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Sprinkled throughout this New Testament quiz are easy, somewhat easy and not-so-easy questions designed to boost your score while challenging your biblical knowledge. Recall that the New Testament is packed with Jesus facts dealing with his birth, his miracles, his disciples, his death and his ultimate reign over good and evil. If you have a pretty good understanding of the aforementioned, you are sure to gain at least 11 wins with this Good-book teaser.

Tackling some of the harder questions will require that you know your way around the gospels and that you have a good grasp of New Testament specifics. This is a chance for you to brush up on certain obscure biblical names that you don't see too often. More recognizable notables should trigger some of the particularly prominent events of Christian culture.

Be forewarned, though. You'll need to know the major aspects of the Apocalypse since that part of the Bible is so drenched with details anyway. Whenever necessary, names of biblical texts are offered as mild hints. Knowing a book's author and their style of writing may help you along with some of the answers. Click on to test your Bible know-how now!

What two food items did Jesus multiply for the multitude of 5,000 people?

The name of this miracle is "miracle of five loaves and two fish." All four gospels describe this story.


At Jesus's sentencing, what is the name of the prisoner who the multitude chose to free?

The multitude of people chose to free the criminal Barabbas and crucify Jesus. It was customary for the governor to pardon a prisoner around Passover time. Pontius Pilate obeyed the people and freed Barabbas.


Which king did the three wise men speak with before the three sought baby Jesus?

The birth of Jesus is also referred to as the nativity of Jesus. King Herod was also called "Herod the Great."


How was the first Christian martyr, Stephen, killed?

After the early Christian church was established, Stephen was the first Christian to be killed for his testimony. According to the book of Acts, Stephen served as a deacon in Jerusalem and was accused of blasphemy.


In the gospel of John, who denied Jesus three times as Jesus had predicted?

Peter was one of Jesus's inner-circle disciples. Once Peter realized that he had denied Jesus, he cried in anguish.


The book of Revelation states that the gates of New Jerusalem will be made of what?

The twenty-first chapter of the book of Revelation describes the New Jerusalem gates. The verse reads: "And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl."


According to the New Testament, Simon Peter and Andrew held this profession when Jesus called them to follow him.

Simon Peter and Andrew were brothers who were called to follow Jesus at the same time. The book of Matthew states that the two "straightway left their nets" and followed Jesus.


In the book of John, what did John say he saw descending from heaven like a dove?

John the Baptist describes the Holy Spirit as descending from heaven like a dove. The dove displayed in Christian artwork usually symbolizes the Holy Spirit.


According to scripture, what will happen to true believers during the rapture?

Bible scripture asserts that non-believers and sinners will suffer the Apocalypse on earth, while true believers will join Christ. The book of Revelation gives explicit details on what will ultimately happen in the end times.


In the book of Ephesians, it states that husbands should love their wives just as Christ also loved, what?

In the same Ephesians verse, wives are encouraged to obey their husbands. The book of Ephesians often details how Christians should behave within the home.


According to the New Testament, what was Matthew's profession before he became a disciple?

The disciple Matthew is also called Levi. He is reported to have observed Jesus's resurrection and ascension.


What was Paul's name before his conversion?

Before his conversion, Apostle Paul was known as "Saul of Tarsus." The book of Acts reports the moment he was converted on his way to Damascus.


What biblical story does the Christian holiday Good Friday celebrate?

In the book of Mark in the 15th chapter, verses one through 47 explain Jesus's Roman trial and subsequent crucifixion. Good Friday has also been called Holy Friday or Great Friday.


What are the names of Lazarus' sisters who asked for Jesus's help?

Mary Magdalene is commonly perceived as having been one of Jesus's disciples. She was present at Jesus's crucifixion and his Resurrection.


In the book of Matthew, what did John the Baptist eat while in the desert?

John the Baptist is described as wearing clothes made of camel's hair. John preached repentance for the forgiveness of sin through baptism.


Which one of these women appears in the New Testament?

The name Elisabeth appears in the New Testament on the gospel of Luke. She was the mother of John the Baptist.


Before he ascended into heaven, Jesus told his disciples that he had all of this in heaven and earth. What was he referring to?

The biblical books Luke and Acts give detailed accounts of Jesus's ascension into heaven. Of course, only 11 of the 12 disciples were able to appreciate this event, since Judas had already hung himself.


In the gospel of John, which disciple doubts Jesus's resurrection until he actually sees him?

The disciple Thomas was given the nickname "Doubting Thomas" because he doubted Jesus's resurrection at first. He became convinced after seeing Jesus's wounded body.


According to the book of Colossians, who was the "beloved physician"?

Luke was a disciple who authored one of the four gospels. His "Gospel According to Luke" is the third gospel and the longest of the four.


The beast of the sea referenced in the thirteenth chapter of the book of Revelation was given power for how many months?

In the book of Revelation, the beast of the sea is described as having seven heads and 10 horns. This beast unleashes war against the saints.


What group of people does Paul admonish for turning to another gospel?

Paul focused on teaching the burgeoning Christian communities of Galatia in his epistle to the Galatians. He begins his letter by immediately rebuking Galatians for their alleged hypocrisy.


What is the name of the governor who sentenced Jesus to be crucified?

Pontius Pilate served as governor of the Roman province of Judea. Pilate was the judge during Jesus's trial that led to his crucifixion.


According to the book of Luke, who at the Temple was the first person who knew baby Jesus was the Messiah?

In the book of Luke, baby Jesus was presented at the Temple in Jerusalem when Simeon saw him. The Holy Ghost had visited Simeon previously and informed him that he would not die until he saw the Messiah.


In the book of Revelation, where did John receive prophecy?

In the book of Revelation, the location description is the "isle that is called Patmos." The word "isle" can also describe what happened to John. God isled John, isolating him on Patmos so that he could receive a monumental prophecy.


In the book of Revelation, what color horse did John not see in his vision while on the island of Patmos?

In the book of Revelation, when the Lamb of God opened the first four seals, the four horsemen appeared. The horses were pale, black, white and red in color.


According to Paul in the book of second Timothy, why did Demas forsake him?

Timothy describes how Demas left him and departed to Thessalonica. As a result, Timothy and Demas ended their working relationship.


According to the book of Mark, what woman asked for the head of John the Baptist?

Salome, the daughter of Herodias, was able to choose anything she wanted as a reward for her dancing. She chose the head of John the Baptist, and her request was honored.


According to the book of Revelation, what vision did John see when he was led into the desert?

The imagery is commonly referred to as "the great Harlot who sits on a scarlet Beast." This vision was given to John by the "angel who had the seven bowls."


In the book of Acts, who fell into a deep sleep during Paul's long preaching?

Eutychus fell asleep during Paul's discourse, and he also fell down from a loft. Eutychus was assumed dead after such a nasty fall.


In the book of Revelation, what was John instructed not to write down?

The seven thunders uttered mysteries and secrets that John was not to record. A mighty angel cried with a loud voice to initiate this part of the revelation.


How many people gathered in a crowd after Jesus ascended into heaven?

The Ascension of Christ describes how Jesus left earth and rose to heaven to be with God, the Father. This happens in front of the disciples before a cloud hides their view of Christ.


The beast mentioned in the book of Revelation represents what?

Some Christian theorists acknowledge the book of Revelation as an account of the fall of the Roman Empire. The introduction in the book of Revelation addresses the Roman province specifically.


According to the Bible, what did the Holy Ghost appear like when the disciples received it?

The Holy Spirit is another term for Holy Ghost. In the Bible, fire often describes the Holy Ghost in action.


In the book of Acts, the seven sons of Sceva were what occupation?

Sceva was described as a Jewish chief priest in the book of Acts. His seven sons all tried to exorcise a demon out of a man in Ephesus.


In the book of Acts, what is the name of the damsel who did not open the door of the gate for Peter?

Rhoda is a woman who is only mentioned once in the New Testament. The book of Acts recounts that in her excitement upon seeing Peter as she told others of his presence, she forgot to open the door for him.


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