you're in trouble. Which 1976 scream queen movie is this?

"Carrie" was remade in 2013, and the film gives us a reason to rally against bullying or being a mean girl. If you get a girl mad enough, she may just lock you in the gym and terrorize you right back.


Something always happens on Halloween in "Harry Potter" films. Do you know which film in the series this is?

The greatest thing about the "Harry Potter" series is that you can watch it during Christmas or during Halloween ... or whenever you want actually, but it does make for a great Halloween binge-fest.


Which fan favorite is about sisters who are also witches?

"Practical Magic" is a one-part Halloween movie and four parts girl-power movie. In it, we see Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock play gorgeous sisters who have a big problem. Luckily they have a little help.


Can you name this dark family flick?

"The Addams Family" is a dark comedy. In the first installment that came out in 1991, the main focus of the movie is on Uncle Fester, while the later movies focus on the children.


In this Stephen King movie, we see people come back, but they're not the same. Do you know what it's called?

Remember that the book and the movie are both called "Pet Sematary" and not "Pet Cemetery." As a matter of fact, in the book, King even points out how you get used to the misspelling.


For spoof-loving movie goers, this film is a must on Halloween. Do you know what it's called?

Starring Gene Wilder, "Young Frankenstein" is a parody movie that brings us back to the old-school horror films that created the genre. It is still highly quoted today and is one of the funniest movies of all time.


Do you remember this movie about a boy who can talk to the dead?

"ParaNorman" is the story about a boy who sees ghosts so often that he is comfortable around them. He likes ghosts more than he likes regular people ... until a witch comes along and curses his town.


Do you remember this Halloween classic?

What happens when you find out that you come from a long line of witches? "Halloweentown" happens. This movie is fun for the entire family and gives us reason to celebrate the holiday.


Can you name this horror and fantasy favorite that came out in 1988?

There was nothing like seeing a horror movie that wasn't filled with buckets of blood. "Beetlejuice," starring Michael Keaton, was a comedy, fantasy and horror film all wrapped into one. It was (and still is) a masterpiece.


What is the name of this cult classic starring Bill Murray?

If there is something strange in your neighborhood, you know exactly who to call. These guys weren't just fighters strapping on proton packs; they were scientists who studied the paranormal.


Do you know the name of this Tim Burton film?

Tim Burton is basically the king of Halloween. He doesn't necessarily have to have a bucket of blood in every scene to make a great Halloween movie, but he does need a blue filter (apparently). "Corpse Bride" is on par with his other masterpieces.


Can you name this Christina Ricci movie?

When it came to young girls in films in the 1990s, Christina Ricci pretty much had the market cornered. As for Devon Sawa (who played Casper in the film), he was a heartthrob who everyone wanted back then.


European vacations aren't always as relaxing as you plan. What is the name of this terrifying 2019 movie?

You might think it would be fun to go to a pagan festival with your sweetheart, but if it's a real pagan festival, you might not make it out alive. This is what "Midsommar" is all about. Watcher beware; this one isn't for the kiddos.


The Disney ride for this movie was made before the movie. Do you know what it's called?

"The Haunted Mansion" was a movie based on a theme park ride. If you've ever been to Walt Disney World in the middle of summer, you know that this ride was a miracle that spouted air conditioning at you.


The most terrifying movies are based on true stories. Can you name this one?

When "The Amityville Horror" came out in 1979, it was a different kind of terror than horror movie fans were used to. Those who loved being scared even went so far as to visit the house on which the movie was based.


Every Halloween, we remember this found-footage movie. Do you remember what it's called?

"The Blair Witch Project" was a major marketing success. The film used no-name actors who claimed to have survived the ordeal before the movie was released. It was part reality and part documentary, but all horror movie.


Which movie scares those who are afraid of dolls with buttons for eyes?

Although "Coraline" doesn't necessarily have a Halloween theme, it does have a darkness to it that can be rather scary. It's about a young girl who moves into a weird house and slips into a different dimension.


Can you name this Netflix original movie that has been the source of many memes?

Spoiler Alert: You never do figure out the origin of the malevolent force that is causing such pain throughout the world, but you do get to see the sun again, and that's important.


Appealing to children is important on Halloween. Can you name this cartoon starring Adam Sandler?

Even monsters need a place to stay when they're on vacation. If you're ready for a real scare, head over to Hotel Transylvania, where you will find Dracula and his daughter Mavis, running the best monster hotel every made.


Can you name this movie about a kid who brings his dog back to life?

It may be one of the underrated movies on this quiz, but "Frankenweenie" was all about a young Victor Frankenstein who loves his dog and doesn't have many friends. When his dog dies, Victor uses his science skills to bring him back.


Angelica Houston stars in which witch movie?

You can always spot a witch by her avoidance of pointed shoes. This movie was rather terrifying if you saw it at a young age, but it still holds up today as a Halloween classic for the entire family.


What is the name of this movie that includes a serial killer that goes by "Jigsaw"?

The "Saw" movies give us a feeling of dread every time a new one comes out. Not only are they terrifying, but people who like to put themselves in the shoes of movie characters often feel nothing but hopelessness.


When monsters take over New York, sometimes all you have is your video camera. Do you know this movie's title?

Living in New York is great, until a giant monster attacks and takes down some of the biggest buildings ever made. "Cloverfield" (2008) was the kind of movie that made you a little nauseous, but you couldn't stop watching because you wanted to see the beast.


Which slasher film made people afraid of small towns?

Although "House of 1000 Corpses" received mixed reviews, Rob Zombie gave this movie his all. It is terrifying and gives a new name to the backwoods horror. Those who lived in small towns may have found it funny, but those not fond of country roads got another reason to hate them.


There are dozens of zombie movies out there. Can you name this one?

When horror and comedy unite, you get a gem of a movie that can end up in your nightmares and your dreams at the same time. "The Dead Don't Die" wasn't necessarily the most beloved scary movie ever made, but it does have a pretty large following.


In 2012, this film that twists up a game came out. Do you know what it's called?

Playing the Would You Rather game can be fun, but it undoubtedly gets a little weird. However, in this movie, it gets downright terrifying as eight people are trapped in a mansion and have to play the game.


A human and a zombie fall in love in which movie?

If you took the "Twilight" movies and turned all the vampires into zombies, you would get "Warm Bodies." It came out in the supernatural love phase that our country went through and is still revisited by fans today.


As far as '90s thrillers go, this one has a pretty close following. What is it called?

"The Faculty" was a horror movie that was riding on the coattails of teen movies that preceded it, but it gave a little twist. It shows what happens when weird things start happening at a high school. It's funny and creepy at the same time.


Do you recognize this remake about creepy children?

When children are weird in movies, it gives us all the chills. In "Village of the Damned" (1995), we see white-haired children with glowing eyes who can read the minds of the adults. It's just a little terrifying.


This movie probably made you never want to shop at garage sales. What is it called?

"The Possession" is a story of a young girl who becomes a little obsessed over a box. However, some pretty terrible things happen when her parents learn just what was in that box.


What was the name of the Earnest movie that centered around Halloween?

The Earnest movies of the 1980s and 1990s were an excellent way for children to fall in love with slap-stick comedy. With physical and linguistic humor, Jim Varney (who plays Earnest P. Worrell) won over the hearts of many children.


In this '80s monster movie, we see all of the standard Halloween monsters. Do you know what the movie is called?

"Monster Squad" was about young kids who have to fight off Dracula, Gill-Man, Frankenstein's monster and the Mummy, all in one movie. These monsters are on the hunt for an amulet, and it's up to the kids to save the town.


The "Air Bud" craze has been running hot since the 1990s, but do you know what the Halloween installment was called?

Training your dog to make baskets on a basketball court is one thing, but training puppies to save the world from a warlock? That's a little different, isn't it? If you watch it for anything, watch it for the golden retrievers.


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