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There are so many things to see and do in Canada. From visiting the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia to the flowing Atlantic Ocean by Nova Scotia and beautiful Prince Edward Island, it could take a long time to truly experience the country in full. But along the way, you'll definitely have to stop and have a bite to eat. Fortunately, Canada is home to many snacks you may not have even heard of. It's more than just maple syrup and Tim Horton's in the north!

While Canada is often stereotyped by the food that is most often associated with the country, it is true that they are a big part of everyday life. A little bit of maple syrup on some bread is the perfect morning treat for many Canadians. It's true, grabbing some Tim Horton's coffee on the way to work in the morning is a tradition as well.

Whether you've made your way to Canada and tasted some of these treats yourself or even if you've never been there at all, chances are you can still get a few of these Canadian snacks right. If you think you can ace this, give it a shot to see if you can eat like a true Canadian!

Chocolatey on the outside, when you bite into it, it's a whole new world. What is the name of this sticky treat?

A Caramilk bar is quite the tasty treat, with a caramel filling inside it. While the standard candy is in the form of a regular chocolate bar, there are also different variations which include bars that are called "chunky." They're a thicker version with more caramel goodness inside.


This candy was British made, but Canada eventually put its own twist on it. Can you name the unique candy bar shown here?

The Mackintosh Toffee Bar was inspired by the English creation of candies of the same name. In Canada, it was turned into a candy bar and now there are many ways to eat it. If you've got strong teeth then you can try to take a bite out of it, but we wouldn't recommend it!


You won't want to mistake these candies for M&Ms, as they have a distinct name in Canada. What are they known as in the Great White North?

What many think of as the Canadian M&Ms actually have many differences from actual M&Ms. The colors are different than those of the M&Ms, and upon opening the box, you'll notice that the size is also much different. You also won't find any writing on these candies.


There's nothing as bubbly as this delicious snack. Can you name it?

The texture of this chocolate bar is like nothing you've ever tried before. Inside, there are tiny bubbles that melt if you touch your tongue to them. It feels weird if you're not used to it, but you can always think of it as the soft drink of the chocolate bar world.


Everything is better when it's chocolate covered, but can you name this chocolate covered candy?

While raisins by themselves may not be appealing to you, chocolate covered ones make them that much better. In Canada, the popular brand of chocolate covered raisins are called Glosettes, but around the world, there are many different brand names for these candies.


You might do a double take after taking a bite into one of these tasty snacks. Which snack is shown here?

Coffee Crisps taste just as they sound — like coffee. This is something that makes them handy if you're ever in a rush and don't have time to make that perfect morning coffee. One downside is that you'd be eating chocolate in the morning!


It's obvious that all places have chips, but Canada is known for having diverse flavors as well. Can you name the flavor of these chips?

Dill pickle chips are just one of the many unique flavors that Canada has to offer. While they don't taste exactly like a real dill pickle, the taste is quite close. It's one of the staple foods you don't want to miss if you ever visit the country.


This drink is best served cold. Can you name this fan favorite?

Caesar Cocktails are notorious for being a great drink of choice at any restaurant. If there was one drink that could be compared to the Caesar Cocktail, it's the Bloody Mary. You'll have to decide which one you like the best, but we'd bet that the Caesar would be pretty delicious as well.


Ice cream made by this company is as Canadian as it gets on hot summer days. Do you know which ice cream this is?

Chapman's Sundae ice cream is just one of the many different flavors the company makes. The brand is Canadian born and made, meaning that it is the perfect way to enjoy all-around Canadian ice cream!


Another type of chip, these ones are quite oddly shaped. Can you name the chip that is shown here?

Small and straight, these chips are extremely delicious. They're not your conventional chip, however, as the art of eating them is much different than that of a regular chip. There really is no art to it, you either eat a bunch at once or eat them one at a time.


It's one of the most famous Canadian treats there is. What is the name of this greasy treat?

Poutine is one snack that most think of when they think of Canada. The greasy treat can be found in restaurants all around Canada, and they often put their own twist on it. There is a legend that the poutine was created in Quebec, where its French name came from.


This treat is one that Barack Obama even enjoyed on his trip to Canada. Do you know what the name of it is?

BeaverTails are one treat that you must try if you ever visit Canada. They come in many flavors, with the standard being cinnamon and sugar, but it's possible to have so many more options. While these treats are extremely popular in Canada, the stands can be few and far between.


These cookies are even shaped to match the taste. Can you name them?

Maple leaf cookies can be a single wafer or made with two wafers and a creamy maple flavored middle. Although the cookies are created by different companies, the recipe is usually the same or quite similar. The maple leaf is as Canadian as it gets.


One of the most Canadian restaurants makes a pastry that is just as famous. What is it called?

Tim Horton's is one of the most famous doughnut shops in Canada. TimBits are very popular pastries that are often called doughnut holes. It's a great use of the extra dough that is left over from doughnuts.


The unique chip flavors never end when you're in Canada. What flavor are these chips?

Some may say it's gross, but Canadians say it's as good as it gets. Why put actual ketchup on your chips when buying them with the flavor is much less messy? It's hard not to love the taste of these uniquely Canadian chips.


While the food is available all around the world, it's known as something completely different in Canada. Do you know what it is?

Kraft Dinner is the Canadian version of mac and cheese. While it probably sounds familiar to you, it may be because in the United States, it's simply known as Kraft Mac and Cheese. If a Canadian ever invites you over to their house and offers you Kraft Dinner, now you'll know what you're in for!


It's a great feeling to crack open one of these along with your dinner. Can you name the Canadian soft drink shown in this photo?

Everyone knows about Orange Crush, but Cream Soda is another flavor in the line. While the cream soda in Canada is called "Crush", the United States instead drinks Fanta. Although they go by different names, they're both just as good.


One popular snack for kids to take on their lunches are these tasty packages. These cookies and icing are known as what?

Dunk-A-Roos were a staple in every kid's lunchbox in the '90s and early 2000s. They came in many different flavors, such as vanilla icing or rainbow sprinkles icing. If you brought these to school with you as a kid, you were thought of as being pretty cool.


These snacks come in two shapes which both have a way of resembling the moon. Do you know what the name of it is?

Known as a "cake," Jos Louis are quite tasty as snacks. They're chocolate covered with cream in the middle and a great way to fill yourself up when you're on the go. You can also choose between whole and half Jos Louis.


Shown here is a candy bar with a name that Germans will know as "wonderful." What is it?

There's no better way to feel wonderful than to munch on a "Wunderbar." In Germany, the very similar chocolate bar is better known as a "Starbar." Despite being a Canadian chocolate bar, it's known by the German word for "wonderful".


One of Canada's favorite breakfast cereals is shown here. Do you know what it's called?

You might have thought that one of the most famous Canadian breakfast foods would taste like maple syrup. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Shreddies come in either the original flavor or honey flavor, so your options are limited.


The best way to enjoy this treat is in the city that it's named after. Which Canadian treat is this?

Nanaimo Bars are one great snack to have if you want something that takes next to no time to cook. It's really easy to make using only three ingredients which are wafers, crumbs, and chocolate. You don't have to be Canadian to enjoy this great creation.


A name can mean a lot, and in this case is truly a great descriptor for this behemoth chocolate bar. Can you name it?

Mr. Big chocolate bars are very famous in Canada. It's hard to miss them on the shelf of a store due to their big size. It's often said that the bigger, the better. Mr. Big proves that this statement is true!


Can you name these delicious little snacks that are from Ontario, Canada?

Maltesers are made in Ontario, Canada, where they are shipped to the rest of the country. Just recently, Maltesers have made their way into the United States as well, giving Americans a little taste of Canada.


You might want to do this if you get a taste of this snack. What is it called?

Eat-More Bars may not look very appetizing, but they do live up to their name. One taste is all you need to know why these chocolate bars continue to take up space on supermarket shelves in Canada.


It may not look like it, but this snack is pretty delicious. Do you know what it is?

This may not look like the most appetizing meal at first glance, but one taste can change your entire opinion. That is why they tell you not to judge a book by its cover. This is one instance where you'll be glad that you listened.


Do you know the name of this snack that is quite a "delight" to bite into?

If you know the Turkish Delight, then you already know the half about Big Turk. Just add chocolate and you'll have yourself a chocolate bar of your own. It's one that is hard to pass on when shopping in the grocery store.


Toffee lovers should know which candy this is. Can you name it?

This is one candy you might want to eat with some water. It's a classic Cadbury candy that is filled with Sponge Toffee. If you're into chocolate and toffee then it's the chocolate bar you'll want to go to if you're ever in the North.


One other wacky chip flavor that you can find in Canada is shown here. Do you know what it is?

All dressed doesn't really describe the flavor as most other flavor names do. The ingredients in all dressed are things like sour cream, tomato and salt. All mixed together they make a great seasoning on a bowl of chips.


You can't say you've experienced Canada if you didn't try some of this! Do you know what this sticky food is?

While many know maple syrup to be associated with Canada, there is probably a lot that people don't know too much about it in general. For example, it takes a lot to produce the real maple syrup. One important step to making it perfect is to find a tree old enough and large enough to produce it.


A drink fit for a queen, what is the name of this delicious beverage?

Tea is usually a beverage that is associated with England, but this specific brand has a different history. Canada is part of the Commonwealth, after all. Created in New Brunswick, Red Rose Tea has been around for more than a century and it has left its mark on the nation.


This Canadian snack is a little more than just a snack. Do you know which candy with a hidden treasure this is?

While this may look like a chocolate egg at a first glance, inside there is a little toy for kids. You'd need to unleash your inner builder in order to make the creatures, gadgets and trinkets that are found in the middle. Or the yolk, as you may think of it!


You might have never guessed that this snack was born out of a contest. Can you name this winning recipe?

While this snack is Canadian, the United States has had a taste of it. It was available there for a short period of time, later being phased out. Luckily, there are still ways to order it from Canada, so Americans don't have to miss out on this hard chocolate bar with crispy peanut flake inside!


It's not Canadian without a little bit of this Canadian snack. Can you name it?

In signature Canadian style, maple taffy is one thing you have to try if you visit Canada. However, if there's snow where you are, then you can try it almost anywhere! All you need is some maple syrup, a stick and a clean patch of snow.


Although they're small, these tiny pastries can pack quite a punch. What are they?

Biting into a butter tart provides you with a unique Canadian taste. You'll have to prepare yourself for the sugar, because this pastry has quite a bit of it. We wouldn't suggest eating one before you go to bed.


The regular kind is found all over the world but Canada is known for their specialty kind. What is shown here?

While it can be hard to resist regular bacon, in Canada, peameal bacon is pretty irresistible. The difference between the two is that the peameal bacon is rolled in cornmeal and then cooked. You'd have to taste it to really understand the true difference.


You might have never guessed that this was a Canadian delicacy by the name. So, what is the name of it?

It sounds like it comes from the state of Hawaii, but it is truly a Canadian delicacy. It comes from a creative man who lived in Chatham and he was an adventurous eater. He happily invented this flavor of pizza that we still enjoy today.


While it all means the same thing, there are multiple different spellings for this Canadian treat. What is it?

Pierogi are dough with a filling of usually cheese and potatoes, but you can experiment with other ingredients as well. Like many other dishes, if you're traveling around the country, you might find a few slight differences in the recipe. But that's what really spices things up!


What is the name of this pie-like snack that you can find in Canada?

Tourtiere is a delicious dish that comes from the province of Quebec. One of the main ingredients is the meat that you put in it which is most commonly beef. On Canadian holidays, they are a great treat to serve to guests.


Another delicacy in Quebec, can you name the delicious dairy product shown here?

Oka Cheese comes from a town in Quebec of the same name, but is loved in Canada. You can enjoy whichever of the four types of the cheese you like the best, but Regular is probably the type you'll want to go for first.


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