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The game is moving into the last inning, and the score is tied. It's been a back-and-forth contest all day, and the smallest mistake can win or lose a game. This is the moment when stars are made because not only do they not lose a game but they also make the big play to secure a victory. That's where the minor leagues come in: to give players an early opportunity to prove their stardom is on the rise in these crucial moments.

Of course, it might also be hard to identify stars in the minors. After all, minor league players are still developing their game as they prepare for their arrival in the majors, but that doesn't mean stars don't arise on minor league teams. Quite a few minor league players have one or two skills to finish developing before they are huge stars on the next level. For some players, it's just working on their consistency, while others need to add a little muscle before a major league team comes calling.

Do you know where each minor league star awaited their call up to the majors, where they could really display their talent? These are the players that teams and fans have been anticipating for years. Now, see if you can match them to their team by taking a swing at this quiz.

A major prospect out of the Domincan Republic, where does Wander Franco play?

Despite being much younger than the players he competed against, Wander Franco was a star from the moment he hit the minors. He even won the Rookie-level Appalachian League's MVP Award after making his pro debut in 2018.


Can you match Luis Robert to the team where he's snagging balls in the outfield?

Luis Robert had so much hype coming into the pros that he was signed with a $26 million bonus. Injuries kept him from making an immediate impact, but once he was healthy, Robert worked his way up to Triple-A, where he was added to the Charlotte Knights.


Do you know where MacKenzie Gore takes the mound to pitch in the minors?

MacKenzie Gore was touted as a high-level prospect during his time in high school in North Carolina. As a senior, he even went undefeated, earning him 2017 Gatorade National Player of the Year honors.


A minor league star who had to prove he could hit at the highest level, Jo Adell plays for which baseball team?

Scouts were worried about Jo Adell's hitting ability coming into the minors, but those concerns were quickly put to rest. Though he still gets slightly over-aggressive at the plate, Adell can place the ball all over the field when he does read a pitch correctly and makes contact.


The moment is never too big for Adley Rutschman. What team utilizes his confidence to win games?

Before entering the pros, Adley Rutschman attended college at Oregon State, where he hoped to improve his game. He did just that by further developing his batting ability while also winning the College World Series with the Beavers.


Are you familiar with the team Casey Mize is throwing pitches for?

Casey Mize was taken with the first overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft, signing a $7.5 million bonus. Though there were initially some concerns about his durability, he proved his doubters wrong in two years in the minors, working his way through each level to find himself on the Erie SeaWolves.


The son of a former MLB player, will you be able to place Bobby Witt Jr. on the correct team?

Coming into the pros, Bobby Witt Jr. was considered a five-tool player, meaning he could do it all on the field on both offense and defense. With these skills, he probably won't stay on the AZL Royals for very long as he works his way from the minors to the majors.


One of the most consistent players in the minors, how well do you know Royce Lewis and the team he plays for?

Royce Lewis is a gifted offensive talent makes up for his below-average power by being smart at the plate. Once he's on base, Lewis is a danger to steal any chance he gets because of his unique speed.


Has Nate Pearson been good enough on the mound for you to match him to the correct team?

One of the most impressive elements of Nate Pearson's pitching arsenal is his fastball, which is consistently in the high 90s. However, he's shown signs that he can throw it up to 104 mph, an ability that separates him from most other pitchers in the minors.


The incredible work ethic of Jarred Kelenic has benefited which minor league team?

Jarred Kelenic has raw power at the plate that can't be taught. His power combined with his base running give the Arkansas Travelers some serious offensive production, though he probably won't be with the team long as he continues to move up.


Select the team where Alex Kirilloff is currently developing as he gets prepared for the pros.

With batting skills that rival anyone in the minors, Alex Kirilloff is projected to reach the majors in 2020. However, much of that depends on if he can continue his progression after having Tommy John surgery right out of high school.


Forrest Whitley is a 6-foot, 7-inch giant who can sling it from the mound. Where is his talent being displayed?

After bring drafted in 2016, Forrest Whitley fell a little behind schedule but is expected to reach the majors in 2020. Even though he has lacked consistency, Whitley still has a lethal arm with a fastball that cuts naturally at the plate.


Is the strong arm on Joey Bart enough to help you identify where he plays?

Instead of going to the pros when he could have been drafted in 2015, Joey Bart decided to attend Georgia Tech. His time in college significantly improved his draft stock, as he was selected with the second pick in the 2018 MLB Draft.


A slugger who plays first base, can you place Andrew Vaughn on the right team?

When Andrew Vaughn finally reaches the pros, his contributions will primarily come as a batter. That's because he lacks the speed to be a great defensive asset, but if he can bat over .300, that lack of speed won't matter as much.


What team enjoys the switch-hitting ability of Drew Waters?

The Atlanta Braves have primarily been focusing on drafting and developing pitchers in their minor league ball clubs. However, Drew Waters is an outfielder playing for the Gwinnett Stripers who the Braves are also excited about because of his fielding ability, making him a valuable asset for the franchise moving forward.


Dylan Carlson has a great gauge on how the strike zone works, a skill that makes him a lethal hitter for which minor league team?

Dylan Carlson's switch-hitting skills are what really make him valuable at the plate. Though he has shown to be better on the right side of the plate, Carlson can use his power from either side, and he'll only get better as he continues to develop.


Do you know which team is excited to have Julio Rodriguez on its roster?

At only 19 years old, it's the size of Julio Rodriguez that has everyone excited about his potential. Rodriguez stands 6 feet, 4 inches tall, and his frame continues to fill out as he ages, meaning he should be adding plenty of power to his bat.


Are you capable of matching Matt Manning to the team he's striking out batters for?

A right-handed pitcher, Matt Manning's fastball is his calling card, as he has shown the ability to throw it in the mid-90s. However, his arsenal also includes a curveball and a changeup, making Manning a balanced threat from the mound.


Taylor Trammell is an all-around athlete whose talent makes him one of the best players for what team?

The 2018 Future Games really helped turn Taylor Trammell into a star in the minor leagues. In the game, he took home the MVP after hitting both a home run and a triple while also showing off his incredible speed.


Will you be able to identify the team that is helping J.J. Bleday continue to develop his gifted hitting style?

Before entering the 2019 MLB Draft, where he was taken with the fourth overall pick, J.J. Bleday played college baseball at Vanderbilt. He immediately made an impact in college, starting his freshman season only to get better every year before he went to the pros.


Can you match Luis Patino to the team where he's displaying his versatility as a pitcher?

Luis Patino has four pitches in his arsenal that make him such a bright young star: a fastball, a curveball, a slider and a changeup. His control is his biggest issue, but that should only get better as he continues to move up through the minors.


The No. 3 pick in 2016, where is Ian Anderson currently playing in the minor league?

The Atlanta Braves took Ian Anderson with the third pick in the 2016 MLB Draft because of his potential at the top of a pitching rotation. He hasn't quite realized that potential as of 2019, but is projected to hit the majors in 2020.


Select the team that has moved Alec Bohm throughout the infield as they try to find the best position for him.

Alec Bohm has all the tools to be an elite batter at the major league level. However, his defensive agility and speed have come into question as he tries to find a home at third base, so he'll have to work on those skills if he wants to be a balanced star in the league.


Offense is the calling card for Nolan Jones as he continues to work on his defensive ability with which minor league team?

Nolan Jones is patient at the plate and knows how to play the pitch count to get the best ball possible. Whenever he does finally connect with the ball, Jones has the ability to place it anywhere on the field.


How familiar are you with the slugger Nolan Gorman and the team he's slamming homers for?

Nolan Gorman is a little aggressive at the plate, which often results in strikeouts. However, considering he has immense power to push the ball over the back fence, he just needs to calm down a little to be a talented batter in the majors.


Have you seen Nick Madrigal play enough baseball to match him to the correct team?

When Nick Madrigal was drafted with the fourth pick in the 2018 MLB Draft, he became the second-highest second baseman ever drafted. The only second baseman to be drafted higher was Rickie Weeks in 2003.


A left-handed pitcher, what team is helping Matthew Liberatore develop his ball control?

As a left-handed pitcher, Matthew Liberatore has the ability to flip the field, especially against batters who aren't prepared for the change in direction. His curveball is his most developed pitch, and he throws it with great touch to increase the spin rate.


Has Grayson Rodriguez been impressive enough on the mound for you to place him on the right team?

Grayson Rodriquez hit many scouts' radars as a junior in high school when he won the 3A state championship in Texas. He improved his strength his senior season and decided to go to the pros rather than play college baseball at Texas A&M, where he had previously committed.


Do you know where C.J. Abrams is showing off his otherworldly speed?

One of the youngest stars in the minors, C.J. Abrams has already shown why he's such a threat at the plate for the Fort Wayne TinCaps. It's not his power that makes him a threat, however, as he relies more on his instincts to hit grounders and bunts to get on base.


Riley Greene will be dominant for which team if he can just get his throwing arm dialed in?

Even from his time in high school, scouts knew Riley Greene was going to be something special in the pros. After all, he did win the Gatorade Player of the Year Award with a .422 batting average that included eight home runs as a senior before being drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 2019 MLB Draft.


Is Logan Gilbert a pitcher you're familiar enough with to match him to the correct team?

Though he has some skill with breaking balls and a changeup, it's the fastball thrown by Logan Gilbert that makes him such a valuable player for the Arkansas Travelers. At the moment, he can throw in the high 90s, but has the potential to reach the low 100s as his strength develops.


Pick the team where Hunter Greene displays his incredible fastball.

One of the most exciting parts of Hunter Greene's game is his repeatable delivery. Considering the delivery of his fastball rests around 100 mph, he just needs to improve a few other pitches in his arsenal to really be dominant from the mound.


Can you place Heliot Ramos on the team that's helping him get better at the plate?

Thanks to his speed, Heliot Ramos has primarily been a center fielder during his time in the pros. However, as his instincts develop, he could be moved to right field, where his powerful arm can benefit his team.


The competitiveness of Brady Singer is helping what team rack up wins?

Brady Singer throws one of the best sliders of any minor league pitcher. He's great at manipulating the speed of the ball, but he's even better when he's changing the depth at which the ball breaks.


A first-round pick out of Texas Tech, where is Josh Jung swinging the bat at the moment?

Despite lacking natural speed, Josh Jung is an above-average defender in the minors because of his instincts and arm strength. The position that best suits him is third base, as he can easily get the ball across the field after fielding balls that come his way.


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