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From cryptic messages to information on how the car was obtained, American drivers love to get creative with their license plates. The vanity license plate was our first interaction with doublespeak and abbreviating words against the dictionary's wishes. For decades, we've been giving messages to those we share the road with through seven simple letters and numbers. A lot can be said in those 10 inches of symbols, and people know how to get creative with it. 

If you drive a lot, chances are you take a look at license plates while you're in traffic or if a vehicle gets your attention. You probably know a thing or two about reading someone else's abbreviated way of communicating with you. You might even be the type to refer to drivers you don't know by their license plates: "Thanks for signaling, JBG 478! Learn how to drive!" We've all been there. However, if you are the type of driver who looks at license plates, you probably appreciate the vanity ones that are specialized and say a little something. 

We found 40 vanity license plates that are begging to get translated. Do you think you have what it takes? Start this quiz to show off your deciphering skills!

Can you decode this message?

Without an "R" or "L" after the "F" on this plate, we know that the last word has to be "fate." A person with this vanity license plate might not have the sunniest outlook on life, but they don't mind letting other drivers know.


"COWG1RL" tells you who is driving the car. Can you guess who it is?

One trick to creating a good vanity license plate it to add numbers that look like letters. For example, a 4 can be interpreted as an A in several situations. Just make sure you show your plate idea to a few friends, in case there are double meanings to the letters and numbers you use.


What does this plate mean?

This person definitely wants to be in front. Don't worry if they pass you, though. Police officers always pull over the car at the front of the line anyway, so go ahead and continue to follow.


If you see a "SCR MOM" license plate on a mini-van, who is probably driving?

While this person may be a scary mom as well, without the "Y" at the end of SCR, it is far more likely that she is a soccer mom. Besides, she's driving a minivan, which is the official vehicle of the soccer mom.


How does this person feel about love?

The word "love" in a variety of forms ends up on license plates across the country. Whether the driver is trying to tell you to love someone or that they love someone, it is a common sight in the vanity plate world.


What is this plate saying?

Sometimes, it takes a new car and new license plates to show the world that you are ready to start fresh. Putting "a new start" on your license plates gives you the ability to remind yourself of the changes you made every time you put something in your trunk.


What do you think this person's job is?

Either this driver really likes space (as in astro-nut), or they are an actual astronaut. When you have little information about the driver, their license plate is the only insight into who they are, and this one gives us a little.


You'd probably find this on a Delorean. What does it mean?

There is a subculture of "Back to the Future" fans who own Deloreans and have witty license plates. This culture loves the thought of going back in time and watching that movie over and over again.


Can you figure out this person's name?

There are people who love to put their names on their cars. While it isn't necessarily recommended (for safety reasons), you can always find your car. After all, it has your name on it.


Can you figure out what this vanity plate is saying?

In this case, the 4 represents the letter A, and if you read it aloud, you hear the words "you farted." A license plate like this would only affect you if you actually did fart, and you'd have to spend the day wondering how that driver knew what was going to happen.


Someone who is proud of their work might have a license plate that says "ERND IT." What does it say?

When you see a really nice car and a young person driving it, you might automatically assume that the vehicle was purchased for that person. However, this driver decided to write assumers a little message.


How many children does the person who owns this vehicle have?

This is another license plate that isn't timeless at all. While you might want to boast that you don't have children, anything can happen, and that's why you should never get license plates like this.


If this person cuts you off, what does their license plate say to you?

When you get cut off in traffic, you probably think that the person did it in a vindictive way. But when you see a license plate like this, you consider them more polite, and you can't even be mad, really.


If you see "BMYVTNE" on a license plate, would you be able to decipher it?

The majority of license plates like this end up on cars that are a specific color. Usually red or a custom pink color, drivers like to give their cars themes, and every once in a while, you see a Valentine's theme.


Do you know what this vanity plate says?

Whether this person always wants to turn right (three rights make a left, after all) or that they are always correct, we may never know. However, it can be assumed that the driver wants you to know that they are always correct.


Can you figure out what this person is trying to tell you?

Usually when someone tells you to wait for it, there is a big reveal coming. Chances are, a person with this license plate has a car that is going to make a loud sound when it accelerates, so they ask you to wait for said sound.


Can you guess what kind of car this license plate would be found on?

The classic Volkswagen car made a comeback at the turn of the century, giving people the ability to start a game called slug bug, in which they would punch their friends every time they saw a car like this.


You might see this license plate in Las Vegas. What does it say?

Las Vegas is an interesting town. People work very hard, but those who play also have a chance of winning. You don't necessarily have to be a high roller to win a car, but if you do win, you probably would have a license plate like this.


If you see this plate, you might look for another passenger. What kind of passenger are you looking for?

GR8 is a standard vanity license plate way of cutting two letters off the word "great" without losing the phonetic sound of the word. If someone has AGR8PUP, it usually means that they have a great little puppy with them.


This person has two of something. What is it?

This is one of those vanity license plates that isn't as timeless as people would like to think. First of all, if a happy surprise comes along, you have three little ones. Secondly, babies aren't little for very long.


Someone with a Ferrari might have this license plate. Do you know what it means?

Those who drive incredibly expensive cars take the time to come up with extremely witty license plates. They know that people will be looking at their cars, and that makes it more important to get the right plate.


Which Disney princess does a person with the license plate "UNDR D C" love?

If anything, a license plate like this will give you an earworm that you simply can't get rid of. When read aloud, you clearly say "under the sea," and then you immediately start singing in a Jamaican accent.


You may see this plate speeding past you. What does it mean?

ILY is standard internet and vanity plate code for "I love you." A person with this on their license plate is probably the type of driver that goes very fast, and accelerates quickly, even if it means using more gas.


This is a friendly reminder to everyone who gets in the car. What does it say?

It's impressive to see a very long word condensed into license plate speak, but to see a complete command is just next-level. This license plate is a reminder to all road trippers to relieve yourself before hitting the road.


Do you think you can guess where this person wants to go?

Harry Potter fans would recognize this plate immediately. For others, it may have been a little more difficult. However, most people know that unless you have a flying car, you aren't going to get to Hogwarts in something with four wheels.


This person is telling us something important. What is it?

There are drivers out there who use their cars as billboards for presenting their happy lives to the world. This person obviously loves their wife unconditionally. So much so that they want to show the world (or at least other drivers).


What is this driver trying to tell you?

When you see this license plate, you probably think that it's a girl who is down for anything. However, it could just be a social person who says that frequently. Some people put their personal catchphrase on their license plate.


What does this license plate say?

There are some people who are polite on their license plates, and then there are those who know that they anger other drivers. If you honk or give this person a hand gesture, they will probably just have you look at their license plates.


"IM L8 AGN" on a license plate means what?

There are people in this world who know, no matter what, that they will be late. It doesn't matter if they wake up early or if they have everything ready the night before. They are going to be late.


Which comic book character is this persons favorite?

A standard abbreviation for captain is "capt." Therefore, this license plate clearly shows that the driver either believes they are Captain America, or that they are a huge fan of the superhero.


This person probably had a lot of people tailgating them. What does their license plate me?

Some license plates get a little hostile, but the driver might have good reason for this tone. They probably aren't fans of getting tailgated or followed too closely, so if you can read their plate, they want you to step back.


Can you figure out this person's favorite movie?

"Spaceballs" was a funny movie with a huge cult following. Years later, you can still see variations of this license plate telling people that the driver of this vehicle is a super fan.


Do you think you can figure out what this license plate is asking?

Depending on the color of this car, you might think that this license plate is ironic. However, some car colors are more difficult to see than others. Additionally, some cars are smaller than others, and drivers want to make sure they're seen.


Do you know what this person does for a living?

While most states only give you seven characters on your license plate, there are some people who get a little creative. The only reason someone would put the word "calculator" on their license plate is if they were a human one, or an accountant.


What does this vanity plate mean?

When it comes to picking the perfect license plate, it seems that some people go with what they know and love the best. In this case, the beautiful high hair of the 1980s is showcased on the back of the driver's car.


What does a person with this vanity plate do for a living?

Any doggy doctor will tell you that this is an awesome license plate. It shows that the driver is proud of their work, and they specifically have an affinity for dogs ... but they most likely take care of cats and ferrets as well.


You might think this person is selfish when you figure out their license plate. What does it mean?

In some driving situations, you may see a driver sneak into a line of cars in traffic. While they may have to get over in the case of a lane change, having a license plate like this doesn't really make them a likeable vehicle.


Do you know what this plate means?

U.S.A.F. is a popular acronym for the United States Air Force. While those who aren't familiar with the acronym might think that it stands for United States Armed Forces, chances are this license plate comes with an identifying bumper sticker.


Can you figure out this person's favorite subject?

The famous equation E = MC^2 isn't very common on license plates, but when you have an awesome physics teacher who is in love with Albert Einstein, you'd probably see this plate on their car.


Someone with this license plate is probably a fan of which animated series?

PCKL R1C translates to Pickle Rick, a very memorable moment in the "Rick and Morty" multiverse. It is an episode where Rick turns himself into a pickle, and he has to get to the serum to change him back without arms or legs.


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