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From coast to coast, some of the most celebrated and recognizable athletes on the planet have a job with the National Football League. What would a Sunday be without Tom Brady, J.J. Watt and Julio Jones taking the field? Monday Night Football wouldn't be the same with Matt Ryan, Odell Beckham Jr. and Luke Kuechly. And what about the new generation? Pat Mahomes, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Saquon Barkley. This new infusion of talent ensures that the NFL will continue to be a source of entertainment for fans, from Seattle to Miami and everywhere in between.

2019 marks the NFL's 100th season. That's 100 years of entertaining and captivating audiences at places like L.A. Memorial Coliseum, Lambeau Field and Lucas Oil Stadium. It marks a century of well-known athletes with names like Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Joe Montana. Some of us were lucky enough to see these stars play; others can only experience it through well-preserved video clips.

But how well do you really know your current NFL stars? Can you tell Derrick from DeAndre? Do you know a Wentz from an Ertz? Think about the athletes that make the league what it is, and then see if you can identify them from a clue and a screenshot. Today's stars are tomorrow's legends! Now, run through these QBs, RBs, WRs and defenders on your way to a quiz touchdown!

He's the NFL's oldest starting quarterback and it doesn't appear he's going away anytime soon. Who is he?

At the ripe, young age of 42, Brady is preparing to enter his 20th season not only in the NFL but playing for the New England Patriots. To put that in perspective, Brady has been playing nearly as long as Patrick Mahomes has been alive.


He's a big deal on the field, but equally as big a deal off, raising $40 million for Hurricane Harvey victims. What's his name?

J.J. Watt is a terror on the field when he's not injured, but off the field, he's quite the humanitarian, helping to raise more than $40 million for Hurricane Harvey victims in and around Houston.


This wide receiver has become a favorite target of his Falcons QB Matt Ryan. What is his name?

Julio Jones played college ball at the University of Alabama before being drafted by the Falcons in the first round in 2011. Jones accounted for nearly 1,700 receiving yards in the 2018 season.


This newbie running back for the Giants earned NFL "Offensive Rookie of the Year" honors for his 2018 season. Who are we talking about?

Fresh off a sensational season at Penn State, Saquon Barkley charged out of the gates to "Offensive Rookie of the Year" honors for his output of 1,307 yards in his freshman NFL season.


Which of these running backs has delayed the start of his 2019 season amid a contract hold-out?

Ezekiel Elliott wants more money; Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn't want to give him more money. Thus, the two are at an impasse, at least in the pre-season. Jones further fanned the flames when he offered a comment, "Zeke who?" to the media after an impressive showing by the Cowboys' new rookie running back. To be continued ...


He's probably done the "Lambeau Leap" a few dozen times. Who is this Packers QB?

Aaron Rodgers has been at the helm of the Green Bay Packers franchise since he was taken in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He's had his ups and downs, but no one can dispute his athletic prowess.


He runs a lot ... his legs on the field and his mouth off the field. Which new Browns wideout are we talking about?

After a rocky relationship with the Giants over the past few seasons, Odell Beckham Jr. has found a new home in Cleveland alongside his former college buddy, Jarvis Landry. Whether he can dial back the drama remains to be seen.


It's a family affair for this current NFL quarterback. Which of these has both a father and brother who also played in the league?

The Manning name goes a long way in the NFL. Father, Archie, played quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and brother, Peyton, played in both Indianapolis and Denver. Eli and Peyton both have two Super Bowl rings apiece.


Unfortunately, his name hasn't saved him from frequent visits to the injured list. Who is this quarterback?

Luck hasn't always been on Andrew Luck's side in the injury department. A shoulder injury hampered his play for multiple seasons before he returned to the field in 2018. Now, another mysterious injury has popped up, sidelining the former Stanford QB for the Colts' pre-season activities.


The title of "fourth-youngest Q.B. to start a Super Bowl" belongs to which of these quarterbacks?

Jared Goff was a fairly young 24 years old when he started as quarterback for the Rams in Super Bowl LIII against the New England Patriots. It was an interesting storyline for sure, with the oldest Q.B. across the field in Tom Brady.


All eyes are on this Browns QB whose offensive weapons include O.B.J., Jarvis Landry and Kareem Hunt. Who are we referencing?

Big things are expected of Baker Mayfield in the 2019 season, especially with the roster moves the Cleveland Browns made in the off-season. In his rookie season, Mayfield helped the Browns snap their 635-day winless streak.


This quarterback ended up with the Chargers, thanks to a trade that involved Eli Manning. Who is he?

When the Giants drafted Rivers and the Chargers drafted Manning in 2004, the two teams agreed to do a switch-a-roo, each sending their first-round picks to the opposite teams. This might have had something to do with the temper tantrum Manning threw, refusing to ever play for the Chargers. Ouch.


It's time for this 22-year-old to step up and be Ben Roethlisberger's No. 1 wide receiving target in Pittsburgh. What's his name?

JuJu Smith-Schuster is primed to be QB Ben Roethlisberger's No. 1 target this season after the departure of superstar Antonio Brown. Smith-Schuster accounted for more than 1,400 receiving yards in his sophomore season in 2018.


He was a Raider ... until he (surprisingly) wasn't. Which of these Bears defenders is terrorizing NFL offenses?

Khalil Mack became a household name overnight when he was — shockingly — traded away from the Raiders to the Bears by new head coach Jon Gruden. Since then, Mack has been a defensive juggernaut, tormenting opposing quarterbacks.


You could call this NFL quarterback Mr. Ciara, but maybe not to his face. Which athlete is married to the famous singer/dancer?

Russell Wilson and hip-hop and R&B singer/dancer Ciara tied the knot in July 2016, and they've been the very picture of the happy couple ever since. In April, Wilson signed a four-year, $140 million contract extension with his team, the Seattle Seahawks.


As a Panthers player, this athlete is the only active defensive player to achieve five consecutive All-Pro honors. Who is he?

At the conclusion of the 2018 season, Luke Kuechly was the only active defensive player in the NFL to have been awarded All-Pro honors five years running. He received the nod in each season from 2013 to 2018. At just 28 years old, he still has a lot of gas in the tank!


A pocket full of records! Which of these QBs holds NFL records for pass completions, yards and completion percentage, among others?

At 40 years old and still playing, Drew Brees has claimed a plethora of records — and may have a few more in him yet. He is the current record-holder for career pass completions, passing yards and completion percentage.


This wide receivers has almost as many Pro Bowl honors as number of quarterbacks he's played for. Who is it?

We've got to give it to Larry Fitzgerald. He's been in the league, with the Cardinals, since 2004. In that time, he has earned 11 Pro Bowl nods and has played for roughly two dozen quarterbacks. Shew.


It's a wide receiver! It's a squirrel! Which of these NFL receivers boasts the nickname "The Squirrel?"

He may only be 5'10", but former Kent State quarterback Julian Edelman makes his presence known for the New England Patriots. Nicknamed "The Squirrel," Edelman earned the moniker for a sideline quote he once uttered to teammates about not letting him "get squirrely out there."


Two hundred thirty-eight yards: that's the Titans' franchise record for most rushing yards in a game. Who holds the distinction?

A former standout at the University of Alabama, Derrick Henry now rushes for the Tennessee Titans. He holds the franchise record for the most rushing yards in a game at 238 and the most rushing yards in consecutive games at 408.


Once a Raider, this wideout got his groove back when he was traded to the Cowboys mid-way through the 2018 season. What is his name?

Amari Cooper might have found his niche. After a surprising trade away from the Raiders by new coach Jon Gruden, Cooper seems to have adapted nicely in Dallas. He accounted for more than 700 yards in just half a season.


What a difference a new Q.B. can make! Which of these NFL tight ends amassed his highest-yardage season yet in 2018?

Travis Kelce may want to give Patrick Mahomes a "thank you" card for his 1,336-yard season — his highest to date. Kelce has been named to the Pro Bowl four times in his six-season NFL career.


This athlete goes by "Matty Ice," reportedly for his "cool as ice" persona. Who does this nickname belong to?

The Atlanta Falcons' Matt Ryan owns that "Matty Ice" nickname. Some reports have the moniker dating back to his charter school days. Everyone agrees his calm, cool demeanor warrants the icy name.


This former Georgia Bulldog was conspicuously absent from the Rams' 2018 Super Bowl appearance. Who is he?

After a season plagued by injury, members of the Rams organization assured fans prior to the Super Bowl that Gurley was ready to go. Except, he wasn't. He had only 35 yards in the Rams' 13-3 loss. Fans later learned that Gurley suffers from arthritis in his left knee.


Which of these defenders earned MVP honors for his play during Super Bowl 50?

It was Von Miller who hoisted the Super Bowl MVP trophy following the Broncos' win over the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. It was also the only Super Bowl to forgo using Roman numerals (which would've made it Super Bowl L).


This quarterback's signature move has been called the "Superman" celebration. Who does it?

In one swift motion, Cam Newton moves his hands to his chest and pretends as though he's ripping back his shirt, an ode to Superman's wardrobe change from his Clark Kent alter ego. In recent interviews, Newton has said he's going to shed his "Superman" comparisons in the upcoming season.


In 2018, this receiver broke the NFL record for "most consecutive 100-yard games to start a season." Who are we talking about?

Adam Thielen of the Minnesota Vikings is this record holder. Thielen had at least 100 yards in each of the 2018's season's first eight games, breaking the record for most consecutive 100-yard games to start a season in NFL history.


This quarterback's first playoff touchdown pass went to ... himself? Who did it?

Marcus Mariota probably won't forget his first playoff touchdown pass anytime soon. After his pass was deflected, the ball landed back in Mariota's arms and he ran it into the end zone for a touchdown — officially a pass in the record books.


Since entering the league in 2014, this Buccaneers wide receiver has notched 1,000-plus receiving yards each season. Who is he?

Mike Evans has quietly been putting away the 1,000-yard seasons. In each season he has been with the Bucs, the team that drafted him in 2014, he's notched more than 1,000 receiving yards.


In just two years, this running back has two Pro Bowl nods, Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors. What is his name?

Alvin Kamara lights up the New Orleans Saints backfield. In his rookie season in 2017, he split running back duties with Mark Ingram, notching nearly 800 rushing yards. In 2018, his production increased. 2019 looks to be more of the same.


He caught the go-ahead touchdown to help propel his team to a victory in Super Bowl LII. What is his name?

Call Zach Ertz a Super Bowl champion. His go-ahead touchdown during the bout with the New England Patriots sealed the Eagles' first-ever Super Bowl victory. Ertz also has two Pro Bowl nominations to his credit.


Three years into his NFL career, this wide receiver holds the record for most reception in his first three seasons. What is his name?

Michael Thomas earned his five-year, $100-million deal signed during the 2019 off-season. His 321 receptions are a league-high for players in their first three seasons in the NFL.


This starting QB managed to win a Super Bowl from the sidelines. What's his name?

Carson Wentz was the Eagles' starter in the 2017 season before an ACL injury sidelined him just weeks before the playoffs started. A little-known back-up named Nick Foles managed to stand in the gap and lead the Eagles on a historic run to a world title.


A first-round pick out of Clemson, this wide receiver has been a Houston Texan since 2013. Who is he?

DeAndre Hopkins has been on the Houston Texans' roster since 2013 when he was drafted with the 27th overall pick in the NFL Draft. In 2018, he lodged his most productive season yet with 1,572 receiving yards.


ESPN has called this All-Pro corner an "all-world button-pusher." Who are they describing?

Jalen Ramsey plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, so you might say he's the "mouth of the (AFC) south." He has gained notoriety in the NFL for trash-talking the receivers he covers and issuing what he calls "facts" about other players and teams in the league.


He's the reigning NFL MVP with even bigger expectations for the coming season. Who is he?

The Kansas City Chiefs may have fallen short of a Super Bowl in 2018, but their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, took home plenty of hardware, including MVP and "Offensive Player of the Year."


The 2019 off-season has proved to be challenging for this superstar. Which athlete has had issues from his head to his feet?

Oh, Antonio. The issues that plagued you in Pittsburgh seem to have followed you to your new team in Oakland. From arguments over which helmet to wear to not wearing any protective gear on his feet during cryotherapy, this wide receiver is never far from the spotlight ... good or bad.


Just 10 days after placing the franchise tag on this players, the Kansas City Chiefs traded him to the 49ers. Who are we talking about?

Maybe it was that offsides penalty that some think cost the Chiefs the AFC Championship Game, or maybe it was something else. Regardless, Ford will be wearing a new shade of red when the 2019 season starts.


An Arizona Cardinals player holds the record for longest punt return for a touchdown in an overtime period. Who is it?

It all went down in 2011. The Cardinals and the Rams were knotted at 13-13. Patrick Peterson, one of the team's cornerbacks, ripped off a 99-yard punt return for a touchdown to seal the victory for the Cards.


A longtime Raven, this player returns to his high school and college roots in Arizona for the 2019 season. Who are we talking about?

After a 15-year career with the Baltimore Ravens, Terrell Suggs will spend the 2019 season with the Arizona Cardinals. Suggs played high school ball in Chandler and attended Arizona State University. Homecoming!


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