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Once you start watching "House Hunters," it can be impossible to look away. With so many house styles featured on the show, it can be addictive to follow along while prospective home buyers choose the house of their dreams. Now that you've seen most of the show's episodes, do you think you could give a tour naming the style of house you are showing? 

Put yourself in the shoes of the agents showing "House Hunters" homes, and see how many of these house types you can name off of the top of your head. From Federal colonials to Gothic Revival houses, every house featured on the show has its own sense of style and a unique history. We're betting you've seen enough episodes to name them without having to look them up. 

Throughout this quiz, we will show you a picture of some of the most popular home styles ever featured on "House Hunters." All you have to do is choose the name you think belongs to the photo of the house you see. Try not to confuse your saltboxes with your Florida houses, and you'll walk away feeling like you might have a glowing career in real estate ahead of you. Do you?

"House Hunters" frequently features this opulent type of home. What kind is it?

If you are in the market for an impressive home, "House Hunters" is always featuring French Provincial style houses. You can always recognize them by their large upper-floor windows, their sharply angled roofs and their pillared porches.


Which 1860's style of home is made modern again in this photo?

You like the look of the Craftsman style from the late 1800s, but you are not taken with the idea of renovations. A Contemporary Craftsman style home would solve the problem! Featured on the third episode of the first season of "House Hunters," this style of home has the same look, but with all modern materials.


Asymmetrical exteriors are only one feature of what style of home seen here?

The Arts and Crafts movement is responsible for the Shingle Style house seen here. Shingle Style houses are often featured because of their large, open interiors. Many episodes of "House Hunters" have featured this kind of home when filming takes place in the Northeast.


Can you identify the style of home that originates in Northern Europe and Russia?

You can find chalets like the one seen on the "Seeking Swiss Chalet in Lake Tahoe" episode, but this type of home is even more popular in countries like Finland and Russia. Tall, straight spruce and pine trees make the perfect building material for climates that need more insulation.


This sturdy and rustic kind of house is was first featured in season two. Can you name it?

Tuscan houses like the one featured in a "Time for Tuscan Home of Their Own" are loved for their rustic charm. They feature a lot of materials commonly found in the region of Tuscany, Italy like limestone, large wooden beams and terra cotta tiles.


What name is given to this architectural style native to the American Midwest, featured in "From Desert to Prairie?"

Sleek horizontal lines, flat roofs and modern windows are all markers of the Prairie style of home often featured on "House Hunters." Originally called Prairie School, the homes are designed to reflect the flat landscape around them.


Sometimes, this type of house is called a rambler. What's the more common name?

The Ranch style of home was created in the 1920s. With a long, low profile, Ranch homes are not as ornate as other styles of home. Instead, they blend the function and simplicity that any family could need. It was a tough choice for an interior designer in the "Historic Colonial vs. Ranch in Virginia" episode.


Zoe and Aki loved the large roof tiles featured of which home style seen here?

Influenced by the types of houses found in the Greek and Italian regions, Mediterranean houses are one of the most popular types of homes featured on "House Hunters." Their impressive stone or stucco facades proved to be a tough choice on the "Mode in Mediterranean Malta" episode.


"House Hunters" loves featuring this kind of house with thatched roofs. Do you know what they call it?

The English Cottage style home is far more popular in the United Kingdom, but it's one of the most desired types of homes for those looking to move into the country. "House Hunters" used the thatched roofs and white exterior to charm buyers Sara and Derek.


Hip house hunters tend to love being shown this edgy style. Can you name it?

After WWII, there was a push to bring more modern touches to homes throughout the country. Popular until the mid-60s, the Mid-Century Modern style home easily blends interior design with stark architecture. "Midcentury Mod for the Family" made sure to highlight the home's features.


House hunters in Colorado looked for this kind of rural house. What name is it given?

Houses built in the Farmhouse style are usually found in close proximity to farms and ranches. Their large rooms and ample space make them the perfect style for a busy, working family. Buyers in the "Colorado Farmhouse Rock" episode fell in love when they toured one.


Can you figure out this type of house from its neoclassical exterior? It's a favorite of real estate agents.

Features like towering columns are taken from the Hellenistic style to bring Greek Revival homes to life. Popular in Europe and the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries, Greek Revival homes are once again becoming one of the most sought-after kinds of homes.


Straight central hallways are a major feature of this sort of home. What style caused a huge disagreement in Tallahassee?

Sometimes, Florida houses are called shotgun houses because of their resemblance to the smaller, coastal homes of the same name. A Tallahassee couple brought humor to season 100 by arguing over a colonial or a Florida style ranch.


What name is given to this raised style of home found along coastal regions?

Since the early 1800s, beach houses have been found along the Atlantic coast of the United States. Sometimes called tidewater homes, beach houses are known for their raised foundations which allow for rising water. Beach houses were so popular on "House Hunters" that they got their own show!


Do you know what kind of home was featured in an Illinois episode? It will always have two stories.

Colonial homes were originally designed to have one room upstairs and one room downstairs. Over time, more and more rooms have been added within their simple wooden frames. In "Colonial vs. Ranch in Illinois," buyers were forced to choose between space for the kids or a three-car garage.


In season 8, symmetrical design and roof overhangs are indicative of which popular architectural style?

Smaller than the English style homes that came before them, Cape Cods carry a lot of the original features such as wooden shutters and shingle siding. A couple seeking a "Vacation Home on Cape Cod" has plenty of them to choose from!


Buyers love this type of home because it is reminiscent of a castle. What is it called?

Richard Morris Hunt is responsible for bringing the French Chateau style to America in the late 1800s. Modeled directly after castles and grand homes in affluent regions of France, buyers clamor after the homes' regal appearance. You'll have to watch "House Hunters International" to see a real one, though.


Can you correctly name this medieval-style home you frequently see featured on "House Hunters?"

Tudor houses date all the way back to 1485! Their unmistakable mix of wooden beams and sturdy materials are a product of an architectural renaissance that carried England out of the medieval period and into the Tudor era. "A Tudor to Die For" perfectly highlight's the home's appeal.


Which of these styles is the correct name for this kind of home that originated in India?

As early as 1659, English travelers made reference to a style of house they called "bunguloues." When brought to the U.S. and England around 1880, original thatched roofs were replaced with the traditional materials homes use now. "Bungalow to The Burbs" is worth the watch!


"House Hunters" in Seattle shows off this sort of home that incorporates natural wood on the exterior and the interior. What is it?

The Northwest-style home was most popular along the Pacific coast from the 1930s to the 1960s. The fancy ornamentation of previous home styles was replaced with natural woods from the area. Northwest homes are loved for their odd, asymmetrical layout and their grand but rustic appearance.


What name is given to this home that features organic building materials, seen in a Santa Fe episode?

Adobe Revival homes pay homage to the many cultures around the world that used to construct their homes locally sourced materials. Though Adobe Revival homes are much grander than their predecessors, the style dates back all the way to the 8th century.


"House Hunters" adds a royal touch when they show buyers which style of home seen here?

"Not Another Victorian" surprised buyers. Victorian houses take their name from the Queen who was ruling at the time the houses became popular. First constructed in England, the style soon caught on in America. Victorian houses are known for their elegant attention to detail.


This kind of home, featured in a Wisconsin episode, is called a manor house. What is the other name for its style?

The British feudal system is partly responsible for the creation of country-style homes. Also known as manor houses, country homes were the houses where nobles lived. Those who worked the land usually lived in smaller homes on the property, but "Country Living in Wisconsin" made them shine, too.


Do you know the kind of home here? Sometimes, it is confused with the Georgian style.

Historians argue that the only difference between the Georgian style and the Federal colonial styles is the lack of ornamentation. Though similar, Federal colonial houses were not as ornate, but the Virginia buyers featured on the show are always impressed by the style.


Frank Lloyd Wright was considered a pioneer of the style seen here. What home style is it?

After WWII, it became fashionable to introduce more industrial materials into home construction. The modern style of homes remained popular until the early '70s. "Modern Miami Search" perfectly points out the home's unique features.


"House Hunters" agents would show this kind of home to those looking for a woodsy escape. Which of these styles is the right one?

Many house hunters confuse Log homes with Mountain homes, but there are a few differences. Mountains homes use trees differently than Log homes. We recommend watching "Holiday Mountain Home Hunt to get a real feel for the style.


Which of these home styles is known for its use of wrought iron and half-round arches like the one see in "Surf Shack vs. Spanish?"

Built from 1915 to 1940, Spanish Revival homes are well-loved for their grand features. The style borrows elements from both the colonial and the Mediterranean styles, and it is most popular among the American Atlantic coast.


Head to Phoenix to see this type of home, known for its mixture of building materials. Can you name it?

Southwest style homes borrow their looks from both Spanish and adobe styles. They are easily identified by their low profiles and their ability to blend in with their desert surroundings. Materials like brick, wood and stucco are commonly found throughout this kind of home.


House Hunters either love or hate which of the common housing styles seen here?

Traditional homes, like the one featured in "Traditional vs. Modern in Dallas," are often confused with country homes because of their similar design. Traditional homes are designed for comfort rather than grandeur. Cozy fireplaces and welcoming outdoor spaces are two of the typical features.


Which of these types of homes would you see peppered across the New England region?

Saltbox, or American colonial houses, date all the way back to the original 13 colonies. They are easily recognizable by their sharply pitched roofs, double stories and their simple, boxed-frame construction. "Boston Cape Cod vs. Colonial" shows a great example of the style.


Imaginative home buyers go crazy for what type of home featured on "House Hunters Renovation?"

Technically, storybook style houses are known as Provincial Revival homes. Their whimsical and playful designs look like they have been taken from the pages of a fairytale. Popular in the 1920s, atypical roofs and curved lines are said to be a nod to old Hollywood.


This style of home was popular during the Classical architecture period. Which of these names is it given?

Large, impressive and highly sought after, Italianate homes are staples for those looking to own an interesting home like you would see on New York episodes. You can recognize them by their brick exteriors, looming chimneys and their features that reflect homes found in Italy.


"New Home in Old town" saw buyers looking to downsize, and this home is the perfect option. Which name is correct?

Townhouses are ideal for homebuyers who do not want the burden of a large yard or expansive living space. Available in many home styles, townhouses are usually attached to a series of other homes. Perks of owning a townhome include an on-site maintenance team.


What type of home in this photo also comes from the Victorian era?

Gothic Revival homes look like a mixture between a Victorian home and a storybook house. They usually have pointed arches, and their distinctive attention to detail on the gables really sets this type of "House Hunters" home apart from the rest. Many episodes feature Victorian homes that are actually this style.


Large courtyards are a feature of this kind of home frequently seen on "House Hunters International." Do you know what the style is named?

If space is your house hunting priority, look no further than the villa style. They are close to traditional homes in layout and appearance, but they are known for being much larger. They are also known for their luxury features and large outdoor spaces.


This home's simple yet cozy style was featured on a Nashville episode. Which name is given to its type?

Different from log homes, log cabins are usually smaller and made from whole, local materials. Log cabins are ideal for those who are looking for an efficient way to live away from populated areas.


Newlyweds had to choose between this style and a French provincial. What is this style called?

The art deco area was highly influential on architects. Clean curved lines and ornate features are married with soft, organic materials to give this kind of home a one-of-a-kind artsy look. They line the coasts of America.


Sometimes, this kind of home is called a walk-up. A couple headed to Brooklyn to find which style seen here?

Brownstones first began to appear in New York City during the early 1800s. Their wild popularity quickly spread to regions throughout the United States. They are easily recognized by their attachment to surrounding properties and their sandstone exteriors.


Do you know what this tall, ornate style of home is called on "House Hunters?"

"House Hunters" are always taken by Second Empire homes when they tour them. Their height and their Victorian-esque features were popular during the late 19th century, and they have made quite a comeback now.


This kind of home is named for its creator. Can you name it?

Architect Henry Hobson Richardson wanted to blend the best of European styles and American styles. His brainchild, the Richardson Romanesque, is known for its large composition and its towers. If not for the distinction, many would think they were brick Victorian homes.


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