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By: Heather Cahill

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Image: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Animation Studios

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It's hard to go a day without hearing about something to do with Disney. The franchise is worldwide! You don't have to go to Disney World to learn and experience the magic. Most of us felt it through our television screens or in theaters, where we first discovered the names and unique personalities of each character. But there is so much more to know and learn about each one. Are you up for the challenge?

Just as we do, each character has their own quirks and ways of doing things. They all have their own backstories and relationships with others. The main cast may be easy to identify, but the minor characters in the background could be a little harder to figure out. Not only will you need to know some of their well-known details, but also some lesser-known facts about them. There are some similar characters within the Disney universe, however. Take the seven dwarfs, for example. While they all look very similar and could be easily mixed up, there are little facts about them that set them apart.

So, do you think you're an expert on all things Disney? Prove all your Disney knowledge by taking the quiz to see your score!

With six sisters, this character has a friend who is a fish. She's also a famous princess. What is her name?

There's an exciting world "Under the Sea!" It's hard to forget Ariel's want to leave the water and live like a normal human. However, Ariel is used as an ambassador of the sea in real life, to try and preserve our oceans.


Living with talking dishware, this character is an amalgamation of many different creatures. They're also a prince underneath it all. Can you name them?

The Beast has had quite a rough go at life, being turned into a beast along with all his friends being turned into dishware. While they all could talk, it's safe to say that things couldn't be the same after that.


This villainous character is a resident of Agrabah, great friends with a bird and a well-known sorcerer. Who is it?

It's hard to think of Aladdin without Jafar coming to mind. Alongside his sidekick, Iago, Jafar had big plans that Aladdin was able to stop. Did you know that Jafar has the ability to turn himself into a cobra?


Which character is a happy-go-lucky snowman, who you could say "grew up" alongside two princesses and appears when the snow does?

Winter is the best season of the year when Olaf is around! Arendelle became a snowy place due to Elsa when Olaf emerged. He was able to stick around thanks to the Snow Queen who turned him into a cloud later on!


This character really goes above and "beyond." Tim Allen gives them a voice and they were inspired by an astronaut. Who is it?

You can't think of Buzz Lightyear without his iconic tagline, "To infinity ... and beyond!" His personality is out of this world, and he has made an appearance in every single "Toy Story" movie. Talk about a starring role!


What character is great at disguises, an alien creation and a best friend to a little girl?

This locked-up experiment had the rare chance to escape and took it! A shackled up life was not one that Stitch was ready to leave. He was an experiment that was created illegally alongside countless others.


Almost known as "Mortimer," this character is the face of Disney. The first cartoon character to ever speak was who?

A trip to Disneyworld can have you searching for all of the hidden Mickey Mouse silhouettes around the area. The iconic face of this equally as iconic company is hard to forget. But this mouse is over 90 years old, after all!


They're a free spirit that falls for a prim and proper character. They eventually have a son that is named Scamp and they're very street smart. Can you guess who it is?

Someone who Lady didn't like at first, Tramp quickly grew on her with his kind personality and willingness to help her out. While at first, they didn't seem like the best match, they eventually realize that they are a match made in heaven.


They're known for carrying an umbrella, they're friends with a fairy and they're a type of bug. Do you know the character?

Helpful and caring, Jiminy Cricket is a favorite for many people. It's hard to forget his comforting personality and good intentions that can make you feel better even on the worst days. That's what makes him such a great friend to Pinocchio!


This character is a thief, his real name is Eugene and he gets romantically involved with a princess. Can you name him?

While he may have seemed like a bad guy, Flynn had a lot more to him. Did you know that Flynn and Aladdin have many things in common? For example, both Flynn and Aladdin did some time in jail.


Which character is an heiress, a boss to Jasper and Horace, and a lover of fur?

It's hard to find someone who is crueler than Cruella herself. Heartless when it comes to the well being of puppies and thinking only of her precious fur coats, Cruella had no trouble taking dogs into her possession. But luckily, she was stopped!


Known for their large ears, role in the circus and separation from their mother, can you name this character?

Everyone's favorite elephant didn't have the best start to life while in the circus. Since others perceived him as different, he was subject to a lot of bullying. Luckily, with a good friend by his side, he was able to find his place.


This pet was owned by a songwriter, they tried to find their master a wife and they became a father to many kids. Do you know their name?

A loving father to many pups, Pongo was mates with Perdita. From their long line of puppies came many more lines of puppies all related to the two. That's a whole lot of dalmatian puppies to save from the evil Cruella.


Born on Friday the 13th, this character is not so scary. He's a mascot, but not for Disney, and he's almost always in sailor attire. Who is it?

Just like Mickey, Donald Duck is one of those characters that most often comes to mind when you think of Disney. One of the earliest Disney characters, Donald got his start in "The Wise Little Hen." Did you know that his middle name is "Fauntleroy?"


What character is a princess, a skilled archer and helped transform her mother back into a human?

Independent and caring, Merida was a talented archer who decided that she had no interest in marrying the sons of other kings. Merida worked up the courage to work with the humans transformed into black bears and got the job done.


In some ways a "therapy animal," this character also loves to steal. They can also make a mean braid. Can you name them?

This friendly raccoon is one of those friends that you can lay anything on, and they'll always listen. A great supporter, Meeko also loves to think about himself. When he wants something, there's no stopping him from getting it.


This character is evil and always looking to take down a princess. They cursed a baby upon their birth. Who is it?

Princess Aurora was a newborn when the evil Maleficent cursed her for life. She didn't have much of a chance, as she was going to go into an endless sleep at only 16 years old. This evil villain didn't entirely get her wish as a prince saved princess Aurora.


She's an evil stepmother, she can be quite controlling and she favors her biological daughters. Who is she?

Lady Tremaine is a stepmother that is ruthless and always trying to make Cinderella's life worse. Having two daughters of her own, she always wanted them to succeed in everything they did as any mother would but did not want to same for Cinderella.


The eldest child in the family, resident of London, England and part of an incredible adventure, which Disney character is this?

Wendy was swept off her feet when Peter Pan and Tinker Bell showed up ... really. Tinker Bell's fairy dust is all Wendy needed to learn how to fly. Tinker Bell could be generous sometimes, even if she was a little jealous!


They're the eyes in the sky above the Pride Lands and also serve as a baby sitter. They're also very easy to upset. Which character is it?

This is one bird you don't want to anger! Zazu always kept a watchful eye out for Simba, even if the young lion didn't want him to. Somebody had to keep Simba from the elephant graveyard, and Zazu was up for it.


A sister who is turned into a mother figure, she's often put down for their inability to cook. Which character is always there for their ohana?

Nani was stuck with massive responsibility after the unfortunate and untimely death of her parents. Left with Lilo, Stitch was quickly added to the family after meeting Lilo. Nani handled her duties as well as any young adult could and never gave up trying.


This character always has the necessities, is pretty ticklish and always acts as a guide. Who is it?

Going through life with a friend like Baloo by your side would make it that much easier. A great mentor, Baloo has his own philosophy about the world and doesn't need the best of the best to be happy. He just needs some good friends to surround him, like Mowgli!


She went from rags to riches in no time, became Disney's first African-American princess and helped out a little frog. Which character is this?

Tiana wasn't a princess to start with but later became one after falling in love with Prince Naveen. She also wasn't a frog in the beginning but found herself affected by the curse after all. Thankfully, both were able to make it out of their frog form!


She's a protective mother who wears a stylish diamond collar. Who is this character who has Marie as their only daughter?

Duchess is a mother who cares deeply for her family. Her dedication to keeping her kittens safe is unlike any other, and she has no fear of going to the ends of the Earth for them. She also a pet of a famed opera singer!


You'll want to pull the lever when you see this villain. Once loyal to the emperor, they became evil and wielded potions. What is their name?

Yzma was once a caring advisor for emperor Kuzco, but her intentions quickly turned bad. A true potion master at heart, she messed up her fair share of times along with Kronk on administering them!


A dwarf, a bit bossy and very protective are just three ways to describe this character. What is their name?

When there are seven of you, you really need to stand out, and Doc does this in many ways. For example, his name is not an emotion like most of the other dwarves names. But he's certainly not a doctor, either!


The leader of the pack of gorillas and fiercely protective, this character starts off as the villain and ends as an ally. What is their name?

Kerchak has disapproved of Tarzan for his whole life, but later realizes what he lost when Tarzan saves his life. Realizing that they need each other, Kerchak starts to work together rather than against Tarzan.


Leader of the Huns and ruthless villain, this character was out to take over China. Their fate was sealed when they were killed in an explosion of fireworks. Who are they?

Shan Yu could strike fear into the hearts of even the most fearless warriors, but he was no match for Mulan. Anyone who can break down a door with such ease is most definitely strong. Shan Yu had no issue with trying to prove himself, but eventually, he was not able to.


This character is quite animated, friends with a rabbit and all about throwing unbirthday parties. Who is it?

Coming across the Mad Hatter in Wonderland could be a scary experience at first, but you would quickly realize that he's not as "mad" as he's made out to be. Get to know him at his tea party, and you could find yourself having fun!


This character was often used as a ride, and they always had a funny comment to make at the expense of someone else. Created from a cloud, which character is this?

Pegasus was born to be in the sky; he was created from a cloud by Zeus. Being born alongside Hercules, the two became fast friends and rarely ever left the sides of one another. Their bond was unbreakable!


Caught in a feud from the previous generation, they were called "The Chosen One." Who was the leader of the Outsiders?

Kovu, the son of Scar, was one of the many lions banished by Simba. This was caused in part by Scar being a reason for Simba's father, Mufasa's death. Did you know that Kovu's name means "Scar"?


Happy and fun-loving as a kid, this character grew up to have a great family of their own. Which character lived deep inside of the forest?

Bambi had to stay determined and fought to keep Faline close to him. It's hard not to love Faline's silly nature and her interactions with Bambi. Throughout the film, we see Faline grow up and mature, eventually getting the chance to have a family of her own.


They were known for their sarcasm, as well as for working with a villain. This character was almost killed by their boss. Do you know their name?

Megara started off working for Hades, the bad guy, but later ended up realizing that she had feelings for Hercules. That turned out to be one sticky situation since they were feuding with each other!


They're a guardian for an important family, have a great sense of humor and have a job where they burn incense. Which character is it?

Did you know that before the comical Mushu we know today was in "Mulan," it was planned that he was going to look and act much different? It was thanks to the nature of Eddie Murphy that Mushu became the funny dragon that we know today.


Though this character is known by another name, their real name is Agnes. They fight for what is right in terms of the treatment of others, and they're great at giving advice. Who is this mysterious character?

Esmeralda had a heart of gold but was often treated unfairly. This lead to her being able to relate to Quasimodo and feel for him and his situation. She put her heart of gold to good use to help him gain the freedom and acceptance he deserved.


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