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By: Beth Hendricks

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Have you ever gotten lost in a Lowe's? (Don't laugh! We have.) Those suckers are big – roughly 112,000 square feet of home improvement goodness. Are you replacing your roof? They have you covered. Do you need (or want) new tools? No problem. Did you forget paper towels or toilet bowl cleaner at the grocery store? Check and check. 

Lowe's has been around since the early 1920s when the first, albeit smaller, Lowe's North Wilkesboro Hardware store opened in North Carolina. The company changed hands in the family a few times before an outsider, Carl Buchan, came aboard as a partner in 1943. Buchan recognized the need for a reputable source of building materials for those returning from World War II, focusing on stocking those items — along with hardware — and expanding to multiple locations. Today, Lowe's has more than 2,200 locations throughout North America and ranks highly on the list of the Fortune 500 companies.

Part of Lowe's success is its ability to source the best products to stock its shelves. From Armstrong Flooring to Weber Grills, you'll find everything to outfit your home – from its foundation to decorative touches for its walls. 

It's now time to test your inner Bob Vila. Grab a cart and wander through the aisles of your local Lowe's (in your mind, we're talking about here) and see how many of these famous brands you can identify. Maybe you can also add some things to your wish list for your next shopping trip!

Who says Lowe's isn't high tech? Which of these in-store and online brands doubles as a popular search engine?

If you haven't yelled out "Hey, Google!" at least once in the privacy of your own home, you're missing out. This home command center technology, available at Lowe's, can do everything from preparing you for the day's temperature to making it easier to add things to your grocery list.


From its iconic stand mixer to its full suite of kitchen appliances, which of these brands promises to "bring more to the table"?

KitchenAid is well known for its iconic stand mixer that comes in a wide assortment of colors, but they're making headway in the appliance game, too. At Lowe's, you can find KitchenAid everything – from small appliances to range hoods, refrigerators and microwaves.


You've probably seen this 140-year-old brand in a bathroom near you. Of course, it's also a popular choice at Lowe's. What is it?

American Standard has been outfitting bathrooms and kitchens for more than 140 years at the brand level. It's available at Lowe's, and you can find its name on an assortment of tubs, sinks and toilets.


Let out your best Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor grunt when you get your hands on this German brand of power tools. What company are they from?

Bosch power tools, outfitted in the company's iconic shade of blue, are considered among the best brands for both affordability and high-end feel. Headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany, Bosch makes everything from table saws and routers to laser levels and sanders.


This brand of outdoor grills shares its name with a type of cooking. Which brand are we referencing?

You can charbroil (or grill) on your Char-Broil, a type of grill available at Lowe's, and an appropriately-named household apparatus. Whether you need a portable grill or a complete outdoor kitchen, Char-Broil at Lowe's is likely to provide a solution.


Can a vacuum cleaner be considered luxurious? The people behind this brand certainly think so. What is it?

The Dyson family of products has grown over the years. From the cyclonic separation technology present in its vacuum cleaners to its foray into the beauty industry with its hair dryer and Airwrap styler, Dyson had built a diverse portfolio of products. You probably won't find the hair dryer at Lowe's, though.


You didn't know you needed a refrigerator with an alarm system until this brand showed you that you did. What brand is it?

Electrolux refrigerators have a host of over-the-top, built-in options to help preserve your groceries for the longest period of time. One of those is an alarm system that alerts you when the temperature breeches a certain threshold. Pretty "cool," right? (Get it?)


This brand sounds like it focuses only on refrigerators, but its newest product at Lowe's is a stove with a built-in air fryer. Which one are we talking about?

Don't be fooled by its name; Frigidaire doesn't just focus on refrigerators. Their newest stove at Lowe's, the Frigidaire Gallery Front-Control Range, features a trendy air-frying capability assimilated right into the appliance.


They were originally formed to produce muskets. Now they help you blow snow and chop down trees. What Swedish brand are we referencing?

Do you have an outdoor project that needs handling? Swedish company Husqvarna probably makes a machine for that. Husqvarna is renowned for its lawn mowers, trimmers, leaf and snowblowers and chainsaws. Now, if you only had room to store them all ...


Bearing a striking name resemblance to a Will Smith movie, this company creates vacuums that do it all for you. What is it?

Don't get this company confused with the 2004 film, "I, Robot," starring Will Smith. This line of robotic vacuum cleaners cleans on your schedule, without you having to walk along behind it. When it's done, it'll reattach itself to its charger.


Headquartered in a Wisconsin town by the same name, this brand's slogan is "The Bold Look of ... "

Headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, Kohler (stylized KOHLER) is best known for its bathroom fixtures – from shower heads to vanity tops. However, you can also find this brand in the kitchen by way of sinks, faucets and accessories.


You can shop this brand of aerosols at Lowe's by color. What company is behind it?

Krylon is a well-regarded member of the paint industry, providing aerosol spray paint for any number of around-the-house jobs. Krylon's COLORmaxx product comes in every shade of the rainbow and roughly 60 other choices.


A portable multitool from this brand may have a carbide glass breaker, wire cutter and scissors all in one handy unit. What company manufactures them?

Leatherman, named for its founder, Timothy Leatherman, is a portable multitool that can get you out of many sticky situations. Depending on the model you buy, you can carry scissors, a wire cutter, screwdriver and knife in one handy grab-and-go apparatus.


Window treatments from this company come in motorized, light filtering and bamboo varieties. Who makes them?

Levolor window treatments are available in both stock and custom options at Lowe's. A Lowe's friendly associates can even trim your Levolor purchase to the exact dimensions of your home's windows – for free!


Do you have a job that needs to be "finished"? This brand of wood stain is America's top seller. What is it?

Minwax offers a variety of products to help you finish – and refinish – your home projects. Whether you're refinishing an heirloom dining room table or touching up your wood floors, Minwax has stains from classic browns to pops of color to help you get it done.


Control your home's temperature, locks and smoke detectors with products from which of these brands?

Protect your nest with products from Nest! Available at Lowe's, Nest products offer smart home solutions ranging from video doorbells to thermostats to indoor and outdoor cameras that bring your household into the 21st century.


Grab a jug of this top-selling detergent while you're cruising an aisle at Lowe's. What brand are we talking about?

Lowe's isn't just a store for home improvement projects. The company also carries a host of household goods, ranging from the top-selling Tide to supersized packages of paper towels.


This sounds like an airline, but its products can be found in kitchens and baths. What brand is it?

Delta's line of faucets are popular choices among consumers for bathrooms and kitchens, but you can also find this brand's name on things like towel rings, hardware and other things that make a bathroom or kitchen pretty.


You don't know you need the product this brand provides until you no longer have one. Which brand is synonymous with garbage disposals?

We don't understand quite how an InSinkErator works, but that's OK as long as it does its job. The leader in garbage disposals sure does make it easier to pitch leftovers and food items that would otherwise be stinking up our trash cans!


Do you want to set the mood with lighting? Which of these brands found at Lowe's can help?

If you're a (lighting) control freak, Lutron will be your saving grace. A provider of dimmers, motion sensors and fan controls, this company helps ensure that we enjoy modern conveniences in a slightly more lazy way.


Bosch acquired this company in 2003, and you might find yourself needing their "bits" ... just a bit. What brand are we talking about?

RotoZip became a part of the Bosch family in 2003, but kept its original mission to make it simpler for workers to cut through a variety of surfaces on the job. RotoZip manufactures bits and bit kits for its powerful spiral saw.


This colorfully-named brand offers a variety of tools and storage to help organize them. What is it known as?

You'll recognize Kobalt for its cobalt blue-encased product line that ranges from lawnmowers to hand tools. Need a little help organizing it all? Kobalt has you covered there, too, with a garage organization system that'll make all your neighbors jealous.


You'll get to know this brand well as purveyors of something you may need to change as often as every 30 days. What brand are we referencing?

Filtrete is a leader in air filters for the home, that can help improve the quality of the air you're breathing as well as decrease your energy costs. Home improvement tip: You probably want to change out your household air filters at a minimum of at least every 30 days, depending on the filter and other factors.


Keys, codes or bluetooth: This brand helps safeguard your house with lock solutions. Which one are we talking about?

It used to be that Kwikset only handled keyed locks on your home. Now, in the 21st century, they've evolved with the times, giving you other access options, including Bluetooth-enabled locks and locks with numeric passcodes (for those of us who continually lose our keys).


Is it time to deep clean your carpets? Which of these Lowe's brands can help?

Bissell has been synonymous with deep cleaning for as long as we can remember. But remember, Bissell has a complete line of vacuum products, including commercial-grade equipment and models appropriate for pet owners.


If you do much grilling, you'll come to be acquainted with this brand ... typically located outside of Lowe's. What is it?

Blue Rhino is a propane source for your outdoor grilling parties. But the brand prides itself on being "green" as well as blue, offering exchange services for recycling that helps old tanks stay out of landfills. Well done, Blue Rhino!


This brand with a frightening-sounding name can take a bite out of household chores. Which can you find at Lowe's?

Shark offers a complete line of vacuums and floor cleaners, from cordless and upright models to steam mops and robotic cleaners. So, there's really no excuse for not having sparkling clean floors ... right?


Are you looking for composite decking that's resistant to stains and fading? Which of these brands should you consider?

We mostly like that Trex and "decks" rhyme, since Trex is a manufacturer of composite decking that is more resistant to fading, stains and scratches than traditional deck materials. Trex boards are also made from recycled materials. Score!


Nobody likes doing laundry, do they? But appliances from this American manufacturer might make it a bit more tolerable. What brand are we talking about?

Whirlpool, an American multinational company headquartered in Michigan, has the appliance game on lock. Not only can you find Whirlpool washers and dryers at Lowe's, but you can complete the Whirlpool "trifecta" with its kitchen appliances and water filters while you're at it.


No Dorothy here, just good old-fashioned toilets. What brand makes them?

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." Indeed, Dorothy, because we're in the bathroom admiring all of these Toto bathroom products. If you've ever wanted your very own bidet, look no further.


This brand's name has become synonymous with all types of torches, even ones not made by the brand. What is it?

As the brand says, "Take it easy with TIKI." This brand name has become synonymous with backyard torches, even those made by other manufacturers. It's sort of like saying, "I need a Kleenex," when what you really need is a tissue. Lesson learned?


A killer haircut or a flooring company? (Or both?) What is this brand's name?

We're partial to Mohawks ... both the hairstyle and this company, which makes a variety of flooring options from area rugs to bath mats. Mohawk is an American company with its headquarters in Calhoun, Georgia.


Finish this sentence: "Nothing runs like a _________." (Oh, and you can find this brand at Lowe's.)

The famous green and yellow brand known as John Deere has long used the slogan, "Nothing runs like a Deere." Known best for its line of riding mowers and attachments you can find at Lowe's, farmers also rely on the company's commercial line outside of the home improvement store.


We need an organizing fairy to grab some of this brand's products and get our closets sorted. What brand is it?

You didn't think it would be as simple as "ClosetMaid," did you? Surprise! ClosetMaid is a system of closet organizers, shelves and hardware to help de-clutter your clothes and make getting ready to go out a joy. Now, what can they do with all these shoes?


You know this brand for its bleach, but Lowe's takes it a step further with its Pool&Spa line. Which one are we talking about?

If you have a pool at home, you know how much work they can be to take care of. Lowe's offers Clorox's Pool&Spa line, which features an entire pool line, XtraBlue products and even a smartphone app to help make the job simpler.


Reseeding or patching on your weekend "honey-do" list? Which of these brands can help you out?

Scotts Lawn Care, available at Lowe's, can have your yard being the envy of everyone on your block. They offer fertilizers, grass seed, mulch and soil, and even devices to make it easier to distribute them. The grass really IS greener on the other side ...


Lowe's is a bear-free zone, but they do offer this brand, which features "spokes bears." What brand is it?

You know that family of "spokes bears" from Charmin's television commercials, but did you know you can buy Charmin products at Lowe's? It's perfect in case you left the grocery store and forgot that key item from your list.


You can light it up at Lowe's with which of these brands?

GE is an iconic brand and has teamed up with Lowe's to create an entire aisle of light bulbs that are exclusively GE brand. From high-def LED bulbs to nightlights, GE can, well, light up your life. Pun intended.


Contractor? You'll recognize this brand, which helps "insulate" your projects. Which one are we referencing?

The average consumer probably won't have a reason to know that Lowe's carries Owens Corning insulation and roofing materials. But as a source for contractors, this brand partnership is a big one.


Why get a regular fan when you can get one of these? Which (slightly off-color) Lowe's brand are we talking about?

Can you believe there is really a brand out there called Big Ass Fans? We know, we know, you probably didn't want to click this one. But it's true. And these fans live up to their name, ranging in size from 84 to 168 inches.


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