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It's a sport filled with home runs, chewing gum and occasional fighting; it's Major League Baseball. How much do you know about MLB, though? Here's a quiz filled with 25 little-known facts where you can test your knowledge of the sport. Take it and see how many of these facts you already know!

Major League Baseball has been around since the start of the 20th century, captivating fans by providing some well-deserved time away from the house or the office. Since the league was founded, it has developed into a national brand as teams have popped up in cities all over the United States. Time has also given the sport the chance to grow and change, and many of those changes you probably never knew about. 

But, here's your chance to learn some of the little-known facts about Major League Baseball, facts that have changed the sport for better or worse. Take this quiz and watch these facts unravel. That's if you're up for the challenge. After all, not anyone can pass this quiz, but whether you can or can't, there is still plenty to learn along the way for MLB fans of all sorts. When you're ready, get started and see how many of these little-known facts you actually know!

Who was famously suspended because of the Black Sox Scandal?

The current umpiring system in MLB was created by a former football player, Cal Hubbard. Hubbard played tackle for the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers.


Who was the first African-American player in MLB?

The first ever deaf player in MLB was William Hoy. Hoy played 15 seasons from 1888 until 1902.


Which team was involved in the Black Sox Scandal?

The 1919 World Series was a best of nine series. The Cincinnati Reds won the series in eight games.


Where do the Red Sox play?

The player who got arrested for hitting the seagull was David Winfield. Winfield was later released, and his manager, Billy Martin, defended him, saying he threw crooked balls all year.


Whose career was interrupted​ by World War II?

During World War II, hundreds of Major League Baseball players left the league to join the war. This included stars like Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Stan Musial.


Between 1957 and 1958, the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to where?

In a game against the Dodgers, Gaylord Perry, a pitcher for the Giants, hit one of the most improbable home runs in the history of baseball. The home run was hit in 1969, right after the moon landing.


In 1966, which team moved to Atlanta, Georgia?

Hank Aaron was a star player for the Braves for over 20 years. However, before he joined the Braves, Aaron played a few months in the Negro American League with the Indianapolis Clowns.


Which team has never played in a World Series?

Only two teams have never been to a World Series. The other team is the Washington Nationals.


What period in baseball ended in 1920?

In 1920, Edd Roush, who played for the Cincinnati Reds, fell asleep during a game. As soon as he finally woke up, the referees threw him out.


In 1927, Babe Ruth set a single-season​ record for home runs with how many?

Until the 1930s, a batter scored a home run if the ball hit in the field of play then bounced over the fence. However, apparently, all of Babe Ruth's home runs were clean.


Which Yankees player set a 56-game hitting streak?

Stan Musial is fourth all-time in total hits for a career. Of those hits, 1,815 came at home, and 1,815 came on the road, a perfect split.


Who is the award for the best pitcher in each league of MLB named after?

Eddie Mathews made the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1954. He was the first athlete to ever be featured on the cover of the magazine.


How many teams are in MLB today?

In the 2009 World Series, Johnny Damon stole two bases for the Yankees in Game 4. This is a rare feat to accomplish, but Damon did it when it mattered most.


When did the Chicago Cubs win their latest World Series?

In 1957, Glen Gorbous set a world record for throwing a baseball 445 feet and 10 inches. Though he had already left MLB when he set the record, it is still an outstanding accomplishment.


How many games are currently played in a full World Series?

In the early years of baseball, there were several occasions where the World Series was best of nine games. None of those series actually went to nine games, though.


Who holds the home run record for a career?

Roger Maris didn't get his 61st home run until the last game of the season. Despite what Ford Frick said, Maris' record held up, though it has since been broken.


Who has pitched the most no-hitters?

Did you know that a pitcher can get four strikeouts in a single inning? This is rare, but it occurred three times in 2011.


Which team has the most World Series titles?

A Yankees' player was once arrested for hitting a seagull with a baseball. The game took place in 1983 between the Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays.


Who holds the record for most hits by any player?

In 1960, Bobby Richardson won the World Series MVP while playing for the losing team. This is the only time that's happened in Major League Baseball.


Which team did Jackie Robinson play for?

Until 1920, spitballs were allowed in Major League Baseball. These balls were covered in a pitcher's spit to make them harder to hit.


Who called Sandy Koufax's perfect game?

Carlos May, who played ten seasons in MLB, wore the number 17. He was also born on May 17, meaning he wore his birthday on his back.


Who broke Babe Ruth's single-season​ home run record in 1961?

Prior to the 1961 season, eight games were added to the schedule which went from 154 to 162 games. The Commissioner of Baseball, Ford Frick, said Babe Ruth's record had to be broken in 154 games for it to count.


When did the Houston Astros win their first World Series?

From 1986 until 1988, Don Baylor went to three straight World Series. That in itself is quite unique, but to add to his accomplishment, Baylor did it on three different teams.


When was Major League Baseball founded?

While there is no set date for the beginning of professional baseball in the US, the MLB uses the date the first professional team was established--1869--as their reference point for a founding year.


After 1918, how many years did the Red Sox go without a World Series?

Gaylord Perry's home run in 1969 was the only home run of his career. The funny part is that earlier in Perry's career, one of his managers said a man would walk on the moon before Perry hit a home run. He wasn't wrong.


Who was the first player to break Babe Ruth's home run record?

Sammy Sosa hit over 60 home runs in three different seasons, which is an incredible accomplishment. However, all three years he failed to win the home run title.


Who was traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees, which started the "Curse of the Bambino"?

Before every game, mud is rubbed on baseballs to provide better grip. However, there's a specific mud in New Jersey that has to be used.


Who has the most MVP awards ever in MLB?

Home runs were down throughout the 1970s. In fact, only one player hit more that 50 home runs during that decade.


Who was the first Commissioner of Baseball for MLB?

Before becoming the Commissioner of Baseball, Kenesaw Mountain Landis served as a federal judge. He held this position from 1905 until 1922.


Which manager is tied with Casey Stengel for most World Series titles?

The Yankees have been one of the most dominant franchises in MLB history. However, despite all the winning, they were beaten in four games in the 1963 World Series, the first time they couldn't win a game on the biggest stage.


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