Can You Match the Hockey Player to the Canadian NHL Team They Played On?


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Canada is home to some of the greatest NHL teams and hockey players the league has to offer. We've got homegrown talent such as legends like Wayne Gretzky, Rocket Richard and Mark Messier, as well as newer talent like Cody Ceci and Taylor Hall. So much talent makes up great teams that often take us to the Stanley Cup Finals. And we're always there to cheer on our Canadian teams as they work their way through!

You might know their names, but can you match them to the Canadian team on which they played? Canadian NHL teams have a long history with many legendary players in their books. Some players stuck with one team for their entire careers. Other players were traded and did well both in Canadian and American teams. While it can be hard to keep track of, we think you'll be able to make some good guesses! Many players are best known for their time and achievements while playing for Canadian teams. For example, Wayne Gretzky holds many records for his time with a particular Canadian team. Many helped to bring their team to a Stanley Cup title!

So, do you think you remember past and present players on the Canadian side of the NHL? Get ready to prove you know your players and teams with this quiz!

Defenceman Erik Karlsson has played with what team for the majority of his career?

Erik Karlsson found himself as team captain after many years of playing hockey professionally, and not long into his career with the Senators. He's also known for playing with Sweden's hockey team on the international scale.


From Finland, Patrik Laine has played for what NHL franchise?

A relatively new player to the NHL, Patrik Laine made his debut with the Winnipeg Jets in the 2016-2017 season. He's no amateur, as he's also played professionally for Finland for around five years.


Starting his career with the Los Angeles Kings, Brian Boyle played on just one Canadian team. What was it?

Doing a short season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Brian Boyle was traded to the team in early 2017. No stranger to a trade, he has played with six teams in total since his career in the NHL began. After his time with Toronto, he moved on to the New Jersey Devils.


This Canadian franchise had the valuable Theoren Fleury for 11 years. Can you name it?

The late 1980s saw Theoren Fleury get his big break with the Calgary Flames where he spent many, many seasons. Being a top player for the team meant that he was valuable to the Flames, but they ultimately traded him for financial reasons. The trade saw him play for the Rangers and the Blackhawks.


First drafted to the NHL in 2012, Cody Ceci played on which team?

Cody Ceci's skills were recognized in the Ontario Hockey League when he became one of the top-scoring defenceman. This caught the eyes of Bryan Murray who set his sights on drafting Ceci to the big leagues after his time with the Ottawa 67's. You could say that Ottawa was always part of Ceci!


Despite growing up in sunny California, Auston Matthews plays for which Canadian NHL team?

Auston Matthews is one talented NHL player. Before he got his NHL start in Canada he played professionally in Switzerland. It's no wonder he was picked by Toronto to carry on with his talent!


Now retired, for which of the following teams did Henrik Sedin play?

Henrik Sedin had a long career in the NHL where he played for the Vancouver Canucks until he retired in 2018. Did you know that Sedin now likes to participate in horse racing? It's something that he and his brother both enjoy.


Legendary player Guy LaFleur had a 20-year career with one Canadian franchise. Which one was it?

One of the most famous players from the Montreal Canadiens, Guy LaFleur was honoured with a statue outside the Bell Center. He quickly found himself becoming a fan favourite and even brought home the Stanley Cup with the team.


Playing in multiple All-Star Games from the '80s on, Mark Messier played where in Canada?

This legendary player played for two Canadian teams, but most notably the Edmonton Oilers. Withe Oilers, Messier took home the Stanley Cup five times. You don't get your name mentioned on "Seinfeld" for nothing!


Starting as a free agent, Mark Giordano became part of what team?

Outside of hockey, Giordano is all about getting involved with charitable organizations. For the entirety of his career, he has stuck with the Calgary Flames. He has also played for Team Canada in 2010, which came in 7th place.


Dion Phaneuf is no stranger to Canadian hockey. Which of the following teams has he played on?

Dion Phaneuf has played for three Canadian teams: the Maple Leafs, the Senators and the Flames. He was first drafted to the Flames at the beginning of his career in 2003. Overall, most of his professional career was spent with the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Jacob Trouba was drafted to this team in 2013. Do you know which one it is?

Jacob Trouba got the chance to show his skills in the very first NHL game in which he ever played. He scored his first goal during this game! In 2019, Trouba was traded from the Jets to the New York Rangers.


Before founding the iconic coffee shop that we enjoy today, Tim Horton played for which of the following?

In 1949, the Toronto Maple leafs signed Tim Horton. But he only spent one year with the team before going back to the American Hockey League. He later came back to the NHL and played a total of 20 seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He also played for the Rangers, Penguins and Sabres.


A captain for a long time while playing here, for what team did Daniel Alfredsson play?

With the Senators for 17 seasons, Daniel Alfredsson became a fan favourite and a Sens veteran. Despite starting his professional career with the Sens, he technically ended it with the Detroit Red Wings. But a one-day contract let him retire with the team with which he played for so long, the Ottawa Senators.


Taylor Hall is no stranger to sports, his father was a CFL player! Do you know which NHL team he played for?

Taylor Hall has played for multiple leagues over his career, but his career in the NHL began with the Edmonton Oilers. He was eventually traded to the New Jersey Devils where he has remained since.


Chris Neil's entire career in the NHL has been spent with which of the following?

First joining the Ottawa Senators in 2001, Chris Neil has played with the team every season since, except for two. The Ottawa Senators became the team that Chris Neil debuted on in the NHL and also the team with which he retired.


Dale Hawerchuk is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, but can you name the Canadian team that he was on?

The majority of Dale Hawerchuk's career was spent in Canada with the Winnipeg Jets. He's a three-time Hall of Famer, also for his time as a player in Manitoba and Buffalo. In addition, he has been the recipient of countless awards for his skill and sportsmanship.


Famous goaltender Carey Price has made a name for himself playing for which NHL franchise?

Despite being from Vancouver, Carey Price plays on the east coast of Canada for the Montreal Canadiens. In one season, Price won four different awards, showing just how good his skills in hockey really are. At the 2015 NHL Awards, he won the Hart Trophy as the NHL's MVP, the Vezina Trophy for best goalie and the Ted Lindsay Award for the most outstanding player as voted by the players. He also shared the William M. Jennings Trophy with Corey Crawford of the Chicago Blackhawks for the fewest goals allowed in the regular season.


Pavel Bure began his career with which of the following?

Russia's Pavel Bure quickly took on the nickname the "Russian Rocket" after entering the NHL. This is due to his incredible speed on the ice, making it no coincidence that he earned the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy twice in his career.


Unlike many of the players here, Blake Wheeler did not get his NHL start with this team. Which Canadian team was he part of?

Blake Wheeler played for Winnipeg for four years before earning the title of captain of the team. Since then, he has been recognized as an NHL All-Star for two years in a row and was also on the All-Star team.


Connor McDavid was drafted here in 2015. Can you name the team?

So far, Connor McDavid has spent four years with the Edmonton Oilers. Within his first year, he quickly swept up many rookie titles and was named an NHL All-Star. There's no doubt that there are more good things to come in his future!


Pursuing his hockey dreams from a young age, Dustin Byfuglien played for which of the following?

Dustin Byfuglien began his career in the NHL with the Chicago Blackhawks, later moving to the Winnipeg Jets. For him, hockey runs in the family; his stepfather played briefly in the NHL.


In one season, Maurice Richard scored 50 goals with which team?

An unforgettable name that once played with the Canadiens is Rocket Richard. He got this nickname from another player in the league, Ray Getliffe. The name stuck, and Maurice Richard became commonly known as Rocket!


No. 17 belonged to Jari Kurri who belonged to which team?

Out of his 10 years with the Edmonton Oilers, Jari Kurri helped his team take home five Stanley Cup titles. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Oilers retired his number.


Georges Vezina was an iconic goaltender for which of the following teams?

Georges Vezina was a player for the Montreal Canadiens in the early 1910s. His nickname was the "Chicoutimi Cucumber." Considered to be one of the best players of all time, he has been honoured in many ways, such as having been awarded the Vezina Trophy for best goalie.


Daniel Sedin has a twin brother who played on the same team as him. What was it?

Daniel and his twin brother Henrik are both NHL stars. Both also played for the Vancouver Canucks and decided to retire at the same time. It was a team they both loved and wanted to finish their professional careers with!


Glenn Healy played for this team for the first time in the 1997-1998 season. Can you name it?

Playing four seasons with the Maple Leafs, Glenn Healy finished off his long NHL career in Canada. After this, he took up many hosting jobs, such as on Canada's famous show about the sport, "Hockey Night in Canada."


Hall of Famer Dave Keon is known for his time with which Canadian NHL franchise?

Dave Keon was a legendary player for the Toronto Maple Leafs and has been honoured as such. His number has been retired by the team and he is among some of the greatest hockey players to ever live, often considered the best player the Leafs have ever seen!


Grant Fuhr was a recipient of the Vezina Trophy when he played for which of the following?

Playing over 10 seasons with the Oilers, Grant Fuhr was a valuable player to the team. In his career, he took home the Stanley Cup five times, all of them with the Oilers. He's often considered to be among the hockey greats!


Playing right wing is Jarome Iginla, but for which of the following teams?

Jarome Iginla was inspired from a young age by players like Grant Fuhr. This inspiration eventually led to him joining the Flames where he has spent most of his career. While he also played for several teams in the United States, he's best known for his time with the Flames.


Roberto Luongo is no stranger to Canada! What Canadian team did he once call home?

Though born in Montreal, Roberto Luongo played for the New York Islanders and Florida Panthers before he was traded to Vancouver in 2006. He spent eight seasons playing for the team where he earned himself the Mark Messier Leadership Award the following year. He returned to the Panthers and announced his retirement in 2019.


Jordan Eberle grew up in Saskatchewan but played for an NHL team somewhere else in Canada. Can you name the team?

Jordan's home province of Saskatchewan is very proud of him, giving him the Saskatchewan Male Athlete of the Year Award. After playing for the Oilers, he was traded to the New York Islanders, but he still loves to return to his Canadian roots when he can.


Before moving on to Anaheim, Kevin Bieksa played for which of the following?

Drafted to the Canucks in 2005, Kevin Bieksa spent 10 seasons with the team. While with the Canucks, he was awarded for being the top defenceman. Did you know that his wife published a book inspired by their move to California?


You can find Jean Beliveau's name on Canada's Walk of Fame, but what team was he known for playing on?

Jean Beliveau was on the Montreal Canadians for his entire career in the NHL. In 19 seasons, he and the Canadiens brought home 10 Stanley Cup titles. He has been honoured countless times and is a true hockey legend!


In his short career, Johnny Gaudreau has already won many awards for his sportsmanship. Who does he play for?

Signing with the Calgary Flames in 2013, you might know Johnny Gaudreau better by his nickname, Johnny Hockey. He plays for the Flames despite having grown up up in the United States.


Right wing player Brendan Gallagher plays for which Canadian team?

Not many people can say that they have their own burger at McDonald's, but Brendan Gallagher can! The burger was only available in Quebec, as Gallagher plays for the Canadiens. He has spent seven seasons with the team so far!


Larry Robinson played for two teams throughout his NHL career. Which of the following was one of them?

The Montreal Canadiens picked Larry Robinson in 1971. He then went on to spend the majority of his professional career with the team. Robinson also had the chance to play for Team Canada.


Dany Heatley played for Team Canada, but also which of the following NHL teams?

Dany Heatley was known for being one of the Sens' top scorers and for his cooperative play style. Though he played only four seasons with Ottawa, he made them count by setting records the team had never held before.


Wayne Gretzky is known as one of the greatest players to ever hit the ice. Who did he play for?

Wayne Gretzky is known for many things, such as being the league's top scorer. He consistently proved himself while playing for the Edmonton Oilers and also spent the majority of his career playing there. There's no question as to why he is called "The Great One!"


With which of these did Jason Spezza spend 10 seasons in the NHL after he was drafted by the team?

Jason Spezza played for two Canadian NHL teams, Ottawa and Toronto. Spending most of his time with Ottawa, he also played for the American team, the Dallas Stars, for a few seasons. His first time playing with the Sens was in the 2002-2003 season, making him an NHL veteran!


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