Can You Identify These Canadian TV Shows From the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s?


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If you took a trip back to the '80s and before, you'd find all kinds of wonderful TV shows to pass the time with. Canada had a little bit of everything, from kids' shows to drama and many sketch comedies. Many of them also starred actors and actresses from Canada who found international fame as well. There was nothing like rooting on your favourites as they made it big!

While many of Canada's TV shows at this time were only shown in the North, a select few made it big enough to be shown in America as well. This was a big step, as it opened them up to a new and much bigger audience. Unfortunately, many Canadian programs also found themselves being canceled rather quickly, with quite a few only having one season. The ones that did last were often there to stay, for a while at least. For some programs like "Degrassi High," Canadians had the chance to watch as the kids grew up in front of them. It's moments like these that make Canadian TV so fulfilling!

Are you a fan of everything '60s,'70s and '80s? Were you always on time to watch the next best Canadian TV series? If you answered yes, then tell us if you can recognize them from only one screenshot!

Proving the importance of education in an increasingly digital world was this program that was ahead of its time. Do you know its name?

"Bits and Bytes" was the computer show that you might not have realized would come in handy later in life. Educating the public on computers was the goal of this show, which was aired for about 8 years until the early '90s.


Up in space is where this futuristic show took place. Can you name it?

It's easy to get lost in the stars when it comes to this TV show! Set in the future and written by the redoubtable Harlan Ellison, the show dealt with futuristic problems concerning the Earth as well as space. Unfortunately, the show was short-lived, with there only being 16 episodes produced.


Animal lovers could spend some time hanging out in the animal kingdom with this series. Do you know what it is?

This show took Canadians around the world to witness the beauty of wildlife, including animals like the zebra, fish and moles. It was eight seasons long, and narrated by Phil Carey, who was also known for his role in "Calamity Jane."


A program for kids, this name might remind you of a famous "Thomas." What is it?

"The Edison Twins" were fraternal, and they sure knew a lot about science. Being well-educated in this area, they used science to solve their everyday problems as well as taught viewers all about what they were doing.


This main character is Larry King, and not the talk show host! Do you know what series it is?

Taking place in Toronto, Ontario, Larry King was a convenience store owner who was friends with many in the neighbourhood. It was a lovable show that had some of the finest Canadian actors and actresses on as guests. Eugene Levy was just one of the big names on this show.


Nothing says "beautiful Sundays" like the title of this series known as what?

This show aired on Sundays of course, and was aired for more than 40 years. It had a little bit of everything from music to documentaries and took on a talk-show feel. As the name suggests, it was also a French language program.


Sure you know the American version, but Canada had its own as well! What is the name of this program?

Welcome to the Twilight Zone, Canadian version! Based on the original show itself, this was one of a few remakes of the classic. This version of the show was aired in the late '80s and was made for 4 years spanning three seasons.


There was no one more mysterious than the star of this TV show called what?

The Hitchhiker didn't have a specific name, but he made his way around anyway. This show was known for having some big names play minor characters, such as Kirstie Alley and Gary Busey, just to name a few. It also ran on HBO, reaching a US audience!


Similar to "Mr. Rogers," can you name this one with a kind man who loves to do art?

While "Mr. Dressup" is often compared to "Mr. Rogers," did you know that the Canadian version came first? The beloved kids' show was on the air for just less than 30 years, and proved to be extremely popular. It even aired every single morning!


If you loved science, this was a show that you probably watched a lot back in the day. Which educational program is it?

Now hosted by David Suzuki, when the show began in 1960, it was hosted by Donald Ivey. This show proves that you can never have too much knowledge, tackling everything from disease and nature to mysteries around the world.


Working on the task force is more fun with which of the following?

"M.A.S.K" is an acronym that stands for "Mobile Armored Strike Kommand," the name of the task force in this show. There were only two seasons, but that doesn't mean that the show wasn't a hit! It's often looked back on and remembered fondly.


A new twist was added to this classic tale for Canadian television. Can you name the series?

If you loved "Robin Hood," you probably loved "Rocket Robin Hood," which was in a futuristic setting. It was filled with all of the characters you know and love, but they tackled new situations in outer space.


This kids' show was known for its cute little creatures. What's the name of this program?

What could be more lovable than these friendly little creatures? "Fraggle Rock" was known for many things, especially its catchy theme song that is hard to get out of your head. One fun fact about the Fraggles is that they only spend 30 minutes per week at work! This was another hit on the US side of the border, as well.


Music was more fun with this television program that went by which name?

"Good Rockin' Tonite" first aired in 1983 with a well-known host, Terry Mulligan, who was known for also being on the Canadian music channel MuchMusic. However, this was after his time on "Good Rockin' Tonite."


Among the first produced drama series in Canada was this one known as which of the following?

Steve Wojeck had a tough job to do as he was the coroner and dealt with many different situations. He was played by John Vernon, who was also the star of a movie that later came after the end of the show. It was loved by Canadians who made it quite successful for its time.


If you remember this one, then you remember Canada's first colour TV show! Can you name it?

"The Forest Rangers" was a lovable show for many Canadians. You might remember sitting back to watch the adventures of Sergeant Scott, Uncle Raoul and Junior Ranger Kathy. Did you know that there have been a few reunions with the cast members?


No one fights crime like the star of this show! What is it known as?

This cartoon was a Saturday morning classic when it aired in the late '60s and early '70s. While this played in other parts of the world as well, did you know that the majority of the voice acting for the show was done here in Canada?


Out of nowhere, the main character in this series gains powers that no human has! What is the name of it?

Jerry O'Connell starred as the main character, Andrew Clements, who was the recipient of some pretty cool powers. Could you imagine being a high schooler with super speed? You would never be late for a class again!


It's hard to find someone more lovable than the main kooky character in which series?

The "Inspector Gadget" cartoon aired in Canada in 1983 lasting two seasons, but that's not where the fun stops. There were also many specials that came after it, such as the Christmas special and even live-action films.


This lovable show was a popular cartoon in the late '80s. Can you name it?

"Beetlejuice" was a popular movie, so what better way to have it live on than through a television show? The animated show was great for kids and followed the adventures of everyone's favorite ghost and his friend Lydia.


Canada's answer to SNL was this one that was all about the comedy. Which of the following is it?

Fans of "SCTV" will know that it stands for "Second City TV!" First airing in the late '70s, it quickly gained popularity and eventually made the switch over to America as well. It's responsible for helping some actors and actresses shoot to fame such as John Candy and Catherine O'Hara.


You can still catch this show today, despite it being aired throughout many decades. Which legendary program is it?

Every Canadian has seen this classic show once before! Hockey is an important part of Canadian culture, so there's no wonder that there's a whole show dedicated to the games. One familiar face is Don Cherry, who started with the show in 1986.


Wayne Rostad took everyone on a tour in which series?

A journey around the country was simple on this CBC production. Wayne Rostad, a Canadian icon, was the host of the show, where he spoke to all types of people and visited countless areas around Canada. Starting in the '80s, the show went on for 20 years before its cancellation.


This kids cartoon was all about the little creatures that love to get into trash. What is it known as?

The Raccoon family was the protector of the forest, always fighting for its greater good. Animals need the forest, which is something that the Raccoons really cared about. In turn, they fought a villain named Cyril to keep it protected.


If you've heard of the famous author Beverly Cleary, then you've probably heard of this series called what?

As a kid, "Ramona" is one series that you might have really enjoyed watching. While she's a nice girl, her sister would say otherwise! Unfortunately, only 10 episodes were made over one season of the show.


Watching this could have you saying "ahoy," as it's out at sea. Can you name it?

The Roberts family was all about the water and the good of the environment. Being quite educational, the show was popular with teens when it aired for five years, starting in 1985.


For teens, this show dealt with many issues that people of that age group would deal with on a daily basis. Can you name it?

The "Degrassi" shows have proven their popularity with the teen crowd over the years, making some big Canadian actors and actresses who have launched their careers worldwide now. The first time this show, the third in the Degrassi series, aired was in 1989 and it lasted for two years.


It's hard to find a more helpful pup than this one from which Canadian series?

Traveling around the area, the Littlest Hobo always found someone to help. This adorable pooch was smart and cunning, always knowing what to do in any situation. The show also had many notable Canadian stars, including Mike Myers.


Tag along with cops on which of the following famous series?

Despite being a Canadian show, it was also aired in the United States. It's all about a journalist and the local police department and the cases that they deal with. Watching an episode was like watching the entire shift of the police officers!


Among one of the longest-running TV shows in the world, this Christian program is known by what name?

Aired daily, "100 Huntley Street" gives viewers their daily dose of Christian content. Did you know that the show gets its name from the address of the filming location? You can find it in Toronto, the heart of Canadian entertainment!


This series came to life more than 30 years after the movie it was based on. Can you name it?

"War of the Worlds" only ran for two seasons in Canada, but it was a great show while it lasted. Taking place after the original film, fans had a chance to see the events that played out later with the aliens.


Taking place in British Columbia, this drama series is known as what?

Set off the coast of British Columbia, the show follows a man who is in the business of collecting logs that have broken away from their structures in the water. The show was very successful and spent almost 20 years on the air, making it one of the longest-running Canadian dramas.


The name of this one is not something you would find during class on typical day at school! Do you know what it's called?

Starring some famous Canadian comedians, this was another famous sketch show. Known collectively as the Kids, the show got its start in the late '80s and ended in the mid-'90s. On occasion, the Kids still get together, however! It was another talent incubator, with numerous cast members going on to film careers.


A fun visit to the store could be done right from your TV screen with which program?

There's no better setting than a store for a show that goes by this name! In Toronto, it's all about educating kids on how certain things inside of the store work, with everyone's favourite mannequin Jeff, of course.


Censorship is no problem on which of the following Canadian programs?

One of Canada's great sketch comedy shows, this one was more for the pre-teen crowd than the adult crowd. It dealt with anything that this age group would find humorous and interesting, including music and movie subjects. It was also a hit on the Nickelodeon channel in the US.


Everyone wished that they were as cool as the secret agent in this program known as what?

There was no cooler agent on the block than Adderly, but it was important that he kept it a secret! Being bumped down to Miscellaneous Affairs meant that he wanted to seek something more, which is exactly what he did for himself.


If you were up late at night, you might have caught this talk show called what?

Canada's version of the late-night show was "90 Minutes Live," where Peter Gzowski was the host. Unfortunately, the show had a short run of only two years. Rick Moranis was an occasional guest, and look up the 1978 interview with Harlan Ellison!


While Toronto is often known for its entertainment, this one made it all about law. What was is known as?

With a Canadian setting comes the showcase of Canadian laws in this beloved show. Originally running for eight seasons, its popularity brought the show back in 2019 for only 6 episodes, but there's no telling what the future might hold for this iconic series.


One of Canada's many game shows, this one was all about how well you knew your family. Do you know what it was called?

If you were a kid in the '80s who knew all about your mother, then this was the game show for you! Answering questions, you'd have to pick the same thing as your mom, but there were a few other challenges as well. The show was so popular, the producers even created a new updated version.


This program is known to have made Super Dave Osbourne the star he became at the time. What was it known as?

The sketch comedy show "Bizarre" was a Canadian classic that introduced the world to the character Super Dave Osbourne. In fact, the character proved to be so popular that the segment was turned into another TV show just for itself.


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