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$8.1 billion. Another $8 billion. $10.3 billion. Curious what those numbers represent? (No, it's not what you'll win if you ace this quiz.) This combined $26 billion and some change is what the NFL, NBA and MLB pulled in during their 2018 seasons. Mind? Blown.

Except, not really. Americas have a crazy obsession with sports, from Little League moms who shout at volunteer umpires to grown adults who spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on sports memorabilia, jerseys and tickets. We also spend an inordinate amount of time watching sports. According to figures from Nielsen, a company that tracks that kind of thing, we logged more than one trillion minutes sitting in front of a television for on- and off-the-field moments.

The "Big Three" of pro sports — the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball — make up a majority share of what we spend our money and time on. Add in collegiate athletics and even games from the National Hockey League, and what we've got is a clear cry for help. (As in, hey, go outside, or maybe read a book?)

Just how closely do you follow the member organizations in the Big Three, though? Do you know which Giants team belongs in which league? Where are the Lions, the Tigers and the Bears? (Hint: Two of the three are in the same town.) Put on your thinking, er, ball cap, and tackle this quiz that asks: Is this team from the NFL, NBA or MLB?

They play host to their league's Scouting Combine. Which league includes the Indianapolis Colts?

The Scouting Combine is a yearly NFL meeting where future player prospects put their abilities on display for the NFL's head coaches. The Indianapolis Colts have hosted the event since 1987.


The Phoenix Suns are the lone non-California team in their division in which of these leagues?

Sharing a division with two Los Angeles-based teams, the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors, as well as three other California teams, the Phoenix Suns are the lone team from another state, Arizona, in the NBA's Pacific Division. The Suns play at Talking Stick Resort Arena.


The star in the Houston Texans' logo is symbolic of the Lone Star State. Are the Texans a part of the NFL, NBA or MLB?

When the Houston Texans were established in 1999, franchise owners sought to pay homage to Texas' history and the Lone Star State nickname by incorporating a single star into the team's Spanish fighting bull logo. The team is the newest franchise in the NFL.


What a krewe! The New Orleans Pelicans nearly became the "Krewe" in 2012. What league do they belong in?

This team made its way from Oklahoma City to New Orleans, playing as the Hornets. Paying homage to costumed Mardi Gras paraders, the owners of the New Orleans team considered changing the name to "Krewe" in 2012, but they opted instead to go with Louisiana's state bird, the pelican.


Sacramento only has one professional sports franchise — the Kings. What league are they a part of?

The Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association are the city's only professional sports franchise, a fixture in the community since 1985. The team actually got its start in Rochester, New York, before making the cross-country move via Cincinnati, Ohio, and Kansas City, Missouri.


Turn up the (Miami) Heat for this Florida-based team, a member of which league?

The Miami Heat is a member organization of the National Basketball Association, founded in 1988. The Heat has won three NBA championships, including two with current Laker LeBron James.


They may have been in Cleveland, St. Louis and Los Angeles, but the Rams have always been a part of this league. Which is it?

Starting in Cleveland and then bouncing between St. Louis and Los Angeles, the NFL's Rams have been a bit road weary over the years. They've been back in Los Angeles since 2016. Let's see how long they call California home!


You can call them the Fish or the Fighting Fish, but which league claims the Miami Marlins?

The Miami Marlins, formerly the more state-inclusive Florida Marlins, have gone by numerous nicknames since they joined MLB in 1993. Fans have called them the Fish, the Fighting Fish and even the Miracle Marlins.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrate their pirate heritage by firing a cannon whenever they score. What league do they belong to?

Few teams have touchdown traditions as cool as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who fire a cannon after each score. The stadium where they play also has a replica pirate ship, where fans can sit (or stand) during home games.


This Atlanta-based team was once known as the Blackhawks but later shortened it to Hawks. What league do they belong to?

This team originated as the Buffalo Bisons, then moved and became the Tri-Cities Blackhawks. They shortened the name to the Hawks and moved to Milwaukee, then St. Louis and finally Atlanta, and the rest is history.


Our nation's capital is represented in which league by the Washington Redskins?

The Washington Redskins, a team that is actually based in Landover, Maryland, is the U.S. capital's representative in the NFL. The Redskins' headquarters and training facilities are in Virginia. (We promise, they're the WASHINGTON Redskins.)


Whether you call them the Sixers or the 76ers, this Philadelphia-based team is still a member of the same league. Which is it?

The 76ers, or Sixers as they're more commonly known, have been a part of the National Basketball Association since 1946. They haven't always been in Philly, though, getting their start in Syracuse, New York, as the Nationals.


Today's New York Giants were named after another Giants team, but which league do they play in?

The New York Football Giants, as they are sometimes called, are members of the NFL's National Football Conference East. In 1929, they were named to match baseball's New York Giants, but that team moved to San Francisco in the 1950s.


A natural marriage between the sea and Seattle helped name the Mariners. What league do the Mariners belong to?

Founded in 1977, the Seattle Mariners gained their name for the city's natural association with the sea and the marine life in the area. Fun fact: If you visit Seattle's Pike Place Market, you can try your hand at catching a fish that's thrown at you!


The Denver Broncos are the "Mile High" member of one of these leagues. Which is it?

Situated in Denver, one mile above sea level, the Denver Broncos play at Empower Field at Mile High. The altitude has been known to cause issues for some visiting team members, who may require time to adjust to the altitude.


Entrepreneur Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks, a team that is part of which league?

You can frequently see Mavs owner Mark Cuban sitting courtside at his NBA team's home games, held at American Airlines Center in Dallas. Cuban, who you may have seen on "Shark Tank," has owned the Mavericks since 2000.


Champs! Which league are the Washington Nationals the 2019 champions of?

The Washington Nationals are the descendant of the Montreal Expos. The Nationals captured the World Series title in 2019 — the franchise's first-ever championship. Since 2005, their home stadium has been Nationals Park.


San Francisco's Giants are the winningest program in the history of which league?

That's right! Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants have the most wins of any team in professional baseball. Maybe that's because they were founded in 1883? That's a whole lot of time for baseball games!


This team is suffering from a league record 70-year championship drought. What league has the Cleveland Indians?

Poor Cleveland, they can't catch a break. Whether it's the struggling Cleveland Browns or the Indians, who hold the league's longest World Series championship drought, Cleveland's sports fans could use a victory. At least they have the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


The Falcons are one of two "birds" that represent Atlanta in professional sports leagues. Which one are the Falcons a part of?

The Atlanta Falcons played their first season in the NFL in 1966 and won their most recent conference championship in 2016. Sometimes nicknamed the Dirty Birds, the Falcons complement another bird-based Atlanta team, known as the Hawks.


Venture into the Minnesota Vikings' world and you're likely to hear chants of "Skol!" Which league would you be watching play?

The Minnesota Vikings are members of the National Football League, and their frequent chant, "Skol!," is a reference to Viking chants of old. "Skol" is a derivative of "Skål," which means "cheers!"


The Toronto Raptors won their first championship in 2019 in which league?

The Raptors not only won their first NBA title in 2019, but they also brought the first-ever NBA title to Canada. The Toronto-based franchise has earned six division titles since 2007.


Names up for consideration before they became the Milwaukee Bucks included the Robins and the Skunks. What league can you watch them play in?

The Milwaukee Bucks sounds a little more appealing than the Milwaukee Skunks, doesn't it? Nevertheless, the Skunks and the Robins were both contenders when the team was founded in the late 1960s.


You'll find Cardinals in several leagues, but you'll only find the St. Louis Cardinals in which of these?

The St. Louis Cardinals are a fixture in Major League Baseball, where they've won 13 World Series titles, behind only the New York Yankees. Though their name has changed a few times in the team's history since 1882, they've always been situated in St. Louis.


The Boston Celtics have had some noteworthy athletes over the years, including Bill Russell and Larry Bird. What league is the team a part of?

As a member of the National Basketball Association, the Boston Celtics have recorded some 17 league championships and rosters full of all-stars, including Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Dave Cowens and Larry Bird. Their leprechaun mascot is named Lucky.


The Cardinals belong in Arizona and are members of which of these pro leagues?

Sure, there are Cardinals in other sports, but these Cardinals — the Arizona Cardinals — are members of the National Football League. Their home turf is State Farm Stadium, situated in Glendale, Arizona.


The Minnesota Twins' old stadium is now the site of North America's largest shopping mall. Are the Twins members of the NFL, NBA or MLB?

For years, the Twins played at Metropolitan Stadium. In 1982, they moved to the Metrodome, and, almost 30 years later, they took up residence at Target Field. The Met, as Metropolitan Stadium was nicknamed, was razed to make way for the Mall of America.


There are plenty of flying creatures sprinkled throughout sports, but Philadelphia claims the Eagles. Do they belong in the NFL, NBA or MLB?

The Philadelphia Eagles are members of the National Football League, and they earned their only Super Bowl victory in 2017. The Eagles have also claimed four conference titles and 14 division championships.


Owners of the New York Mets chose the name due, in part, to its brevity. What league are the Mets part of?

The Mets are one of New York's representatives in Major League Baseball. The name "Mets" is a nod to the New York Metropolitans, a professional baseball team that played from 1880 to 1887.


Don Shula, who coached the Miami Dolphins from 1970 to 1995, is the winningest coach of all time. What league did he coach in?

Don Shula coached for NFL teams, including the Dolphins, Lions and Colts. The Dolphins, who played their first league season in 1966, were under Shula's direction for a quarter of a century, starting in 1970.


Which professional sports league do the Washington Wizards belong to?

Washington, D.C., has long had an NBA franchise. In the early 1970s, the team was known as the Capital Bullets, later transitioning to the Washington Wizards. As the Bullets, the team won an NBA title.


Charles Barkley, Steve Nash and Amar'e Stoudemire are just a few former Phoenix Suns players. Which league were they a part of?

The Phoenix Suns have enjoyed some very talented rosters over the years as a member of the NBA. Thanks to that, they are among the Top 10 in the NBA in terms of winning percentage, despite never winning an NBA title.


They're in Los Angeles now, but the Dodgers nickname stems from the team's Brooklyn days. What league do they belong to?

The Los Angeles Dodgers' name comes from Brooklyn pedestrians who used to "dodge" trolley cars on New York's streets. The team has since moved to California, but the Dodgers name stuck.


They've been the Charlotte Hornets, the Charlotte Bobcats ... and the Charlotte Hornets again. Regardless of the name change, they've always been members of which league?

Charlotte has had an NBA franchise since 1988, even if they've had some naming issues. They began as the Hornets before the franchise relocated to New Orleans, taking the Hornets moniker with them. When New Orleans changed their team's name to the Pelicans, Charlotte reclaimed the Hornets' name and team history.


You may not be sure what an elephant has to do with Oakland or the Athletics, but that's the pairing. What league are the Athletics a part of?

Did you know that MLB's Oakland Athletics have an elephant as a mascot? The pairing, while odd, seems to date back to a comment made by a previous manager of the New York Giants, who called the A's a "white elephant," meaning "expensive but useless." Athletics' ownership took the comment and ran with it, adopting the elephant as the team's mascot.


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