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Remember this song, "Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And, on that farm, he had a dog, E-I-E-I-O?" Well, this quiz has two things in common with that song: furry friends and vowels!

Did you know there are more than 350 different breeds of dog recognized by the World Canine Federation? That's an organization that represents kennel clubs from roughly 85 countries around the world. (The more-recognized American Kennel Club is slightly stricter about the breeds it recognizes, coming in at slightly less than 200.) Either way, that's a bunch of pooches and that doesn't even count some of those "designer" pups – the "oodles" and the "poos" – that steal our hearts.

Anyway, back to "furry friends and vowels," two things that go together like "peas and carrots," if you ask us. We've curated a quiz with 40 different dog breeds for you here. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to identify the correct breed (and its correct spelling) with only the vowels we've provided. Think of it like a doggy version of "Wheel of Fortune," only the vowels are free! You'll get the hang of it quickly and it won't be so "ruff." See how much you know about dogs, A to Z, in this quiz.

This breed, the a__e__i____e_, is believed to date back to the 17th century when they were spotted in Germany. How do you spell it?

The Affenpinscher is a particularly old breed, with some estimates placing it as far back in history as 17th century Germany. They were originally bred to chase vermin away from homes, but later transformed into a friendly companion for humans.


The au___a_ia_ __ee__o_ is often noted for its unusual appearance – mismatched eye color! What breed is it?

Memorable for their unique merle coat and often blue eyes, don't get accustomed to seeing these pups in the same way each time. Australian sheepdogs (which aren't from Australian, by the way) can often have eye color ranging from blue to green (or one of each!).


The cartoon dog, Snoopy, is a _ea__e. What breed are we talking about?

Don't get this affectionate breed confused with a breakfast bread! Beagles have a powerful sense of smell while bagels just smell delicious. This breed is commonly represented in cartoons, including Charlie Brown's Snoopy and Odie from the "Garfield" series.


You'll recognize the _a__e_ _ou__ by its long, droopy ears. What breed is it?

Oh, those glorious ears! Basset hounds are notorious for them, but did you know they actually play a role in these pups' day-to-day lives? They help make it easier for this breed to pick up smells from the ground.


If you need to track a scent, the __oo__ou__ is your best bet. How it is spelled?

If Sherlock Holmes trusted a bloodhound as his companion, that's good enough for us. Although, Dr. Watson called it an "ugly long-haired, lop-eared creature." Some people just don't appreciate perfection.


A _a_e _o__o is a great guard dog. What breed are we talking about?

The Cane Corso was bred as a guard dog, getting its start in Italy helping safeguard families in their homes. Today, the Cane Corso--part of the Mastiff family of dogs--is kept by people who enjoy its loyal and loving nature.


This breed, the __i_ua_ua, enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame as the "spokesdog" for a popular fast-food restaurant. What dog is it?

A wiry, feisty little dog, a chihuahua was used in marketing for Taco Bell in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Among its famous on-screen moments was it exclaiming, "Yo quiero Taco Bell."


Better known as a "wiener dog," the _a____u__ has a shape that may have contributed to that nickname. What dog is it?

Phew, that's a tricky one to spell! The dachshund's long body and short legs likely contributed to its popular nickname of the "wiener dog." Some experts also believe they earned this name for their history: The creator of the frankfurter is said to have been a dachshund owner.


You're likely to see the _a__a_ia_ hanging around the firehouse. Which breed are we talking about?

The beautiful dalmatian, recognized by its tell-tale spots, is a firehouse fixture in many areas. They started with a specific purpose – protecting horses when firehouses used horse-drawn wagons, and also alerting people to get out of the way of the firetruck.


The e___i__ _e__e_ earned its name for the way it would help hunters trap birds. Which pup did this?

Have you ever wondered how the English setter got its name? It was a companion to hunters and would "sit" low to the ground when it found birds that its hunter could trap. They've been doing it a while, too – dating back to as early as the 14th century.


Don't take this pup to the beach! The __e___ _u___o_ cannot swim. What breed could this be?

Blame it on their smooshed little face and round head, but the French bulldog does not do well around water. That doesn't mean your pup can't enjoy a beach or boat day, but be sure to keep a close eye on him.


A mix of two fan favorites, the _o__e__oo__e is a popular designer breed. What is it?

Who would've thought that a designer breed that combines the looks of a poodle and the demeanor of the golden retriever would make such a popular pet? The goldendoodle is a designer breed that has been around since the 1990s – and we're lovin' it.


The __ea_ _a_e might tower over you, but their gentle nature will win you over. What type of dog is it?

The Great Dane, although not from Denmark, is a dog the size of a small pony - no kidding! But, their gentle nature will ensure you're not scared off by their size, but embrace them as a sweet extra member of the family.


Don't try to raise this guy; the __e__ou__ has been clocked at 45 mph. What breed are we referencing?

The greyhound is known for being swift on its feet, being clocked scooting as quickly as 40-45 miles per hour! Aside from their graceful gait, greyhounds have been beloved by generations dating back to the Egyptian period.


The _a_a_e_e is native to Cuba and is its national pooch. What breed is it?

Bearing the name of its capital in its name, the Havanese (Havana is Cuba's capital) made its way to the United States with Cuban citizens who fled that country in the 1950s. The Havanese's looks would remind you of the Bichon Frise.


The i_i_a_ _ou__ is actually pictured on the tomb of King Tut. What is the breed's name?

The Ibizan hound was a favorite of Egyptians, especially royalty, with a picture of the pooch engraved on the tomb of King Tutankhamun (also known as King Tut). The dog is renowned for its long legs and tall, pointy ears.


The _a__ _u__e__ _e__ei_ is notorious for its boundless energy, a useful trait when it was used for hunting. What breed is it?

If you have a Jack Russell terrier in your home, you already know about the boundless energy of these little guys. They were bred to hunt, and also enjoy other things you might not want them doing inside, like digging or treating other household animals like prey.


The _a_a_e_e __i_ was a favorite companion of Buddhist monks. What tiny pooch it is?

The Japanese chin is yet another pup with a name contrary to its origins. The Japanese did contribute to its name, however; the word "chin" in Japanese means "royalty." It's a name the dog lived up to, as a favorite of royal family members and monks alike.


The _ee__o__ has been called an "overweight Pomeranian." How rude! What breed is it?

It's the keeshond and we're pretty sure he doesn't appreciate the "overweight Pomeranian" jabs. They do resemble Poms, as both are part of the Spitz family, but we prefer to think of them as extra fluffy.


The name of this breed, the _u_a__ is actually a misspelling of its original name. What's the misspelled and more common version?

We knew this one would be a bit tough! It looks like it's missing one or two more vowels, doesn't it? The kuvasz was originally intended to be the "kawasz," a Turkish term for "armed guard of a nobleman."


Look toward Tibet's capital if you need help with this breed's name – __a_a _ps_. What is it?

Tibet's capital, Lhasa, shares its name with this breed, the Lhasa Apso. The dog does originate in Tibet, where they lived among monks and were cherished as gifts for centuries before making their way west.


You can call him "little lion dog" for short or by his actual name – the _o___e_. What's its name?

The lowchen earned its nickname, "little lion dog," for its long coat that owners typically trim into the shape of a lion's mane. This pup is nowhere near lion size, however; he comes in at around 18 pounds max.


The dogs bred to make this designer breed, the _a__i_oo, are recognized by the AKC, but the designer version is not. What is it?

A combo of the Maltese and toy poodle, the "maltipoo" as it's known by its fans, is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, but that's OK. This tiny, furry companion has stolen our hearts anyway.


This dog has done some traveling! Which breed known as the _a__e_e originated on an island in the Mediterranean?

Hailing from the island of Malta south of Italy, the Maltese were originally bred as ratters (yep, to hunt down THOSE rats). Today, they're mostly spoiled lap dogs, some of whom have long, silky locks.


The _u_i is a herding dog and is still used in that capacity in its home country of Hungary, too. What is its name?

The mudi is believed to be one of the last dogs bred for herding that is still in the herding business today. Native to Hungary, you can still find them alongside farmers and shepherds helping to wrangle livestock.


The _e__ou___a__ is renowned for its swimming – and water rescue – capabilities. What breed it is?

It's the Newfoundland, and if that sounds familiar it's because the dog is named for its place of origin – Newfoundland, Canada. These dogs are especially skilled in water (their webbed feet may have something to do with this).


This dog's name, _a_i__o_, means "butterfly" in French. How do you spell its name?

The papillon earned its name for good cause. Its ears and the hair that hangs over them is remarkably similar to the shape of a butterfly. These pups are classified as a toy breed, and have long been a favorite of royal families.


Both the U.S. Air Force and TSA have used this breed of dog, the _oi__e_, to help sniff out suspicious activity. What dog are we talking about?

Pointers are so-named for the stance they take ("pointing") when finding game during a hunt. But, they have other talents, including being proficient at sniffing out suspicious packages or behaviors, making them a favorite for the Air Force and the Transportation Security Administration you find at airports.


The "King of Rock 'N' Roll" was a big fan of the _oo__e. What breed did he love?

Elvis Presley was drawn to the poodle, and had several at his Graceland home in Tennessee. In fact, he used to gift them to the women in his life, including his wife, Priscilla, who received "Honey."


Don't confuse the _u_i with a mop! This Hungarian breed has quite the unusual coat. What is it?

The Hungarian breed, puli, has a coat that might remind you of a traditional household mop! But, that coat actually serves a purpose: It is weather-resistant to help protect the pup from inclement conditions.


It took seven different breeds to create the pup we know today as the _a_ _e__ie_. What is it?

If you thought some of these designer breeds were a complicated mix, you ain't seen nothing yet! The rat terrier is a combination of seven different breeds, ranging from the smooth fox terrier to an Italian greyhound to a beagle.


The _a_o_e_ is closely tied to wolves - yikes! What breed are we referencing?

The samoyed is one of the world's oldest breeds of dog, and is well-known for its happy demeanor and "smile," called the "Sammy smile." Its name is derived from the Samoyede people who live in Siberia.


Their bark is worse than their bite! The __i_ __u is nicknamed "small lion," a nod to a legend from history. What breed are we talking about?

Legend has it that a Tibetan god kept a Shih Tzu who could transform himself from small dog to lion to safeguard his keeper. That is likely where the pup earned its name, which means "little lion" in Mandarin.


The __ou__i was originally bred to hunt gazelles so they must be fast! What breed are we referencing?

Similar in appearance to the greyhound, the sloughi is also known for its speed – having been clocked at up to 40 mph! This made the breed the perfect pup to chase down swift land animals like the gazelle or jackal.


The _i___a is born with blue eyes that later change to an almost-orange! Which breed is it?

Vizsla puppies, like many breeds, are born with stunning blue eyes. While they keep those for only a short period of time, the color they're replaced with – orange-yellow – is equally as eye-catching!


This breed, the __i__e_, is often confused with a greyhound. What pup are we talking about?

The whippet is often confused with the greyhound not only in its appearance, but also in its speediness. They stand on their own merits, though, as both affectionate family pets and with their off-the-charts intelligence.


This dog's coat contributes to its "gray ghost" nickname. What breed is the _ei_a_a_e_?

The Weimaraner's gray coat, which comes in shades from light to dark, contributes to its nickname. This was particularly true when the breed was used for hunting expeditions, taking on an otherworldly appearance.


Some people refer to the _o____i_e _e__ie_ as the "tomboy toy." What breed are we talking about?

A favorite toy breed, the Yorkshire terrier earned the "tomboy toy" nickname for its vivacious personality. These tiny pups are always looking for a good time and are rambunctious, playful companions.


Get yourself a house full of this breed, the _u_, and you'll have yourself a "grumble." What breed is it?

Did you know that three or more pugs is called a "grumble?" We're not sure why because these little guys are far from unhappy. Actually, the dog's name in Holland is "mopshond," or "to grumble." Mystery solved.


This breed, the _o_e_, would rather cuddle than fight. What is it?

Despite its sporty-sounding name, the boxer is just a big, cuddly teddy bear. While they make a great family pet, they have been known to imitate a boxing motion when they're playing, so watch out for the jab!


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