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Ah, puppies. What's not to love about them?

Puppies are some of the world's cutest, cuddliest and most curious little balls of fur — and with hundreds of different breeds all over the world, there's plenty of pups to keep you entertained (and they're all doggone good at doing so!).

While most dog lovers can agree you can never have enough puppies, the number a dog can have in a litter varies depending on the breed and the mother's age. One Mastiff mom named Tia holds the record for largest litter with a whopping 24 puppies born at once! Talk about puppy love.

It may be hard to believe, but puppies have more benefits beyond just being adorable. Puppies are known for making mental, physical and social paws-itive impacts, including helping people stay active or manage depression. Outside of just being an adorable collection of pixels, even puppy pictures are good for your health. According to researchers, looking at images of baby animals can help improve your focus.

Find out howl you'll do when it comes to telling one pint-sized pooch from the other in this canine challenge. And hey, at the very least, take the stress away from any ruff day with these 40 ridiculously cute pictures of puppies.

You probably wouldn't find these pups barking up any tree. Who's shown here?

All cute and no bark! These pretty pooches do not bark, making them a definite difference in the dog community. While Basenjis aren't known for barking, they do make a sort of "yodeling" noise instead.


Look for these cuties Down Under. What breed is this?

Just as the name implies, the Australian Cattle Dog was first bred by Australian ranchers. These ranchers needed a dog with a good amount of endurance for herding cattle and traveling long distances.


This adorable canine sure is easy to spot. What type of dog is this?

There's much more to this breed than just being lovable stars of a Disney classic. Dalmatians were once commonly used by firefighters to comfort horses, which at one time were in charge of pulling fire engines. The dogs ran alongside the horses and then kept them calm if the giant animals got stressed around the fire.


The name for these frisky fur balls comes from France. Do you have any idea what it is?

The name for this breed came from the French word for butterfly (also "Papillon"). The head shape and distinctive ears of a Papillon resemble that of a, you guessed it, butterfly's shape.


These puppies are as iconic in the canine community as they are adorable. What's the breed?

Poodles were originally known for retrieving items out of water, and like the Papillon, these dogs also get their name from European influence. The term "Poodle" comes from the German word "pudel," meaning "to splash in water."


More than just GOOD dogs — these guys are great! Who do you see here?

Great Pyrenees pups are considered to be nocturnal in their natural element. Being a popular choice for a shepherding dog, this is thought to be the reason for their preference for nighttime.


These tiny tots may not be big in size, but they sure are easy to give lots of love! What's this dog?

Chihuahuas and humans have something in common, with nearly 90% of all of these dogs born with a soft spot on the head (like human babies have). Though while the soft spot on humans disappears with growth, Chihuahuas will carry this characteristic throughout their whole lives.


This pooch has a literal life-changing sense of smell. What's the breed?

A study done in Paris discovered that a trained Belgian Malinois was able to detect cancer just from the smell of urine. Out of the 66 samples used in the experiment, the dog successfully sniffed out 63 of them, distinguishing which were from men with prostate cancer versus those without.


Look for this hound in the Sunday comics. What kind of dog is this?

If you're a "Peanuts" fan, then your mind might've connected this little cutie to Charlie Brown's best pal, Snoopy. He's one popular Beagle, and according to a poll done by the American Kennel Club, Snoopy earned the title of "top dog in pop culture."


These babies have a knack for climbing. What are they called?

The full name for these canines is the "Catahoula Leopard Dog." Catahoulas are known for their tree-climbing ability, which is one of the characteristics that makes them choice hunting dogs.


You might recognize these little guys as even being sport stars! What kind do you see?

True to the name, the Boston Terrier is not only the mascot of Boston University, but the state dog of Massachusetts. This pooch was one of the first breeds to originate from the United States.


This dog loves to swim. Water you thinking the breed is?

Newfoundlands absolutely love the water, and they are excellent swimmers. They put the talent to great use, as Newfoundlands have been known to rescue drowning people during emergencies.


Puppy or not, these dogs are furever cute. What type do you think this is?

These bouncing balls of fluff are more than just man's best friend — they're miracles! When the Titanic sank, one lucky Pomeranian made it out safely thanks to its owners carrying the pup aboard a lifeboat.


This puppy breaks records AND hearts. What is it?

Whippets are known for being fast, and one in particular named Davy even holds a record. Davy chased a Frisbee at a whopping 40 miles per hour, making him a Guinness Book of World Records' holder for "The Longest Flying Disc Throw Caught by a Dog."


It's hard to imagine a dog this darling hunting anything — especially giant cats. What breed is this?

You can tell this pup apart from others by the distinct "ridge" of fur centered down its backside. In the past, Rhodesian Ridgebacks were once used to hunt lions. Talk about biting off more than you can chew!


This fur babe is as fast as it is sweet. What is this puppy called?

Greyhounds have been around for hundreds of years, with the breed valued very highly throughout history. These dogs were so prized that in the 11th century, only the noblest individuals could own one.


The name for this stocky canine comes from Germany. Any idea what kind it is?

"Dachs" is the German word for badger, so you can probably guess what these curious canines sniffed out during hunting season. A Dachshund was the original mascot for the Olympics.


A kiss from this cutie would give it's breed away. What is it?

If the overgrown fluff isn't enough of a giveaway, Chow Chows have a distinctive feature to differentiate this breed from others. Their tongues appear to be a dark purple or even bluish-black color (with the Chinese Shar-Pei also having this characteristic).


These pups know how to work hard and play harder! What's their name?

On top of each having their own spunk and personality, English Setters even come in different varieties! There is a "working dog" version and a larger "show dog" version of the English Setter.


We have Europe to thank for these little beauts. What breed of dog is shown here?

While the name might imply otherwise, the French Bulldog actually originated in England as a sort of smaller bulldog. During the 18th century, some dog owners from England took these pups to France, where over time they developed unique features and became the French Bulldogs we know and love today.


Can you guess the name of this pint-sized pup?

These rambunctious pups are known for their high-energy personalities. Miniature Pinschers have been called the "kings of toys," for — you guessed it — their devoted love for dog toys.


From the name, you could say these are especially lucky dogs! What breed is this?

The Irish Wolfhound is known for being the tallest breed of dog, with some males towering at nearly 3 feet! The name Irish Wolfhound comes from none other than their knack for wolf hunting.


Even without fur, this cutie can steal your heart. What dog is shown here?

Chinese Crested Dogs have been used onboard ships by Chinese sailors to capture rats. Since this breed doesn't have any fur, Without hair and thus the risk of getting fleas, these dogs are perfect for life at sea.


This cutie is a knock-out for any dog lover. What's the type?

While you might not find these dogs in any ring, Boxers are named for their common use of front paws during a fight. Boxers have shorter snouts than many other dogs, so you might catch one snoring during a snooze.


When this puppy gets older, you'd likely find it hanging out with sheep. Who is it?

Collies are known for their excellent ability to herd sheep. It's thought that the name "Collie" was derived from the Old English word for "blacken with soot or coal," which is "colley."


What's the name of these smart sweeties?

This breed originated in Germany during the 1800s after various types of herding dogs were crossbred. German Shepherds are known for being extremely bright dogs, which makes them very easy to train.


These babes are gentle giants. What's the name of this dog?

The Great Dane breed came from Germany, and these canines are the state dog of Pennsylvania. You might recognize one famous mystery-solving cartoon version of the breed — Scooby Doo!


You might recognize the name of this breed from the capital city of a certain Caribbean country. What is it?

The Havanese comes from Cuba, where it is not only the national dog there, but it's the country's only native breed. This dog is known for its silky smooth coat, which helps protect them from the sun's intensity.


These dogs sure are unbear-ably adorable. What's the breed called?

This is one of Washington state's most protective pooches. At Yosemite National Park, Karelian Bear Dogs are known for safely controlling rather than hunting bears to help keep them from attacking humans.


These dogs were first spotted in Western Europe. Do you know the breed?

While Portuguese Water Dogs first came from Portugal, in more recent years, you could've found two of these babies hanging out at the White House. Former president Barack Obama had a pair named Sunny and Bo.


This life-saving breed takes "man's best friend" to a whole new level. What's the name?

This breed of dog originated during the 17th century in Europe after being bred by monks living at the Hospice of St. Bernard, so you can likely guess where the name comes from. Saint Bernards are thought to have rescued thousands of travelers venturing between Switzerland and Italy.


Find these cold-loving cuties running around in snow. Can you guess this type of dog?

In 1925, A Siberian Husky named Balto was one of the sled dogs credited with delivering diphtheria treatment to Alaska. As a well-deserved hero, New York City's Central Park is home to a statue commemorating this famous pup.


Their large size means more to love! What kind of dog is this?

When initially bred, Rottweilers were known for their ability to get cattle to the markets and then later were used for pulling butcher carts. Additionally, the Rottweiler was one of the first police dogs.


These pups make for the perfect family dog. What's the name?

Golden Retrievers were first bred to accompany hunters to retrieve waterfowl. One of these pups, named Augie, holds a world record for "Most Tennis Balls Held in the Mouth by a Dog" with Augie holding a whopping five!


Here's a dog known for entertaining crowds. What's the breed shown here?

While Toy Fox Terriers have been known to help farmers by controlling rat problems, these pups are more than just hunters. Toy Fox Terriers are very intelligent, especially when it comes to obedience and agility commands, which made these dogs excellent show performers.


What's the name of this floppy-eared fur ball?

The ears of a Basset Hound are as purposeful as they are distinctive. Basset Hounds' large ears act as a sort of fan, aiding the dogs while they walk by flopping around their face and bringing smells closer to the nose.


Outside of adorableness, these pups are known for their intelligence. What's their name?

As the fifth smartest breed of dog, Doberman Pinschers are obviously known for their intellect. While that may be a blessing for most trainers, it also means these dogs have a tendency to get bored more easily than other breeds.


These canines may be small, but that doesn't mean they don't have lots of energy. Do you know the name?

Jack Russell Terriers are known for their energetic, clever and all-around happy personalities. Two centuries ago, these dogs were first bred in England for the purpose of hunting foxes.


What breed is this bouncing ball of fur, who is also known for having impressive speed?

Labrador Retrievers are extremely fast dogs, with the breed being known to sprint at speeds of 12 miles per hour in just a few seconds. In 1981 in Sunol, California, one Labrador was dubbed "honorary mayor" after beating two human candidates during the election.


These puppies aren't just cute — they're hypoallergenic. Think you can guess the name?

The Maltese is assumed to have come from the island of Malta (a small nation under Italy). While they commonly have a black button-shaped nose, the color can change to pink if they don't get enough sun or whenever a female Maltese is in heat.


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