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Are you a lover of all things fruit? Do you consume your recommended amount of servings each day? It's time to see just how well you know your fruit. If you think this quiz is no fig deal, then we'd say you might just be one in a melon! So go ahead and prove it!

If you're thinking this quiz is a piece of apple pie, you may have your work cut out for you. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy you say? Well just don't let things get too ugli.  We've run the spectrum with these fruits. From the far east of China to the deep south of Florida, this quiz will take you across the globe to see if you have what it takes to identify the native, the ancient, the most produced fruits the world has to offer. Think you're up for the challenge? Will the fruits of your labor pay off or will you earn the title of Sour Grapes? 

The lime has come to get started on this ultimate fruit quiz. Remember, if one of the questions is too hard-core, go ahead and phone a friend. After all, it takes two to mango, right? Good luck!

Here's a tropical one, what is the name of the fruit seen here?

Bananas rank as one of the most popular fruits in the world. Whether they are eaten raw, smashed into a smoothie or cooked into a dessert, bananas are consumed by the masses every year. The average annual consumption is approximately 114 million metric tons of bananas.


Tastes great with peanut butter or caramel, can you identify this fruit?

Is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? The jury may still be out on that common phrase, but we do know that apples are a great source of antioxidants. Mainly produced in China, the US, Turkey and Poland, there are more than 7,500 varieties of apples grown in the world.


This fruit requires a long corer. Can you name it?

Did you know that Costa Rica has approximately 111,000 acres of land dedicated to the country's pineapple crop? Each year they produce 26,853 thousand metric tons of pineapple. You may have seen some pineapple crops in Hawaii, but nothing compares to what you'd see in Costa Rica!


We're berry certain you can recognize this one ...

We hear it often, blueberries are so good for you. But why? With so many antioxidants crammed into one little berry, a whole cup of these will do you wonders. Blueberries are believed to protect against aging, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. What more could you want?


What is the name of this stone fruit?

While the origin of the apricots is unknown, we do know that they have long been cultivated in Armenia. It is only appropriate then that apricots be named the national fruit of Armenia. Eaten often in its dried form, apricots are a good source of fiber and sugar, meaning don't eat too many at once!


When life hands you these, you know what to do, right?

More than 17 million metric tons of lemons are produced throughout the world each year. The majority of them come from India, Mexico and China while more locally we see lemons from California and Florida. This fruit is valued for both its culinary and cleaning uses.


A citrus fruit that provides juice, pulps and zest, what is it?

One of the world's most popular fruits, everyone knows that the best orange is a perfectly in-season one. So juicy and sweet, oranges are a great source of vitamin C, providing you with 130% of your daily needs with just one orange.


A fuzzy cousin of the nectarine, can you name this fruit?

A stone fruit native to the northwest region of China, it is no surprise that China produces more than half of the world's harvest of peaches. A bit closer to home, the state of South Carolina claimed the peach as its official fruit in 1984, while Georgia named itself the "Peach State" in 1995.


One tree can produce 200 of these. Can you identify this fruit?

Mango trees typically grow to a height of 100 feet and their branches spread nearly 35 feet wide. Once their flowers blossom, it is about four months before the mangoes are mature enough to harvest. Because of its sensitive skin and fruit, mangoes are hand-picked by farm workers.


Pairs well with cheese and also makes wine, what is it?

Red and green grapes are one of the most versatile fruits found in the market. While they can be enjoyed as is, they are also used for making wine, juice, jam, jelly and let's not forget raisins. Some cultures even make use of the grapes' leaves, wrapping rice, meat and spices into small rolls.


Do you recognize this citrus fruit that is often used as a cocktail garnish?

One of the most famous varieties of limes is the Key lime. Like other limes it is picked when it is green, but it is truly ripened when it becomes yellow. It hails from the Florida Keys where it is best known for its star role in the local favorite Key lime pie.


You pray it's perfect inside when you slice it open, name this fruit ...

Avocados bring a bit of Forrest Gump to the kitchen, "You never know what you're gonna get." Is it ripe? Is it not? Should I have bought two just in case? There is no denying the fact that opening up the perfect avocado brings as much excitement as it does a big sigh of relief.


Can you plumb the depths of your brain to identify this fruit?

Plums are known for their tart yellow or red fruit and having a single groove running down its side. This groove is helpful for those who wish to cut it open, while others may choose to eat it like an apple. Either way, when they get to the middle, they'll find a pit that is smooth in texture.


Mistaken for an orange until its tartness is tasted, which fruit is this?

People often identify grapefruit as tart or sour, but did you know that the actual fruit is very sweet? It is the pith of the grapefruit that is extremely bitter. Grapefruit is often peeled completely to avoid the bitterness, and it is also used as a palate cleanser for fine diners.


Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, what is the name of this fruit?

Often at the top of the infamous "Dirty Dozen" list, strawberries get a bad reputation for being pesticide-laden. In their organic form, however, they are an excellent source of Vitamin C and perfect for eating plain, as preserves, with chocolate or even as ice cream.


These taste better when your baby doesn't blow them, what is this red berry called?

Because they are prone to pesticide contamination, raspberries require diligent rinsing before eating. The best way to wash them is by soaking them in a bowl of cold water and gently swishing them around to remove any particles. Finally, strain them in a colander and let dry before eating.


Think of this as the orange's second cousin once removed, what is it?

A tangerine is a type of Mandarin orange that originated in Tangier, Morocco, hence its name! Peak tangerine season lasts from autumn to spring and they are most commonly eaten fresh or dipped in chocolate. They are a great source of vitamin C and grown in Florida, Arizona, California and Texas.


Adults enjoy drinks in these, especially garnished with a little umbrella. What is it?

Coconuts not only contain meat on the inside, they produce a large quantity of milk, too. Grown predominantly in the Philippines and Indonesia, one coconut tree can produce thousands of coconuts over its 70-100 year lifespan. This helps explain why South Pacific cuisine is rich in coconut flavor.


Honey, do you know which type of melon this is?

While some people might call it the green cantaloupe or complain that it is a fruit salad filler, honeydew melon is rich in Vitamins C, B6 and Potassium. Typically four to eight pounds heavy, honeydew melon is closely related to crenshaw, casaba and winter melons.


This is a great fruit at the end of a summer barbecue. Can you name it?

Ever wonder were the watermelon first grew? The answer is West Africa. Today, watermelons are grown all throughout the world, particularly in tropical and subtropical areas where daily temperatures are above 77 degrees. The top watermelon producing countries are China, Turkey and Iran.


Some argue it is the least tasty of the berries, which type is it?

Blackberries are closely related to raspberries but differ in the way that they "pick" at the farm. Blackberries have a stem which stays with the fruit when picked, while raspberry stems stay with the vine, leaving them hollow inside. Blackberries, therefore, seem denser to the consumer.


Oh darling, can you identify this citrus fruit?

While the majority of the world's clementines come from China, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Brazil also produce a significant amount. As they are petite in size, clementines are easy to peel and often sold by the box at the grocery store.


If you can name this fruit, we'll put one on top of your sundae ...

Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top? While fresh cherries are a real treat rich in nutrients and taste, it's the maraschino cherries that ice cream lovers crave on their sundaes. We suspect it has something to do with the sugar syrup and food coloring!


Also known as the Chinese gooseberry, what is the name of this fruit?

Did you know that kiwifruit is categorized as a berry? Typically oval in shape, their sweet fruit is surrounded by a protective light brown skin covered in fuzzy hair-like fibers. While many people are unsure of the best way to eat a kiwi, those who do find the struggle highly rewarding.


This fruit originated in the Mediterranean and provides deep red juice from its clusters. What is it called?

Oh the crisp burst of sweet juice from the beads of a pomegranate! Loved by many, particularly in the Middle East, pomegranates can be found in nearly every kind of meal. Whether as juice with breakfast, in a cocktail or as an ice cream flavor, pomegranates even find their way into Persian soups.


Sometimes mistaken for an apple, this fruit pairs well with salad, can you name it?

In the United States alone, there are 10 varieties of pears. They range in color and flavor, but have similar textures, sizes and shapes. The most differing shape of all is the Asian pear, which takes on a rounder shape more commonly found among apples.


Let out a sigh and tell us what the name of this berry is.

Did you know that the word açaí comes from the Portuguese word meaning "fruit that cries or expels water?" Açaí berries are similar in shape and color to grapes, though much smaller with less juice. They grow on açaí palm trees which are native to Brazil, Peru, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.


You can find these in bogs, what are they?

98% of cranberry production in the world comes from the United States, Canada and Chile. Mostly processed as juice, others are made into sauce - for Thanksgiving of course! Massachusetts especially prides itself on its vast cranberry bogs, even boasting the Cranberry Harvest Marathon each September.


This is called rockmelon in Australia and spanspek in South Africa, what is the name of this variety of muskmelon?

Is it ripe? Is it not? How do I know? Give it a sniff, they say! If it smells sweet, chances are you're ready to eat. Cut the cantaloupe open too soon and you're bound for disappointment. Another word to the wise? Keep your unopened cantaloupe in the fridge to protect against fruit flies.


What is the name of this fruit that originated in the tropics of the Americas?

A papaya a day? The health benefits of papaya have been studied and the results are in: They help lower cholesterol and weight, they boost your immunity, they are good for your eyes and they protect against arthritis. And ladies, another benefit? Papaya is known to ease menstrual pain!


A member of the mulberry family, this fruit is native to the Middle East and western Asia, what is it?

Figs are one of the oldest fruits on Earth. Particularly widespread in ancient Greece, the description of figs were recorded by scholars Aristotle and Theophrastus. Today, figs are enjoyed across the world both dried and fresh. Be warned, though, if they smell sour, they have over-ripened.


Like a smooth peach, which stone fruit is this?

While many people wonder what the difference is between peaches and nectarines, the answer is quite simple. It's the fuzzy coating! Otherwise, peaches and nectarines are practically identical in genetic makeup. That fuzzy coating may just be why some people reach for a nectarine over a peach.


This is technically the Jamaican tangelo, but what do we call it?

Never tasted an ugli fruit because you are afraid of its name and appearance? Well, don't judge a book by its cover. Ugli fruit is just a tangelo at heart, a delicious hybrid of grapefruit and mandarin orange. Next time you're at the grocery store, grab an ugli fruit and give it a taste!


This fruit tastes especially good with nuts in the form of a bread, what is its name?

Don't dates just remind you of your Mom's date-nut bread? That warm bread with a layer of cream cheese spread across the top, who knew there was real fruit in there! Some of the greatest old-fashioned recipes feature dates, including date-nut bread, bacon-wrapped dates and blue cheese-stuffed dates.


Don't get confused! This is another cousin of the orange, can you name it?

Mandarins are a type of orange that are smaller in size. Produced mainly in China, they may be eaten fresh, though there is a sizable market for canning them as well. The process involves peeling, bathing, heating and sealing the mandarins into small containers perfect for a child's lunchbox.


If you're passionate about fruit, you've got this berry in the bag, what is it?

Passionfruit come in a variety of shapes, most commonly round and oval, and colors including yellow, red, purple or green. Grown in tropical regions, they are native to southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Passionfruit is enjoyed throughout the world both in its raw form and as a juice.


Whether fried or sweet, this fruit is delicious in Latin cuisine, do you recognize it?

Did you know plantains are also known as the cooking banana? These bananas have more starch content than other fruits, which makes them ideal for cooking. As a year-round fruit, plantains are a common staple in African, Caribbean and Central and South American meals.


This fruit hails from China and is most commonly eaten in a dessert course. Can you identify it?

Lychee is a member of the soapberry family known as Sapindaceae. While just three and a half ounces of lychee fruit provide 71.5 mg of vitamin C, there are serious health concerns associated with this fruit. In recent times, lychee has been linked to hundreds of deaths caused by encephalitis, particularly in India.


What is the name of the tropical fruit seen here?

Did you know that India is the world's largest producer of guavas? In 2016, the country was responsible for 41% of the total world production. Other guava-producing countries include China, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Pakistan and Brazil.


Most often eaten to treat cold or flu symptoms, can you name this fruit?

Various cultures around the world have long used elderberry for medicinal purposes. In America, for example, Native Americans used elderberry to treat infections. In Egypt, it is used to treat burns and improve skin. However it is used, it is best to be cooked, as raw berries can be poisonous!


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