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Australia's a quirky country, with the isolation resulting in some pretty funny ways of living. We're known for our interesting lingo, rowdy attitudes and general way of life which focuses on taking things easy. There are plenty of unique things which bring all Aussies together. In fact, we take a lot of pride in what makes us Australian, whether that's heaping up the Milo or slathering on the Vegemite!

However, with all our unique traditions, we've seen plenty of misinformation and stereotypes about what Aussies are like. Do we ride kangaroos to school? Have we all been in a tussle with a shark before? And what childhood memories and pop culture references unite us all? This is the quiz you need to sort fact from fiction and determine how much of a real Aussie you are! 

Think you're the real deal when it comes to all things Australiana? Can you tell your sangas from your snags? Or your cozzies from your mozzies? This is the ultimate test for Australians, covering 35 things only true Aussies know. With Australia being an incredibly diverse and vast country, this quiz might not be as easy as you think! Let's see how you fare with Australian memes, meals and more.

The bustling city of Melbourne is known for its crazy weather. What's it like?

All Aussies know that Melbourne is known for its wild weather, with locals often quipping that the city sees four seasons in a day. Some days it can be boiling in the morning and pouring rain in the evening!


Which Wiggle has been part of the entertainment group for the longest?

Anthony, far right, is the only original cast member left in the beloved children's show "The Wiggles." The other three original members have since retired from their roles, and the Wiggles now have new members — including the first female Wiggle ever!


You bring a pack of Arnott's Family Assorted biscuits to a party. Which bikkie will be snapped up first?

It's widely known that the choc ripple biscuit is everyone's favourite Arnott's biscuit. The more "mature" flavours, like the Scotch finger and the Nice biscuit, are typically left until last! Lucky you if they're your favourites.


How deadly is the Australian drop bear?

Every real Aussie knows the true danger of drop bears (which sometimes camouflage as koalas). They're known to plunge down from tree canopies to savagely attack humans. Of course, if you're a real Aussie, you'll know this is a joke. ;)


Your mate is suffering from tall poppy syndrome. What is going on with them?

Aussies are known for abhorring tall poppy syndrome, which refers to someone outperforming or overachieving above others. It's thought to be pretentious in our egalitarian society!


How many prime ministers did Australia go through between 2007 and 2018?

Australia had a whirlwind 11 years which saw seven prime ministers go in and out of office: John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Rudd again, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison. No job security there!


Which Aussie tune is guaranteed to start a singalong?

This song has become a phenomenal meme in Australia and is guaranteed to get everyone singing along at the top of their lungs at any event or social function. Make sure to get familiar with the lyrics!


Which male comedian is known for his role as a teenage girl?

Chris Lilley gained legend status by playing a schoolgirl called Ja'mie in the hit show "Summer Heights High," and then in a spinoff focusing just on her, titled "Ja'mie: Private School Girl." Both sitcoms are mockumentaries.


How old is the Indigenous Australian culture?

Known as the oldest culture in the world, Indigenous Australians are thought to have inhabited the continent for over 40,000 years. Their traditions and ancestral knowledge continue to influence Australian culture.


Who gained infamy for throwing a house party?

Quickly becoming an internet meme, rowdy teen Corey Worthington remained defiant when interviewed on live television about an out-of-control house party he threw in the late 2000s. "I'm not taking my sunnies off" is now an iconic phrase.


Which of these items does not belong at a children's birthday party?

While all these items are classic Australian foods, the HSP (or Halal Snack Pack) is the one that doesn't quite belong at a children's party. It's instead a much-loved late night snack for many Aussies.


Which Australian politician is known for their nasal catchphrase "Please explain"?

Controversial politician Pauline Hanson quickly became famous for her interesting way of speaking, with this snippet in an interview now being a well-known meme that we love to parody. Her political party is called Pauline Hanson's One Nation.


What is the hardware store Bunnings most known for?

Yep, the Bunning's sausage sizzle is so loved that many people only go to the hardware store for the humble sausage, onions and tomato sauce wrapped up in a slice of white bread. Have some nuts and bolts on the side?


Imagine you're lost in the bush. What's the best way of orienting yourself?

Every primary school kid learnt to orient themselves by keeping Never Eat Soggy Weet-Bix in mind. This adage still helps many Aussie adults remember their directions! It's a great example of a mnemonic.


What coffee order do Aussies love the most?

Australians invented the flat white, which consists of espresso and microfoam. It's similar to a latte, but smaller and more concentrated. We Aussies are incredibly fond of our coffee, with the flat white reigning supreme.


You've just spotted a bin chicken — what is it?

The freaky-looking ibis is known by Australians as the bin chicken, due to its scavenging habits. It's even been voted as the runner-up in Australia's favourite bird competition as a joke!


Which TV show jingle starts with "Have you ever/ Ever felt like this?"

"Round the Twist" is an iconic Aussie kids' show with a focus on fantasy and comedy. The opening theme song is something many Aussies still remember, and people even visit the lighthouse featured in the show.


Which instrument has every Aussie kid mastered?

Aussie kids all know the horrific sound of the recorder and the feeling of having to perform "Hot Cross Buns" for the entire school. Were you one of the kids who went from learning the recorder to playing another woodwind instrument?


What was traditionally the most essential component of any Australia Day hangout?

Aussies around the country vote for their favourite songs of the year, which are then announced on the annual triple j Hottest 100 radio show. In recent years, controversy over the appropriateness of celebrating Australia Day has caused radio station triple j to choose a new date for the countdown.


Which Australian PM infamously chomped down on a raw onion?

Tony Abbott was famously out of touch as a prime minister, once taking a bite out of a whole raw onion, not even peeled, while touring a farm in Tasmania. He's also been known for donning Speedos!


What will most year 12 students be found doing on their last day of class?

Muck up day refers to pranks carried out by year 12 students on their last day of school before exams. From toilet papering the school to getting creative with chalk, Aussies have heaps of fun traditions for muck up day.


How are wheelie bins typically used in the summer?

Wheelie bins are typically used as cricket stumps for backyard cricket games, with stickers or sticky tape being used to mark the stumps. What better way to spend the summer? Note to non-Aussies: a wheelie bin is simply a large outdoor trash can with wheels.


The classic Aussie film "Crocodile Dundee" features what famous line?

"Crocodile Dundee," released in 1986, is an iconic Australian movie featuring a classic depiction of an Aussie bloke. The action-comedy is still well-known and adored by many Aussies.


Who won the first season of "Australian Idol"?

Guy Sebastian is the wildly successful winner of the first season of "Australian Idol," now an internationally recognised artist. Other famous contestants include Jessica Mauboy and Matt Corby.


What's the highest grossing Australian film of all time?

One reason "Crocodile Dundee" is such a classic is its legendary sales around the world. The movie has in fact shaped how many people view Australians. Paul Hogan played the title character.


If you've just won a new trophy, where should it go?

This classic line comes from the legendary Australian film "The Castle," in which any prized or treasured possession is taken straight to the pool room, which is essentially a man cave! The beloved movie was shot in just 11 days.


How do Australians say "no"?

Often confusing for visitors, "yeah, nah" is a sort of casual, dismissive "no," while "nah, yeah" is a "yes." Context and tone are key here, so make sure to listen out for this when met with a "yeah, nah" or "nah, yeah."


Which of these "big things" does not exist in Australia?

Australia is known for its big things, with some of the most famous including the Big Banana, Big Prawn and Big Pineapple. Unfortunately, the Big Chip does not exist (yet)! How many of these landmarks have you visited?


Which one of these is not an Australian invention?

For a country with a relatively small population, Australia has developed some very important inventions. Unfortunately, we can't claim Bluetooth, which was invented by a Dutchman. For non-Aussies: a Hills Hoist is an awesome rotary clothesline.


Which birds do Australians fear the most in spring?

Magpies are known to be savage creatures, especially during spring — September and October — when they are more determined to protect their nests. This is known as swooping season, with magpies swooping down on humans who get too close to their nests.


What is Motor Finance Wizard going to say to you?

Car loan provider Motor Finance Wizard was known for their incessant advertisements in the 2000s, in which they continuously repeated, "Motor Finance Wizard says yes!" The catchphrase is well known by all Aussies!


Which of these is not a real historic event?

While Canberra has an Old Parliament House and New Parliament House, the new one was only built to accommodate the needs of the government better — not because the old one burnt down!


Who asked, "Where the bl***y h**l are ya?" in an ill-fated tourism ad?

A tourism ad featuring supermodel Lara Bingle asking, "Where the bl**** h** are ya?" quickly became a joke among Aussies, due to how forced it sounded and how it didn't translate well to other countries. The ad was banned in the U.K.


What phone number can true Aussies never get out of their minds?

The Reading Writing Hotline had a famous jingle in their TV ads that featured their phone number. You can bet every Aussie remembers the melody of their "one three double oh six triple five oh six!"


What will you find on Ramsay Street?

The classic Australian soapie "Neighbours" is set on the fictitious Ramsay Street in the equally fictitious suburb of Erinsborough. The actual location of filming is in the Melbourne suburb of Vermont.


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