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Whether you can understand the lyrics or not, K-pop music has been making a splash across the world, including in the United States. The vibrant music videos and catchy tunes have allowed everybody to dance and sing along to songs like "Boy with Luv," "Kill This Love" and "Fancy." But before you take this K-pop quiz, let's discuss some of the most popular artists and groups of all time!

You might have heard of  "Gangnam Style" and the famous group, BTS, but what about Super Junior, TWICE and EXO? These talented groups are popular for songs like "Mr. Simple," "What is Love?" and "Love Shot." Some K-Pop artists are also actors, such as D.O. in "Hello Monster," Kim Hyun-joong in "Playful Kiss" and Im Yoona in "God of War." Other popular K-pop groups include Miss A, T-ara and Wonder Girls, who have all been nominated for many awards (and they've all won their fair share too). K-pop groups typically consist of many members, and it's not unusual to find 10, 13 or even 27 members in one band (the latter of which, Apeace, have since decreased their number of members down to 15). 

So if you're feeling "Energetic" today, then it's time to take our fun K-pop quiz now!

Halsey is a featured artist in this music video. Can you name the song?

If you know the first few lyrics as "How's your day" and "Oh tell me (oh yeah yeah)," then you probably also know that this music video won the MTV Video Music Award for Best K-Pop.


There are four members in this girl group, but do you know what they're singing in this music video?

The members of BLACKPINK are Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé. The group has been featured on the Billboard 200, the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard World Digital Songs. Some of their other popular songs are "Boombayah" and "Don't Know What to Do."


This music video contains the lyrics "Hakuna matata." Can you name it?

There are eight members in the Korean band "ATEEZ," and their hit song "Wave" was released in 2019. The music video was directed by Jason Kim, who also directed two of their other music videos titled "Say My Name" and "Hala Hala."


This song is featured on the album "Fancy You." Can you guess what it is?

If you're a fan of "Fancy," then you might know some other songs in this album, such as "Girls Like Us," "Hot" and "Turn It Up." The TWICE group also consists of nine members, and they've been featured on several hit charts, like the Billboard US World Albums.


The name of the band is actually revealed in the song lyrics, but do you know what it is?

You'll find this song on the album "UNVEIL Stray Kids." The band consists of nine male members, and they're currently signed with the JYP label. Some of their other popular songs include "I Am You" and "Double Knot."


This song is on the album "You Made My Dawn," but do you know what it is?

If you feel at "Home" with this song, then you'll love other singles like "Happy Ending," "Pretty U" and "Adore U." And did you know that the "SVT" group also consists of 13 members?


If you know Taehyun and Soobin, then you might recognize the song they're singing here!

Also known as "Tomorrow by Together," TXT consists of five members that specialize in both K-pop and hip-hop. They've also received many awards, such as the Best New Male Artist award and the Male Rookie Idol of the Year award.


Can you recognize this song from these lyrics: "I make you patient. I make you puppy. I make you hungry"?

Her stage name might be Hwasa, but did you know that her real name is Ahn Hye-jin? She's best known for her hit song "TWIT," as well as "Love Comes," "Dab Dab" and "Loving One Person."


This song is on the album "4colors," but are you able to name it?

Released in 2019, this music video features vibrant colors, a charming house and lots of "gogobebe" lyrics. The group has also received the Best Music Award, Artist of the Year (award) and the Best Icon Award.


Can you guess this song, which is sung by six members?

If names like Soojin, Minnie and Miyeon sound familiar to you, then you're probably aware of some of their other hit songs, such as "Blow Your Mind," "Senorita" and "Hann (Alone)."


The first line of lyrics is "Come in to you, you." Do you know what this song is?

This popular K-pop song is featured on their album, "Treasure Ep. 2: Zero To One." The band is also known for other hit singles like "Wonderland," "Aurora," "Treasure" and "Pirate King."


If you're hungry for some "ice cream cake" in these lyrics, then maybe this song will make you "feel the rhythm"!

The group consists of five female members and specializes in R&B, K-pop, electropop and dance-pop genres. They have also released two studio albums, and many singles like "Bad Boy" and "Rookie."


The name of this group can also be written with a ♠ symbol. Can you name this song in this music video?

The "a" in KARD is sometimes replaced with a ♠ symbol for a stylish effect. The group consists of two male and two female members, and they are known for other hit songs like "You in Me" and "Don't Recall."


You'll find the name of this song in the very first line of the lyrics. Can you name the band and the song?

Neo Culture Technology 127 consists of ten members, and they're known for producing music in the K-pop, hip-hop and dance-pop genres. You might also recognize some of their other singles, such as "The 7th Sense" and "Boss."


Two of their members are Jiwoo and B.M, but what specific song are they singing?

KARD has been around since 2016 with songs like "Rumor," "Hola Hola," "Oh NaNa" and "Ride On the Wind." They've also won the Rookie Award and the New Wave Award (for music) in 2017-2018.


You'll find this song on the album "SpinningTop: Between Security & Insecurity." Want to guess the name of the song?

If names like Mark, BamBam and Jinyoung ring a bell to you, then you might be familiar with some of their other studio albums like "Present: You" and "Identify." The group has also won the World Hallyu Star award.


This song has the lyrics "They keep talkin', I keep walkin'," but can you name it?

These five members are known for songs like "Cherry," "Dalla Dalla" and "Want It?" in the genres of hip-hop, K-pop and electropop. They've also won the Female New Artist award for 2019.


JB and Yugyeom are two of the members in this group. What's the name of the song they're singing?

This talented duo is known for releasing songs in the R&B, K-pop and alternative R&B genres. Other popular songs in their "Focus" album include "Long Black," "Senses," "Touch" and "Love Talk."


Mia, Aisha and Onda are some of this group's members. What song are they singing in this video?

The Everglow group made their debut in early 2019 with a total of six members. Currently, they have two released albums, which are "Arrival of Everglow" and "Hush." They are also featured on the TV series "When the Devil Calls Your Name."


The lead singer is also known as Kim Chan-mi. What song is she singing here?

Born as Kim Chan-mi, Chungha is known for hit singles like "Gotta Go," "Why Don't You Know" and "Love U." She's also been featured alongside Ravi, Groovy Room and Babylon in other music videos.


You might have recognized the lead singer on the show "Fashion King Korea," but can you guess the song that she's singing here?

Born as Lee Sun-mi, Sunmi has built an impressive career as a K-pop singer. She has received both songwriting and composing credits, as well as many award nominations. Some of these include Best Dance Performance – Solo and the Popularity Award.


This group is versatile in genres like J-pop, K-pop and EDM. Can you name this hit song?

TWICE stays busy with modeling endorsements, reality TV shows and plenty of popular songs and music videos. There's even a documentary about them called "Twiceland," which was released in 2018.


The name of this group can also be written with a Δ symbol. Want to try and guess this iconic song?

You might be familiar with this group's sub-units, which include Loona yyxy, Loona 1/3 and Loona Odd Eye Circle. There are also 12 members in the group, and they've been creating songs like "Favorite" and "Hi High" since 2016.


This group is known for albums like "No. 1" and "Black Dress," but can you name this song from the pictured music video?

"Crystal Clear" is the meaning of the group "CLC," and they currently consist of seven female members. They also have two Japanese album releases, which are "High Heels" and "Charisma."


This song is featured on the "I Made" album. Want to guess the name of it?

This Latin-inspired song blends several instruments together and is featured alongside other singles like "Put It Straight" and "What's Your Name." (G)I-dle also consists of six female members.


This group is known for singles like "We Young" and "Cherry Bomb," but what is the song in this music video?

NCT Dream consists of seven members and specializes in the funk, K-pop, teen pop and hip-hop genres. They have also released several studio albums, which include "Awaken" and "Regular-Irregular."


"The End of Nightmare" album features this catchy song, but are you able to guess the group behind it?

Some of the members of Dreamcatcher include Handong, SuA and Gahyeon, and they're known for popular singles like "Love Shake," "Chase Me" and "Breaking Out." They were also once known as MINX.


You'll find this song on an album of the same name. Can you identify it?

A.C.E consists of five members with hit songs like "Cactus," "Callin'," and "Take Me Higher." They've also won several awards like the Next Artist Award, Rookie of the Year and the Rising Star Award.


This group specializes in both synthpop and bubblegum pop, but can you name this song?

There are six members in the Apink group, and they've received numerous awards, including the Best Celebrity Award, the Hot Trend Award and the Hot Performance of the Year (award).


If you're friends with Yoon San-ha and Cha Eun-woo, then you might be able to guess the name of this song!

This K-pop group is comprised of six members who are known for hit singles like "Crazy Sexy Cool," "Always You" and "Hide & Seek." They've also received the New Wave Award and the Popularity Award.


This song features the lyrics "Got no one but you." Can you name the band behind it?

You'll find this popular song on the album "The Dream Chapter: Star." This group, also known as "TXT," features five members with other hit songs like "Our Summer," "Blue Orangeade" and "Nap of a Star."


This singer has appeared on "Exo Next Door." Can you identify the song that he's singing?

You might have also seen Baekhyun on "To the Beautiful You" and "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo." The actor, singer and songwriter is also known for songs like "Dream," "Dear My Family" and "Young."


This group won the M2 Most Popular Artist award in 2019. What song are they singing here?

With 12 members and popular songs like "La Vie en Rose," "Vampire" and "Buenos Aires," IZ*ONE is a K-pop and J-pop group that has been around since 2018. They were also featured in the music video "Rise" with Jonas Blue.


This singer was actually born in Canada, but what's the name of this catchy song here?

Born as Ennik Somi Douma, Somi is a singer and a songwriter who is known for hosting the 26th Seoul Music Awards and the Music Bank World Tour: Berlin. She's also been nominated for the M2 X Genie Music Award in the category of Female New Artist.


If you've seen this group on "Produce X 101" and "Prison Life of Fools," then you're sure to guess this song!

X1 made their debut in 2019 with hit songs like "Like Always," "Move" and "I'm Here For You." The 11-man group has also received two KMCA platinum certifications for "Emergency: Quantum Leap."


This group blends jazz, R&B and K-pop genres together in their music. Can you guess this popular song?

With songs like "Rainy Season," "Wind Flower" and "Piano Man," Mamamoo has made a splash in the K-pop world since their debut in 2014. Some of their most prestigious awards include the Bonsang Award, Favorite Vocal Artist award and the Top 10 Artists award.


This group is quite iconic with six members and albums like "Welcome Back" and "Return." Can you name this song in the music video?

If you're feeling "OK" with iKon, then maybe you'll like some of their other songs like "Rhythm Ta," "My Type" and "Dumb & Dumber." They have also appeared in "Heroes of Remix" and "YG Future Strategy Office."


If you're familiar with the lyrics "You know boy boy boy boy," then you might be able to guess the name of this song!

Kim Chung-ha, or Chungha, has an extensive discography of singles, collaborations, music videos and songwriting credits. She's also a choreographer, a dancer and an alma mater of Sejong University.


This song was released on the "Light Us" album, but can you identify it?

There are six members in the Oneus group, and they are known for singles like "Lit" and "Twilight." They have also received the Next Artist Award, the Rising Star Award and a nomination for the Male New Artist Award.


Can you guess the song from these lyrics: "Heart boom boom girl you're killing me"?

Also known as "Sensational Feeling 9," SF9 consists of nine members who specialize in dance-pop, hip-hop, K-pop and R&B genres. They've also been around since 2016 with singles like "Fanfare," "Mamma Mia" and "Easy Love."


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