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"I can show you the world..." of fantastic Disney quizzes! In the world of Disney, there have been countless of memorable animated and live-action films. From Mary Poppins to Frozen, can you guess the Disney film from five clues?

In 1937, Walt Disney Pictures released their first film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The film company would go on to produce countless more. There are the early animated favorites of Cinderella and the 1994 classic The Lion King. 2013 would bring to life one of their best-selling films, Frozen

While the company excels at animated pictures, we can't forget their live-action films! Julie Andrews shone as Mary Poppins in 1964. High School Musical had everyone wanting to try out for their school play. With all these notable Disney films, can you name them with a few hints?

Can you remember which animated love story was taking place in France? What movie was Miley Cyrus singing the "Hoedown Throwdown?" In which film was a particular blonde teenager taking a trip to Rome where she inadvertently became a pop sensation? Are you having trouble with these answers? Hopefully not!

With this quiz, we're not only giving you one hint but five! From 1937 until now, can you guess these popular Disney films with a few hints? 

Let's hop on the magic carpet and go!

Black wings, Aurora, true love's kiss, birthday curse, fairy godmother

Maleficent is the 2014 retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story, but from a different point of view. Angelina Jolie stars as the cursing witch with a great non-witchy back story.


"Let It Go," Anna, snow, Olaf, "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?"

Frozen is the undeniable Disney hit of 2013. Years later, people are still singing "Let It Go!"


"Hi-ho, Hi-ho," poisoned apple, mirror mirror on the wall, Evil Queen, Bashful

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a classic Disney product. This animated treat paved the way for fairy tales to have a wider audiovisual audience.


Pirates, Capt. Jack Sparrow, treasure, Black Pearl, rum

Pirates of the Caribbean is definitely a Disney product. It was first a Disneyland ride before it became a hit film series.


Dogs, Cruella de Vil, fur coat, Pongo, litter of 15 puppies

101 Dalmatians is a well-loved Disney animated flick. Not sure if the live action version works, though ...


Flying nanny, chimney sweeper, London

Mary Poppins is the fun musical retelling of a PL Travers story. But if you've seen Saving Mr. Banks, you'll know that the original author disagrees with Disney's vision about her book!


Deer, Thumper, hunters, mother, "Man"

Bambi is a Disney film made in 1942. They had to revise the animal's species because the original story was based in Austria, and the deer there are different than in the US.


High school juniors, basketball team captain, rom-com, musical auditions, student cliques

High School Musical is a product of the Disney Channel original movie branding. This one was so popular that its sequels were also hailed as hits.


Belle, rose, "Be Our Guest," Gaston, ballroom dance

Beauty and the Beast was a great animated achievement for Disney back in 1991. The Disney Renaissance full-on boost during that time was because of this film's stellar popularity.


Dastan, dagger, desert, time travel, brothers

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is actually based on a longtime video game. Jake Gyllenhaal's casting was also accused of whitewashing the Persian character he's supposed to be portraying.


"Part of Your World," mermaid, Ursula, voice, Flounder

Disney's 1988 animation film The Little Mermaid was the first one to test the waters of a newer film market upon leaving the '80s and entering the '90s. It brought back a renewed interest in full-length Disney animated films, which hasn't waned 'til today.


Twins, American girl, British girl, summer camp, switching places

The Parent Trap we might be familiar with is the cute 1998 film starring a cute Lindsay Lohan. But the original was made in 1961.


Geppetto, wooden puppet, real boy, long nose, lying

Pinocchio is a classic story of how a wooden puppet wants to be a real boy. That storyline is also used in other films, usually of a sci-fi nature, like Spielberg's A.I.


Mia Thermopolis, diary, 16th birthday, queen of Genovia, high school

The Princess Diaries is a happy film version of the Meg Cabot novel. The ugly duckling plot pattern gets amped up, because she becomes a princess to boot!


Maui, chief's daughter, Polynesian, pet pig, "How Far I'll Go"

Moana is a good example of a female-led story from Disney. That it also promotes indigenous culture is another plus point for the company.


Big ears, elephant, flying, BFF with a mouse, bullied as dumb

Dumbo is a name that's more associated with a flying elephant than being dumb. But the title and that kind of name-calling of sorts might not fly with today's politically correct atmosphere.


Crowley Corners, Miley Stewart, alter ego, "Hoedown Throwdown," "The Climb"

Hannah Montana: The Movie is an example of a TV series found in the Disney channel that gets a film version. The series regulars also appear in the film version, of course.


Chinese legend, army recruitment, girl dressed as a boy, Mushu the dragon, "Reflections"

Mulan is a good example of a female-led narrative from Disney. But it somehow gets tired when they had to put a love story angle toward the end. The Disney touch!


Native American, John Smith, Jamestown settlement, chief's daughter, "Colors of the Wind"

Pocahontas is a Disney-fied version of the Pocahontas and John Smith story. Of course there were alterations for a general audience rating, but the basics are there.


Junior high school graduation, trip to Rome, mistaken identity, singer impersonation, "Why Not"

The Lizzie McGuire Movie is an example of a Disney channel TV series that culminates in a film version. Other series also did the same.


Princess Jasmine, Genie, flying carpet, "A Whole New World," Jafar

Aladdin was a hit for Disney. Its songs reached the charts as well.


Hawaii, alien creature, ohana, Elvis Presley, "pet dog"

Lilo and Stitch is the lovable film featuring this weird creature and a curious kid. Always a great formula cooked up by Disney!


Circle of life, Simba, Pride Lands, Africa, hakuna matata

The Lion King is a successful animated film for Disney. It later became a very successful stage musical as well.


Orchestral music, Mickey Mouse, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Nutcracker Suite, inspired from Silly Symphonies

Fantasia is a wonderful musical trip of a film. The music literally gets animated here.


San Fransokyo, high school gifted kids, Baymax, healthcare, Hiro

Big Hero 6 is the lovable animated film set in the future. But its concerns reflect today's reality, plus it gets extra points for featuring diversity in its cast.


Broadway musical, Grimm's fairy tale characters, forest, baker and wife, witch's childless curse

Into The Woods is the film version of a popular stage musical. The ensemble cast will surprise you, especially when you realize that some of these Hollywood biggies could sing! Like, Chris Pine, really?


Female cocker spaniel, male mongrel, love story, spaghetti strand sharing, upper class-lower class

Lady and the Tramp is one classic Disney film. The animated film remains a favorite among older generations who grew up loving Disney films.


Quasimodo, cathedral, Paris, bell-ringer, Esmeralda

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is Disney's retelling of a popular Victor Hugo novel. While set in France, it has an American sensibility, reflecting the Disney touch some people love and some hate.


Sports comedy, hockey, little league, coach, Quack!

The Mighty Ducks is a favorite '90s sports film featuring misfits playing hockey. The classic underdog tale always wins hearts.


Evil stepsisters/stepmother, glass slipper, "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo," Fairy Godmother, grand ball

Cinderella is a classic plot pattern when it comes to storytelling. The riches-to-rags-to-riches storyline is rather popular worldwide.


Princess Aurora, 16th birthday curse, death by spindle needle, three fairies, forest life

Sleeping Beauty is the quintessential Disney classic that perpetrates the notion of the happily ever after storyline. Of course, audiences today know better.


Computer software programmer, neon lights, video arcade, Flynn, mainframe hacking

Tron is a 1982 visual spectacle starring a younger Jeff Bridges. Its 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, starred a younger and an older Jeff Bridges!


Eeyore, honey, Christopher Robin, Tigger, Piglet

The 2011 film version of Winnie The Pooh was a Disney hit. But Pooh and the gang have been making many fans happy before that, decades earlier.


Body switching, mother-daughter woes, rebellious teen girl, fortune cookie, "Hit me baby one more time"

Freaky Friday starred a young Lindsay Lohan. But the original starred a teen Jodie Foster in that role.


Car racing, Volkswagen Beetle, mechanic friend, junkyard, female teen driver

Herbie: Fully Loaded is a 2005 continuation of the Herbie car storyline over the years. He's also referred to as The Love Bug.


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