Can You Match the Disney Character to Their Dilemma?


By: Brittany Rowland

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We're not all lucky enough to have Jiminy Cricket as our guide. Who wouldn't love to just "give a little whistle" and have a physical manifestation of our conscience show up and tell us the right thing to do? Alas, it doesn't work for us real, non-animated people — and it doesn't work for 99.9% of the characters from the beloved Disney pantheon. 

Since the 1937 film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Disney characters have had to face some tough choices — and we're not talking choices like "Should I take the pumpkin or the squash carriage to the ball tonight?" The reason the Disney movies resonate with audiences so much is because people can identify with the characters' dilemmas, even when they don't always agree with their decisions. Who hasn't struggled with hiding a part of themselves to attract the person of their dreams? Who can't identify with the love a mother or father has for their child, which drives them to do extreme things? Who hasn't made a sacrifice of some sort to help a friend? Disney movies may be predominantly fairy tales, but they're also human tales. 

See how much these Disney movies have resonated with you as you take the quiz. And as you identify the Disney characters by their dilemmas, remember the words from Jiminy's catchy little ditty: "Always let your conscience be your guide!"

Can you identify the animal character who must choose between living a carefree life with his friends or returning home to confront his wicked uncle and his own troubled past?

Believing that he killed his father, Simba flees into the wilderness and adopts a worry-free life with Timon and Pumbaa. But he can't run away from his past forever, and Uncle Scar needs a good talking-to!


Who is the larger-than-life hero who must choose whether to sacrifice his own life to save the woman he loves?

Hercules fulfills his dream of becoming a hero, but it's not enough to reenter Mount Olympus with the gods. Then he must decide whether to save his love Meg, even if it costs him his life!


Who is the man who decides to let the woman he loves go free even when it means remaining under a curse?

An enchantress places a prince under a curse, turning him into a beast until he can earn someone's love. Well, Beast earns it from Belle, but he selflessly releases her so she can return to her father. Will love save him?


This dashing hero risks his life to rescue a friar from execution. What's his name?

The foxy Robin Hood mounts a rescue mission to save Friar Tuck and the other villagers, even while knowing King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham have laid a trap for him. Will he prevail?


Who's the character who must decide whether to return to the boy who loves him or to be admired forever as a museum exhibit?

In "Toy Story 2," Woody fears that Andy will soon outgrow him and considers going to Japan to be a museum exhibit. It's up to Buzz Lightyear to remind Woody that he's a toy and that's a good thing!


This kid has to choose between living a wild life with his bear friend or rejoining human civilization. What's his name?

Orphaned Mowgli grows up in the jungle with his animal friends Bagheera and Baloo. But even after defeating Shere Khan, does Mowgli truly belong in the wild, or would he be better off with the villagers?


This woman must choose between saving her dad from an asylum and protecting the man she loves. Who is she?

Bookish Belle falls in love with Beast, but she also has to prove her dad isn't crazy — well, not too crazy. Can she keep a mob of French villagers from attacking Beast's castle?


Which character must choose between staying with her long-lost parents and rescuing her friends?

In "Finding Dory," the blue tang sets off on a quest to find her parents. But after finding them at last, is she willing to lose them again to save her dear friends Marlin and Nemo?


A young girl must decide whether to stay on her island and lead her people or venture out on a quest with a difficult demigod. What's her name?

Moana's father forbids her to go past the reef, but the voyager spirit is strong within her! Plus, Moana needs to restore the heart of Te Fiti if she wants to save her island and her people.


Who's the father who chooses to save his daughter's life even when it means being turned into polyp by an evil witch?

King Triton doesn't hesitate to take Ariel's place as Ursula's polyp prisoner, even though he knows Ursula will take his trident and rule over the ocean. Now it's up to Ariel to defeat her!


Which character must decide whether to hold a friend to a promise never to bounce again, even if it will make the friend very unhappy?

Fussy Rabbit from the Hundred Acre Wood makes Tigger promise never to bounce again. But when he sees how dejected Tigger becomes, how can Rabbit keep Tigger from being who he is?


This cocky figure must decide whether to protect his magic fishhook or help a girl defeat a lava monster. Who is he?

The brash demigod Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti and unleashed a lava monster. Will he learn to put his selfish desires aside and help Moana restore the heart, even if it means losing his magic powers?


Which character struggles with this dilemma: obey her father and remain in her world, or pursue her love and give up her voice?

Ariel, the little mermaid, wants to be part of the human world, which her father strictly forbids. Will Ariel heed his warnings or make a deal with the devil (a wicked sea witch)?


A young man must decide whether to hold on to his beloved childhood toys or to pass them on to another kid who will love them. What's his name?

Andy from the first three "Toy Story" films grows up and heads off to college. The question is, will he bring his toys along, pack them away, or give them to a cute little girl?


This man struggles with whether to be honest with his wife or to relive his glory days as a superhero. What's his name?

Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, gets a rare chance to be a superhero again. But will he choose this exciting path for himself even if it means deceiving his wife, Helen (aka Elastigirl)?


This character must choose whether to stick to his chores or to "borrow" the sorcerer's hat and try some magic. What's his name?

In the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment of "Fantasia," Mickey stars as the meek servant of a great wizard. When he dons the sorcerer's hat and attempts some magic, things do not go as planned!


Should he risk his life to save his father from a giant whale? That's the dilemma which character faces?

Plucky puppet Pinocchio proves himself brave, true and selfless when he rescues his father from the ferocious whale Monstro. He may be made of wood, but he's got a heart of pure gold!


This imaginary friend chooses to help Joy escape the memory dump even though he will fade away. What's his name?

In "Inside Out," lovable clown Bing Bong dreams of being friends with Riley again. But the imaginary friend chooses to help Joy instead, knowing it's what's best for Riley. Take her to the moon for him, Joy!


This mother decides to protect her big-eared son from some bullies, even though it means she will be unjustly imprisoned. Who is she?

Mrs. Jumbo is fiercely protective of her baby Dumbo, to the point that she attacks some boys for tormenting him. This leads to one of the most heartbreaking songs in Disney history, "Baby Mine."


Which character must choose between a footloose life with a lovable stray or life with her devoted humans?

Sure, the arrival of a new baby shakes things up at Lady's home. But will the pedigreed pooch abandon her life of privilege to live as a stray with Tramp, the mischievous mongrel?


Marry the warrior your father approves of or fall for the strange man from across the sea? That's the dilemma of which Disney character?

Free-spirited Pocahontas feels that her path is different from the one her father has laid out for her. But will she somehow bring peace between her people and the English settlers?


Protect your son at all costs or give him a little breathing room as he grows up? That's the dilemma that which father faces?

After losing his family, Marlin is overprotective of his one surviving son, Nemo. But will this dad realize that he can't protect Nemo from everything and will only smother him if he tries?


This girl must decide whether to stay in a fun fantasy land with pirates and mermaids or to return home to her parents. What's her name?

Wendy, John and Michael eagerly fly to Neverland with Peter Pan, but only Wendy remembers their parents at home. Will she choose adventure and perpetual youth or the responsibility of growing up?


This future king must decide whether he wants to be a squire or continue under the tutelage of a wizard. What's his name?

Young Arthur, also called Wart, meets Merlin, a magician who knows Arthur's great destiny. The trouble is, no one else recognizes Arthur's potential yet — including Arthur himself.


Go to a Powerline concert to impress a girl or go on a fishing trip with goofy old Dad? That's the dilemma of which rebellious teen?

Being the son of Goofy can't be easy, especially for teenage Max in "A Goofy Movie." But will Max go along with Goofy's plan of a father-son fishing trip or hurt his pop's feelings?


Who is the young kitten who must decide whether to live with a lonely little girl or a lovable gang of pickpockets?

Oliver of "Oliver & Company" finds the home he's dreamed of with Jenny, but he still feels loyalty to Dodger and his gang of pooches. Will Oliver make the best choice and save his friends too?


Should this furry thief listen to the warning of his friend or steal a gigantic, sparkling ruby? That's the dilemma of which character?

Aladdin's impish monkey sidekick is as skilled a thief as Aladdin himself. But when they enter the Cave of Wonders, can Abu keep his little paws off a tantalizing jewel so Aladdin can get the lamp?


Which character must decide whether to sell a litter of puppies to a woman of suspicious character or to tell that woman she's barking up the wrong tree?

Cruella De Vil writes Roger a big fat check for Pongo and Perdita's newborn puppies. But even without knowing of Cruella's wicked plans, Roger rejects her offer, proving himself a good "pet."


Will this princess kiss her true love to save herself from a curse or sacrifice herself to save her sister?

Only an act of true love can save Princess Anna from a curse. But it turns out Anna performs the act of true love by saving her sister Elsa from being killed! Sisters before misters!


This woman must decide whether to obey her father or take her father's place in the Chinese army. Who is she?

Mulan can't sit by and watch her elderly father join the Chinese army, where he'll surely die in battle. But if anyone discovers that she's posing as a man, she risks death herself!


Help his friends capture a supposedly fearsome creature or return the creature to his mother? Who must wrestle with this dilemma?

In "Pooh's Heffalump Movie," Roo goes along with his friends' plan of bagging a heffalump. But after meeting the friendly Lumpy, Roo has a change of heart. Can't they all be friends?


Should she return to her happy fairy-tale world and be a princess or stay in NYC with the man she loves? This is the choice which character must make?

Giselle from "Enchanted" becomes disenchanted when she enters the Big Apple and learns that love is more complicated than it is in her fairy-tale world. Will she choose the dream or reality?


This young man must choose between being true to himself or impressing the woman he loves. What's his name?

In "Aladdin," the title character believes he must be a prince to deserve the love of Princess Jasmine. However, Genie helps convince the good-hearted "street rat" that he should just be honest.


This character must learn to allow a girl to be sad sometimes, even though she would rather keep her happy all the time. What's the character's name?

Joy is one of the emotions in Riley's mind. But as Riley deals with a new school, Joy struggles to keep her happy at all costs — even by shutting out the other emotions, like Sadness.


An elderly woman must decide whether to keep the pet she loves or release him in a nature preserve where he'll be safe. What's her name?

Widow Tweed raised Tod like a human baby, but she can't ignore the fact that he's a fox forever. When Amos threatens to harm Tod, the woman knows she has only one option. Cue the sad music!


Who must decide whether to live as a llama or confront the witch who transformed him into one?

In "The Emperor's New Groove," selfish ruler Kuzco is humbled when he turns into a llama and realizes that his subjects dislike him. Can he still turn back to a human — a better human?


If this man returns a stolen cat, he'll anger a mean loan shark. But he can't steal from a little girl! Who is this character?

Petty thief Fagin has to pay back Sykes the loan shark — or else. But his plan to ransom a kitten goes awry when a girl shows up with a piggy bank. How will he get out of this jam?


This race-car driver must decide whether to return home with her best friend or join the game of her dreams. What's her name?

"Sugar Rush" racer Vanellope travels into the Internet with Ralph to save her game from being turned off. But when Vanellope finds her dream game, will she choose to say goodbye to her friend?


Who is the cautious mouse who must decide whether to stay home where he's safe or go on a rescue mission with the mouse he loves?

Bernard is only a janitor for the Rescue Aid Society, but he can't resist volunteering to partner with the Hungarian mouse Bianca and rescue orphan Penny. Still, he'd prefer a train to flying!


This animal character must decide whether to side with his human owner or to protect his childhood friend. Who is he?

Copper is a hound dog who, as a pup, befriended the fox, Tod. However, their friendship became more problematic once they grew up and Copper realized that he was expected to hunt foxes like Tod.


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