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"JUST DO..." cardio? That doesn't sound right! We're pretty sure this isn't how the Nike slogan goes. Do you know it? From Nike to McDonald's to Maybelline, can you finish these famous slogans?

When you think of some of your favorite companies, your mind is immediately traveling to their products. You can't think about Apple without reaching for your iPhone or iPad. When you think of Nike, it might be because you're putting on a pair of running sneakers. While their products are what continue to help them sell, we can't forget about the importance of their slogans!

Although the products are what make you want to shop with a brand, we can all agree that it's the slogan that truly makes the company memorable. While insurance doesn't seem like a fun topic to talk about, we can probably all remember the slogan, "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." Most wouldn't remember the long-winded name of the California Milk Processor Brand, but everyone out there knows the popular question, "Got Milk?"

Company products matter, but so do their slogans, which is why you probably remember a ton of them. More than you'd think! Apple is telling you how to think while Skittles is asking you to taste something. Can you remember them?

If you can, you're in the right place! Within this quiz, you'll find some of the most popular slogans known to advertising. Can you finish all of them? Let's find out!

"Have a break" with this quiz!

Finger lickin’

KFC's slogan "Finger lickin' good." does accurately describe both the quality of their food and the action required of the diner before touching anything after the food.



Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, or as they are known in the UK, "Frosties" uses this slogan. Given that Frosted Flakes are yummy corn flakes with a dusting of sugar, this slogan is very accurate.


I'm lovin'

McDonald's slogan implies fun, and isn't specific about any one McDonald's product, which makes it possible to use this to advertise their coffee, burgers, fries or apple slices.


Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s

Maybelline's brand is make up that looks natural, so natural that it could be mistaken for one's natural appearance, which is often the aim of anyone applying makeup.


A Diamond is

De Beers's slogan "A Diamond is Forever" has been around since 1947, and is one of the strongest, most recognized bits of branding ever, though sometimes people forget which diamond producer it refers to.


Taste the

Skittles slogan "Taste the rainbow" may sound like a rallying cry for a pride parade, but it in fact refers to the many colors and thus flavors of Skittles. Skittles, for those uninitiated in its wonder, is a bag of bead-sized candies, each with a different fruity flavor corresponding to its color.


Snap! Crackle!

Rice Krispies's slogan "Snap! Crackle! Pop!" is tied into the product itself. When you pour milk over this cereal, it makes a little noise that could variously be described as "snap," "crackle," or "pop."


Because You’re

"Because you're worth it" does call to mind the idea that the product, in this case L’Oreal, is made for a better sort of person


The King of

Budweiser's recent slogan "The King of Beers" is part of a long line of great Bud slogans, including "This Bud's for you," "Where there’s life, there’s Bud," and the more abstract "Wassup!?"



Nike's slogan "Just do it" is more than a trademark. It's an ethos, an aspiration to get out and achieve your dreams.



The association of "Eat fresh" with Subway is odd for anyone who has ever sampled the wilted veg of certain Subway sandwich shops, but for the most part its an accurate descriptor.


Doing what we do

In the 1990s, American Airlines used this slogan in their ads. It's part of a long history of aspirational slogans for American, including "The World's Greatest Flyers Fly American," "Going for Great," and "Great is what we're going for."


No ordinary battery looks like it or

Duracell's 1980s UK slogan capitalizes on the battery's patented copper top design, setting it apart from other major brands.


The Juice is

Starburst 's slogan "The Juice is Loose" expresses the product's natural moistness, something most of its competitors do not have.


Have a break. Have a

Kit Kat's timeless slogan both defines how to eat it (breaking it into pieces) and the time it takes to eat (only a short moment!) Kit Kat has been keeping this as their slogan for a long time, a testament to its effectiveness.


We've got it

"We've got it good" more or less summarizes the life of KMart in the 1980s, when they used this slogan. No one in their marketing department would dare use this in the age of Amazon and eBay.


It Keeps

The Energizer slogan "It Keeps Going, and Going, and Going ..." was introduced along with the iconic Energizer Bunny. Interestingly, the Energizer Bunny was a parody of a European Duracell campaign featuring the Duracell Bunny.


What’s the worst that could

Dr. Pepper's slogan (introduced in 2009) has literally nothing to do with the product. Dr. Pepper has never been a product with much of a personality, so giving it a wacky slogan was one way to graft one onto it.


For Everything Else, There’s

MasterCard really struck gold with this slogan, which is simultaneously sentimental about what money cannot do, and totally unwavering about the utility of money.


The ultimate

Bavarian Motor Works's slogan is a big boast, one that was true perhaps in the 1990s, but is less so today, with serious competition from other German brands, and even Cadillac.


The World's Local

HSBC, to anyone who has ever been on an airplane, calls itself "The World's Local Bank," in part because it has branches everywhere.


Probably the Best Beer in

You can tell Carlsberg Beer is not American, because it if was American the slogan would be "Definitely the best beer in the world."


Rely on the

Exxon's 1990s slogan was about as abstract as you could get, but evoked the kind of power every driver hopes they can wring out of their car.


The Mirror. Tell

The Mirror is a paper that caters to the common man, or at least that's the idea behind their marketing. Competing with Murdoch's Sun is a full-contact sport, and so this slogan flies the flag for the venerable Mirror tabloid.


Ideas for

Panasonic makes a lot of products, so when they wanted a slogan it couldn't be for any one division. "Ideas for life" encompasses everything they make, from women's epilators to TVs and vacuum cleaners.


Hands up if you use

This slogan is effective because it conjures up the image of someone who can raise their arms with pride because their armpits aren't stinky and wet.


Born to be

The 1980s gave us Cabbage Patch Dolls, which set themselves apart from the rest of the competition with the slogan "Born to be loved."


Just what you need.

Lada makes terrible cars, and always has. For the most part, Lada makes licensed knock-offs of other not very well made cars from the west. Rather than having a slogan like "It's cheap crap," Lada decided to try to make a virtue out of necessity.


Bad news for

Listerine's ad slogan "Bad news for tooth fairies." was pretty on the nose for the purpose of their product. It was smile-worthy, but hardly funny. Still, they moved a lot of inventory, so we suppose it worked.


The Make Up of

Max Factor uses this slogan, flat out saying that this is the professional's choice for makeup. While this is arguable, given that makeup for camera is usually a special concoction sprayed on with an airbrush, it is strong branding.


Tested by dummies, driven by

Volvo's USP has always been safety, so when they ran their 1980s ads, they featured crash test dummies as characters, and ended with this slogan.


It gives you

Red Bull was looking for a euphemism for "It'll get you all hopped up on caffeine" and stumbled onto this beauty, which it has been using more or less its entire existence.



Apple's slogan may as well be "I'm a nonconformist just like all my friends" given the lack of customization in their products, but this slogan has been theirs going back to the 1990s, when they advertised their computers alongside such Apple users as Gandhi and Einstein.


A blending of art and

Jaguar's 1980s slogan "A blending of art and machine." more or less encompassed their traditional design philosophy and would look as at home in their ads today as it did in 1988.


Don't be

Google's slogan "Don't be evil" may ring hollow when you know how much of your data they gather and sell. But, hey, the Doodles are cool.


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