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The term "junk food" sometimes comes under fire for sending a bad message about food, but really what junk food means is whatever food feels like a treat, and that could mean something different to every person. Maybe your idea of junk food is maple syrup in your coffee, or maybe it's a giant bowl of mac and cheese that you're finishing off all by yourself. Maybe it's food you ate as a kid. No matter what you see as junk food, would you be able to name your favorites, and the favorites of others, from just a sentence? We're about to find out.

Some foods are notorious for their look, feel and taste, like that signature powder left on your fingers after diving into a bag of cheese puffs. You also definitely know the stickiness of the icing that comes with your beloved toaster pastries. Certain cereals may have signature smells for you, and then there's that one in particular that leaves the roof of your mouth feeling like an oil slick. But they are so delicious you almost don't care. Think you can name the junk foods in this quiz from a single sentence? Take the quiz now to find out!

Thomas Jefferson brought this crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside food to America in the early 1800s, but Belgians consume more of it than anywhere else. What is it?

The origins of french fries are somewhat murky, with some giving credit to the Belgians and some to the French. Fun fact: When you're writing about them, the "french" should be lowercase, since it refers to the way the potatoes are cut rather than the country of France.


This junk food was surprisingly invented in Scotland while the rest of the world was still baking or boiling it. Which food is it?

Fried chicken is a staple in so many cuisines, but the South really does it best. The recipes are past down from generation to generation, and in some restaurants, the oil they fry their chicken in is over 50 years old. Trust us, that's a good thing.


France takes ownership of which gooey and melty junk food below that is best when dipped in red sauce?

Go to any restaurant and they'll have some version of this junk food. If they're fancy, they might call it mozzarella fritti, fritta or crispy mozzarella. But they're all basically mozzarella sticks. Don't forget the marinara sauce for dipping!


Stop the truck and get your hands on this creamy and dreamy summer favorite that was first produced in 1851 in Boston, Massachusetts.

There are maybe endless ice cream flavor combinations out there right now since the birth of artisanal ice cream and the resurgence of classic, hand churned ice cream. But nothing can beat the ice cream truck in the summer.


The national holiday for this Northern Mexico food where each bite can be piled high with a different topping is on Nov. 6. Can you pick the right one?

Nachos can really be topped with anything, and the base doesn't have to only be tortilla chips. It feels like every region has their own version, and every cuisine has their own take on it. In most cases, guacamole isn't extra.


Did you know this food was originally a twisted shape, and it wasn't until a New England captain put a hole in it that it became what it is today? What is it?

Doughnuts have become a real art form. There are filled doughnuts, frosted, glazed, cake, pastry and more if you can believe it. There are places like Voodoo Doughnuts that do crazy toppings, and more classic places that stick to the delicious basics.


No one really knows the true origin of this food, with the most popular topping mustard with ketchup being a close second. Which junk food is it?

While hot dogs are most known for being enjoyed at baseball games and summer barbecues, they can actually be eaten at any time and in any place. Squiggle some mustard or ketchup on there for good measure.


The most well-known brand of this junk food was originally made at Disneyland using up a surplus of tortillas. Can you name it?

We all know and love nacho cheese chips, those triangle ones that slightly burn your tongue from the salt, but fill your mouth with flavor. It's like two snacks in one, too, since you definitely have to lick your fingers after.


Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, which saucy snack can be eaten hot or cold, and with the most expensive one being $12,000?

We're basically programmed to love pizza as human beings. Some people like white pizza with veggies on it while other go with the classic pepperoni and red sauce. But there are so many other toppings, it could take a lifetime to get through them all.


If you're bringing home this, your wallet must be really heavy and delicious. Which junk food blows other cured meats out of the park?

You can't go to a diner and not find bacon. You probably can't even go to someone's house and not find bacon. It can be eaten by itself, of course, but it's also the perfect salty element in many other foods like BLT sandwiches and even an ice cream sundae.


It's been enjoyed since 1445, when there was an all-female race inspired by a housewife who showed up to church still clutching the frying pan, complete with the batter turned fluffy saucer. Which junk food is it?

The word cake is in it, so you really could have this on your birthday. It's a batter (same as cake) but it gets cooked in a pan instead of the oven. The best part? It can take on almost any addition and topping you can think of.


Originally served at bars, this indulgence now can be had at fast-food drive-thrus. Which dairy treat is it?

Hit up your local ice cream parlor and get a milkshake. It's even better if it's a malted one! Take any ice cream you wish and then let your mix-in freak flag fly. Anything you like to eat on its own can be put into a milkshake.


This food was first created in Germany to celebrate Kinderfest, but it wasn't like the celebratory layers we know today. Which is it?

Birthday cake can be a few things. It's usually the name of a certain type of cake, but it's also just any cake you eat on your birthday. But we don't want to have to wait for a birthday in order to eat cake, and neither should you.


It should be no surprise this finger-licking good snack started in Wisconsin, but you might be shocked to find out it started out as a complete accident. Do you know what it is?

There's so many options out there for this junk food that it really comes down to what texture you like. If you like super crunchy, classic Cheetos is the way to go. But there are also puffier ones and paw shaped ones. At least there used to be.


While it's true that some people have died from eating this, an edible kind with cooked flour and no eggs is making waves on social media. What is it?

If you can whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies without eating four cookies worth of batter before getting around to baking them, you're our hero. There's just something about the texture of raw cookie dough that makes it super appealing.


While this junk food has nothing in common with its fresh, juicy version, it deceived many people and led to lawsuits when it was marketed as a health food for kids. What is it?

Fruit snacks are the gummy snacks of your childhood that were somehow branded as healthy. They definitely weren't, but they were absolutely delicious. The ones shaped like the fruit were the real winners.


Even if it's not in the blue box, it's probably still creamy, delicious and artificially colored to match Tony the Tiger. Which junk food is it?

Yes, macaroni and cheese is fantastic on its own. But after a lifetime of eating it, you might be ready to jazz it up a bit. Add some bacon or vegetables, and make sure you add some crunch on top for texture.


While the top is the best part of this quick bread, in England it's an entirely different type of bread made from dough and not batter. What is it?

Muffins are great. Almost everyone can agree on that. A streusel topping makes them even better. But where the separation starts is whether or not muffins are breakfast or dessert, especially the chocolate chip variety.


The first beverage of its kind, commonly name after the kola fruits used to flavor it, was brought to the United States in the late 1880s. Which drink is it?

While delicious, soda is the one junk food that people are so staunchly against these days. But it just tastes so good! It's perfect on a really hot day when you just need something cold, sweet and carbonated.


This chocolatey slice is the perfect vessel for walnuts, which just happens to be the most common mix-in. What is it?

Brownies are perfect on their own, but they're also the perfect vessel for other candies, nuts and peanut butter. Just like cookie dough, brownie batter is a junk food all on its own and makes an appearance in many ice cream flavors.


Delighting kids everywhere, the first ones were created by people like John Harvey Kellogg and C.W. Post. Can you find it?

If you're one of the many adults who doesn't indulge in the breakfast cereals anymore, it is sad, but you'll never forget the taste of your favorite one. Then, you get another treat when you get to sip the cereal-infused milk at the bottom of the bowl.


Presto Foods created the first commercial version of this creamy, flavored addition to enhance the taste of coffee? Which one is it?

If you can't stand the bitterness of black coffee, adding milk or cream will sure help, but there's nothing like the sweet, flavored cream-like consistency of coffee creamer. Drink it while you still don't care about preservatives.


Becoming the symbol of industrialization and modernization, this food made with bleached flour was more than just a carrier for lunchmeat. Which bread is it?

Maybe one of the most unhealthy breads out there, white bread also happens to be one of the most common and popular among sandwiches. It's soft, absorbs mayonnaise like a champ, and is bland enough that you can put anything you want on it and it won't impact the taste.


Called pasties in England, this food in America is just a more convenient version of a classic Thanksgiving dessert. Can you name it?

Pies are great, but it's also a known fact that miniature versions of things are so much better. No one really knows why, but pies are no different. It's all the best parts of your favorite pie but in a convenient package you can take with you wherever you go.


Serving as another word for "mishap," this sweet, creamy and classic New Jersey boardwalk treat got its start at a few different women's colleges. Which is it?

It's sweet, it's somehow chewy but not, and it literally melts in your mouth. It's fudge! Smooth doesn't even begin to describe the amazing texture of this treat, and it's only broken up if you decide to add nuts or chocolate chunks to it.


Those who live in, or have been to, Philadelphia, are very familiar with which carby food that came before its more well-done counterpart?

Soft pretzels have a cult following. Philadelphia natives will literally buy them from vendors on the street corner. Who knows why they're so good. Maybe it's the salt or the chewy interior protected by a thin crust.


The nicest part of the bird was supposedly first fried up at The Puritan Backroom in New Hampshire and is best when dipped in honey mustard or barbecue sauce. Which junk food is it?

Some places have really mastered the art of the chicken finger. The breading should be crunchy and craggy instead of thin and uniform. We're talking chunks of just breading to dip in honey mustard sauce, here.


Which gooey candy bar below, created by Frank Mars, is astronomically better than the others and named after a popular malted milkshake?

It's amazing that something with all similar textures can be so delicious, but Milky Ways really do defy logic. The soft nougat paired with the soft and chewy caramel is offset by the thin coating of semi-hardened chocolate. It melts in your mouth, and your hands.


The main stars of which junk food below were recently released from their circus cages by Mondolez International?

Of course not getting the frosted ones will save you a few calories, but at what cost? If you want the real deal, the frosted animal cookies are the only way to go. Break through the candy shell and be rewarded with a sweet, cinnamon cookie.


Which chewy and colorful junk food, possibly a descendent of the Turkish Delight or Jordan Almonds, isn't anything like the legume of a similar name?

If you like sugar coated in more sugar, jelly beans are just the junk food for you. You can get fruit-flavored or coffee-flavored, or if you're feeling really brave, you can get the ones from Harry Potter that taste like ear wax.


Toss the burst, soft kernels in cooked sugar and be rewarded with which sweet and salty snack?

If you've never had a tin with three compartments consisting of three different flavors of popcorn, you haven't lived. Something about artificial flavoring makes popcorn taste so much better.


Dating back to medieval times, which deep-fried batter, delivered to the oil with a cone-shaped apparatus, was brought to America by Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants?

Go to your local fair or boardwalk and make sure you don't leave without one of these. It's fried dough, so how could that be bad? But then, you can top it with any number of things that will elevate the experience.


Take a trip down south for which junk food that starts out as and unripe, healthy fruit and even has a movie named after it?

Green tomatoes are just begging to be fried, and that's just what the good people of the southern United States did. Depending on where you get them, the flavor and technique will be a little different, but no matter what, you're eating a fried vegetable. Or fruit, actually.


Whether you like the egg, the tree or the heart, which junk food was created by a former Hershey's employee by the name of H.B. Reese?

You may not think there would be a difference in taste depending on the shape or size of a peanut butter cup, but you would be wrong. Ask anyone, and they will go into a full-fledged defense of why one is better than the other.


Denver claims creation of this sandwiched meaty mashup, but it is now a favorite of summer picnics and steakhouses. What is it?

Cheeseburgers, no matter how thin or thick, are mouthwatering. The new trend is super thin with a crisp crust just like you used to get at the drive-through, but the classic half-pounder still reins supreme for many people.


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