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Comfort food often takes on the identity of something gooey, cheesy and creamy. But it doesn't have to be. It could be anything, really. Comfort food can be healthy, too. Maybe your mom used to make the best salads for you when you were younger. Now, as an older human being, you might crave salads when you're feeling down and need something to make you feel better. 

Each region also has its own idea of what comfort food is. Cornbread and collard greens are a big part of the South when it comes to needing a little pick me up, while clam chowder and fresh oysters might do the trick if you're up in the New England area. 

But someone who really understands the ways of comfort foods will be able to name all of the comfort foods under the sun. Is that you? Maybe so. These foods are designed to cheer us up when we're sad, make us feel like a kid when the world of adulthood gets to be too much, and help us feel like we've earned a treat. It could be the thing you reach for on a rainy day, a snowy day, a summer day, really any day! Are you the one who can name all the comfort foods? Take this quiz and find out!

Creamy, cheesy and oh so delicious! Which comfort food is a kid, and adult, favorite?

Macaroni and cheese is a food instilled in all of us as kids as being a treat. We carry that into adulthood, as well. You can elevate it by topping it with buttered breadcrumbs and baking it, or you can eat it right out of the pot. No one will judge.


Comfort food doesn't have to be savory. Which sweet frozen treat isn't only reserved for a hot summer's day?

Ice cream sundaes were such a special treat as a kid, something you got on your birthday. But now you can pretty much have them any time you want. Ice cream has no season, so if being stuck inside during a snowstorm makes you want one, go for it.


When you're feeling down, turn to this creamy, or chunky, side dish and make it the whole meal. What is it?

Mashed potatoes require lots of butter, milk and salt to taste at their best. If it's the comfort aspect you're after, you definitely don't want to skimp on these essential ingredients. Add garlic or cheese to really take them to the next level.


If you're from North of the states, which saucy, fried dish will bring you all the comfort you need?

While this can be found at American festivals and food fairs, poutine originated in Canada and is a favorite in that country. It consists of french fries, brown gravy and some other kind of topping like cheese or onion. It can get really crazy, too, depending on which version you get.


Take a trip to Europe and munch on this pillowy favorite of Spain. Can you name it?

Traditionally, this dish is potatoes and onion baked into eggs. It is served warm and eaten tapas style. While there are no tortillas as we know them in there, tortilla, or torta, means "cake" in Spanish.


It's no wonder a lot of comfort food comes from the South, and this fluffy and crunchy treat is no exception. Which is it?

Hushpuppies are a fried batter that usually consists of cornmeal, green onion or chive, cheese and milk to combine. They are often served as the bread course at BBQ restaurants and are even better when served with maple butter.


Taking it back to the sweet side of things, warm desserts really hit the spot. Which fruit-forward dessert would make grandma proud?

As American as apple pie, or so they say. Your grandma usually has the best recipe and a few tricks up her sleeve. There are sauces it can be served with or classic vanilla ice cream. But no matter what, it's bound to make you feel comforted.


If it's a little something healthier you desire, this salad is full of crisp lettuce, salty elements and fit for royalty. Which salad is it?

Caesar salad is one of the best salads, hands down. Topped with grilled chicken or shrimp, it can be a full meal. The salty, savory and creamy dressing is just the perfect thing to eat when you're craving a comforting salad.


Head south of the border for this comforting breakfast that will bring the heat. Can you name it?

Chilaquiles is a specialty of Mexico and consists of tortilla chips and eggs doused with red or green salsa. Add crumbled cheese or even hot sauce to really bring up the heat level.


Take this dumpling-like treat and head to your bed for extra pillowy comfort. Which food is it?

Did you know pierogi is actually the plural of pieróg? So technically, pierogis is not a word. Fun fact! These potato dumplings originated in Eastern Europe and are a favorite comfort food of Poland and Russia alike.


Fall is the perfect time for which classic food combination?

If you really want to jazz it up, cut the grilled cheese up into pieces and use them as croutons for the soup. The salt of the cheese will offset the sweetness of the tomatoes, and the crunch of the bread adds perfect texture.


If this wasn't a staple at your family parties, you missed out. Take a piece of this Italian classic home with you for a midnight snack. What is it?

Whoever thought of layering pasta, cheese, meat and sauce all into one dish was a genius. But then, whoever felt that it belongs on every dinner table at least once a week was an even bigger genius. You can add a salad on the side if you really think it needs it.


Another Italian classic done a little differently, this round delight comes in many shapes, sizes and flavors. Which is it?

Oh, pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be sweet or savory. So it could actually be all four meals, dessert included. Deep dish is a favorite of some, while thin crust and New York style is a favorite of others.


Not every breakfast has to be fruit and avocado toast. Sometimes you want something a little sweeter and stickier, like which of the below?

Cheese Danish or fruit danish, the choice is yours, but they are all delicious. Especially, and don't judge, the store-bought boxed kind. They are sweet, sticky, creamy and utterly delicious. Eat the whole thing, who cares?!


There are many ways to cook this bird, but there's one way that reigns supreme and goes great with biscuits. Can you find it?

Heat up the oil and fry up that chicken. Cover it with syrup, pepper seasonings or eat it alone. There is no wrong way to eat fried chicken. Put it on a waffle, on a biscuit with gravy, with eggs, with your shoe. Really, no wrong way.


Which entire category of food makes people feel like a kid again, especially during a half day of school?

Whether it's Burger King or McDonald's, getting to eat fast food as a kid was so exciting. As an adult, you can pretty much eat it whenever you want. You probably shouldn't, but for the extra pick me up, go for it.


It's the weekend, and it's been a rough week. Order up some of this regional cuisine for a look into the future. What is it?

There are few greater pleasures in life than Chinese takeout. It's easy, cheap and absolutely delicious. There's so many options too! Everyone in the family can get what they want, and it's a nice comforting treat at the end of the week.


Listen, sometimes you just need something sweet and warm at night. Reach for which of these treats for a little dose of nostalgia?

Just like your mom used to make based on the recipe on the back of the bag of chocolate chips, these cookies are still one of your favorites. Bake up a fresh batch whenever you feel sad, or happy, or any emotion really.


On a chilly day, sometimes you want to warm up with a bowl of this creamy, herby and soothing dish. What is it?

Chicken and dumplings is a thick and creamy dish with a whole lot of mouthfeel. Add some crackers to it, and you'll have that crunchy texture that many people crave. Your family probably has a recipe for this, and that's the comforting part.


Fluffy and crispy. How can that be? This pastry can handle as many toppings as you throw at it. Can you name it?

Biscuits go with so many things. Biscuits and gravy. Chicken biscuits. Biscuits and jam. See where this is going? They're also just really good with butter. Eating them warm is a comfort experience you might not be ready for.


Smother this comfort food with vegetables and gravy for a complete meal. Which dish below is a slow cooker favorite?

Pot roast is such a comforting winter dinner, and that's why it's a staple for many families. Throw in some carrots, onions and potatoes and you've got yourself one heck of a meal. Top it off with all of that natural gravy.


Whether you like this treat cake-like or fudge-like, you really can't go wrong. Which square treat will cheer you up no matter what?

If you bake them just right, they should be soft and a little crispy around the edges, and gooey in the center. They're super quick and easy to make and if you don't let them cool, are even quicker to eat.


Which meal in a dish has a somewhat deceiving name?

You can put everything you need for a complete meal inside of a chicken pot pie. You have your protein and veggies and you can add rice or potatoes for some starch. Then it all gets combined with a creamy chicken gravy and topped with pie crust. How could that be bad?


The South has some of the best comfort food around. They aim to make people feel at home. Which dish below is enjoyed by land and sea lovers alike?

The grits part can be cheesy, salty, creamy or spicy. Then you add the shrimp on top, which can be as simple as grilled or sautéed, or as complex as fried or roasted. Either way, you will feel majorly comforted after eating it.


Take a stroll through the mall to get one, or get brave and make this swirly item yourself for the perfect sweet breakfast. What is it?

Cinnamon rolls covered in cream cheese frosting are such a treat that make you feel like a kid again. Once you learn how to make them, you'll be able to have them whenever you want and then you'll know exactly what ingredients go into it.


Sometimes you just need something juicy enough to drip down your arm. This comfort food comes in clutch with all its meaty glory. Can you name it?

Cheeseburgers are perfect for satisfying that cheesy, meaty, juicy craving. And anything that sits between two hunks of bread is a winner in our book. If you order it well-done, you should probably just order a hockey puck instead.


Not all comfort foods need to be chewed. Sip this kid favorite through a straw and instantly feel better. What is it?

Chocolate milk goes great with anything, and it's also the perfect snack all on its own. If you make it yourself, you can control how chocolatey it is, which is perfect because of those extra stressful days you can really bump it up.


No one does it the way your mom does it, so get her recipe and make this loaf for dinner. What are we talking about?

Everyone says their mom has the best meatloaf recipe. While that is impossible, to each person, their mother's recipe is the best. It can be a mixture of a bunch of different ground meats or just a few. Top it with ketchup before baking for an added bonus.


Another thing made in a loaf pan, but not savory at all, is this quick bread just meant to be toasted and slathered in butter. What comfort bread is it?

If you miss your bananas window to eat them as is, mash them up and put them in banana bread. It's sweet, crumbly and really shines when put in a toaster. Make sure it cools first, or it'll fall into the abyss of your toaster and you'll never see it again.


Lighten up your comfort food needs with which refreshing summer delight?

Fruit salad is great because you can take any fruit you have on hand, or customize it only to have the fruits you like. It's the worst when you go to a picnic with a fruit salad, and it's all melon, but you hate melon. Feel free to also leave out the grapes.


You can never have enough breakfast food, and it doesn't only have to be eaten in the morning. Which breakfast carb below is up for whatever toppings you bring to the table?

Pancakes are just ... man, pancakes make us speechless! They are soft, but buttery and crispy around the edges and are even better when topped with butter, syrup, fruit and even bacon. Eat it for dinner for a comforting end to the day.


Usually served as a side dish, this comforting picnic food could fill up your entire plate if you really wanted it to. What is it?

Some make macaroni salad pretty simple, but it can be dressed up with peppers, onions, olives, tomatoes, basically whatever you want! Add the amount of mayo of your choice and pile your plate high with this picnic staple.


Whether you put the crumb topping on it or not, it's still a comforting treat to eat on the couch while watching movies. Can you name it?

Muffins are sometimes known as a lesser cupcake because they don't have frosting. But what blueberry muffins do have, most of the time, is a sweet crumble topping. Try not to eat that first so that you get some in every bite.


Appetizers can be the most comforting way to start a meal. Which one really takes the cake because it's both parts cheesy and earthy?

If you want to trick yourself into thinking it's healthy because it has spinach and artichokes in it, go for it. You can dip bread, chips, pita or a spoon into this dip to get the whole experience. Extra cheese is always a good option too.


If you live near the water, which comforting fish dish has probably been a staple on your table for a while?

Crab cakes are a seafood lover's delight, and some downright crave it when they want something fresh and tasty. Especially in the summer, imagine coming home from a long day, not wanting to cook, and getting crab cakes from your favorite local seafood place. Heaven.


This is really on the comfort snack scale, and it's really up there. It's salty, it's soft and it's great when used as a vessel for cheese. Which snack is it?

Soft pretzels are great on their own but top them with mustard or nacho cheese, and you've got yourself a real winner. If they used to sell them at your school at the end of the day, you really know what's up; if not, you missed out.


BBQ is an American classic and can be found almost anywhere. When you have a craving for a sweet and smoky dinner, which of the below is exactly what the name says?

Pulled pork can be eaten on a sandwich, by itself, with French fries or potato chips, on top of nachos or even a burger ... there really are endless options. Douse it with your favorite kind of barbecue sauce, like a vinegar or tomato-based sauce, and be merrily on your way.


Pudding is a classic dessert, and oh so comforting when no other sweet will satisfy that certain tooth. Which pudding has a crunchy element as well?

Banana pudding isn't actually banana flavored pudding. It's vanilla pudding, sliced bananas and vanilla wafer cookies all layered together. It's sweet, crunchy and smooth and makes for the most satisfying dessert.


One of the most classic food combinations ever, this comfort food will take you right back to your childhood. What is it?

Peanut butter and jelly can be a super simple sandwich, or it can be elevated with homemade bread, jam and fresh peanut butter. But you don't need to go the extra mile to make it special.


Listen, sometimes you want your comfort food to take just minutes before it's in your mouth. This crunchy microwave treat is just that. What is it?

Microwave popcorn is a perfect after-school snack, after dinner snack, after work snack, you get the idea. Toss it with butter and salt, or spice it up with cheese or Cajun seasoning. Any way you do it, you'll feel the comfort.


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