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By: Heather Cahill

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Cartoons are a big part of everyone's childhood. Even as we get older, there's something about the cartoons we loved as children that never seems to get old. The characters are ones that we always remember for their personalities and design. While some characters are recognized by almost anyone, regardless of whether or not they have seen the cartoon, there are quite a few that are not so widely recognized. Think you know them all?

Often, cartoons have their own art styles and animations that can be much different than any other on television. For example, you can often tell an anime from an American cartoon by the drawing style of the artists. Both are just as enjoyable! Some cartoons are a series of shorts within one full episode, which is another way of saying more entertainment packed into the same time frame. Often, these types of cartoons vary with the main characters in each short story. One thing they all have in common is that they're memorable and fun!

Did you spend your mornings and afternoons after school watching some of these classics? If you did, you probably know more than enough about them. Test what you know by taking this quiz to what score you can get!

Bullwinkle's full name is "Bullwinkle J. Moose." You can catch this moose in what classic?

Starting off as "Rocky and His Friends," the show was renamed later to "The Bullwinkle Show." One interesting fact comes from the creator of "The Simpsons," who gave some of his characters the initial "J" in an ode to Rocky and Bullwinkle's initials.


Wilma is a mother and wife who is important to which cartoon?

Wilma Flintstone is the wife of Fred Flintstone who lives happily with their family in Bedrock. Did you know that "The Flintstones" was the first animated show to be featured in prime time according to Guinness World Records? This made an impact for many animated show to come in the future!


You may have a sister who annoys you, but Dee Dee takes it to the next level in which of the following?

If you've seen the show, then you know how hard it can be to get Dexter's famous way of saying "Dee Dee" out of your head! Dexter was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh who also voiced many other popular characters on classic cartoons.


Pidge is a pilot of an important machine. Where is he from?

One of the four pilots of the lions, Pidge is often described as a genius. Pidge pilots the green lion, which has many attacks and is one of the arms on Voltron. It even fires missiles and has the ability to fly.


You can't mistake the Inspector for anyone else! What's the name of the show he's in?

The Inspector is an important character to not only the cartoon! Within the cartoon, the Inspector usually had a segment of his own during the middle of the show. He was voiced by Pat Harrington, Jr.


He might not resemble the real artist, but they share a name. Michaelangelo is a character from what cartoon?

Named after famous artists of the past, these four turtles know how to fight. Like many other heroes, the turtles started off as comic book characters and later got their own cartoon. They've also got a lot of people on their side!


Spike, a bulldog with a dislike for cats is part of which classic?

It's no secret that cats and dogs often don't get along, but Spike took it to another level. As many dogs are protective of their owners, Spike puts that protection on his son Tyke, who often finds himself in situations with Tom also.


A young baby, Tommy Pickles is in which of the following classics?

Tommy Pickles is one of the famous Rugrats who is only a year old in the show. Aside from the show, Tommy also appeared in a few movies alongside the others. Did you know that he has a knack for making films?


It's time to go Super Saiyan! Where would you find Goku?

Being created in the "Dragon Ball Z" manga, Goku is a main character within the series. Though he appears to be human, he's actually a Saiyan from another world. Did you know that Japan has a day celebrated to the character on May 9th known as "Goku Day?"


Yogi Bear is part of this show full of shorts. What is it?

Huckleberry Hound is often found alongside Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, not just in shorts, but also in movies. You'll probably remember Huckleberry's rendition of "My Darling, Clementine" that he often sang.


Simon is one of the triplets in this universe, but do you know which universe it is?

Though Alvin is the leader of his group of chipmunks, he's actually quite short! Theodore and Simon are both just as important to the group as Alvin, and they're all known for their great voices. Did you know that Alvin can also play the harmonica?


There's no one as fast as Go Mifune. You'd find him in what fast-paced animation?

This anime became popular when it was released in the late 1960s. A manga called "Mach GoGoGo" was also released that followed the characters and their story. As the series was created in Japan, the name Mifune is inspired by celebrity Toshiro Mifune. It's the highest honor!


Dawning his signature red hat, this "Papa" can be found in what?

Papa Smurf is very old, proving that Smurfs have pretty long lifespans. At over 500 years old, this Smurf has been around for a while but he only became a TV star in the '80s. He was a comic star much earlier than that when they were created in 1958.


You can't think of this series without its star, Mickey Mouse. Which classic is it?

"Disney's House of Mouse" had many different Disney characters in the cast. A visit to ToonTown might have you swinging by the club filled with these characters. Mickey takes on the role as the owner of the club!


Binky was a bit of a bully in this television show which was known as what?

As all characters in "Arthur" are supposed to be animals, Binky is a bulldog. Binky has many interests, mostly bullying, but did you know that there's much more to this bully than you think? He does ballet as well!


Bugs Bunny always knows "what's up." Do you know what show he is part of?

Bugs Bunny is one of those cartoon characters that almost everyone has grown up watching. A member of the Looney Tunes, it's hard not to crack a smile when he's on screen. Don't forget to always answer his most famous question, "What's up, Doc?"


A donkey with a pinned-on tail, Eeyore is part of which timeless cartoon?

Eeyore is known for being one of the sadder characters of the show, but he was still well-loved. Even through his sadness, however, he still loved everyone around him and was known to be very compassionate.


Stewie may be a baby but he already knows the English language. Where can you find him?

Stewie always has something to say and it’s usually pretty funny. Being a baby isn’t easy, especially when you live with a dog who can also talk! Did you know that the show's creator, Seth MacFarlane also voiced the baby?


Fearless Fred is the boyfriend of the main character in what TV cartoon?

Betty and Fred met in one weird encounter—after Fred arrested Betty for speeding! Fred has taken on many jobs from police officer to lifeguard, but his most important might just be being Betty's boyfriend.


Melody Valentine is a drummer like no other, but what is the name of the cartoon she appeared in?

Melody Valentine is more than just a drummer, she's very intuitive as well! Her instincts served her in many ways, such as when danger was near, she always knew. Did you know that Casey Casem voiced one of the characters in the show?


A lovable pup who is loved by all, Snoopy is part of which series?

You can't think of classic cartoons without Snoopy and his friend Charlie Brown. Originating in the "Peanuts" comic strip, Snoopy has had a huge impact on the world and has become famous in many mediums.


Fred is all about solving mysteries with his friends. Can you name the show he is in?

Fred was the leader of the gang in the show and often directed the rest on where and what to do. Smart and witty, Fred is usually the one in charge of setting up traps in order to solve the mysteries.


This hero is all about singing. Verb is a character in which show?

It’s all about learning when it comes to this cartoon. Verb is all about the words while other characters, like Naughty Number Nine, are all about the math. Verb is all about action!


Mr. Spacely knows his stuff when it comes to sprockets. Do you know where you'd find him?

Mr. Spacely was a businessman with an interest in providing sprockets. One unique fact is that Mr. Spacely was once voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc. If the name doesn't ring a bell, he was also the voice of Bugs Bunny!


J. Jonah Jameson is always up on the latest news in what cartoon world?

Mr. Jameson has more connections to Spider-Man than he even realizes sometimes. Working at the Daily Bugle, he's always after the biggest and best stories, which usually include Spider-Man, although he doesn't realize that this is bad news for Peter Parker at times.


Leela knows her way all around the sky, but do you know the show to find if you’re looking for her?

Recognize the voice of Leela? That’s the legendary Katy Segal! Leela is a boss as she is the head of the aviation services and is a dedicated pilot herself. In fact, she's also a mutant, but she was recognized for not being such a mutant after all.


Snowball the hamster has the same motives as one of his friends. Which of the following is he part of?

It's hard to think back to childhood without memories of the lovable Pinky and the Brain! Snowball and Brain both hold the same dream: to take over the world. Pinky, however, is a little different in personality, but they all get along anyway.


Catching the paranormal is the name of Peter Venkman’s game. What series would you find him in?

Getting its start in the ‘80s, the cartoon was a spin-off of the popular movie. It was the start of something even greater, expanding on the franchise. In cartoon form, the four Ghostbusters gave the world so much more to enjoy.


No one wants to be left alone more than Gina. What classic is she in?

Gina just wants to be left alone when it comes to Beavis and Butt-head—and they know it too! Luckily, Gina knows how to bribe the two so that she can get the peace and quiet that she craves. It's hard not to love this hilarious show!


Magica de Spell will cast a spell on you if you catch her in which show?

“Duck Tales” gained popularity when it was released in the 1980s, but it’s also been continued in recent years. With a show this popular, it’s hard to get enough. Who could resist the antics of Huey, Dewey and Louie anyway?


When you think of Nelson Muntz, you probably hear his memorable laugh! You’ll find this character in what cartoon classic?

Though he’s a bully, Nelson became friends with Bart anyway. Yes, even though he bullied Bart’s sister, Lisa! It all brought the two friends together at the end. Despite becoming friends, that doesn't mean that Nelson stopped being mean altogether. He was still a bit of a bully to many others.


Eric Cartman is his full name, but everyone often shortens it. What series is he in?

Though Eric is very smart, he uses his smarts in bad ways. Thinking highly of himself, he often does whatever he can to manipulate those around him. Cartman can often be outright rude, despite only being in third grade when the show began!


The niece of a great detective, Penny is a character that you'll find in what?

We challenge you to try and forget this iconic theme song! The inspector was a unique one, with his many different gadgets and abilities. Who else could make their arms extend and ride around on jet-powered roller skates?


Luanne Platter is Hank’s niece in which memorable series?

Luanne Platter is a dedicated Christian who is always doing something in relation to the Bible. Young and impressionable, she has a good relationship with her family but her romantic relationships aren’t so smooth for the most part.


They’re action figures, but they’re also TV stars. Which series is Cobra Commander from?

Cobra Commander is one villain you don’t want to mess with. He has a need for gaining total control over everyone and fighting anyone who challenges him. Being evil doesn’t come without its troubles because the Commander has been under fire by many.


Don’t run, there’s no danger here! Bumblebee is part of which series?

You can’t miss this character who is a vibrant yellow that matches his name perfectly. Some known him as B-127 as this is the identification number of him as a Transformer. With the others, Bumblebee always finds himself on missions.


The evil Mojo Jojo tries to take over the world in which of the following classics?

The three girls that make up the Powerpuff Girls are Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. Their “father” is Professor Utonium, who is known to be their creator. He’s always available for the girls and loves to give them guidance and love.


Which series features a star-like character known better by the name of Patrick?

Patrick is SpongeBob’s best friend, who is known to be a little clueless at times. But the most important part is that he’s a great friend who is always there when SpongeBob or Bikini Bottom needs him most.


Bluto and the main character often found themselves butting heads in which of the following?

No, we're not talking about Pluto! Bluto was a mean character who could be a little too aggressive while trying to get the girl at times. The girl in question was Olive Oyl, who both Bluto and Popeye liked, but they went about their love much differently.


Pearl Pureheart was very important to the main character of which of these classics?

Mighty Mouse was Pearl Pureheart's boyfriend. She's a talented singer who often takes part in songs with Mighty Mouse and his enemy, Oil Can Harry. Unfortunately, Oil Can Harry also took a liking to Pearl.


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