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The Northern Hemisphere is considered the half of the planet that is north or the equator. It is home to frigid winters and hot summers. Additionally, the majority of the world's countries are found on this half of the planet. With most of the majorly populated continents in some portion of the Northern Hemisphere, you can imagine just how many countries land north of the equator.

If you're a geography buff, or you know a thing or two about world news, this is the perfect quiz for you. At this point, you probably already know that there are more than 100 countries on the top side of the equator, and many of them are small enough to go without being seen for decades. There are also countries in the Northern Hemisphere that are relatively new and only showed up on maps within the last 10 years. 

Those of you who are up to date on your world geography, be prepared for one of the toughest quizzes you've ever taken! Answer these questions and see if you really can name all of the countries in the Northern Hemisphere. We'll start off a little easy, but you should expect things to get tough rather quickly.

This large country is made up of 50 states. Do you know what it's called?

While the United States isn't the largest country in the Northern Hemisphere, it does have a lot of important world exports, including aircraft (a $130 billion industry) and telecommunications (a $37 billion industry).


Which European country is known for food and love?

France has become one of the most beloved countries in Europe, because it is filled with romance (if you don't think about the millions of skeletons that are under it). There are also some pretty amazing foods there.


Do you know the name of this country that looks like a fashion accessory?

Italy has a wide range of landscapes, but many people travel there to get a taste of the food culture that has been in the country for generations. Food isn't just a means of sustaining life for the Italians; it is life.


Do you recognize the largest country in the Northern Hemisphere?

Russia is the largest country in the Northern Hemisphere, and it's also the largest country in the entire world (by square miles). While the majority of the climate is cold and almost unlivable, there are areas that see decent weather during certain parts of the year.


Can you name this cold island country?

Iceland might have a lot of glaciers, but it also has some of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is commonly referred to as the land of fire and ice, but the countryside is beautiful and attracts tourists.


What is the name of this Scandinavian country?

As one of the happiest countries in the world, Sweden is commonly revered for its clean living and successful state of welfare. It is also a country with one of the biggest populations of non-religious people.


This country's past religions, wars and historical events are studied around the world. Do you know what it's called?

Although Greece has been in a lot of turmoil over the past few decades, it is rich with culture and history. Some of the buildings in the country date back to before most major religions.


You will find a lot of memorials in this country. What is it called?

Poland was one of the most ravaged countries in World War II. It was home to several of the most well-known concentration camps that Hitler created. Though the countryside is beautiful, the history is what draws people to this land.


Can you name this country that doesn't want to be a part of the European Union?

Although we hear quite a bit about England in both gossip articles and news articles, it is one of the oldest world powers to still maintain its place at the table. England is considered part of the United Kingdom.


What is the name of this country that is owned by Denmark?

Even though the President of the United States wanted to buy Greenland from Denmark, they simply wouldn't give it up. It's important to remember that Greenland is a part of the North American continent, even though it is owned by European Denmark.


You might use this country's name if you want to stay out of a fight. What is it?

As one of the most well-known neutral countries, Switzerland generally keeps its nose out of other people's business, and doesn't start wars for any means. While the country has an army, it is meant for defense only.


In this country, you'll find Loch Ness. Do you know the country's name?

While many associate Scotland with lake monsters, some of its most famous inventions were adopted from other cultures. Bagpipes, for example, were invented in Egypt, a long way from the kilted shores.


Can you name this country that is a part of the United Kingdom?

Wales is home to some of the friendliest people in the world. How could they not be friendly? They have some of the most beautiful beaches and mountains in the entire world, and they get to look at them every day.


Do you know the name of this island country that looks a little like a dragon?

As a hub for arts, food, poetry, and beautiful gardens, Japan might just have one of the most beautiful cultures in the world. Though the country is small, it has a lot of power in world industries.


You'll see the pyramids in this Northern Hemisphere country. Which one is it?

These days, Eqypt is a place of industry and growth, but it is most well known for its history. The pyramids in Egypt have been the focal point of some of world history's greatest mysteries.


What is the name of this densely populated country whose capital is New Delhi?

When you think of India, you may think of street markets, great food and crowded cities. All of these things are accurate, but the Indian culture has had influence on nearly every other culture it has touched through many generations.


Do you recognize this Western European country that surrounds Portugal?

Interesting food, world-famous artists and bullfighting are at the top of the list of things for which Spain is famous. This country also has beautiful cities and a rich history that can be dated back to the Middle Ages.


Can you name this country that shares a name with an American state?

On a world map, you might see the name Georgia in Europe. However, those who live there call it Sakartvelo. This country has historical grounds and heritage that many travelers forget about, even though they shouldn't.


This incredibly large country built a large wall, but can you name it?

While you probably hear about China a lot in the world news, it is one of the leading exporting countries. It has a vast industry and has been growing for decades. This powerful country lives by its own set of rules, however.


Do you know the name of this country that is known for footwear exports?

While you may know Vietnam as the country America was at war with for nearly 15 years, the truth is, that was never considered a war because Congress never declared war on them. In the last few decades, however, Vietnam has established itself as an exporter of both electronics and textiles.


What is the name of this country that is in the world news a lot?

While the majority of Westerners know Iraq as a place of hostile locals and war-torn history, it does have a different history. Iraqi poets, painters and artists have been considered some of the most important in history.


Do you recognize this country that has the fifth-highest population in the world?

Although many Pakistanis are from India, it should be noted that the country has a lot to offer. As a matter of fact, Pakistan is home to the largest bird sanctuary in Asia.


Do you remember the two-word name of this island country in south Asia?

Although you see "Sri Lanka" on the map, the official name of the country is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. It's quite a mouthful, but it is considered one of the most scenic countries you can visit.


The food of this country is making a comeback in America. Do you know what it's called?

With a rich, brutal and intense history, Mongolia might be one of the most well-known countries in Asia. Consider the fact that the Chinese built the Great Wall of China to defend themselves against the Mongolians.


Can you name this southern Middle Eastern country?

Because Yemen is a part of the Arabian Peninsula, many assume that it has a locked religious culture. However, Yemen is home to every one of the major religions, including Christianity.


What is the name of this North African country?

Algeria might be the 10th-largest country in the world, but the majority of that country is made up of the Sahara Desert. As a matter of fact, nearly 80% of the land is desert and nearly impossible to live in.


Do you know the name of this far western European country surrounded by Spain?

Portugal is an interesting country. The only other country it borders is Spain, and if you look at a map, it looks as though it was once a part of Spain. However, Portugal is actually older than Spain, as far as established countries are concerned.


This Northern European country is rather large and borders Norway and Sweden. What is it called?

While many know Finland as a relatively peaceful country that stays out of wars, few know that one of the most famous things about Finland is the glassware that is made there. This high-quality glass is long-lasting and coveted by those who don't live there.


Can you name this northernmost North American country?

Love it or hate it for its politics, Canada is one of the most beautiful countries around. It has established itself as a world power, and its top export is mineral fuels that include oil.


Which country in the Northern Hemisphere borders the United States to the south?

Mexico has a rich cultural history and scenic beaches. Not only do Americans love to travel there, they also love to learn about the food that is made there as well as the traditions of the people.


Do you recognize this land-locked European country that used to be part of a larger country?

The Slovak Republic, or Slovakia, might not be a name you hear often when reading the world news, but it is a place you should visit if you're planning to travel to Central Europe. It has a rich landscape that is peppered with gorgeous castles.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is from this country in the Northern Hemisphere. Can you name it?

Though the name isn't far off from Australia, Austria is pretty far away from Australia — an entire hemisphere at least. This European country is covered in castles and beautiful architectural masterpieces.


A few South American countries are in the Northern Hemisphere. Can you name this one?

While we often think of the Middle East as the place where most of the world's oil is, few know that Venezuela has the largest reserves in the world. They were found at the beginning of the 20th century and since then, Venezuela has been well known for its oil exports.


What is the name of this small African country in the Northern Hemisphere whose capital is Accra?

It's a rather small country that few people have heard of, but it has some of the most expensive and important exports in the world. Ghana is loaded with chocolate, gold and oil.


Do you recognize this island country south of the United States?

The United States might have a sordid past with Cuba, but the world knows Cuba for two very important things: great food and great music — not to mention rum, cigars and sugar! The small country's culture shows us that there is more to every island than meets the eye.


Only a small portion of this African country is found in the Southern Hemisphere. The rest is found in the Northern Hemisphere. Do you know it?

Somalia is the country that makes up the coastline of the horn of Africa. For hundreds of years, it has been in the trading business, having several ports that traded with Europe and Asia.


Can you name this country that is often referred to as the Cradle of Mankind?

Although there is no official missing link in the ideal of evolution, bones of animals that seemed to be half-human and half-primate were found in Ethiopia. "Lucy" was a 3.5 million-year-old skeleton found in these lands, helping us trace humans to Africa.


What is the name of this country that can be found just north of India and is known for its high mountains?

When it comes to mountains, Nepal has it down. It is home to the highest mountain range in the world and stakes claim to 10 of highest mountain peaks in the world. They include Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest.


Do you recognize this country known for its street food and culture?

Great food, great people and great fun are what you can expect if you visit Thailand, but you can also expect religious temples, historical artifacts and gorgeous scenery. There is something for everyone there.


This country doesn't want to be a part of the United Kingdom. Can you name it?

Ireland might be a country with a violent background, but the Irish around the world have gone through a lot of strife over the last few centuries. Their history includes displacement, war and famine.


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